Petting Janey

by Just Plain Jane

Rachael Ross 1982 - 2012

Erotica Sex Story: When Robert decides to buy a pet dog for the kids, it's Janey who learns some new and unexpected tricks as the animal decides to make her his bitch. Luckily, her sister Jilly arrives just in time to save the meek housewife from the ultimate humiliation...Or maybe not.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Romantic   Reluctant   Cheating   Incest   Sister   Oral Sex   Petting   Bestiality   Size   .

"Every boy needs a dog," my husband told me. His boyish grin made me wonder if he'd bought the animal for our son, Kyle, or for himself.

"That's not a dog," I decided. "It's a horse. What are we going to do with it?"

"It?" Robert looked offended. "Rex is a he, not an it, Janey. He had the biggest balls in the store."

"His name is Rex?" I rolled my eyes.


"And you picked him because he has big balls?"

"Bigger is better, right?" He sounded serious. "Just don't try to touch them. He's kind of sensitive down there."

"You tried to grab his balls?"

"Hey!" Robert held up his hands with an innocent smile. "Only by accident, baby."

"What kind is he?"

"American!" he replied proudly. "The best breed in the world."

"American is a breed?" I narrowed my eyes. "I've never heard of that one."

"Sure it is," my husband told me. "He's got a little bit of everything. Great Dane, German shepherd, some St. Bernard in there."

"So he's a mongrel," I said.

"That's American," Robert agreed. "Anyway, he's house trained and the woman at the store says he's very loving."

"What woman?" I asked suspiciously.

"Polly," he answered. "High school girl. Really cute, you'd like her."


"Hey, I got a discount, baby." Robert hugged me. "Come on, don't be mad. I didn't try to fuck her or anything."

"Really?" I almost smiled at that news.

"Nope." He kissed my hair. "She definitely fucked me. I just sat there mostly."

"You're so hopeless," I sighed.

"Daddy had a girl on his lap!" Jenny told me, right on cue. She might have been six years old, but I seriously wondered about her sometimes.

"Go check on your brothers," I told her. "Make sure they're still asleep."

"Okay Mommy!" She smiled brightly. "He was kissing her too, but I'm not supposed to tell."

"Okay." I smiled back at her. "Go on now."

"She had lonely lips," my husband explained. "If you'd seen that poor girl, you would have kissed her too."

"Probably not," I said. "You'd better help Kyle find a place for the dog to sleep. I don't want him on the furniture."

"Yes, dear," he replied obediently.

"And if he pees on the floor, I'm going to rub somebody's nose in it," I continued. "Know what I mean?"

"Yes, dear."

"And I'm not going to feed him," I finished. "That's somebody else's job. I have enough to do around here."

"Yes dear." My husband nodded quickly, smiling at me just so I'd forgive him for fucking some pet store Polly. That got me to wondering...

"How many pet stores did you go to anyway?"

"Six," he admitted. "I thought there would be more pretty girls working in those places."

"I didn't know you were that picky," I retorted, and then spoiled it with a smile of my own. "Fine. I forgive you. Go play with Kyle while I fix dinner."

"What are you looking at?" I wondered, turning around from the washing machine to see Rex grinning at me.

I didn't know dogs could smile, but that's how it seemed to me. His tail thumped the floor several times and I couldn't help but notice his large cock in its furry sheath. I mean, it was right there as he sat on his haunches, attached low on his soft, brown belly where the hair was short and soft. I guess Rex had big balls too, but that was my husband's department, comparison shopping for pets.

My department was cleaning up the house after another Monday morning hurricane. Robert had left for work. The twins had left for their first grade classes and wouldn't be home until three that afternoon. The boys, Robert Jr. and Josh, were almost four years old and they spent the morning at preschool. My mother would pick them up; she just loved her grandchildren, but especially those two.

They had red hair, a smattering of freckles, and dark green eyes, and looked absolutely nothing like my husband, mostly because they weren't his biological offspring. My mom got a big kick out of that too, believe me, and she loved showing the twins off and telling everyone how her daughter, the pure hearted, faithful wife of the most eligible husband in town had gotten knocked up at a New Year's Eve party. She made it sound like I'd been gang-banged.

"She's lucky those boys didn't come out black!" Mom would say, but she wasn't prejudiced or anything.

She just wanted to make a point. If I had let a black man fuck me, that only would have made her even happier, and she kept asking Robert when he was going to dump his cheating wife and marry a real woman. Like my sister Julie, for example, who flaunted her considerable charms for us every night just before bed. She was the new King-5 Weather Girl and exceptionally popular with the male 13-90 crowd, since she liked to remind viewers that "Tonight's weather is sponsored by Viagra!"

