Callie the Cheerleader Has Got to Have It

by harry lime

Copyright© 2011 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Jimmy Prescott Jumpingeagle has got his eye on Calistra or "Callie" the senior cheerleader at Geronimo H.S. He uses every trick in the book to get into her pants but to no avail. Callie is the founder of the "Stay a Virgin until Marriage" club and believes her own message. A few years later at the University, Jimmy meets a changed Callie. Her attitude has done a 180 and she is in a motorized wheelchair. Jimmy, Callie and her friend Felicia get some hot threesome action together.

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The prettiest girl in our senior class was Callistra Cavanaugh. Everyone called her Callie. I don't think there was a single student, male or female, that didn't think Callie was both very nice and very hot. That sort of combination doesn't come around too often.

The seventeen year old senior cheerleader was the main reason why Geronimo High School was going to the regional cheerleading and spirit squad finals in Phoenix that year.

My name is Jimmy. My full name is James Prescott Jumpingeagle but all my friends call me Jimmy or Jimmy P. My father was Arlo Prescott. Yeah, you read about him in the papers. That same Arlo Prescott that went a little bananas outside the DoDropInn next to the rail line on the south side and sent 2 Arizona State Troopers to the happy hunting ground.

My daddy was almost full blooded Apache and he never was able to hold his drink well. My mama was a full blooded Navaho and grew up on the reservation over near Kingman. I just turned 18 and graduated that June from Geronimo H.S. at the very top of my class. I played varsity football and varsity baseball but was not good enough for any of the pro scouts that hovered around the fields of play. I was fortunate enough to get a free ride in the State University by playing the native Indian card with the State boards.

One of my special interests was to sample the sexual favors of each and every female member of the cheerleading and the spirit squads. I had been successful in my hobby with the notable exception of Miss Callistra Cavanaugh. She was real adamant with me to stress she was a charter member of the "Virgin for my Future Husband" club that she had founded in her Freshman year at Geronimo.

I did manage to get her to go to a drive-in movie with me and all I came home with was a set of shiny blue balls. We did have a lot of fun kissing and she let me cup her tits but only outside her dress not inside. When I got home that night, I grabbed my sister's friend, SueAnne from her sleep over and pounded her ass so hard in the bathroom that she had to bite on a washcloth to keep from shouting out. Me and SueAnne started doing it when she had her sweet 16 party and I turned out to be the sweet stuff she used to fill her little pussy for the very first time.

Callie's family was very religious and I respect that. I even went to church with them the Sunday after my blue ball episode. I think her mama wanted to show off her daughter's new "Indian" friend like I was some kind of special project or something. I didn't mind that at all because it gave me a chance to steal kisses from Callie and inhale her special scent that just sent me up the wall. Now that I am a few years older and have been in bed with lots of college girls with absolutely no morals at all, I can see that I was probably a little in love with Callie if for no other reason than she was keeping her pussy safe from guys like me with only one thought on their mind.

I met Callie right here in the University library only last week. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. The prettiest girl at Geronimo H.S. was a bit off kilter. Her hair was messy, her clothes were not matched or even fashion conscious, and most shocking of all she was in a motorized wheelchair. Her face did light up when she saw me and I could see the spark of the beautiful girl she had been only a few short years ago.

"Jimmy, I knew we would run into each other eventually. I just transferred in from the Community College last month and I have been meaning to call you."

"Callie, my favorite little cheerleader. I heard about the accident and my mom told me you were doing real good with therapy and all."

"I still go every day. I have a person assigned to me to make sure I don't miss any scheduled classes or physical therapy sessions. Her name is Felicia and she is super nice. I think you would like her, she is really your type."

I tried to figure out Callie's meaning. I think she was telling me her friend Felicia was open to sexual advances and I should give her a try. I tried not to be obvious about it but I scoped out her legs and they seemed to be in normal or near normal condition. I figured her therapy was going good and that she was not completely paralyzed in her lower half. I saw her squirm in the chair and it was obvious that her paralysis was not involving her bodily functions and she had some control of her hip movement.

In honesty, I have to admit even Callie in a wheelchair made me a bit hard and I wondered if she could still use her pussy. That is, assuming she had ever managed to put it into use at all. I figured she was almost 20 now and that seemed a little old to be a virgin.

We left the library together. She was completely in control and seemed to know all the ways to get around by herself without help from anybody. Her dorm was only a few buildings from mine and I made a date with her to meet at the study hall the next night to talk about old times and old friends. I wanted to bend down and kiss her but she seemed a little aloof and I guess she was nervous about being with someone that knew her from before the accident. So I just shook her hand and I noticed she trembled a little at my touch like she was vibrating inside.

The next night when I met Callie at the study hall, I noticed she had put on some make-up, her hair was done up in a real sexy-looking pony-tail, and she had dressed in a real nice looking vest and short skirt that showed me her legs were still very normal looking and they had a healthy vibrant look. She saw me looking at her legs and her face turned red as a cherry.

"I get massages every day and have to spend 30 minutes each day exercising my legs so they don't get all screwed up from non-use."

