Every Five Years
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Instead of a regular marriage licence we decided to draw up our own marriage contract. It would be a legal contract, not a religous contract. If either strays, or becomes abusive, the other can opt out of the contract. Otherwise they have to stay together for the full five years. Read what happens when Blake suspects her husband is cheating on her. Then think about what you would do.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   Size  

Hello. My name is Blake Middleton, I'm now twenty nine years old. 5-4 -115pounds up five from my wedding day, Raven black hair almost to my waist. Am I a raving beauty? Not really, I always try to look my best, but so far no modeling companies have called. I'm married to Roger Middleton,38years old, five foot nine, 155pounds. Roger works as an equipment salesman, his job requires him to be gone away from home much of the time and that led to our having problems.

I work as a private secretary to the vice president, of a very large logistics company, We handle almost everything you buy in a grocery or drug store.

Roger and I, have somewhat of a unique marriage agreement that I'd like to tell you about. When we first met, we were both in our early twenties, give or take a little. We went together for six months and decided to get married. Once we decided to get married, we started making plans for our future together. We were already sharing an apartment and we were just hanging out one night, talking about our up coming marriage when I suggested, instead of the standard marriage license, we should both sign a five year contract that we would draw up ourselves and both agree to. If all goes well the first five years, we sit down together and if both agree to stay together, we sign another five year contract. In other words, we remarry every five years. We both agreed that by the end of five years, the honeymoon is pretty much over. By having to remarry, it would be like starting over again, honeymoon and all, the whole nine yards.

They say the first seven are the roughest, so we figured in five years we should know pretty much what the other is like, thus avoiding that dreaded seven year itch. Roger thought about this for awhile then said, "Honey, I think the contract should state, that we have to stay married for the five years no matter what, except in special circumstances."

"Like what special circumstances Roger," I asked. "I want to know what I'd be getting myself into before I sign a contract binding us together for five years no matter what."

We had a big laugh and Roger went on to explain. "Well, like if either of us were found to be cheating. Which ever one cheated, the other would have the option of ending the marriage or try to fix it. Or if one was to become abusive, that would also be grounds to void the contract. Things like that, but we'd have to sit down and work together and work out what we both consider special circumstances."

"Are you serious about this Roger?" "Do you really think this would be a good idea, to draw up and sign a new contract and get remarried every five year's? It sounds like after five years, you might want to opt out on me."

"No not at all Blake, it was your idea in the first place remember. I'd never given any thought to such a thing until you mentioned renewing our vows every five years, but now that I'm thinking about it, it doesn't sound like a bad idea. This is very serious and I think we should both think about this awhile before we act on it."

"Well, I was sort of joking when I first thought about it and brought it up, I do love you Roger, and I know that after just five years, I'll not feel any different towards you, unless of course you change a whole lot."

"Well I want you to know sweetheart, I love you with all my heart and I'm positive I won't want to opt out of our marriage in five years." We made love that night as if we were sealing the deal.

So, that's how I got to the point in my life that I'm in now with Roger. We had a legal contract drawn up, and both of us signed it. Agreeing that in five years, if the contract wasn't renewed and signed by both of us our marriage would be over. No divorce, everything split down the middle, thus avoiding a big legal hassle. Think of the money people would save if they had a legal contract, instead of a religious contract, that means nothing in a court of law.

The first couple of years were a little bumpy until we got to know each other better, there's always going to be rough spots in a marriage. To many people go into a marriage thinking it's going to be all fun and games. Many people don't realize how both lives are going to have to change to allow the two lives to slowly merge and blend together, in order to co exist comfortably.

A lot of things have changed since we were married, here we are about to enter our fifth and final year of our contract. We have twelve months to decide if either of us want to go our separate way. There are times when I feel like maybe we should just let it run out. Roger has been a good husband to me as far as providing for me and our sex life or love life, which ever you prefer to call it, is still alive and well. That is whenever he manages to get home for more than a day or two. If we decide to stay together another five years, I would have liked to have bought a house and started a family, but things have changed.

It was around this time that I started feeling Roger may have started cheating on me. The first time being in January of the fifth year. He'd been gone for about a week and half and when he came home, I unpacked his suitcase to get his dirty clothes and do up his laundry. That's when I smelled a perfume I'd never worn. After that little discovery I watched for signs that he may be cheating on me. I noticed there were times when he seemed nervous, unable to look me in the eye for a day or two, that coupled with the fragrance of different smelling perfumes.

After the first couple of times smelling the perfume, I noticed he didn't seem as nervous as he did the first couple of times. I figured he's either getting used to cheating on me, or he isn't cheating on me at all.

I'm not saying that in the past four years I've been miss goody two shoe's, not that I've actually done anything wrong, It's just there have been times it's been hard for me not to stray. There were a couple of times I wished I hadn't been married. Like a year ago at the company Christmas party. Roger was out of town and unable to attend. Robert Davis, My boss, was there without his wife. She had flown back east to be with her parents for the holidays.

It was getting close to midnight when he started coming on to me pretty strong. Both of us having had plenty to drink by that time. It was all I could do, not to take him up on his offer of just the two of us having our own little party. He's forty one years old, close to six foot tall, dark, salt and pepper hair and quite the ladies man, so I've heard. But until that night, he'd never made a pass at me, so I was somewhat surprised at his offer.

When he danced me under the mistletoe and tongue kissed me and asked if I'd like to join him for a little one on one party at his house, I almost gave in and accepted his offer. I told him I thought, a little one on one party with him would be fun, but thought it best we didn't do anything that might jeopardize our working relationship.

