Peeping Mom

by Just Plain Jane

Rachael Ross 1982 - 2012

Erotica Sex Story: Janey comes home early and discovers her son and daughter indulging their teenage curiosity in the basement. Rather than spoil their fun, the meek housewife decides to secretly indulge her own forbidden desires.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Cheating   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Daughter   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   .

"Come on, Kyle! Just let me see it."

"Let me see yours first."

"Same time. Okay?"

"Okay. Ready?"

"Yeah. On three, and don't chicken out this time!"

"Me? Who chickened out last time, Jenny?"

"On three ... One ... Two..."

"Three!" the two fourteen-year-olds said together. The basement suddenly became very quiet, until I heard my daughter giggle nervously.

"It looks really big," Jennifer whispered. "Does it hurt?"

"No," my son replied. "You got a little hair now, huh?"

"Do you like it?" she asked. "It doesn't look funny?"

"Uh-uh," her brother replied. "You've got a pretty pussy."

"Your cock is kinda handsome."

"Is it?" He chuckled, sounding just like his father. "Do you wanna touch it?"

"Yeah," Jenny sighed. "Do you wanna pet my pussy?"

"I'll kiss it," Kyle promised. "If you want me to."

"I can kiss your dick."


"Except I never did it before," Jen confessed with another soft laugh.

"At the same time?"

"You mean laying down?" she asked. "Okay. Let's do it that way."

I waited for several minutes, standing on the bottom step of the basement stairs. They were supposed to be doing their homework, but I'd long suspected the two teenagers were more interested in each other than they were in school. I couldn't blame them. Jenny was the spitting image of my sisters when they'd been her age, meaning outrageously cute with blonde hair and blue eyes, and a tight little body that drew far too much attention than I was comfortable with. She'd outgrown her training bra in the blink of an eye and would soon need a B-cup, and the girl wasn't even out of middle school yet. She had a pert, round ass that couldn't stop wiggling for all the tea in China and well-toned legs that were longer than mine. Jen was the only fourteen-year-old I'd ever heard of who worried about being too tall.

Her brother, Kyle, was tall as well, and positively devilish in his good looks. The both took after my husband, but being a boy, it was more obvious with him. He had the same handsome face, strong and open with an honest smile that drew a lot of female attention, but it was his personality that kept them interested. The boy could be every bit as charming as his father and blessed with his mother's doe eyes and dark skin.

Kylie had been my Maid of Honor fifteen years ago and the groom had knocked her up in the cloak room, probably. Robert thinks so anyway, but it could have happened on the way to the reception, which is how Kylie likes to tell it. She likes to remind people that she'd fucked my husband less than hour after we'd exchanged vows. Personally, I think he planted Kyle in her womb that night, while they made love beside me on the heart-shaped bed of the Valentine Suite.

You see, my husband's a slut and I've always known it. So have my friends and family, and the only real question is whether or not that particular gene had been inherited by any of our children. It could be that Jenny and Kyle would both become sluts, or they might be more like Kylie, for example, who only took advantage of sluts. She certainly loved nailing my husband's big cock. One thing I knew as I gazed at the twins, they weren't going to be plain Jane wallflowers like me!

"Mmmph!" Jen gasped around her brother's penis as he worked his tongue across her coral clitoris. He seemed to know his way around a pussy and I had a good view from less than a dozen feet away.

"Um-hmmm..." he sighed, giving just a little push of his hips. Another inch or two of his dark penis slid between Jenny's taut lips. I had a pretty good view of her as well, although I couldn't quite see what her fingers were doing with Kyle's balls. The boy must have liked it though as he clenched his butt cheeks in an effort to hold his orgasm back.

They were both naked and lovely, their teenage bodies glowing with a sexual warmth that seemed to fill the room. Jenny still had her summer tan, although it was fading quickly with the approaching winter. No tan lines either, but I'd noticed that before and I'd warned the girl repeatedly about sunbathing naked around her brother and father. She hadn't listened, of course, although she pretended to promise otherwise. The girl just loved to show off her body and she'd only been more careful not to get caught. So I wasn't surprised to find her in a happy sixty-nine with Kyle and I was just thankful it wasn't her father lapping away at her sexy little beaver.

"I think I'm gonna cum!" Kyle urgently whispered, and his sister didn't stop sucking his cock. If anything, she began bobbing her head even faster, throwing her long blonde hair this way and that with reckless abandon.

