Kelly's Poker Party

by God of Porn

Rachael Ross 1982 - 2012

Erotica Sex Story: When Kelly sits in on a friendly game of poker with her brother and a couple of his friends, the stakes get higher and higher, but she never expected to lose her heart. A bit of a love story about a girl who isn't nearly so crippled as most people would assume at first glance.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Petting   Amputee   .

So I was sitting there, the way I always am, but at least I had some company. My brother Mark was there, and he'd brought a couple of his friends. A black guy named Tony and a guy who looked Irish, all red hair and freckles, named Cal. That was short for Callahan, I found out, since his first name was Toby and he hated it. I'd never met either of them before, but it was cool. They were all about 20 and going to the junior college. I'd just turned 18 and I was still in high school, which seemed ridiculous to me. I couldn't wait to graduate. Mom and Dad were out of town for a wedding, which was the main reason Mark and his friends had come by. Raiding my dad's liquor cabinet was a lot cheaper than buying it.

"So how do you play this?" I asked.

"You never played poker, Kelly?" Tony grinned at me. He was pretty cute, not really tall, but nice looking with his chocolate skin and white teeth. A real outgoing personality too, sort of a friendly guy and I liked that a lot.

"Nope," I shrugged. "I can play cribbage though."

"Cribbage?" Mark laughed. "This is poker night! Everybody bring your money?"

"Money?" I stared at him.

"Well, you gotta have money," Cal laughed. "That's the point."

"Ahhh..." I rolled my eyes. "I got better things to do with my money than give it to you guys." I started pushing myself from the table.

"It's not real money, just nickels and dimes," Tony smiled at me. "Don't leave."

"Wellll..." I shrugged. "I'll try a little."

We were all drinking, the guys more than me. It was fun though, sitting there and trying to figure out what I was doing. One of the guys would help me figure out how much to bet, or if I should fold or whatever. They were trying to be honest too, it seemed like, because I was winning. I had like ten dollars in nickels, dimes, and quarters in front of me and it was funny.

"Well, shoot. I guess we'd better get serious," Mark said, looking at the big pile of coins in front of me, and the little ones in front of him and his friends. "No more help for Kelly. She's on her own now."

"That's fine," I giggled. "I'll beat the pants off you guys anyway!" I was feeling pretty smart right then.

"Beat the pants off us?" Cal grinned and Tony laughed with him. "We'll see, we'll see."

And sure enough, eventually my luck started turning. Tony won a bunch of hands, with Cal and Mark winning enough to stay in the game. We were all getting a little buzzed, not really drunk, but just relaxed. I was sitting between Cal and Tony and they'd both moved their chairs a little closer, just a fraction every once in awhile, and before I knew it they were right next to me, the both of them.

"Hey!" I laughed. "You guys are cheating!"

"No we're not!" Tony protested. "We're just sitting here."

"Yeah, Kelly, come on," Cal touched me on my shoulder, giving me a little rub and I grinned at him.

"You're just trying to see my cards."

It didn't really occur to me that they might be trying to see something else too. I'm a pretty girl, I know that, with a cute face and a nice body. A real nice body, seriously toned, even buff you might say because I get a serious workout everyday. My ass is nice and pert and solid, believe me, I'm proud of my butt and I work it to death. My breasts are nice too, firm but pretty large and I was a little self-conscious about them actually, since they were 34D cups. In high school big is good, but bigger is sort of weird. I have blonde hair that's sorta long, I guess. Mostly I keep it in a ponytail, but that night it was loose. And blue eyes, not dramatic blue or anything, but friendly blue.

And that's me all over, really. I'm friendly and everybody likes me, but my problem is that I have really bad legs. In fact, I don't have any legs at all hardly, which sucks even worse than you might think. It happened when I was seven, riding my bike and ending up under a truck. No use crying over it eleven years later though, I did plenty of that before. So, now you know I'm an amputee, with a great body, a pretty face, and no boyfriend ... Because for some reason, boys just don't really want to get serious with a girl in a wheelchair.

So, I was sort of innocent too. I mean, I'd never really had a boyfriend or anything, as I just explained. I wasn't exactly shy myself, but I was far from outgoing and I think I intimidated most guys anyway. Even the guys I was playing poker with that night. At first they'd been nervous, sort of like they were walking on egg shells around me, but their drinking and my determination to have good time got them over that quickly enough.