He said he understood and was wrong for even suggesting it. He said he'd drank to much and had started thinking with his other head and hadn't stopped to think about the consequences if someone were to find out and apologized.

I hugged him close as we danced saying, "I'm flattered that you invited me to join you at a private party. At least I know now, that I'm still desirable to someone besides my husband, who's never home."

He smiled pressing his hand against the small of my back. "You're a whole lot desirable Blake, don't ever think your not." After the party, I went home alone to an empty house. I fell asleep thinking about, what it might have been like to be in my bosses arms at that very moment, if only I'd accepted his invitation.

There were times when I regretted turning down his advances that night. After that night I started stopping off with the girls from work for a couple of drinks. The nights Roger wasn't going to make it home and I was going to be alone in my bed for the weekend.

After a couple of drinks and dances, guy's would buy more drinks and make offers of giving me the best night of my life. They would press there hard cocks against me as we danced and I would be almost dripping wet by the time I went home. I'd shower and crawl into bed, take my almost life like playmate, out of the nightstand and fulfill my wildest fantasies. Afterwords I would lay there thinking. If It wasn't for being married, I could be having a man fulfilling my needs, not a damn life like rubber toy.

I had no idea what Roger was thinking, as the time to either renew the contract, or end our marriage approached. I'm not even sure he was aware of it being our fifth year, or, that he even remembered our contract. It seemed like when he did get home, we were to busy talking or doing other things, than to think about our marriage contract coming due.

I thought about reminding him, but then thought, maybe I should wait and see if he remembers. If he doesn't, maybe I'll just let it lapse and then tell him were no longer married. If that were to happen and he was still interested in being with me, he'd have to court me just like any of the other men that took an interest in me. That way, I'd be free to go out with other men and not be cheating on Roger. It would be like having my cake and eating it to. That of course, would also allow Roger to do the same. For all I knew, he may have already found someone he'd rather be with. I was almost positive he'd been screwing around on me while he's on the road, but had no real proof.

CH .02 Time Is Running Out

The first night of the last month. Thirty days, until we sign the next five year contract agreeing to stay together as man and wife. I laid there wishing I hadn't agreed to sign a five year contract, instead of a standard marriage license. What if Blake and I were to have an argument over something trivial? And in a fit of anger, she decided not to sign the new contract. Or even worse, what if somehow she'd found out about the women I'd been with. Some of them had all but demanded we have sex in order to close a deal. What if she somehow knew and was waiting until it was time to sign the contract before letting me know she'd found out. That would be the end of Blake and I being married. But, there was also another way to look at this. The more I thought about it, the more I thought maybe it wasn't such a bad idea. If we truly loved each other, like we said we did, It could give us both the incentive we needed to work harder, making our marriage strong, making sure it didn't end in five years. But I also knew, if she had somehow found out, it would be to late to save our marriage.

Roger reflects on the past five years

Not long after we were married, I'd landed this great job selling equipment for a huge company. The only draw back was, I travel quite a lot, leaving Blake alone much of the time, which I know is not good for newly weds. When I told Blake about applying for the job and the amount of travel involved, she assured me she could deal with me being gone much of the time. Blake, s a very nice looking young woman. She doesn't think so, but most men think she's built like a brick out house. Plus, she loves making love, any time we get the chance and so far it hasn't diminished any since first getting married.

I'd been on the road for around four years, when I realized how many women there are that traveled in there job's. I started wondering how many of them might be willing to have a little fun away from home. It wouldn't be as if we were having an affair, after all, it would only be for a night or two at the most. Then we'd go our separate ways. It wasn't long after that, I put my thoughts into action. I'd hurry and get my paper work finished, go eat dinner and head into the hotel lounge, the most likely place to meet a woman looking for companionship while away from home.

At first I was just an observer, then I tried hitting on them, to my surprise I found most were quite willing to have a little fun away from home and hubby. The first woman I came on to, was very open to my proposition of spending the night with me. At first I thought, she's just putting me on to have someone to talk to. I soon came to realize, she had every intention of spending the night with me. I managed to slip away gracefully under the guise of waiting for an important call and then having a meeting to go to. After that night, I was a little more careful about propositioning anyone until I met Shelly. A tall, slim blonde woman, with the most awesome breasts I'd ever seen. They weren't that huge, it was the way she carried them and she had an ass that I just knew would be an awesome ride. I knew if she was open to my suggestions of having a good time, she'd be the one I'd take to my room. I was sitting alone at a small table looking at my drink, thinking about the days business, when I got the feeling someone was watching me. I looked up and she was standing there smiling down at me. As soon as I looked up and saw her, I felt the chemistry flowing between us.

When our eyes met she said, "I don't mean to impose, but the place is full and I'd like a place to sit down, are you alone, or with someone?"

"I'm alone and you're not imposing at all." as soon as she was seated I held out my hand saying, "I'm Roger Middleton,"

She smiled saying, "It's very nice meeting you Roger. I'm Shelly Ross. Are you staying here at the hotel, or are you a local?"

I'm staying here, I sell heavy equipment and had business here."May I buy you a drink Shelly?"

"Same here, this is my second day here. I'm attending a four day company seminar."

I was about to order another drink Shelly, can I get you one?"

Smiling she said, "thank you, I could use one. She told the cocktail waitress she'd have a Jaiger on ice.

I winced saying, "how can you stand to drink that nasty stuff?"

She laughed saying, "for me its kind of like men, its all in what you get used to I guess."

"Okay, but if you found out a guy was nasty, would you keep going back?"

