Good Old Fashioned Schooldays

by harry lime

Copyright© 2011 by harry lime

Erotic Sex Story: Little Sally and her new stepsister Angela learn the ways of life in Saint Bernard's High School. Sally wants to be just like Angela even if it means she has to be just as naughty as her. One thing she knows for sure. All that nasty hair on her pussy has to go right now. She wants her pussy to look just like Angela's.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Sister   Spanking   Humiliation   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Squirting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Teacher/Student   School   .

Little Sally Grant was new to Saint Bernard's Private School.

She had transferred in just before the Thanksgiving holidays. She was only in school for a single day when they all went on a four day holiday. The Principal's name was Sister Regina. She was described to Sally as "The Terror" by her new stepsister Angela. Angela had spent her entire school lifetime at Saint Bernard's and knew all the "ins and outs" of Catholic school existence. Her new foster residence friend was almost 19 and Sally was just six short months younger.

The elderly nun had not seemed to be a terror to little Sally when she explained the rules and regulations to the young new pupil. In fact, the kindly older woman appeared very warm and personable to Sally. Even when Sister Regina showed her the "correction" tools in the locked closet room, she did not feel threatened at all. The paddles and the canes all seemed very logical to her and she was certain she would not do anything to deserve such punishment. Besides, she liked the smile on the still attractive nun's face when she stroked the paddle with her long delicate fingers. Sister Regina explained that some of the teachers would use their rulers to crack knuckles when students became a little too unruly. The nun showed her how to hold her fingers out straight to avoid any painful bruises. She ever kissed her fingers with her slightly damp lips after the demonstration and it made Sally all funny in her stomach when she felt another person's lips on her skin. She was suddenly wondering what it would feel like if those lips were busy somewhere else on her body like on her just recently budding breasts.

Sally had met so many 18 and 19 year old boys and girls in one day that she just could not sort them out in her mind that night.

One boy seemed very interesting to her.

His name was Justin and he had the cutest wavy hair she had ever seen on a boy in her whole life.

Her new foster friend Angela explained to her that Justin was "off limits" and was her own personal property. Sally had to smile when she heard that. Angela was talking about the cute boy as if she owned him lock, stock, and barrel.

When they were up in their bedroom that night, Angela showed her the assortment of knickers she wore to school. They were all cut the same and seemed a little smaller than she would have expected for a girl of Angela's stature.

Angela took off her school uniform skirt to show her how the knickers rode up when she bent forward slightly and revealed her bare bum cheeks to anyone behind her. Angela had a very nice bum indeed.

Sally's knickers did not behave that way at all. They kind of drooped a little and made her look like she was all untidy under her skirt. Angela explained it was all in the cut of the material. They decided to send all of Sally's knickers to the lady that fixed Angela's for her. Sally noticed that Angela did not have much hair on her pussy and asked what had happened to it.

"That is a very silly question, Sally. I trimmed it with my tiny little scissors and then shaved it with the house matron's pink razor. If you are afraid of the razor, I can use the pull strip to remove your pretty little bush. I noticed you don't have much hair and it should come away real easy."

Sally giggled and was surprised when Angela hooked her hands in her bottoms and pulled them down to reveal her thin wisps of hair emerging on her beautiful virgin pussy.

"Don't look at my pussy, Angela. We are sort of close now but I feel funny about it. But I do want my hair gone just like yours. Could you show me how to use the strip?"

Angela laughed and pulled Sally to the edge of the bed. She pushed Sally's legs open and told her to lean back so she could see how much strip she would need to do the job. The dark-haired girl only a few months older than Sally bent down and peered intently at her honey-blond new friend. The hair around her virgin vagina was the same honey blond soft tint and was curled delicately around her puffy sensitive pussy lips. Angela blew her breath softly on the youthful wisps and made Sally's pussy lips pucker in anticipation of delicious contact.

"Stop that Angela; you are making my tummy all a jumble."

Sally was taken aback when Angela told her to turn over on her tummy and then pulled her butt cheeks apart to judge the need for hair removal around her tight little brown hole.

"Wow! Sally, you don't have any hair back there at all. You are so lucky. I got several hairs back there on mine where I can't reach. If I take care of your pussy, will you tend to my butt hole hairs?"

Sally was giggling non-stop now because the touch of Angela's fingers on her bottom made her all squishy inside and caused her to go into tickle mode. She could feel her slit get a little damp like it always did when she started to react to the tickles.

Angela told her to go in the bathroom and wash her pussy and her bottom real good with the soap and the wash cloth. Then she took the small hair dryer and blow dried Sally between her legs and her bottom. The heat made Sally feel really nice and Angela's hands on her skin made her breath a lot faster like she was running in a race at school. It was a new feeling and kind of strange to her.

Sally followed her Angela's instructions and spread her legs wide open. Angela jellied her up with a small wooden stick. She came so close to the pulsating lips of her tiny pussy slit that Sally closed her eyes and pretended it was Justin's long fingers teasing her into submission.

When Angela pressed the strips down onto her skin tightly, Sally found she wanted to push her pubic mound up to meet Angela's hands and that she was panting in sexual frustration from the manipulation of her private parts.

"Sally, when I pull these strips off, it is going to be painful. Take this pair of my panties and bite down on them so you don't make too much noise."

Sally took the panties offered by Angela and pushed them into her mouth just as she was instructed. She noticed it was the pair that Angela must have been wearing today because she immediately got the pungent aroma of the pretty girl's sweet pussy juices and the deeper musk scent from her hairy pucker hole. Her little nose quivered at the strong feminine scent but she found it was somewhat intoxicating and even addictive.

"OK, Sally, bite down on my panties and get ready for me to make you a hairless pussy girl."

The ripping sound of the wide strip being pulled from her crotch in a single sweeping motion was accompanied by the most painful feeling she had ever felt on her virgin pussy. Sally chewed the panties and sucked the juices off of them to hold back her screams of protest. Her saliva and Angela's pussy and ass juices all mingled together inside her mouth and she swallowed to get rid of it. The taste was so different but not unpleasant at all.

Sally was afraid to look at her pussy.

She was certain Angela had done something to ruin it forever.

Her new dark-haired best friend held the strip up in front of her face. She could not believe the hundreds of little fuzzy hairs hanging from the thing. The outline of her hairless pussy slit was visible in the center of the hairy mess. Her pussy was throbbing like mad and she ventured a little peek at her slit.

"Angela, my pussy is totally bald. That thing really worked well but it hurt like the dickens."

Her new best friend took a handful of cream from her desktop and told her to lie back on the bed. The soothing touch of the cream made Sally almost purr with delight. Maybe it was her Angela's fingers roaming freely all over her most private area that made her feel so very good.

She turned over when Angela told her to and her new intimate friend slowly rubbed the cream all over her ass cheeks and even up into her crack and right onto her tiny little brown hole. Sally looked over her shoulder at Angela. She was confused about her feelings. She just closed her eyes and pretended the boys at school were playing nicely with her soft virgin bottom. Her recently denuded pubic mound pressed into the pillow and she started to grind it in a little like she did when she was alone in her bed at night.

"You naughty girl!"

Angela's words cut into her daydreaming. She knew her face was red with embarrassment now.

She hoped Angela didn't think she was a nasty girl.

Sally was surprised when her new friend climbed up on the bed and spread her body out on top of her. To make matters worse, she had removed her clothes and her bare skin was rubbing all over Sally's naked bottom.

"Angela, I don't think that is a good idea. What if the matron or her husband comes in? What could we say to explain what we are doing?"

Her friend laughed and told her she had already locked the door.

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