We'd lie in bed with the television on, just because Robert never missed the weather report. Most often he tried to be right on the edge of a good climax, holding himself back with gritted teeth as I squirmed helplessly on his huge cock, and as soon as anchorman Brett Berman said, "How's that weather looking, Julie?" The camera would pan left, or sometimes they'd do a jump cut, and there would be my smiling blonde sister, showing off her awesome tits, luscious ass, and gorgeous legs. Usually she wore a bikini, but lately she'd been wearing more and more lingerie.

Needless to say, my husband usually blew a big load of sperm deep inside my little pussy half way through her spiel. Shoot, half the men in Seattle were probably cumming at the same time. Julie had a breathless way of saying, "Hot and wet tonight with a good chance of fun tomorrow!" If it wasn't hot and wet, like in the middle of winter, she would say something like, "You'd better get naked in front of a fire, we can look forward to nine hard inches and slippery conditions ... Oh! Did I say inches? Silly me! I must have been thinking about something else."

So King-5 had the highest rated news program in the city and nobody really cared about the weather anyway. We were in Seattle, the forecast was always rain with a good chance of more rain. It never changed, unlike Julie's bikini. She wore a different one every night, as I mentioned, and people tuned in just to see what it would be. There's something wrong with our country, but at least Robert wasn't going to divorce me just so he could marry my little sister. He just liked to use my pussy to jerk off with while he thought about her, but he's a man, so that didn't bother me a whole lot. When he used her pussy to jerk off while he thought about Jilly, that's when I started getting a little peeved.

"Oh! Hey! Down boy!" I stumbled into the dryer as Rex tackled me from behind.

I'd been bending over, checking the clothes inside to see if they were dry or not. I'd also been wondering what Julie would wear that evening and I'd forgotten all about the dog. He wanted to dance or play, or something. I didn't know what was going on as he stood on his back legs with his forelegs wrapped around my waist. He was big, about my size, except he probably weighed twenty pounds more, and it wasn't fat. Rex had muscles! He wasn't letting go and I couldn't push him away as my knees sagged, and I finally had to drop to the floor beneath his considerable weight.

Naturally, he'd caught me at the worst possible time. I'd been getting ready for a bath, which had become something of a daily ritual. With a husband and four kids, a woman only gets so much private time, you know? The house was quiet and peaceful; I could soak and relax, bracing myself for the madness coming later that afternoon. I loved my morning baths and so I only wore a towel wrapped around my breasts and barely covering my butt. That shouldn't have mattered, right? I was alone and just wanted to check the laundry and...

"Ow! Hey! What are you ... Oh! Fuck! What the hell is that?" I wondered in sort of a loud, shrill voice dripping with panic.

"Grrrrrr..." Rex answered, squeezing me even harder with his paws and kind of nipping at my bare shoulder with his teeth. He didn't bite me, just threatened me, or so I imagined.

But his teeth were the least of my concerns as I felt something hard, sharp, and hot jabbing at my vulnerable sex. The dog was trying to fuck me! On my hands and knees like I was, the towel offered no protection at all and I wasn't completely ignorant. A friend of mine in college, Francesca, had been into bestiality and I'd seen her videos plenty of times. I'd been curious about it, sure, maybe even wondered what it might be like to have that sort of perverted sex, but I'd never imagined I'd actually experience such a thing first hand.

"No! Stop! Bad dog!" I yelled, trying to crawl away from the beast. "Get off me! Oh! Ugh! Fuck!"

I gasped loudly as his cock suddenly found my vulnerable cunt. The animal had been thrusting his hips wildly, hunched over with his paws digging into my hips through the towel. I'd never had a chance at getting away and now he jammed the full length of his enormous penis into my pussy. It had to be nearly as long as my husband's, some ten inches of steely dog cock, and I already knew Rex had Robert beat in the girth department. Jesus! The animal's prick must have been as thick as a can of Campbell's soup!

"Ahhhh ... No!" I screamed as the tender walls of my vagina were stretched to the absolute limit. I burned beneath the throbbing pain of trying to accommodate his swollen lust. The tip of his penis battered the very bottom of my sex, forcing my pussy to stretch in ways I wouldn't have believed possible.

The dog didn't stop. He didn't even slow down, but continued to pump my cunt with rabid desire, throwing his cock into my cervix. The pressure was intense and I was too much in shock to understand the pleasure my body was responding to. Even as I protested this unwanted violation, my cunt grew moist and warmed noticeably, burning with something other than discomfort. If my brain didn't understand what was going on, my body sure as hell did. My nipples popped hard, flashing hot and cold as they pointed at the floor. My towel had come loose and my tits were freed, the friendly weight of them tugging at my chest and jiggling pleasantly. My clitoris thrummed with violent, instinctive lust as the dog's fat cock pressed against it.

"Oh God! Oh no! Oh yes!" I blinked with confusion as I started cumming.

I couldn't believe it, let alone comprehend how quickly the animal had brought me off. It was insane! I couldn't climax on a dog's cock. He was raping me and I felt nothing but fear and guilt and shame, but my body shook violently and my pussy clutched at the animal's penis as he continued to thrust into my wanton sex. I collapsed onto my face, panting and shivering, keeping my ass high even as the juices spilled down my legs.