She hadn't gotten off, I didn't think, but a moment later my son gasped loudly and they both froze in the moment of truth. I expected Jenny to pull her mouth of his spurting erection, but she didn't. I could hear her gulping down Kyle's incestuous semen, swallowing it eagerly without even a tiny gag or cough to spoil his pleasure. She'd said she'd never kissed a boy's penis before? I didn't believe that, not after witnessing the ease with which she filled her belly with hot boy joy. Jen let him finish completely and I saw her fist pumping the black shaft to coax the last few drops onto her tongue.

Greedy little cocksucker. I pursed my lips and shook my head, wondering who she'd been practicing on and afraid of the answer.

"My turn," she breathed, smacking her cum stained lips and grinning at Kyle. "Make me cum, too. Just don't finger me or anything."

"Why not?" he asked, stroking her thigh and then kissing it.

"Cause I don't want you to pop my cherry by accident," she replied. "Just lick me all over, okay? And you can play with my butt, if you want. I like that, too."

"You want me to kiss it?"

"Yeah," she agreed. "Lick my butthole and then finger me out back there."

"Okay, but you're going to suck my dick some more, right?"

"Of course, silly!" She giggled. "Mom's not gonna be home for hours!"

I pulled my head back, and as much as I hate to admit it, my pussy was steaming. I'd gotten hot and wet watching my two babies loving each other in the forbidden way. That's how I thought of them, too. They were my children and they'd be my babies forever, no matter how old or big they got. Jennifer had come out of my belly three days late, at 7:21pm on March 14th, almost nine months to the day after our wedding. Kyle had been born in the same delivery room, less than five hours later at 11:17pm, and my husband had been there for both of them. They were our twins, by different mothers, true, but Kylie had been single with a promising career, and more than willing to let me be the Mommy to her son.

I'd been cuckolded in the real sense of the word and everyone knew it. Heck, everyone knew they'd planned it, but I pretended otherwise and my initial reluctance had quickly given way to maternal instinct.

Suffice to say, watching two gorgeous teenagers going down on each other was enough to get me excited. I had no choice but to keep peeking, leaning around the corner to see Kyle's handsome black face wedged between Jenny's tanned butt cheeks. I could hear the boy's sloppy kisses as he worked his tongue against her tight, pink anus. I'd seen it plenty of times, because the girl wasn't shy. Sometimes I wondered if she got off on teasing me as much as she did Kyle and Robert.

Just a few days previously she'd come home from her Saturday ballet class, pulled up her skirt, pushed down her panties right there in the kitchen, and asked me to find a splinter in her butt. She said she'd been sitting on a wooden bench outside, waiting with her friends for their ride home, and was certain she'd picked up a splinter. Bent over like she was, I had no choice but to examine the girl, but it was Jenny's sex that immediately caught my eye. Her vulva resembled a plump, juicy peach between her thighs, with mere wisps of golden pubic hair teasing her tight cleft. Her lips must have been tucked inside and her clit had been a tiny nub of coral flesh.

"Do you see it, Mom?" Jen had wondered, smiling at me over her shoulder. "Look closer."

I did exactly that as I caught sight of her sweet, puckered asshole nestled deeply between Jen's amazingly round cheeks. She had a sexy butt, no doubt about that, and a tight one, but my daughter was tugging at her flesh with both hands, exposing her asshole almost deliberately, I thought. It reminded me of a pink rose, a small bud not quite ready to bloom, with the petals turned inward. She'd always been a very clean girl and even after three hours of ballet, Jenny smelled like soap and shampoo, and the bubblegum body spray she liked to wear.

"I, uh ... Don't see any splinter," I'd told her, and Jenny giggled.

"Try feeling around for it," she'd suggested. "Like, kinda rub my butt, you know? Maybe you'll feel it sticking up."

I'd already had a strong suspicion that the girl was teasing me, as she often did. Jen was always trying to prove how grown up she was and her body wasn't helping. My daughter already stood several inches taller than me, but I'm rather petite anyway, and she often teased me about being so small and not particularly attractive compared to everyone else in our family. Nobody could ever call me ugly, but they did call me Plain Jane, and for a good reason. Stroking Jenny's ass with my fingertips, feeling her skin so soft and smooth, made me feel shy and slightly ashamed of myself. I'd never had an ass like hers, not at fourteen and especially not at thirty-seven.

"Are you sure you have a splinter?" I'd wondered, feeling my face redden as my daughter wiggled his butt invitingly. My pussy had grown warm as well, moist with a guilty tingling I tried to ignore.