Maybe too quickly, I thought as it did finally dawn on me that by trying to look at my cards, Tony and Cal were getting a pretty good eyeful down my loosely buttoned blouse.

"Okay, okay," I grinned. "Move back over, you guys. Come on ... I want to win some of your money back."

They laughed and joked, they even moved a little and I still wasn't winning. But finally I had a good hand, a really good one, and it was right on time too. I was down to my last quarter, which I'd just thrown into the pot for the ante thing.

Mark had the bet and he threw in a dime, which Tony matched and then bumped to a quarter. I just looked down at the empty table and then at the three jacks in my hand.

"Can I borrow a quarter from somebody?" I asked innocently and they all laughed at me. "I'm serious, come on!"

"You can't borrow a quarter, Kelly!" Mark grinned. "You have to play with your own money."

"But I don't have any more. Please?" I looked around, batting my eyes and making a puppy dog face, but it was no use.

"Nope. You're out of money, you're out of the game, that's how it works," Cal said.

"Well ... Maybe..." Tony started saying and I smiled at him. "You got anything worth a quarter? You know, something to throw in?"

"Ummm..." I thought about it. "I have my earrings," I said. "They're worth way more than a quarter though."

"Don't bet those Kell," Mark shook his head.

"Well, you guys wouldn't really keep them, if I lost..." I looked around. "Would you?"

"I would," Mark said seriously, because he was sorta like that.

"I bet you would," I frowned.

"Aw, she's out," Cal decided. "Let's play ... My bet?"

"Wait, hold on ... How about um, my top?" I said, giggling nervously, but being serious. "Like strip poker, right?"

"You played strip poker before?" Tony grinned at me.

"Well no! But I've heard of it," I said. "Come on. My top, okay?"

"For a quarter?" Mark stared at me.

"Mmmm ... Can I get like a little change or something for it?" I asked them.

"No way," Cal grinned. "All clothes are a quarter except socks ... You wearing socks?"

"No!" I laughed at him and he turned bright red, but I wasn't offended or anything.

"Okay, so Kelly's clothes are worth a quarter." Mark said, "Okay?"

"Yeah sure," Tony nodded, looking at his cards like he was cool.

"Okay," Cal nodded as well.

"Alright then, umm ... Do I have to take it off now?" I asked.

"You gotta pay the pot, Kelly," Tony grinned and they all watched as I sighed and took off my blouse, exposing the plain white bra cupping my large breasts.

I folded it up and put it in the center of the table. "Okay, I'm in."

I tried to ignore the guys' looks, but I felt a little funny sitting there in my bra. I kept my cards close to my chest and brushed a long strand of blonde hair out of my eyes, trying to be brave as I returned their stares.

"Okay. To me?" Cal licked his lips. "I'm ... I'm in ... and uh, I'll raise it a quarter."

"What?" I stared at him and he giggled.

"Wait your turn," he smiled at me.

Of course everyone stayed in, Mark and then Tony, tossing in their money and Tony even raised another quarter, so it was fifty cents to me!

"This isn't fair!" I said, looking at them with pursed lips.

"Fifty cents, Kell," Mark leaned back.

That's uh ... Hmmm..." Tony chuckled. "Your bra and shorts, I guess. If you wanna stay in the game."

"I don't like you guys anymore," I said, frowning as I looked at my cards again. Three jacks, an eight and a two. And we still had the draw coming. "Underwear has to be worth more than regular clothes, come on."

"Well, we agreed..." Cal started, but Tony held up his hand.

"That's fair," he nodded, looking around. "Underwear is ... personal," he said with a straight face, but then he burst out laughing and even I had to smile at him.

"How about, okay, fifty cents for underwear then ... but that includes panties too." Mark looked at me and I nodded as we all agreed that was fair.

"Okay, hold on a sec..." I put my cards face down and made funny faces at them for a few seconds while I worked my panties off, pulling them out front under the long skirt I wore with a grin.

"Oh, she can't do that!" Cal protested, but Tony just laughed and nodded and Mark just shrugged. "You can't do that, you gotta like take stuff off in order."

"What?" I laughed at him. "How do you know I don't put my dress on before I put on my panties?"

"Well..." He looked down, grumbling because I hadn't shown him my tits.

But I was sitting there with no panties on, and it was a little embarrassing putting them on the table. I mean, they were clean, you know, but they were my little pink panties with a little white bow on the front and ... It was weird. It was also exciting, which was really strange. There I was, an 18 year old high school virgin, playing strip poker with three college guys ... Yikes! I kinda liked it.

