I Find Love in the Arms of My Son

by golden girl

Copyright© 2011 by golden girl

Incest Sex Story: We were both betrayed but took comfort in each others arms

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Incest   Mother   Son   Exhibitionism   .

I felt fantastic and it showed, the day was lovely and warm, the sun shone brightly and I was going on holiday, only the second one in twenty years without my soon to be ex husband.

Well it was more than a holiday, my husband had taken up with our son's wife and the pair had run away together, it had been a very unpleasant time for both my son and myself, but we'd kept our heads down and now I was going to stay with him for a week or so in Spain where he lived, we intended getting our heads together to talk about selling our houses and buying a pub, or even a bar in Spain!

I felt positive about my life now he'd gone, I'd done things I'd never have dreamt of doing when I was married, I was thirty nine, a long way from being past it as he'd suggested,

I'd started wearing short skirts, I shaved all my pubic hair off and thought how sexy it looked, sometimes I went shopping sans panties and it gave me an incredible buzz knowing I was naked under my skirt. I bought sex toys, ben-wah balls and vibrators, I even took myself off to Jamaica for a week where I enjoyed seven nights of totally uninhibited sex including a threesome with a young German couple when I had the delightful experience of being sodomized whilst feasting on a very wet pussy!

When I got home, there was a pile of letters behind the front door, I binned them all and phoned my son,

"Hello darling, how are you?"

"Bloody fed up mum, where have you been?"

"I went away for a week, why?"

"Do you fancy coming here for a while?"

"Oh yes, but I thought, well you know because of dad, I thought you wouldn't want me"

"Aw mum don't be daft, I'll always want you"

"Ok, I'll book a flight for the next day or so and call you back so you can meet me, ok?" I asked,

"Great mum, thanks, you all right for money?"

"Oh yeah" I giggled, "I emptied our joint account three weeks ago and put it all into mine"

"Serves him bloody right"

"My thoughts exactly darling"

It was four days later when I stepped off the plane into the searing heat of a Spanish summer, I was getting quite used to the heat after Jamaica and I thought how nice it would be to live in Spain where everything and everybody was so much more relaxed, Manana would do!

"Wow you look fabulous!" Thomas said as we kissed and hugged each other warmly, "Jamaica must have been hot"

"It was" I laughed, "In more ways than one."

"Been making up for lost time have you?"

"Oh yes" I linked my arm through his, "And I've not finished yet"

It took us an hour to drive to his house from the airport, I loved his house, a large open plan design with huge French windows that opened out onto a lush garden complete with swimming pool. I particularly liked the big wide staircase, where we found my daughter in law's panties when Thomas and I returned after I forgot my purse, we'd been gone less than a minute!

We looked at each other, both of us knowing what we'd find as we walked silently up the stairway to my son's bedroom and find it we did, they were both naked, the slut with her arms and legs wrapped around my husband, telling him how deep she liked it and begging him to fuck her harder!

"Yes dear" I said stiffly, "Fuck the little slut harder and then fuck off"

She screamed, he jumped as if he'd been shot and they both scrambled under the covers,

"It was a mistake" he said lamely, "You know baby, you know how these things are"

"Get your clothes, take your car and go" Thomas said to his wife, "We'll be back in an hour, I want you gone by then, both of you"

My husband looked at me for support but I just curled my lip in disgust,

"You heard what our son said, go, but just take what's yours, if you take anything of mine, anything at all, I'll call the police"

They'd both gone when we returned after sitting at a local bar for an hour, I felt relieved but I was a bit concerned for Thomas who'd hardly spoke at all in the bar,

"Better that you found out now Tom" I reassured him, "Before you had children"

"It's not that mum" he said miserably, "I knew they were at it, I've known for months now, I just didn't want you to find out"

I started laughing then, because I'd suspected it too and I didn't want my son to be hurt!

I stayed two more days to give him time to vacate our shared house at home and sure enough, he'd gone and taken just his car and his clothes, I went to the bank and was very relieved to find a few thousand still in our joint current account, I closed it and put all the money in my own private account, then I went to see Frank our solicitor and put him in the picture, then I went shopping for some retail therapy.

It was hotter than ever that year and I soon topped up my Jamaican tan becoming as brown as a berry, Tom and I became closer than ever and spent many nice days sun bathing in his garden whilst discussing our future,

"Mum would you put your bra on for me?"

I looked round at him in shock, I'd gone out into the garden topless every day and it had never occurred to me that it offended him, he saw the shock on my face and coloured up and it was then that I realised he had an erection, my own son was getting turned on by my naked breasts!

"I'm sorry Thomas" I said softly, "I'll get a tee shirt, I haven't got a bra, I didn't think I'd need one"

"Mum don't get mad at me, I can't help it"

"I'm not getting mad darling, in fact I'm flattered, but I'll get a tee shirt if you like"

He grinned then, the old Thomas just like a cheeky kid,

"What I like mum is looking at your boobs, they're really great you know"

"Yes" I giggled, "I was told that in Jamaica"

"Were you topless over there?"

"No" I smiled, "I was naked"


"As in without any clothes, it was great you should try it"

"Is that a dare?"

I smiled and raised an eyebrow knowing that he wouldn't, he stood up and looked down at me as he slipped his shorts down over his hips, like me he was shaved down there and unlike his father he was generously endowed.

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