Looking me right in the eye now she said, "well, that depends on the guy, and what kinds of nasty were talking about."

I almost choked as she picked one of her ice cubes out of her glass and sucked it before putting it in her mouth. I was glad we were sitting at a table and not at the bar, as I'd suddenly become very hard. I said, "are you married? Single? engaged?"

"I'm married, little over seven years, but right now, looking."

"Things not going so well at home Shelly?"

"Oh yes things are fine, it's just that every so often I need a change of scenery, once I get it changed, I'm good again. Sometimes for as long as three or four months. I guess it has a lot to do with who changes it."

"Let me see if I got this right. Every three or four months give or take a little, you go out, get laid and it makes your marriage better, at least for awhile?"

That's what I'm saying Roger, once I've had something different, I'm satisfied, at least for awhile. Are you married Roger?"

"Yes I am, going on four years."

"And you haven't ever felt like you needed, or had, a change of scenery?"

"Looking down now, "No, not up until tonight, I haven't met anyone I'd like to change the scenery with."

"Sucking on another ice cube after taking a drink she said, "and now?"

"I swallowed, I'd hate to think I would be stupid enough to pass up a chance to change my scenery after meeting a woman as gorgeous as you Shelly."

"Well Roger, I think you're exactly what I need to change my scenery."

Ch .03 Roger change's the scenery

She was the most awesome woman I'd ever been with in my life. She had me do things to her I'd only dreamed about doing to Blake. Four days later on the flight home I closed my eyes and thought about my night with Shelly. I hoped I'd be able to introduce Blake to some of the things I'd done with Shelly. I knew I'd have to take it real slow, like I was experimenting, so as not to raise any suspicion. I had no idea how sexy and erotic a woman's shaved vagina could be until Shelly had gotten me to lick and suck on her wet puffy lips, tasting a woman's juices for the first time.

When I got home I was very nervous and felt guilty for doing what I'd done. I worried maybe Blake would notice I was having trouble looking her in the eye. When she called out from our bedroom, "I'm washing clothes, are your dirty clothes still in your suitcase?" I almost panicked. I'd noticed the faint scent of Shelly's perfume whenever I opened my suitcase after that night. Now I wondered if Blake had noticed it. "Ah, ya honey, I haven't had time to take them out, I'll take care of it right now."

"That's okay honey, I'm getting them now"

I quickly decided if she asked, I'd tell her it must have been the shirt I was wearing when I met the wife of a company president. After making the deal they invited me out for dinner and drinks. Upon parting after dinner, she had given me a hug. But Blake never mentioned smelling anything. I knew it must have evaporated in the four days the shirt was in my luggage.

It was around three weeks later that I spent the night with another lonely wife who was out of town on business. She also needed a change of scenery. She wasn't as good in bed, or as beautiful as Shelly, but she wasn't that bad either. I found these women, were very willing and very sexy in bed. Most were very willing and enjoyed doing almost anything that was different than what they were getting at home. So hell, why not give them what there husbands weren't, his loss was my gain.

I was a little nervous when I got back home, but nothing like I'd been that first time. After that it got easier and easier. I was now up to two or three lonely wives a trip depending on how long I was gone. Apparently Blake never noticed I sometimes had trouble taking care of her needs more than once or twice a night, even though I'd been gone a week or more. At least she never complained about it, so I naturally assumed everything was alright. It was shortly after this, that the fifty year old wife of the President of a large construction company, came onto me after he was called away on an emergency.

We'd had dinner at the hotel where I was staying and after he was called away, she suggested that to make sure the deal went through, we should go to my room and go over a few things. For a fifty year old woman, she was still quite lovely, being around 5-8 with long Auburn hair with a streaking of gray. Her high taught breasts and ample ass, had gotten me to wondering as we had dinner, how she would be in bed. I couldn't help wonder if her husband, who was at least ten years older, was still able to fulfill her needs. Once in my room, I didn't have to wonder very long. She loved me doing the things Shelly had introduced me to and to my surprise, liked it a little on the rough side and enjoyed being treated like a slut. We didn't stop until we were both lying on the bed totally exhausted. She promised any time the company needed equipment I'd get the call, as long as I was willing to hold up my end of the deal. I assured her I would always, be more than willing to do whatever it took to make a deal. Smiling she said, "anything?"

"Yes my dear, anything." I said, as I leaned over, kissing her somewhat swollen pussy. I found out that night she controlled the money in the company. It had been left to her by her father and if a man was willing to do whatever to please her, she would make sure he was well taken care of.

As we laid there on the bed her cell rang, it was her husband wanting to know if she'd gone home, she said no dear, I'm going over a few last minute things with Roger, you go ahead on home, I'll be along shortly and hung up. I knew then who to deal with in the future.

Blake and I are now about to enter our fifth year of marriage. At the end of our contract, our marriage could end, or go on for another five years. I spent a lot of time thinking about that now. Do I really want to stay married to Blake? Although our sex life was still pretty vanilla, she was always willing to give me what I want and need. What if I were to chose to not sign the contract? I could end up with some fridge d bitch that might expect me to beg her, or bargain with me for her pussy. Right now as things stood, I couldn't be more satisfied than I am being married to Blake. Since she wasn't smart enough to figure out whats going on when I'm out of town, how could life be any better. I guess when the time comes, I'll sign up for another five years.