I wouldn't have admitted that in a hundred thousand million years though.

At least we got to draw cards now and I decided to take two, looking for that other jack. Mark took one, so I figured he had like a straight, or maybe a flush, if he'd gotten lucky. Tony took three, so all he had was a pair of something. Cal took three also, so I figured I had them beat just sitting there.

"My bet?" Tony asked. "I'll check."

"What's that mean ... oh!" I remembered. "My bet, right? Ummm..." I frowned then and Tony was grinning. "You sneaky..."

I had to bet either a quarter or fifty cents, and I was going to lose either my bra or my skirt, one or the other. This wasn't working out like I'd planned at all and I almost quit, but I knew I had the winning hand so...

"A quarter..." I said. "You guys keep your eyes on your cards." I made sure I was sitting close to table, as close as I could get, and I wriggled my butt out of my skirt, wrapping it up finally and putting it on the table.

"Hmmm ... Cal looked at his cards and then at me ... and then, "I'm out. I got squat."

"Quarter to me huh?" Mark rubbed his chin. "Okay. Here's your quarter and I'll ... bump it a quarter. Fifty cents Tony."

"I'm in." He didn't even hesitate. "And, aw, what the hell ... let's add a quarter. So that's..."

"Fifty cents to me," I frowned. But I'd pulled two fives in the draw, as if by magic, and even I knew it was gonna be tough for anybody to beat a full house.

"Alright," I took a deep breath. "We're all adults." I said and then I looked at Mark. "Some of us anyway. Mark close your eyes."

"No way, Kelly. Let's see 'em!" he laughed and I blushed, but I did it.

I removed my bra slowly, actually liking the way I had the attention of those guys, especially Tony whom I was starting to like a lot. Cal was okay too, Mark ... nyaaa ... So I reached behind me, which of course gave those guys a real thrill, and undid my bra with one hand, pressing it to my boobs with the other, and then finally taking it off after a long, long pause.

"Wow!" Cal said. "You're, uh ... Wow!"

"Close your mouth, Cal," Tony chuckled, but he was looking at my tits too and he liked them a lot.

My nipples were hard, which was mildly embarrassing, and pointed like bubblegum rockets. My breasts didn't sag ether. For all their size, my D-cup tits were as firm as any eighteen year old girl could ask for and I was sort of proud actually. I'd never, ever shown my breasts to anyone, but there I was, naked as a jaybird now, with rock hard nipples and three horny guys staring at me. Do you see a pattern here?

I tossed my bra on the table carelessly. I mean, once they'd seen me I couldn't take it back, so I actually relaxed quite a bit and laughed at their stares. Half the people on the planet have boobs, I told myself, and believe it or not, that kinda helped. The fact that the other half drooled over them was a thought I tried to push away.

"Is that it?" I asked, ready to lay down my cards and get dressed again, because I knew I had a winner.

"Uh, nope ... It's a quarter to me and I'll see that, and raise fifty cents," Mark said.

"Fifty cents?" I stared at him. "You're doing that on purpose! I don't have anymore clothes!"

"Sorry, Kell ... But these cards are worth every penny!" He smiled and I knew he was bluffing.

"Trying to buy the pot, huh buddy?" Tony thought he was bluffing too. "I got your fifty, and here's fifty cents more."

"Oh you guys suck!" I said. "A dollar now? To me?" I was sitting on the best hand anybody'd had all night and they were pulling that stuff? It wasn't fair and I was so annoyed I even forgot I was naked. Almost.

"A dollar to you," Tony nodded.

"Well," I shrugged. "I guess I'm out. I don't have anything else to bet."

"Well..." Mark said slowly, " ... you could bet other things."

"Other things?" I looked at him. "Like what? My teeth?"

"No, mmmm ... How about, I don't know ... A kiss maybe? Or ... Nah ... that's not worth a dollar..."

"A kiss isn't worth a dollar?" I stared at him in disbelief. "Is that an insult or something?" I honestly didn't know what to think of it.

Tony and Cal had the good sense to stay quiet, at least, but they were smirking.

"No! I just mean a kiss, well ... everybody kisses," Mark shrugged. "How about like, ummm ... Something serious."

"Serious?" I was lost now, wondering why we were even talking about this. "What do you mean serious?"