I didn't think she did it on purpose but when she leaned back to get her laptop from the table, her legs opened a bit and I could see the panty-covered camel-toe of her fully shaved pussy. We talked about the University, our time in Geronimo H.S. and some mutual friends. After a while the conversation slowed down and Callie looked at me with her beautiful blue eyes and asked me,

"Jimmy, are you still interested in putting your thing in my pussy?

I was a little taken aback. This was not the Callie I knew, or thought I knew.

"Baby, of course I am. Are you able to do it all right?"

She smiled up at me.

"I have been practicing with some oral from Felicia and my therapist massages my vagina a lot to keep my juices flowing nicely. My English teacher has rubbed his cock on my slit a few times and he shoots his stuff on my tummy, but he has not put it inside me. He told me what he does is fun and the other is sex and he is not allowed to have sex with students. Jimmy, I need it bad and I just got to have it!"

"OK, what do I do?"

They were in a secluded area of the common and shielded from view.

"Just slide my ass forward until I am at the edge of the chair."

I followed her instructions with some anticipation that made me rock hard and panting to get in her pants.

"Now pull my panties all the way off and place my heels in the little slots there at the end of the chair arms."

After I did this, I could see Callie's shaved pussy pulsating at the edge of the chair. All I had to do was grab the wheels and stick my hard cock into her pussy pie. She was sopping wet and groaned in a real nice way when I slid my 8 inches all the way inside.

"Fucking shit! Fuck my hole good. Oh, Jimmy, that feels so good. I love you inside me like that. I wanted to fuck you so bad in High School, Jimmy. You have no idea how much I wanted you to make me do it. You were too nice to me. Make me do it now, Jimmy. Make me cum for you."

I pounded her poor pussy so hard, the wheelchair started to move backwards in a little circle even with the brake on.

"Ahh, Callie. Squeeze me tight like that, Callie. It almost feels like the tightest of little ass holes. Your pussy is milking me, Callie. I can't stop it from cumming. Here it cums, Callie."

Callie's face was contorted into a grimace of pleasure and pain. She was still groaning but her panting was pronounced and she broke out into a little sweat of exertion as her tender ass cheeks slapped into the wheelchair padded seat with a wet, meaty sound of heavy-duty sex.

"Oh, Jimmy. Give it to me good, Jimmy. I feel you cumming now."

I started to spurt deep inside Callie's pretty little pink pussy. She filled up in a hurry and the little pool of creamy cum seeped out of her pussy lips and ran back into her ass crack. I would save that tender little pucker hole for another day.

We went back to our dorms, but this time Callie was holding my hand with hers and she was crying just a little bit but she told me they were tears of joy.

When I told her I always had a place for her in my heart, she told me her helper, Felicia had an apartment just off the campus grounds and we could go there to hang out. I thought that was a terrific idea and we decided to spent the entire weekend there.

"Felicia will help me get into different positions for you, Jimmy and we can do just about anything. She will expect you to take care of her once and a while. She is a beautiful girl and you will like doing it to her, I promise you."

"I only need you, Babe, but I am willing to do anything you want if it makes you feel good."

"You will see, Jimmy, the 3 of us together will be good. Felicia has a nice sling she puts me in and you both can make me feel good down there and even in my bottom if you want to go back there too."

This all sounded too good to be true to me, but I trusted Callie and looked forward to next weekend.

(To be continued in Part 2, The Weekend Threesome.)


(The Weekend Threesome)

This is the last half of the story about Callistra Cavanaugh. As I told everyone the last time, Callistra or "Callie" for short was the prettiest girl at Geronimo H.S. I tried unsuccessfully to get into her pants until I left for the University in Phoenix.

When we unexpectedly hooked up just last week, I was shocked to see Callie had let herself go a little bit and I could understand it because she was occupying a motorized wheelchair.

The good news was she was not completely paralyzed and was able to use her pussy pretty effectively. Our last little meeting in the grotto left me squeezed dry from drilling her tiny tight pussy hole. It was literally tighter than most girls pucker holes.

This weekend, Callie and her friend and physical coach Felicia invited me to join them for a weekend of fun and games at Felicia's country cottage.

When I saw Felicia coming down the walkway from Callie's dorm wheeling the pull along luggage, my breath seemed to leave my body. She was tiny, only about 5 feet tall and had this amazing body like one of those totally fit Rumanian gymnastic champions. Her eyes sparkled with laughter at something Callie said. I was too far away to hear it. Her smile hit me like a ton of bricks and I got lost in shining white teeth and a frisky tongue that danced when she talked. I started have these depraved thoughts about how her tongue played little games along the base of my cock and I pictured her sucking my balls deep into her wet and open mouth.

Callie looked at me and I knew right away that she could read my dirty thoughts. I always was an open book to Callie and I think we had been on the same wavelength from the moment we first met. Thank God she was giving me her "I am so amused at your horny attitude" look and not the "I am going to squeeze your stupid balls" look that struck fear into my heart.

After the introductions, Felicia and I got Callie comfortable in the back seat and we got the folding chair stacked into the back of my spacious SUV. I have to admit Felicia was a lot more skillful with the operation than me.

Felicia hiked her short skirt up high and sat in front in the other bucket seat. Her knees were raised up at an almost 45 degree angle and I had a perfect view of her thong clad pussy whenever she turned sideways to talk to Callie.

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