CH .04 Blake finds out lots of things

After finding Rogers clothes smelling of perfume several times, a few times, on two or three different shirts in a little over a week away from home. I knew he was cheating on me. Even though he managed to have sex with me several times during the weekend he got home, I could tell he was having trouble getting it up and it took him forever to cum. I knew this was not his norm after being gone a week or more. I'd been noticing the change in Roger for about four months and was now almost positive he was fucking women he met out on the road.

It was at this time that our annual summer company party, was to be held at my bosses home. It had been very hot lately and we'd all been told we were welcome to use the pool, so bring our swim wear. I chose to buy a new one and ended up with a bright gold two piece, that wasn't far from being a thong and a top that was having a problem holding my breasts. Once I got it home and tried it on, I loved how it looked and felt. I shaved my pubic hair to keep it from showing and hoped when Roger got back, he'd love my bald pussy. It turned out to be quite a chore since it was my first time ever shaving myself. When I'd finished I couldn't resist feeling my now, very smooth, very bald pussy and marveled at how sexy it felt. I'd always heard how most men liked a clean shaven pussy, now I understood why.

Three days before the party was to be held, Mrs Davis was called back east on a family emergency, her mother had become deathly ill. Robert called me into his office and asked if I would mind helping him host the party, since his wife wouldn't be there to assist him and it was to late to find a caterer. Of course I agreed to help him.

The party went very well, everyone seemed to have a great time. A few got pretty tipsy, but then that's to be expected. Robert came to me that evening after the party and asked if I would mind staying and helping him clean up the things that might blow over to the neighbor's, if the wind should come up. I told him it would be no problem at all, since Roger wasn't coming home until Wednesday of next week and I was really in no rush to get home to an empty house.

Everyone had left and I was busy picking up plastic ware from around the pool and patio area when Robert came up behind me, putting his arms around me and hugging me against him kissing my neck saying. "My god Blake, I've wanted to do this since you got here this morning. I felt the tie string of my bikini top being pulled and knew I should stop him, but I didn't. I was tired of being alone and lonely, while Roger was sleeping around every chance he got. I wanted to be with Robert tonight.

After he'd loosened the string completely, he turned me around to face him and slipped the halter off my heaving breasts. His fingers rolled and tormented my swollen hard nipples until I moaned and ground myself against his hard cock. My nipples were the size of small strawberries when he wrapped me in his arms kissing me, a long, deep, sensual kiss. His tongue flirted with my lips until he had my lips chasing his tongue wanting more, then filled my mouth with his tongue. After rolling and twisting our tongues together, he began to slide his tongue slowly in and out, tongue fucking my mouth. I'd never had anyone kiss me like that. I pressed myself tight against Roberts swollen bulge. Loving how big and hard he felt against my suddenly, very wet pussy.

I felt his large hard manliness pressing against my swollen wet vagina and I knew what I wanted. I couldn't wait for Robert to fill me with his hard cock. He inched my bottom down over my hips, as I rubbed his cock through his swim trunks. God it felt hard and very large. Had the office stories I'd heard about Robert been true? I didn't know but I was about to find out. I could hardly wait to feel Roberts big cock in my pussy. The only cock I'd had in over five years was Rogers. Now I had Roberts big thick cock throbbing in my hand, trying to get out of his swim trunks and into my steaming hot pussy.

As soon as Robert had my bottom off he grabbed a pad off one of the loungers and threw it down in front of us, then kneeling down in front of me, put his hands on my butt pulling me closer to him. His tongue sent shock waves through my entire body as I felt his tongue on my clit. I almost screamed out loud as he licked and kissed my shaved pussy. His tongue sliding over my swollen clit causing me to grasp the back of his head, pulling his mouth tighter against my pussy. I couldn't stifle the scream it caused. I moaned and whimpered as I had my first orgasm of the night, my first oral orgasm ever. He kept his tongue on me and in me until I was whimpering, begging him to fuck me. Laying me on my back he moved between my legs, lifted them, telling me to let them bend, as I did, he hooked his arms behind my knees, then moved foreword until my knees were touching my breasts. I felt him rubbing the huge flared cock head along my swollen pussy lips. I gasped As he began to push his long thick cock into me. Inch after inch, it stretched and slid into my cunt until I wondered if I'd be able to take all of it. It was the most wonderful feeling I'd ever felt in my life. I'd found out some of the office stories were true, and couldn't wait to find out if they were all true.

I tried not to cry out but couldn't keep from it. His thick hard cock felt so good filling me, stretching me to his size. At first it hurt and I thought about stopping him, but I wanted to feel all of his cock. When I knew he had all of his huge cock inside me, I begged him to fuck me.

We had the best sex I'd ever had in my life that night and again the next morning. After we fucked the second time on the mat, alongside the pool, we took it inside. I spent the night in Roberts arms being fucked by his big thick cock. I couldn't remember ever having so many orgasms as I had that night. Try as I might, or remember anything feeling that good. I knew this would not be my last time with Robert. If Roger felt it was alright for him to get all the pussy he could get, then I felt I had a right to get all the cock I could find and I'd just found all the cock I needed.

I've been with Robert at least once a week sometimes more, ever since that night. I would've thought maybe Roger would have noticed by now, that I'm not quite as tight as I used to be. I could tell a difference when Roger slid his cock into me the last few times, it didn't feel as tight as it had before Robert and I started having sex on a regular basis.

I'd been having sex almost every Friday after work with Robert for around four months. But this weekend he was out of town on business. So I stopped with the girls from the office for a girls night out. Roger would be in sometime the next day, I told him I was going to be out with the girls from the office and he said he'd call me in the morning before he left, to let me know what time he would be getting home. I said to call me on my cell, that I might be staying with one of the girls if I drank to much, he laughed, saying he'd call me as soon as he knew when he'd be leaving. As I was hanging up, I could have sworn I heard someone gasp, was Roger staying over to be with some slut he'd picked up?