"I mean like sex, you know. Something ... like a blowjob?" my bother said slowly, watching my reaction closely.

"What?" I blinked at him with disbelief. "Are you crazy?"

"Well, if you bet a blowjob and you win ... You get to pick who goes down on you, right?" Mark grinned at me. "I mean, you could have Tony do it, if you want ... He's still in. Or me ... Up to you. Plus you get our money."

"Uhhh..." I sat back shaking my head trying to understand him.

"But only if you win, if you don't then whoever wins the hand, me or Tony ... well ... you know..."

"You want me to give you a blowjob?" I'd never even touched a boy's penis!

"Well, duh ... You're pretty hot." Mark chuckled and if I could have reached him, I might have slapped him.

"So it's like you guys win either way?" I shook my head.

"Well so do you," Mark grinned. "Depending on how you look at it."

"I won't give you a blowjob, Mark," I shook my head. "Tony maybe..." I seriously blushed when I said that and I couldn't look at him, " ... but not you."

"Why not?" he asked.

"Cause you're my brother?" I said, holding out my hand like it was obvious. "Remember all the family vacations? I was the girl sitting next to you, dopey."

"Ah, who cares, come on ... You're probably gonna win anyway and then you can play with Tony all you want."

"I don't want to play with Tony!" I said, but I was lying and they knew it. I could feel my face burning and my nipples felt like they were going to pop. My sex was greasy and I squirmed uncomfortably in my chair.

"Well, either way. Oral sex for a dollar, you in or out?" he asked.

"I'mmmmm..." I paused, thinking hard. If I had the winning hand, I could probably clean these guys out. Teach them a real lesson maybe. And I did have the winning hand, I was sure.

"What? Come on, Kelly!" Mark said impatiently.

"How much for real sex?" I asked, swallowing hard and avoiding their eyes.

"What? Like fucking?" Mark stared at me.

"Yeah," I nodded. "If I said I'd do it with the winner ... If I don't win, I mean, how much is that worth?"

"I don't know," Mark shrugged. "Five dollars?" He looked at Tony and Tony was laughing and not saying a word. He just held up his hands like he was innocent.

"Don't ask me, man!" Tony wasn't saying a thing.

"Five?" I shook my head. "You're crazy, it's gotta be like ... I don't know. Twenty bucks, how about that?"

Even that wasn't very much, especially for my virginity, but these guys didn't know I was a virgin and I wasn't gonna say anything, and twenty bucks was probably about all my brother had anyway. He was always broke. The God's truth is that I knew I was going to win, so it wasn't like I was really worried about having to make good on my bet, you know?

"Ahhh ... well, sure," Mark nodded and took a drink of his beer. "Twenty is ... okay, I guess."

"Okay then, I'll see your dollar ... for a blowjob..." I rolled my eyes, " ... and raise you guys twenty for, um ... you know. Fucking ... But!" I stared at them. "No more raising! This is it, right?"

"Sure uh, okay," Mark nodded. "So twenty to me? Then..." He opened his wallet for ten, searched his pockets for a crumpled five and some ones, and finally counted all the change in front of him. He had twenty dollars and ten cents. " ... I'm in."

"I'm ... in..." Tony nodded and I laughed at him, thinking I'd just scored pretty good. About 45, almost 50 bucks altogether, not bad at all. I might have to make Mark drive me to the mall, I thought with a smile.

"Read 'em and weep, boys!" I said, because I'd heard that in a movie once and had wanted to say it all night. I laid down my full house and grinned at them triumphantly.

"Uhhh, that's pretty good," Tony nodded. "But I have four sixes. Sorry about that, Kelly." But he didn't look sorry and my smile felt frozen on my face.

"Ohhh ... Look at Tony go!" Cal laughed, finally finding his voice after sitting like a lump for twenty minutes staring at my boobs.

"Not bad Tony, but I got this little thing they call a straight flush ... seven through jack of hearts. Ain't that cool?" Mark grinned at us, and especially at me.

"Bet you were looking for this guy, huh?" He tapped his jack, the one I'd been missing and I frowned.

"Sweet!" Cal grinned at me.

"Well, I guess it's our lucky night, Tony. Kelly owes us buddy!" Mark gave Tony a high five and I glared at him. "You're not gonna welch out on us ... are you, sis?"

"No," I shook my head. "You know me better than that, Mark."

