Run Around Sue, What Did You Do?

by harry lime

Copyright© 2011 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Susan Howard is learning fast about every kinky trick in the book. She now is following in her mother's footsteps as a "cop groupie" by giving up her sweet goodies to Detective "Bull" Romano. The boys on the football team all think Sue is fully qualified in oral presentations. Her popularity is without compare.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Humiliation   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Exhibitionism   .

It started out as an innocent prank but Susan realized she was in trouble when the vice principal called 911.

Mrs. Lewinski evacuated the sixth period science class from the lab as soon as the first plumes of smoke erupted from the experiment. Susan knew the hullabaloo was totally unnecessary but was too frightened to admit her culpability.

She had only wanted to pay that nasty "nose in the air" Becky Anderson back for ruining her best sweater with bubble gum on the school bus. It was ruined and she could never wear it again.

Her plan was to cover Miss" smarty pants" Becky with the red dye of the experiment oozing prematurely from the large glass beaker on the burner. Somehow the concoction had overheated and the smoke billowed out too quickly for Susan to shut it down.

Susan was not the prettiest girl in the science class. Of course, that was Becky. Susan was the smartest and she had already devised several "fallback" options to maneuver out of this tight spot.

She had not bargained for Detective first class Romano and his keen sense of pinning guilt on the guilty party.

That stupid Becky was crying and pretending she was injured by the incident. Even Miss Lewinski was onto her silly charade. "Bull" Romano noticed right away that little Susan was the only student that was not in the least bit upset by the explosion in the science lab. He really had solved the crime before he had to ask a single question of any of the victims or possible suspects.

Susan was the talented 18 year old daughter of Bonnie and Clyde Howard. Susan's mom had the dubious reputation of being a "cop groupie" and was well known to most of the males on the local police force. She was also easily recognized by most of the sheriff's deputies that worked the backwater rural county in central Florida. She usually was studying in the next room when her mom was giving her all to keep law enforcement morale up in the rural community.

Susan had never been in trouble with the law. She kept her difficult home environment out of her school relationships. Her conversations with her friends at school and at the donut shop where she worked 20 hours a week were always general in nature and she never discussed anything that went on at 717 Serendipity Lane behind closed doors.

Susan believed in Justice.

She believed with all her heart that little Miss skinny-ass bitch Becky Anderson had to pay for ruining her sweater.

When it was her turn to go into the office being used by Detective Romano to sort out the victims from the suspects, she saw the suspicion in his eyes right away. She began to use some distracting tactics to get his mind off the explosion. First, she leaned forward and pulled up her school uniform skirt and showed "Bull" the scrape on the inside of her knee.

"I got hurt when we had to leave the classroom in a hurry. I think I am bleeding. She opened her leg to show the minor injury and made sure Bull got a good eyeful of her yellow "smiley face" panties.

She could tell from his expression that he knew right away what she was doing and was not in the least bit fooled by it.

Her next move was to put her warm little hand on the handsome cop's knee and tell him,

"I was so frightened when that happened. Feel my heart, it is beating so fast."

Susan took Bull's hand and put it right on her nipple. She mashed it in hard so he could feel the hardness of her little button and the soft swell of her budding breasts.

She saw that he was not buying it, but his trouser front revealed his obvious arousal at her promiscuous action.

"Susan, I talked to Becky and she told me that you threatened her before class and told her she would "pay for it".

Sue laughed like it was all a big joke.

"We always say stuff like that to each other. It doesn't mean a thing."

"You know Susan, your mom and I are old friends. I hate to see you get in big trouble over this. I am going to overlook this and write it up as a careless accident. Take this card and call me before you do anything stupid like this again."

Sue smiled with relief. She would have gotten on her knees and sucked this cop's dick big time if there weren't a gaggle of teenagers lined up outside the door and that eagle eye Miss Lewinski always looking for sexual contact anywhere on the school grounds. She just loved to catch girls on their knees and report them to the principal.

At home that evening, she asked her mother if she knew Detective "Bull" Romano. She was astonished at her mother's unusual reaction.

"Bull Romano? You steer clear of that man, baby. He is a prick of the worst sort. I treated him real nice and he still busted my ass for a little weed."

Sue knew her mom was like a big time weed smoker and was always sneaking a toot in the garage when her father was watching his sports games on TV. Her mom was still a pretty good looker and kept her bottom nice and trim for guys to ogle. Late at night, she could hear her panting and groaning as her daddy pounded her on the sofa in the TV room. She had even sneaked a peek at some of the porno movies they looked at to make them all aroused and ready to go at it like a pair of rabbits. Some of the positions seemed almost impossible to her but she guessed it was "par for the course" for the well-stacked porno stars.

Susan decided to fudge the details a bit to hide her guilt.

"Ma! I didn't do nothing."

"He was asking everyone questions. There was a little accident at the lab and Miss Lewinski panicked and called the 911 number. He told me he knew you, is all."

Her mother looked at her intently and in a low voice replied,

"Well, that was before your daddy and I got married, honey. I kind of was sweet on him because he had such a nice package. That's why they call him "Bull".

Sue didn't know quite what to say, so she said nothing.

The next few days, Sue forgot all about slut ass Becky and allowed her thoughts to speculate about the size of Bull Romano's cock and how it would feel in her "hot to trot" pussy.

She found herself sitting behind the bleachers on the field and agonizing about calling the handsome Detective on her cell phone. Finally, she couldn't stand the indecision any longer and firmly punched in the number on his card.

"Hello, Detective First Class Romano, what can I do for you?"

Sue swallowed and shuddered a little before answering. She wasn't sure if it was the chill under the bleachers or her fingers playing with her sensitive clitoris under her short school uniform skirt.

"Detective Romano, this is Susan Howard. You gave me your card and I need to talk to you about some drug activity here in the school. I am frightened about being called a rat and need to see you in a place where we can't be seen."

There was a slight pause on the line. Then she heard Bull's heavy voice telling her to meet him at the bankrupt drive-in movie just a block away from the school. It was only used for flea markets now on Saturday mornings and stayed open and empty the rest of the week. She promised to meet him there at 3:15 right after school was over.

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