At the bar that night I sat there talking and drinking to much. It seemed like we had just gotten there when the band started playing and people started dancing. Before long, men were coming over asking us to dance and buying us drinks. It was around eleven or so and I'd danced with five or six different guys, all wanting to take me to bed and show me the best time of my life. By this time they were starting to wear down my resistance, when this very upbeat, nice looking black guy asked me to dance. He was around six foot tall. With a smooth shaved head, wearing a white polo shirt with black pants, a small gold chain around his neck and quite a large diamond ring on his pinky finger.

When we got to the dance floor and I moved into his arms, I could feel the strength of his muscular body. We talked while we danced, telling me his name was Alan. I told him my name was Blake. He smiled saying. "Blake, is a very sexy name, I knew a girl back in high school named Blake, Blake Benson, I think her name was. When I heard him say that I felt my knees get weak and almost buckle,

"My god Alan, is your name Alan Franklin?"

He looked at me stunned, "yes it is. For gods sake are you Blake Benson?"

I nodded yes, almost unable to speak, yes it is. By the end of the third dance I invited him to sit with us. We sat and talked about old times as kids and I could feel myself being drawn to this black man that I had known in high school. I had never felt an urge to be him or any of the black kids back then. But I was feeling something quite different now.

We talked about being in high school and how after graduating, I'd went off to collage and he'd went into the service and how we'd both lost track of many of the kids we'd known back then. After the service he went to collage, earned a degree in business and was currently a district sales manager of a large parts supply company.

"Well Alan, I'm glad you got to go to collage, you seem to be doing okay for yourself. I'm a private secretary to the vice president of a very large logistics company. I've worked there going on four years now, he's a great boss, takes real good care of me. I'm married, no kids, my husband is an equipment salesman, he's out of town again, last time I talked with him he said he'd try to get home some time tomorrow, that's why I'm out with the office girl's tonight."

"I'm certainly glad I ran across you Blake. I never would have thought it was you. Damn girl, you've filled out to be a lovely young woman since we were in high school and in all the right places to. If I remember right, you weren't one of the chosen few that all the jocks lusted after. I bet they kick themselves now when they see you."

I felt myself blush, "well Alan, if I remember right you were a bit on the lanky side yourself, but look at you now, all tall dark and handsome, filled out with muscles everywhere, shaved smooth head and looking good,"

Smiling he said, "you like my head like this?"

"Yes I like it shaved nice and smooth. He didn't know it but I was thinking about more than his head being shaved nice and smooth and wondered if he would like my shaved pussy."

"My wife said she didn't like it, said it made me look to available to all the women," laughing he said, "I told her, hell, if I'd known that I'd have shaved it off a long time ago."

About that time Dee, one of my co-workers, asked me to go with her to the ladies room. I excused myself and told Alan not to go away, that I'd be right back, he said he'd be right there waiting for me. Have you ever wondered what women do when they ask another woman to go with them to the ladies room? Well, your about to find out. When we got to the bathroom and we were alone, Dee said, "are you going to go with that guy you've been talking to out there?"

"Who, which one?" I asked, slurring my words now from to many drinks.

"The black guy your talking to, who else?" she said drunkenly.

"No of course not, he's an old friend from back in my high school days. I happened to meet him tonight quite by accident, after all these years. I went on to tell her how Alan and I had discovered we'd been school friends a long time ago. Then added, "he's a nice guy. He's only in town for a couple of days on business, plus he said he was married, why do you ask?"

Dee said, "if your not going to go with him I want to, god I think he's hot."

"Are you kidding me?" would you really go with him if he asked you to?"

"Maybe, If I didn't I have to get home to hubby tonight. I wouldn't mind trying a black guy sometime, have you ever had a Black guy Blake?"

"Hell no," I said giggling, But I do know what you're talking about, he is pretty hot, now that you mention it. Maybe I should give it a try since Roger won't be home until tomorrow sometime, the thing is Dee, he hasn't even made a pass at me, maybe I'm not his type."

When we left the ladies room we were both laughing going back to our table. Just before getting to the table she said, "hell if my old man wasn't going to be back until tomorrow, I'd have him in my bed and in me all night long."

I said giggling, "should I tell him you'd like to be with him tonight but your hubby is home, but maybe the next time he's in town, to call you."

"Hell yes, tell him to call you and tell you where he is and I'll meet him, if my old man isn't home."

I looked at her smiling, "you're serious aren't you?" She looked at me and smiled.

When I got back to the table I couldn't help thinking about what Dee had said about having him in her bed and in her all night, if her hubby was going to be gone until tomorrow.

He looked at me smiling, then said, "Whats so funny, I hope not me?"

"Oh no, it's something Dee told me to do."

"Oh and am I allowed to ask you what it was?"

She wanted to know if I was hooking up with you tonight and if I wasn't, she would like to, but her old man is home, but said if you're interested, to give her a call next time your in town."

"Well that's cool and all, but I don't have her number."

"She said you could call me and I could tell her." as we sat there talking I felt his hand on my thigh under the table, I was going to move it away but decided to let him think he was going to get me in his bed tonight, besides it felt nice on my thigh.

"But I don't have your number either."

"You will have before you leave here tonight. I want you to stay in touch."