"Yeah," he smiled at me. "You always keep your promises, and hey! That's why we love you, Kell."

"Well, you're the big winner I guess, um..." I swallowed, not exactly sure how I was supposed to feel about this. I mean, I wanted sex yeah, but not with my brother for one thing. And not because I owed to somebody for another. I kinda wanted it to be more special than that, you know? Mostly I felt numb and that was good, otherwise I might have been crying.

"I think she's shy," Mark said to Tony.

"Well, you're kinda bein' a dick," Tony told him and I smiled at that.

"Am I?" Mark looked at him.

"Yeah. You gotta be smooth man," Tony shook his head. "You already know she's gonna do it, right? So be nice."

"It's okay," I smiled at Tony, "Mark's been a dick since he was born. I'm used to it."

"Shoot!" Tony shook his head, smiling back at me. "If you were my sister ... Mmmm ... I wouldn't be no dick, not like that."

"Yeah yeah ... Knock it off." Mark looked at me. "Are you gonna pay up or what."

I laughed then, looking at Tony. "See what I mean?" I asked and then nodded. "Yeah okay, ummm ... The same time okay? I want Tony to be there. I..." I bit my lip, looking at him. "I want him to be my first, alright?"

"Your first?" Tony narrowed his eyes.

"I never did it," I swallowed nervously. "So um ... You did it before, right? Like you know how?"

He chuckled and I blushed. "Don't worry, everybody knows how. That ain't the hard part."

"Yeah. I know." I was sounding stupid, the way I do when I talk to guys I like. "I just meant, you ... you're not a virgin too, are you?"

"No," Tony smiled. "But I wish I was now." He was talking softer and I think we both forgot Mark and Cal were there with us.

"Why?" I asked, smiling and playing with my hair, feeling my bare breasts just aching suddenly to be touched.

"Cause you're way finer than any girlfriend I ever had." Tony was closer too and then we were kissing and it was nice, I'm not lying. Wow!

"Come on," Mark sighed. "Okay, fine both of us. He can fuck you and you suck me, right?"

"I hate my brother sometimes," I whispered and Tony just grinned at me.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of you," he promised.

"What about me?" Cal was whining like a red headed step-child.

"You shouldn'ta folded, pal!" Mark laughed. "Television's in there," he pointed towards the living room. "Use a coaster too! My mom's a neat freak."

"You wanna cover yourself up?" Tony asked me as he stood up.

"Nah, I'm okay," I shrugged. "You're gonna see it all anyway, right?" I giggled nervously and I felt a little scared because this was the bad part for me, the part where my dream became a nightmare.

"It's okay." He bent over and kissed me again. "You're really beautiful."

"You say that now..." I smiled weakly, looking into his soft brown eyes.

"No. I mean it and if you don't want to do this, we don't have to. Mark's full of shit," Tony told me seriously. "You don't owe us anything."

"Really?" I licked my lips.

"What are you guys talking about?" Mark asked, looking between us as we whispered.

"You want me to kick his ass?" Tony asked me with a grin.

"No!" I giggled, knowing he wasn't serious, but Tony meant what he said about not owing him and he wasn't going to let anyone force me into anything. "Um ... Do you want to do it?" I asked him shyly, feeling my cheeks turning hot. "With me?"

"Yeah," he nodded. "Long as I can see you again afterwards. Long as were still friends. If it's gonna be problem, then no ... I can wait."

"Really Tony?" I think I was going to cry, which sounds totally dumb and I even wiped at my eyes for a second, but I didn't.

"Uh-huh," he nodded. "We can go as fast as you want, whatever you want, okay?"

"What are they talking about?" Mark asked Cal, but I barely noticed them.

"I want to do it," I told Tony, feeling my tummy trembling as I confessed completely. "But I gotta know if you mean it..."

I grabbed my wheels and rolled back in my chair, really hating it right then, and giving Tony, and the others a real good look at my legs. Such as they were. I'd lost them just above the knees and there were some scars, big ones that were old and faded, but it wasn't that bad. They weren't horrible, except for the way my thighs just ... ended. I didn't have legs. I had stumps, round and sort of wrinkled, like the end of really big hot dogs you might say, except that sounds sort of funny, and my legs weren't funny at all.