He growled softly, almost whining as I felt the dog's knot growing fat inside my sex. I knew about that as well, and I had little choice but to endure the increasing pressure as the bulbous muscle inflated rapidly, lodged just inside the mouth of my cunt. He stopped fucking me as soon as we were locked up and I came again as I felt the unmistakable sensation of my pussy filling with canine semen.

He'd already been very wet with precum, perhaps even real cum, I wasn't exactly sure how it worked, but for certain, Rex was shooting a huge load of hot sperm into my womb. His cockhead was right there, teasing my cervix and perhaps even trying to penetrate that soft bottleneck. It wouldn't have surprised me, put it that way, and I suffered multiple orgasms while he tried to knock up his bitch.

"Janey? Are you down here? I was just in the neighborhood and ... Oh my God!"

"What?" I blinked at my sister, Jilly, and it took me a few seconds to recognize her. Not because she looked different, she didn't, but because I couldn't stop cumming.

"You're fucking a dog?" She giggled and clapped her hands. "That is so awesome!"

"Nooo..." I breathed, shaking my head as if I could possibly deny it. Rex held me tightly with his front legs, licking my shoulder like a real lover might, and still pumping his bestial seed into my stuffed, quivering cunt.

"Hey!" Jilly looked suddenly suspicious. "What have you done with my sister?"

Of course, she was only teasing me and a second later she spoiled it with another happy laugh. I closed my eyes, concentrating on the intense joy of being locked up and helpless around a huge cock. The knot felt amazing, as if someone had forced a bowling ball inside my pussy, but of course it wasn't that big. It did remind me of giving birth to my babies, however, and I should have been glad that my body wasn't totally innocent that way. At least I knew I could stretch!

"Help me!" I gasped, coming weakly to my senses. "Get him off! He's too big!"

"It looks like you're getting him off all by yourself," she replied with a grin.

"No! Jilly ... Please? Ow! Oh! Ah! He's fucking me!"

"No kidding! That's a big fucking dog, Janey."

"He's raping me!" I moaned, shivering with another orgasm as I clawed the rough carpeting and rocked my hips.

"I hate to break it to you," she said. "But you can't rape the willing, sis."

"Oh please! It feels so ... Good! He's so big! He won't stop!"

Actually, the dog had pretty much stopped, but my pussy didn't know the difference. I'd never felt so full in my life, not even when Robert had taken my virginity. The knot had continued to swell after Rex had locked me up, growing larger and pushing my vagina in terrible, wonderful, and very unnatural directions. I was too small down there, my anatomy all wrong for our perverse mating, but the raw physical pleasure made me weep with unabashed ecstasy. I was fucking a dog. I had an animal inside me, his bestial sperm seeping into my uterus and swarming around my human eggs. That seemed so completely wrong, dirty and obscene, and I climaxed with a rush of guilt and shame, pushing myself against the animal's prick like a bitch in heat.

"Janey, um ... As long as you're down there..." Jilly sat down in front of me, smiling as she hiked her red skirt up her golden thighs. "How about a little something for me, huh?"

"Huh? What are you doing?" I wondered, rolling my eyes as another delicious spasm pushed the butterflies out of my tummy and into my pussy.

"Shhh ... Eat me out," she breathed, scooting forward on her butt like a little girl. "Or I'll have to tell Robert how much you love dogs."

"Oh no!" I gasped. "I'm cumming again!"

"Ummm ... Yessss..." my sister hissed, tugging at my head with her fingers entwined in my hair. She held my mouth to her pussy as my tongue pushed between her labia. I didn't utter a word of protest as I began to lap eagerly at the juices already leaking from her sexy hole.

Behind me, Rex pushed himself off my back, turning awkwardly to face the other direction with his hinged cock still inside me. Every now and again, the animal would give me a tug, testing our union and making me yelp with sudden discomfort. The knot would pull against the small mouth of my clasping sex, and maybe he could have pulled himself loose, but it would be better for both of us if he waited. I certainly didn't mind as my orgasms refused to stop. They were small and quick, not like the monstrous climax I'd felt at his initial penetration. These were almost better somehow, like riding a rollercoaster of pure lust and my sister wasn't above taking advantage of the situation.

"Yeah, eat my pussy, Janey. You're such a dyke," she teased me. "A dog fucking dyke now. Suck my clit some more."

I did everything she wanted, pursing my lips around Jilly's clitoris and sucking it like a tiny cock. I chewed her plump, pink labia and fucked her pussy with my stuff tongue. I'd eaten her out before and she knew I wasn't really a dyke at all, but just then I could have been. It's hard not to enjoy loving a hot little cunt like my sister's when there's a fat cock taking a sperm bath inside my trembling womb.

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