"Is that what you want Blake? to tell her, I'm in town, or would you, rather know I'm in town." His fingers tightening then releasing on my inner thigh. It didn't take long before his hand was having a very positive affect on me.

"Alan, to be perfectly honest right now I'm not sure what I want." "Right now I think we better dance." The longer we talked and the more his fingers played on my thigh, the more I thought about what Dee had said. I knew we'd better dance, or I'd be spending the night with him.

He took me in his arms and pulled me tight against him making sure I felt every bit of him there was to feel. I felt my breath become short and erratic as he rubbed himself against my wanting body.

By the end of the third dance he had kissed my neck and licked the kiss off with his tongue, then nibbled and licked my ear until I felt myself become very wet. In fact, awfully close to an orgasm, he felt me shiver as a wave of lust went through my body, smiling he said, "are you ready to be with me tonight Blake."

I nodded my head yes, then kissed his neck, saying, "I have to leave first and meet you someplace, I can't have it getting around the office that I'm out running around on my husband." The real reason of course was I didn't want it getting back to Robert, that I was sleeping around on him with a black man.

He said, "I understand, I'll wait for fifteen, twenty minutes, before leaving the bar, I'll meet you at the Holiday Express about a mile or so down the street, I've had a room there for the past couple of nights."

"So you've been in town for three nights, to bad we didn't meet the first night instead of the last."

"Damn Blake, If I'd known you were living here, I sure would have contacted you. We could have really gotten to know each other in that length of time. I'll be sure to let you know when I'm going to be in town from now on."

I was sitting in my car in the hotel parking lot, thinking about what I was about to do. I was right on the verge of leaving when I saw him pull in. I knew it was to late to leave then. I waited until he'd passed by then pulled in behind him and followed him around to the back side of the hotel where we went in through the back entrance.

Once in the Hotel room we started kissing and undressing each other, Robert had me suck his cock a couple of times but he didn't really seem to enjoy the way I sucked cock. I guess I couldn't blame him, I hadn't done it that much.

But Alan was different, he couldn't wait to get me on my knees and stuff my mouth full of the biggest cock I'd ever seen. I was just as anxious to find out what a black cock tasted like, even though I couldn't get much more than the huge head in my mouth. He had that long black cock in my mouth for I don't know how long, teaching me the proper techniques of how to suck cock. Once I got the hang of what he wanted me to do and how to do it, he was soon grabbing my head pushing it back and forth, mouth fucking as his big black cock was spurting his cum into my mouth and down and my throat. I'd never had a man cum while I was sucking his cock, until his black monster erupted in my mouth and on my face, there was to much, to fast, for me to be able to swallow it all. As I gagged and swallowed as much as I could, I found it wasn't as bad tasting as I'd always thought it would be.

He kept me sucking until his cock was hard again. then putting me on the bed and propping my head up on a couple of pillows, lifted my legs onto his shoulders and I watched as he began pushing that long, thick, black demon inch by inch into my pussy, I watched it disappearing into my bald white pussy, until I thought I'd pass out it felt so good. Just when I thought he was never going to be able to get it all in, it hit bottom. I was unable to stifle the sudden pain soon to be replaced by pleasure unknown to me. I'd never felt anything quite like it, but then, I'd never had a cock anything like Alan was now fucking me with either. I now knew what being full of cock felt like and didn't want it to ever end. I wanted nothing more than to be fucked by Alan's big black cock.

When he'd finally gotten all of that cock in me, we laid there kissing, letting it soak in my pussy until I'd stretched to fit his size. Smiling he said, "you know Blake, not many women have the opportunity or are able to take over ten inches of thick cock, but you're one of the lucky few. Now show me how much you love my big black dick, make love to it baby, fuck it good, show me how much your married white pussy loves my black dick. He began thrusting slowly in and out, long deep thrusts, driving his big cock all the way to the bottom of my cunt as my fingers clutched the bed sheet as my pussy made love to his big cock, I wanted to show him just how much I did love his huge cock stretching and fucking me. It took all of about three minutes until my first orgasm racked my body. I lost track after that and concentrated on being fucked, and fucking that big black cock.

Alan had finally had enough after cumming in me three or four times. I had no idea how many orgasms Id had by this time. In fact, I wasn't quite sure of anything, between the liquor I'd drank, and the fucking he'd just given me, I'd all but passed out. We laid down and slept, with Alan holding me in his arms. In the morning I woke him by sucking on that big black snake until it was spurting jets of sperm into my throat. I kept sucking until he was hard enough to fill my pussy again. I crawled on top of him taking him deeper and deeper until I had almost every inch of his thick cock inside me, I began rocking slowly back and forth until I felt him growing inside me, he grabbed my butt cheeks lifting me up holding me there and started slamming his cock up into me until I felt it jerking and spurting inside me, mixing with my juices as another orgasm sent ripples of pleasure through my body. We fucked that morning until we barely had enough time to shower and get out of the room before they charged him for another day.

He gave me a number to call if I ever wanted to get in touch with him. Smiling I said, "I'd love getting together again and talking over more old times with you any time you're in town." Then handed him a slip of paper with my cell number on it, call me next time you're going to be in town. As we parted kissing at the door I said, "Alan loved every inch of you.

"Well Blake I had a great time "talking" about old times. I also want to thank you for everything, it was great and I already had a pretty good idea how much you loved every inch of it. Give me a call anytime, if I'm in the area, I'll let you know so we can get together again.

"I just might do that Alan, you were great, I don't remember ever having a better time than last night and again this morning."