The guys also got a good look at my pussy too, but I wasn't quite so nervous about that. I mean, it was private, yeah, but not weird like my missing legs. I had a little golden hair down there, sort of yellow-brown, and my clit was hard like a little pink eraser, but only because of Tony ... Mmmm ... I don't know, he just seriously made me feel good. Anyway, I was looking at my legs, and probably they did too at first and I figured they wouldn't see anything else. Who could? But when I looked at them, all three of those guys, they were staring at my pussy.

"I mean it," Tony said, blinking and lifting his deep brown eyes to look into mine.

"Okay," I bit my bottom lip. "Me too."

"Well, I'm glad we got that sorted out," my brother rolled his eyes. "Come on."

He pushed me towards my bedroom with Tony following and Cal too, even though he hadn't won anything. I guess TV didn't sound like much fun, and I didn't mind really. I know I probably sound like a slut or something, but for one thing, I'd been basically dreaming of sex for like four years straight. Some people say only guys have wet dreams? The people who say that are guys, believe me. Girls dream about sex too, we just don't make a big mess out of it. So yeah, I'd been thinking about sex and mostly knowing that nobody would ever want to make love to me. I'd resgned myself to that cold idea, you know?

For another thing, do you believe in love at first sight? Or if not that, then maybe love two hours after first sight? Because I was thinking that I could seriously be in love with Tony right about then. I didn't have a lot of experience, true, and he wasn't exactly the sort of guy I'd pictured myself with, since I'm a German-Swede and he's, well ... I don't know. Zulu or something. No offence intended, I'm just pointing out the obvious and it didn't bother me at all. Call it a pleasant surprise to find myself attracted to a guy who seemed to like me and realizing that skin color had nothing to do with anything.

And also, while I'm on it, I've always had this weird psychological thing about keeping my word. I know some people can say they'll do something and then change their mind, or forget or whatever, but not me. I'd said I'd do it, give the winners blow jobs and even have sex with them, and I'd known at the time what those things were. So chickening out later, or stepping up to some higher moral ground didn't really make much sense. I'd lost my legs and people had sent me cards and letters saying how brave I was, you know? The courageous little girl ... Maybe I just always felt I had to live up to that or something.

Whatever it was, I knew one thing ... I was finally going to lose my virginity and that thought was scary, exciting, and way too big for my tummy! I was shaking like a leaf.

Mark had rolled me into my bedroom a thousand times, probably more. He'd also carried me a gazillion times without ever complaining, so he knew what to do. Basically he wheeled me close to my bed and just waited until I'd pushed myself up and out, flopping onto my tummy, which was easiest for me. To the uninitiated it probably looked like I could have used some help, but believe me, I didn't need or want any assistance. I just wished I didn't look so stupid doing it.

"Ain't you gonna help her?" Cal asked and Mark just gave him a look like, 'What? Are you crazy?'

I got on my bed just fine and I could have rolled over, but remember how I said I was proud of my ass? I was laying there on my tummy for one reason ... Just to show it off for Tony.

I'm a little paranoid about getting a fat ass, or a flat ass which would be just as bad, so I do physical therapy, like leg curls and swimming, but not really swimming, I just sort of float and kick my stumps until my ass burns with the effort. Anyway, I work my butt to death and now, laying there on my tummy bare butt naked, I knew it was paying off. Legs or no legs, a man couldn't look at my firm round ass and not get excited. Or so I hoped as I looked over my shoulder with a nervous smile.

"What do you think?" I asked Tony, partly because I wanted to tease him, and partly because I wanted to make sure he liked what he saw.

"I think you're, uh..."

"Fucking hot!" Cal finished for him and I giggled at his enthusiasm.

"Yeah," Tony chucked, turning his head. "Fucking hot."

"Shit, I've been looking at that for the last four or five years, man," Mark was saying. "You got no idea."

"Really?" I looked at him, a little surprised. "You've been looking at me?"

"Since you were like thirteen, Kell," he nodded, taking off his clothes while we talked. "I used to jerk off in your panties."

"That was you?" I stared at him.

"Yeah!" he laughed. "Who else would it be?"

"I thought it was that guy Joel you used to hang out with," I told him. Joel had been his best friend, but that guy was always staring at me. He was sorta creepy, like a stalker or something and I never knew what he was thinking.

"Joel?" Mark laughed. "I dunno, maybe he did. All I know is I've been waiting for this for a long time, sis."

Mark had undressed quickly and I looked from his face down to his penis, which was hard and long and bobbing up and down as he moved. He was getting on the bed, sliding up to lean against the headboard, which was about perfect as it put my head right where his cock was.

