A Late Summer Day at the Beach

by Vic B

Copyright© 2011 by Vic B

Erotica Sex Story: My first attempt at creative erotic writing based on reality.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   True Story   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Nudism   .

It was a surprisingly warm end of summer day when I decided to ride a bicycle all the way to the beach. I much prefer the South of France in September, once the summer crowds have returned home and the local beaches recover their quiet nature. Lucky for me, I had called a friend a few days earlier to discuss my emotional burdens when he kindly offered his house while away on a business trip. I jumped on the offer, leaving work and girlfriend back in Paris for a week. The beach was only about 15 miles away and I thought it would be a great opportunity to exercise, take a bit of sun and think about life. I threw a magazine, a bottle of water and sun tan lotion in a small backpack, grabbed a bike from the garage and started my little journey to the sea. So much had happened in the last month. I had broken promises and needed to figure out what it all meant. Sophie, a co-worker who took a liking in me mostly because I gave her more credit than others in the office, had been insisting on having a drink with me. She was smart and unapologetic about her dislike of others at work which made her interesting to me. Unfortunately for her she had rather plain facial features with smallish eyes and a somewhat big nose that took attention away from her nice full lips. I say unfortunately because she had what turned out to be an incredible body, with smallish but perfect breasts with nipples pointing to the sky, a small waist with full hips rounding a gorgeous ass that she accentuated by often wearing tight jeans. If her face had matched the rest of her body she would have had any man she wanted and certainly would have been out of my league. Yes, more than once I had fantasized having sex with her but had sworn not to have an affair with a co-worker and risk creating havoc in the office. She knew I had a girlfriend and knew how I stood about office romance. However, that seemed more of an aphrodisiac to her than a sign to go look elsewhere. One evening, knowing my girlfriend was out of town, she decided to leave the office right as I was leaving and convinced me to have a drink before heading home. We lived minutes away from each other and taking the same metro line. I figured ok, one drink.

Several drinks later and well past midnight, as we were about to part direction and give each other the ceremonial French kiss on the cheeks, she pushed herself onto me and instantly all my barriers dissolved. With my right hand I grabbed her ass through her light summer skirt and pulled her towards me to feel my instantly hard cock against her stomach. With my left hand I pulled her face towards mine, her full lips rushed to mine and our tongues began a furious erotic dance guided by the rhythm of our panting and moaning. Instantly I felt her hand grabbing for my cock, frustratingly trying to undo zipper and button and belt buckle while I held on to that ass I so often had wanted to grab! Finally I felt my pants loosen up and without missing a heartbeat she had grabbed my cock like a prize she had so often dreamed of. Before I had a chance to say anything she fell to her knees and swallowed my manhood deep in her mouth and throat. I lifted my head and closed my eyes in ecstasy. This felt so good and she was so eager!

Minutes later, my mind catching up to my excitement, I began taking control of the moment, pushing her head deeper on my cock, moving my hips, fucking her mouth.

"Fuck this is good!" I let out. She just moaned, clearly enjoying herself, refusing to stand back up. We were on a sidewalk, partly hidden from the street lights by the corner of a door entrance. I knew I wasn't going to hold on much longer at this pace and I didn't want to end it like this. With all the strength I could muster, I pulled my cock out of her mouth, lifted her up, pulling her lips to mine, letting our tongues return to their love dance, sharing the salt of my precum in her mouth. We made a few steps back until her ass bumped against the side panel of a parked car. Very naturally she leaned back on the hood while raising her legs. I quickly reached under her skirt and pulled her panties off in one move. She was now free to spread her legs open and the sight of her neatly shaved dripping wet pussy was driving me mad! I wanted to plunge my face in it, lick her swollen clit and eat her pussy to orgasm but I wanted to take her so bad that I lay her legs on each of my shoulders and plunged my cock in her stopping only when I could go no deeper. She let a long moan and cry of pleasure which I quickly covered up with my hand for fear of waking the neighborhood. Wow! She was so wet that I was instantly dripping with her juices. I pulled out entirely and pushed all the way back in her again and again, each thrust sending waves of orgasm through her body. My head was spinning, my body shaking, our moaning getting louder; I could hear her crying that she was cumming as I was feeling my own orgasm growing in my stomach.