Smiling as he lowered his shades, "You were pretty damn fine yourself lady. It's to bad we never got together back in high school, think of all the great times we missed. I'll call next time I'm in town, I can to do this again." He turned and walked away.

As I drove home I thought about my night with Alan. God he was like a wild stallion in bed, his muscular body on top of mine, then me on top, riding him backwards and forewords until we'd both cum until neither of us could go anymore. I had his cock in me every way I thought possible and had loved them all, even when he took me anally. Robert had been my first there, but he didn't take me and make me feel like Alan had, Alan, had been special.

As I was walking in the door Roger called, telling me he was just about to board the plane and would be home in about four hours. That gave me Plenty of time to do a load of laundry and get cleaned up from last night and lay down, I needed to get some rest after last night and this morning. Alan had given me a well needed fucking and now I was tired. I was a little sore and stiff when I woke up to the phone ringing, it was Roger telling me he was at the airport and needed a ride home.

Roger Returns

Blake seemed a little quiet on the ride from the airport home and I wondered if somehow she knew I'd spent the night with a twenty three year old woman I'd met in the hotel lounge. She and her husband had an argument and he'd kicked her out and she was taking a plane back home to her parents for awhile. After a few drinks and dances I'd talked her into to staying the night with me. She wasn't all that good looking but that girl sure knew how to fuck. I'm not sure we done it sixty nine different ways, but we done it at least half that many and she'd cum at least that many times. I have never seen a woman have that many orgasms in one night and willing to go again first thing in the morning.

It had been a very busy week, staying only a day or so at each stop. Buying and selling equipment. I really didn't have the time to spend hunting pussy in the hotel lounges like I usually had, so consequently, she was the only one I'd been with all week and I had a lot of juice saved up. She was more than willing to take it, either by sucking or fucking, to her it didn't really matter as long as she got it. she said she just loved cock and a lot of it. The only regret she said she had was her husband wouldn't be there to great her with her pussy and belly full of another mans cum. I wondered if Blake would feel that way if I ever made her mad enough to go get fucked by some guy all night, god I hoped not.

I hadn't been thinking about having to take care of Blake when I got home, as I was cumming in this young woman for my fifth time, three times last night and twice this morning before I had to get up and get to the airport. I could only hope Blake would let me slide until tonight before wanting my cock in her. Maybe she would be satisfied with me eating her pussy instead.

I couldn't believe how hot I had gotten when I found out she'd shaved her pussy so the hair didn't show when she wore her new bikini swim suit, at least that's the reason she told me she'd shaved it. Maybe the real reason for shaving it was for some guy who didn't like eating a hairy pussy. I didn't really like it hairy, but I'd never told her I didn't like eating a hair pie. I didn't want to take the chance she might not let me eat her anymore.

Whatever the reason, she seemed like she enjoyed it a lot more than she used to, When we got home from the airport she couldn't wait to get me undressed and had me eat her pussy until she said it was getting sore I couldn't believe how she had missed me this trip, her pussy was so wet her juice's were seeping out of her pussy. I almost said something about her being so wet, but then thought how lucky I was she wanted me to eat her, rather than fuck her.

All the time I was eating her sloppy pussy my cock never got above semi hard. She seemed a little different this time for some reason, but I guess after almost two weeks with out any fucking, it would taste a little different. Later that night I was able to get it up and when I fucked her not only had it tasted different that afternoon but it seemed to feel different, I guessed from all that juice she had saved up.

We were half way through our fifth year of or marriage contract and I still hadn't decided if I wanted to sign up for another five years or not. I'd started thinking if I was going to be having sex with all these different women, why be married at all, that way I wouldn't have to be afraid of being caught cheating. But why am I afraid of being caught cheating, if I don't really care if I'm married or not.

On the other hand Blake has been a good loving wife to me. She works a steady job, helping me out to get ahead enough to be able buy a house. Shes very good in the sex department, always willing to give me all the pussy I want, and keeps getting better all the time. She seems to be enjoying it a lot more now than she used to.

She's never been a big spender, in fact, is even more of a saver than I am. So what would I gain by not signing up for another five years? Nothing really, so maybe I should stop messing around on her, at least until after we renew the contract. After that, I'm pretty sure I could talk Blake out of leaving me if she should somehow find out I'm fucking around on her.

I've got about six more months to think about weather I want to do this again or not. The real question here is, do I still love my wife? I'm sure I do. I can't think of anyone I would rather be with when I'm not on the road. She's always telling me how much she loves and misses me when I'm on the road. She put's her arms around me hugging and kissing me for no reason, other than to show her affection for me. I love her touching me and I love touching her, so yes I'd have to say I still loved her as much as I ever had. The women I sleep with on the road mean nothing to me, there just a port in the storm of life. So I guess I'll play it by ear for a few more months. Then with only a week or two left before the deadline, I'll sign it, and give it to Blake so she can sign. Ya that sounds like a plan, but we'll just have to wait and see what happens for sure between now and then.

Over the next four months I tried my best not to pick up women when I was out of town. It was hard to do and I did slip and few times. Blake did her best to keep me satisfied when I was home but if for some reason or other she wasn't able to, like when it was her time of the month, even then she would give me blow jobs, which she was starting to do more often and was getting to be very good at giving, whats the old adage? practice makes perfect? In her case it was holding true. It was these times of not being able to fuck Blake before I left home, that I took women to my room for a night of sex. To me there's nothing quite like having my cock in a strange pussy for a night.

The End Of The Fifth Year

Well here it is time to sit down With Roger and see if we want our marriage to go on for another five years or not. In the last few months Robert and I have cooled our affair. I heard through the grapevine he'd started seeing some twenty one year old newly wed in accounts receivable and since he only calls wanting to see me every couple of weeks or so, it's probably true.