"You gonna get undressed, dude?" Mark looked at Tony. "Or am I gonna do her by myself?"

"Do me?" I laughed. "Are you sure we came from the same parents?"

"I dunno, does it matter?" Mark laughed too. If I was a little weird, Mark was positively strange sometimes. "Okay, come on, Kelly. Jesus, I used to dream about this."

"I can't believe your sister's gonna suck your dick." Cal said, looking around for a place to sit while Tony took off his clothes.

"Sit in my chair, its okay," I told him, since there weren't any other chairs in my bedroom.

"Come on! Suck it," Mark said impatiently and he'd spread his legs around me as I lay propped up on my elbows. His erection stood about six inches in front of my nose, but I ignored him and just looked at his dick.

I'd never seen a real penis on a real man, let alone played with one before and here was my chance. It was kind of cute, I guess. Not really big or anything, but hot under my fingers, and heavy as well. I guess that surprised me the most. It had some weight to it, duh! I'm no brain surgeon, but I supppose I figured since it was attached to Mark, he'd sort of be holding it up, right? As I wrapped my fingers around the shaft however, yeah ... It was hot and heavy and alive.

"I'm gonna lick you, okay?" Tony surprised me, since I'd been looking at Mark's dick and I'd sorta forgotten the other guys were there for a second. "You have the most perfect ass..." he was saying and then I felt something, really, really nice.

Tony just got on the bed behind me, kneeling on the floor and leaning over and he was tall enough to reach my butt with his hands and then his mouth easily. I held my breath as he spread my ass with his thumbs and I felt his hot, wet tongue across my anus. I mean, he went right for my asshole first thing and I about jumped off the bed! But I couldn't because Mark had decided to help me out by grabbing my head and basically pulling my open mouth down on his cock.

So, I was sucking my first cock ever ... and it was my brother's. They're probably all the same though, so that didn't bother me a whole lot. The whole incest thing, I don't know, it doesn't get me really excited, but it doesn't turn me off either. Mark liked it though, he was always calling me sis while we did it, and he hardly ever calls me that. It was like he had to keep reminding himself that he finally got what he'd always wanted, sex with his beautiful little sister.

The truth was he probably could have had me a long time before. All he had to do was say something or try and kiss me. I wouldn't have said no, I don't think. I wanted to have sex. All my friends at school were doing it with their boyfriends and I knew I wasn't going to have one of those, so if it had to be with my brother ... So what? It would have given me some good leverage too, some really cool ways to tease him. I really regret that he didn't have sex with me when I was mmmm... 14 or 15 years old maybe. It would have been fun.

I guess Mark was making up for lost time, because he was holding my head tight, really making me bob up and down on his thick cock and I had no idea what I was doing. I didn't know if I was literally supposed to suck, like he had a big straw between his legs, or if I was just supposed to mouth it. I was a total virgin, you know. So I did both and he didn't really seem to mind either way.

I didn't mind either, except I was gagging sometimes when he hit the back of my throat, coughing a little too. We just had to go slower, that was all, and I'd get the hang of it. So I resisted him, just a little, and stroked his thighs with my hands, and Mark finally did relax enough to let me figure this blowjob thing out for myself. It isn't really very complicated at all, once you got the hang of it.

Tony helped a lot too, because he was licking and kissing my pussy and butt like you wouldn't believe. Yes, there are black guys who like eating pussy, and they do a good job of it. I don't know where or how Tony learned, but he knew what he was doing and if I'd had real legs instead of those useless stumps, I'd have been squeezing his head hard! As it was I still squeezed him pretty good, especially when he gave me the first real orgasm of my life.

I'd had other ones. I mean, I frigged myself often enough to get a spot in the masturbation hall of fame probably, but this was way better than any of the ones I'd given myself. Mostly because I usually stopped when I started cumming, but Tony just kept on going and it drove me insane! I was shaking like a leaf, just holding my mouth loose around Mark's cock and moaning like crazy. I was wriggling and squirming and flopping around, but Tony was right there with me, holding my hips and shoving his big tongue deep inside my quivering sex like there was no tomorrow.

"Oh God!" I just looked up at my brother, my mouth open and dripping spit and precum all over his sloppy wet penis. "That was good!"

Mark just shrugged, and pushed my face back down, but he wouldn't know good cunnilingus from bad square dance calling, believe me. I loved him and all, but my brother really was a selfish prick sometimes.