"Your are so fucking good!" I let out before exploding inside her, unable to hold down my own cries of pleasure. The moment seemed to last an eternity. I held on to her waist, deep inside her, my eyes closed, my legs shaking, waiting for the world to stop spinning. When all energies had finally escaped our bodies, I gently leaned forward, resting on top of her waiting for the silence of the night to retake its rightful place, our beating hearts the guilty remnants of a forbidden pleasure.

This encounter didn't last more than 20 minutes but its repercussions were being felt weeks later. Love, relationships, sex, pleasure ... Why can't anything be easy in this world, I was thinking when I finally arrived at the beach, a little excited reminiscing about that night with Sophie. The truth was she now was making my life far more complicated than I wanted it, incessantly hoping to find more time to spend together while I was trying to make sense of the relationship with my girlfriend of several years.

The beach was exactly how I remembered it. Low sand dunes about 90 feet to the water's edge where strolling couples look for shells and interesting rocks washed out by the sea. It's a nude beach long enough to provide privacy for those who prefer it. While I'm not totally comfortable in the nude on the beach primarily for fear of showing an erection, I do like the feeling of it, with wind and sun caressing parts of the body that are hidden most of the time. Also, I am a bit of an exhibitionist and have frequently been told that I have a nice body and a nice ass. So, if you got it, show it! At least that's what I was thinking to get over the shyness of being naked...

Happy to take my sweaty clothes off, I laid down on my stomach on the towel, pulled out my magazine and read for about an hour in the gentle afternoon light. Suddenly, out of nowhere I heard someone talking to me. A little surprised I twist around and see standing no more than 3 feet away from my left side this young early 30's, Spanish or North African brown tanned good looking guy talking to me. He is standing naked, not very tall with a naturally muscular body and well, pretty well endowed. It takes me a second to pull my thoughts together, when I finally realize he is asking if he could use some of my tanning lotion. A little embarrassed and yet strangely excited by our closeness, I try not to show my reaction and hand him my lotion.

"Sure go ahead" I say to him, making sure not to turn around and risk showing a budding erection. He takes the lotion and sits down on his knees and calves no farther than 3 feet from my head. My heart is pounding so loud I fear he can hear it as it is obvious that if I turn my head in his direction my sight is right a the level of his sex. While he slowly applies lotion on his arms and torso, I pretend to continue reading my magazine while doing my best to hide my stomach movements to accommodate a full on erection.

My relationship with men has always been a bit confusing primarily because my first experience was much like the sexual abuse cases that continuously surface in the news: An older man of authority taking sexual advantage of a young boy. After years of therapy I had come to understand that the pain of the abuse was more about broken trust after he refused to talk to me again when I found the courage to tell him I still wanted to be his friend but didn't want to do the sex part. In the years following this episode I had had occasional meetings with men, often with assertive type men who clearly showed their desire. I had come to really enjoy my role as an no longer so innocent shy man giving myself to enterprising masculine men in totally unexpected situations. Luckily for me I had both an ass fetish and a nice ass and while I was generally fairly dominant with women I was clearly submissive with men.

"You should be careful, you're going to have a sunburn if you don't put lotion on your back" he says.

"I can't reach my back" I reply, realizing as I say it that it could be understood as a come on... "If you want I can put some on your back", he replies not missing a beat. At this point it is clear that this guy is making a pass at me and I'm totally turned on. I look around me and see no one close to us and figure, ok this doesn't look sexual so it's fine.

"Sure, if you don't mind, thanks" I say not too clearly.

Sitting on his calves on my side, he is gently applying lotion on my back while massaging me. It feels good and I catch myself blur it out, instantly wishing I had kept quiet. "Hold on" he says while getting up. He moves to the back of me and sits in the same position between my legs which he needs to spread out a little to fit in the space. His assertiveness shoots through me like a lightening bolt. While I don't look back, I imagine him there, staring at my ass with my legs spread open, on a beach with possibly a dozen people staring at us! This is so embarrassing and so exciting at the same time.

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