I still see Alan whenever he comes to town, which is about once a month. A couple of times I wasn't unable to be with him because Roger was home. He asked if I minded if he and Dee got together being I wasn't going to be able to. It kind of hurt me knowing he was with her, but after all, I was married and if he wanted to have sex with someone else, who was I to get all mad. The mornings after I knew she'd been with him, I noticed she walked a little stiff, like she might be a little sore, I just looked at her and smiled, I knew exactly where she was coming from, I'd been there and done that several times. It was a couple of months after their first get together she came to me telling me she was pregnant and was worried about the baby being, then abruptly stopped what she was about to say. I was sure she was about to say something about the baby maybe being black, but had suddenly thought better of it

I'm sitting here at the kitchen table with a copy of our marriage contract lying here in front me, waiting for Roger to get his copy out of the safe in the home office. He kissed me on top of the head and said he loved me as he walked by to sit on the opposite side of the table. He opened the large manila envelope and slid the papers out. I watched him carefully as he read it then signed it for another five years then passed it over to me.

As he sat reading his copy of the new contract, I looked at it and said, "Roger, I'm not going to sign up for another five years."

His head jerked up, a shocked look on his face, "what did you say Blake? "What do you mean you're not going to sign? That will mean our marriage has ended.

"I know that Roger, I feel the marriage we've had this five years is a farce, a sham, a joke at best."

"My god Blake! what makes you feel like that? Haven't you been happy being married to me? or is there someone else?"

"Well Roger, lets just say I know there have been some, someone else, s, okay. I'm willing to forget about this first five years on one condition."

"Anything Blake, I love you and will do anything you want. I don't understand what you mean when you say there have been some others."

"I'm afraid if we go into all of that, our marriage will be over for good. If we leave it closed and try to go on from here, we may be able to get over whats been going on in our marriage by both of us." His head jerked up looking across the table now. "Yes that's right Roger, both of us. Think about that Roger. Being you started it. I've decided to take leave from our marriage, at least for awhile. I want to see if things get better. If not, then It's best if we go our separate ways."

"Please Blake. I'll do anything to try and save our marriage, I love you Blake, I always have and always will."

"You better wait to hear what my condition is before you agree. Roger I know you 've slept with several different women in the last year and a half. How many, I have no idea, all I know is there have been quite a few." He started to speak and I held up my hand. "After I figured out what you were doing, I started seeing other men, not as many men as you've had women, but a few, but the amount doesn't make any difference, one was grounds to opt out of the contract, but I stayed, thinking you might stop, but you didn't.

So here's my condition, Since it was you who started the cheating, it's only fair I name the conditions, I'm going to start dating men openly, just like I did when we first met. If you're still interested in being married to me, you can date me just like the other guys. Maybe after dating for a year or so, we'll both have figured out who we want to be with for the rest of our lives. Or who knows, maybe one or both of us will have have found someone else. Are you willing to go along with my conditions?"

Roger sat there tears running down his cheeks, I now had tears in my eyes. "I love you Blake with all my heart, I have loved you since the day we met and I will always love you. I don't know why I started doing what I did, but if you start dating other men, it will kill me Blake. I love you to much to know I'm sharing you with other men."

"I wish you'd have thought about your love for me when you got the urge to take those other women to bed, we'd both be signing this contract. Now were going to have to wait another year to see if things have changed before signing another five year contract."

"I'll do anything Blake, just give me another chance. I'll get a different job, one where I'm home every night with you. I'll go to counseling, we both will, we'll make it right Blake, you'll see."

"I think we should try my way first, if we start dating on a regular basis and we both agree we should try it again, we'll both go to counseling. I'll meet you that far."

"Blake I'm not denying that I did what you said I did. You said you knew I did it, how did you find out?"

"I didn't for sure Roger, not until just now, but I was pretty sure when it started, just by subtle little changes." I wasn't about to tell him it was the smell of the different perfumes on his shirts, just in case we got back together again. I wanted him to make the same mistakes he'd made this time. That is if he were to start cheating again.

"Do I know any of the men you've been with?"

"No Roger, you don't have to worry, none of our friends were men I've been with."

"Have you been with any of them more than once?"

"Yes I have, two of them, how many times doesn't really matter. If you're worried about me falling in love with them, I didn't. I used them for the same reason you used those women. I was here alone thinking about you in bed. Sharing what was mine with another woman, being satisfied by someone else until you got back home to me and sometimes not being able to satisfy me, because you were so fucked out, you'd eat me instead."

"Didn't you realize that I knew there was something going on when you couldn't get a hard on for several hours after getting home, after being gone a week or more?" I also needed to be satisfied Roger, at the very least when you got back home. But when you failed to do that, I knew you were fucking around on me. I decided if it was good for you, it would be just as good for me." "I found men who were more than willing to take your place in my bed. I will say this Roger, I've never had another man in our home. I would never do that to you no matter how bad you hurt me and I won't do it now, at least not until we decide our marriage is over for good. So there you have it Roger, decide what you want to do and let me know. If you do decide you'd like to date me, don't wait to long and Roger, there will be times I'll be going out with other men and I want you to date other women as well, how else will we find out for sure if we truly love each other. My way is much better than sneaking around deceiving each other."

I stood up leaned over the table putting my hand on his cheek, kissing his tears then his lips. I do hope we make it Roger. I do still love only you.

That Ends The First Five Years

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