"You ready, baby?" I heard Tony whispering in my ear, and he was sliding up my back and it felt so good.

"Mmmphh..." I said around Mark's penis, trying to lift my head to say more, but Mark was holding me down and pushing up with his hips at the same time.

"I'm gonna fuck you good, Kelly ... I swear, you're so hot, baby..." Tony loved calling me baby, which I didn't mind at all. It was better than sis anyway. And hearing him talk dirty in my ear, in that soft, deep voice of his was yummy.

I could feel his thighs outside mine, such as they were, and a moment later I felt the head of his cock nudging my pussy. I was so ready for it too, like you wouldn't believe. I'd had a really nice cum already and my pussy was on fire, all wet and juicy and hungry for Tony's big cock. The only problem, if it can be called that, was that my pussy was so small.

I'd fingered myself a lot, even inside, just a little, but mostly playing with clit. I still had my hymen, I knew that, because I'd felt it just inside and I'd been careful with it, you know, saving myself for Mr. Right, who happened to be Tony I guess. He was definitely gonna pop my cherry if he could get his dick inside me. But it seemed to take forever, mostly cause he wasn't really using his hands, probably. He was just pushing with his hips, sort of humping my pelvis and poking around for my little hole.

It felt good too. I mean, I liked it and it seemed really sexy, feeling his smooth warm cockhead rubbing me all over, even pressing against my little butthole once in awhile. For a minute or two, Tony just let his long black cock slide between my pale cheeks, fucking me that way and it was a terrible tease. The sensation was amazing and I could barely think between having my brother fucking my mouth and Tony massaging my butt with his prick, but at the same time I really wanted him inside me. And Mark really was fucking my mouth now. It wasn't even a blowjob really, he was just holding my face in his hands and pushing with his hips, sliding his incestuous cock in and out of my tightly stretched lips. It was easy for me, so long as he didn't go too far inside, so I didn't really mind.

"Mmmm ... Come on, baby. Open up for me..." Tony whispered and I could tell he was getting frustrated too after about five minutes of playing pin the dick in the Kelly. So I finally did what he was reluctant to do, or maybe what he'd been waiting for all along.

I reached back, groaning around Mark's cock as my full weight settled on my aching tits, and I grabbed Tony's cock, which really filled my hand. Seriously. He was thick, a lot thicker than Mark, and just as hard and hot and I think I shivered when I realized that Tony had a pretty big dick. Are all black guys huge? Probably not, because Tony wasn't huge. He was just ... Big! And if a girl has to lose her virginity. I mean, she just has to because she lost a bet playing strip poker? Well, bigger is probably better, don't you think?

I would have giggled with my barely contained excitement if Mark hadn't gagged me so completely with his cock. As it was, all I could do was guide Tony blindly to my pussy, rubbing the head around while I tried to adjust my hips and suck Mark at the same time. He finally caught me, his cock finding the spot and we both knew it. Tony pushed, grunting as his penis slid through my fist and split my rather shy and reluctant pussy and a split second after that, I felt him against my hymen. It wasn't very deep at all, seriously. I hear about those girls who take like three inches of dick before they even touch their cherries? No way! Mine was right there like a stop sign and it hurt when Tony drove through it. Like being cut with a knife, sharp and burning and then...

I groaned and my whole body jerked, as if I might get away somehow, but Tony was holding me and kissing my neck, kissing my ear even though I had a mouthful of Mark's cock. Tony whispered how good I felt, how nice and tight and hot my pussy felt wrapped around his dick. And then he pushed inside me with it hard and I realized I'd barely taken him at all. He thrust with his hips and I groaned again with little tears filling my eyes, and then in the middle of all that, Mark was cumming in my mouth.

No warning or anything, he just did it. I was coughing and I'd swallowed a big mouthful, and a lot of it was running out between my lips. What a mess! I even had some of my brother's semen coming out of my nose, because it was just like drinking hot salty milk and trying to breath, you know? I was choking for a second there. It almost hurt, except Tony's big cock in my too small pussy was making sure I knew what hurt really was right about then.

I sucked Mark a little more once I'd caught my breath, but I needed to take a break from that. My jaws ached and my tongue was tired and I had that sort of slimy spermy aftertaste ... And I was burping too, because I'd swallowed a lot of air while I was sucking him off. I hadn't expected that.

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