"Yep! I'll go ask Daddy to look," she'd decided, pulling up her panties. "Maybe you should get some glasses, Mom."

"Yeah," I remember sighing. "Maybe I should."

Now I could imagine Kyle's finger's playing around that dainty rosebud, slick with his saliva and surrendering as he wormed a finger inside. He'd brought his tongue back to Jen's pussy and they rolled over so that he lay on his back. She straddled his head with her wide-spread knees, pushing her sex against his face. I saw her head moving, bobbing up and down as she nursed on the boy's fat cock. He wasn't as large as Robert, not yet, but I had little doubt that Kyle had inherited his father's generous manhood.

I'd seen him naked before. Recently, I mean, as my son had little to be shy about in front of me. I'll admit that his openness startled me at times. If I happened to be taking a bath, for example, he wouldn't hesitate to walk into the bathroom, unzip his pants, and urinate right in front of me. Why he couldn't use any of the other three baths in our house, I never bothered to ask and he didn't offer any excuse -- Beyond the one in his hand, I should say. Five inches when soft, that would be my guess, and a very solid seven inches when hard.

That's a boy thing, I suppose, getting an erection when they need to pee. Poor Kyle would have to stand there for nearly a minute, sometimes longer than that, holding his swollen cock and waiting for his muscles to relax. I tried not stare, just as he avoided looking at me, but it wasn't easy. I'd splash the bath water for him, just to help, and sometimes he'd apologize like it was his fault.

Lately, Kyle liked to come into the bathroom and instead of peeing, he'd only stand there for a few minutes. I'd watch him out of the corner of my eye, noting how the boy held his cock in his fist and would squeeze the shaft. He'd even stroke it a little, sliding his hand back and forth a few times. When he did that, he'd glance at me as if to make sure I was watching. He wouldn't pee, however, and he couldn't quite bring himself to jerk off in front of his mother, but I knew he wanted to. I suspected that he not only wanted me to watch, but perhaps invite him closer so I could help.

Of course, I'd never do such a thing, but after he pushed his erection back into his pants, offered me a sheepish smile, and left, I liked to jill off in the bathtub. I kept my favorite dildo in a corner of the oversized tub, between the bath beads and the baby oil, and I often massaged my horny cunt while I soaked peacefully in the hot water. Most often, I liked to think about my husband, which probably sounds strange. A lot of women would go for a person or event that only exists in fantasy, but Robert was my fantasy. He was the sexiest man I'd ever met and I loved him dearly, but lately I'd been thinking more and more about our son.

I'd crook my finger and call him closer, watching that beautiful black cock of his swinging hypnotically with every step. Even at his young age, it was already as large as most full grown men possessed, and it would only get bigger as he matured. I wanted to wrap my hands around it, working his soft, dark skin over the muscle beneath. A drop of precum would appear at the tip and my son would smile and hold his breath as I leaned forward to lick it away with my tongue. I'd jerk him off, playing with his sperm filled balls and tugging at the shaft until he had no choice. Kyle would arch his back and thrust his cock at my face, jetting hot semen onto my cheeks and nose, into my open mouth.

That's as far as I dared take my fantasy, but you'll understand why I stood rooted in that spot, envious of my daughter as she suckled her brother's penis. I'd never, ever dare such a thing. Not because Kyle was my son, and technically, we were unrelated by blood, but because I was meek and insecure, a wallflower. Even after fifteen years of marriage, I had doubts about my husband. I always felt a twinge of nervous, irrational fear when I initiated our sex, as if he might reject me. And a part of me thought he should. I wasn't beautiful for him. I didn't have the looks or personality or confidence to be his wife, and yet ... The man loved me anyway.

No, I decided, Jenny wasn't anything like me. I didn't think she'd end up a slut either. She seemed to like it on top, literally and figuratively as she rode her brother's mouth.

"Oh yeah! Suck my pussy," she whispered loudly. "Make me cum all over your face! Get your nose in my butthole! You like my ass, Kyle? If I cum nice, maybe I'll let you fuck me back there."

My son made muffled noises of agreement and I had to push my hand beneath the elastic waistband of my skirt, inside my panties to find my thrumming clitoris. I'd never cheated on my husband, not once in the twenty-three years we'd been together. Through high school and college, throughout our happy marriage, I'd devoted myself to him. Of course, being naturally quiet and shy in the presence of handsome men, that hadn't been as difficult for me as it sounds. More to the point, I'd never wanted to cheat on him, but watching Robert's son worship Jenny's succulent pussy, I felt the longing between my thighs.

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