A Life Unknown

by Crisscross

Copyright© 2011 by Crisscross

Sex Story: She was unawhere of what was taking place in her body and soon gave in willingly to her hidden desires that went steadly from bad to worse. She just couldn't seem to get enough, until she went to Chicago.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Rape   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Rough   Light Bond   Sadistic   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Size   .

My name is Wendy Barnes and I have a story to tell. I'm going to tell you how I went from being a married working wife to a guru of what some say is taboo sex. My shrink is telling me it's because I was just beginning my sexual prime of life when the first incident occurred. I was unaware of the changes my body was beginning to go through when I gave in to my urges. After I'd given in the first time, I was unable to stop myself.

I took these new feelings as being somehow normal and since my husband and I had never done any of these things in our eleven years of marriage I found them to be very exciting and gave me the most intense orgasms I'd ever had. I never gave a thought to the fact, I was having them with men, other than my husband. After all, he would never know, so no harm would ever be done

I was forty three years old when all of this craziness began. It began so slowly that I didn't even realize it was happening. We had been married sixteen years when this part of my life began. I sell custom interior designs and products to home and commercial building contractors I had a job which required me to travel quite frequently. If my trips are three hundred miles or less I go by car, any farther than that, I'm required to fly. I'm forty six years old now, five foot eight, 130pds 34b 25w 35h long, mid shoulder length straight blond hair, blue eyes. My husband Larry, is fifty two, around 5-10, 200 pounds.

It was while I was on one of these trips by car, that I first encountered the dark inner desires that, lurked inside me. When I entered the Motel office where I had made reservations to stay the first evening, there was a man just signing in. He looked to be in his mid thirties, maybe a little older, around 6-2 225pounds, brown eyes, and a pleasant smile, dressed in Levi's, a western type shirt with snaps in place of buttons and western boots. Almost shoulder length black hair, that gave him a look of ruggedness.

We were both standing at the check in counter when the clerk came in. looking at us she said, "are you together?" Before I could answer he replied, "not yet."

I Immediately, felt my face become flushed and knew I was blushing, when I looked at him he was smiling. I said, "no, were not together, I'm Wendy Barnes, I have a reservation.

Looking in her reservations she said, "oh yes, here it is, for one night. your in room 130 that's around back on the ground floor, handing me my key she said, if you need ice, it's just inside the back door to the main motel."

I thanked her and was leaving when the guy said, I wonder if I could talk Wendy Barnes into having dinner with me after we both get settled in.

I said, "thank you for the offer, but."

"But nothing, I know you don't like eating alone any better than I do, so why don't you meet me in the restaurant, say around six, that gives us an hour to freshen, up what do you say?"

I smiled, "well, okay since you put it that way, I guess it will be okay, I just don't want to give you any wrong idea's."

Holding up his hands in defense. "No Wrong idea, s taken Wendy Barnes. Smiling he said, by the way, my name is Jack Donaldson, shaking hands he said, "the pleasure is all mine I'm sure." Again I felt my face become warm and knew I was blushing like a young school girl. I couldn't understand why he was having this affect on me, I meet many people in my job travels and none have made me feel this way.

I left the office and drove around to the back of the motel, parked and opened the door to my room and started carrying in my clothes bag and make up kit. I was making my last trip, when a car drove up and Jack got out saying, "what a coincidence, were neighbors. I'm in room 134"

I couldn't help but smile, I was pretty sure he had probably asked for a room close to mine.

I left my room about ten til six and started through the hall leading to the restaurant and lounge. just as I reached the entrance to the restaurant, I felt a hand on my back and someone say, "your a hard lady to catch."

I turned smiling and said, "Hello, I thought I'd get here a little early, if I'd known you were ready to come to dinner, I would have knocked on your door."

Smiling he said, "and I would have had to let you in, being were neighbors and all, its a tradition where I come from."

"Oh! where is it, you come from?"

"Montana, have you ever been there."

"No, I've never been to Montana."

"To bad, your missing something great, you'll have to come visit us first chance you get." During dinner we made small talk and after dinner Jack said, "what do you say we have an after dinner drink?"

"I don't think so, I rarely drink anything that has alcohol in it."

"Then allow me to order you something good to sip on, while we get to know each other." We left the the restaurant and went into the lounge. I'm not sure what it was he ordered me, it tasted like chocolate with half and half in it and was quite good.

We sat talking and after he ordered the third drink I said that is going to be plenty for me. As good as it tasted, I could feel myself becoming somewhat lightheaded. After drinking the third drink, I thanked him for dinner and drinks told him I hated to leave him there, but I was ready to go back to my room.

"Oh no problem," he said, "I'm not staying any longer myself, I have a long drive ahead of me tomorrow.

He walked me back to my room where we stopped and I turned to thank him and found myself in his arms. He stopped for a second, then leaned in and kissed me. For a second I resisted, then returned his kiss. When we broke from the kiss, my body was trembling as I said, "I better go in now."

Holding me against him he said, "Wendy you want it as bad as I do and you know it. I saw the look in your eyes when the clerk asked if we were together and I said not yet. Weather you know it or not, your eyes said not yet but later we will be."

"You're wrong Jack, I've never been with anyone but my husband."

"Maybe not, but don't try to tell me you've never thought about it, or never wanted it to happen." Before I could say anything, his mouth covered mine and his tongue filled my mouth and slowly began slipping in and out of my mouth, feeling almost the way my husbands cock felt when I sucked him off.

As my lips sucked on his tongue, I moaned, "oh god Jack you are so right, I do want it to happen." Between the drinks and the kiss my head was spinning and I couldn't wait to get inside. My body was hungry for this stranger, I couldn't believe my feelings and what my body was telling me it wanted. Or was it telling me what it needed.

As soon as the door was closed he was kissing me, his big hand slipped inside my blouse and was squeezing my breast so hard it hurt, but at the same time felt good. He pinched my nipple until I cried out, he smiled and said, "you like that don't you Wendy?"

I nodded yes. "I knew you would, your a woman who needs a strong man to hold and guide you, teach you to obey him, you'll feel comfortable with him no matter who he is, as long as he's strong enough to dominate you.

I couldn't figure out what he was talking about until he finished pulling my blouse and bra off and took me in his arms. Placing his left hand behind me running his fingers through my hair, then twisting it so hard I almost cried. Pulling my head back as far as it would go, he started biting my breasts. The pain I felt was like nothing I'd ever felt, each bite sent tiny shock like feelings between my thighs. I thought my god I'm going to have an orgasm before he even gets me undressed. His right hand unsnapped my skirt and pulled the zipper down. Then, without taking his left hand from behind my head, he pushed both my skirt and panties down over my hips. He finished unbuttoning my blouse, unclasped my bra and slid them off my shoulders. I stood there naked except for my shoes and stockings while he was kissing and biting me all over my upper body. He stopped and said, "Wendy, undress me, when your through undressing me, ask me what I want next.

I stood there naked in front of this stranger doing whatever I was told to do. When I had his jeans below his knees he laid back on the bed and told me to pull his boots off. That done I finished taking his pants off. Now take my shorts off Wendy.

I stood there for a second not moving. "Do it Wendy," Putting my thumbs under the waist band I slid them down over his hips, his cock sprung out from under his shorts and was sticking straight out at me. I saw it throbbing and couldn't take my eyes from it, he laid there watching me stare at his throbbing hard cock then said, "what are you supposed to do next Wendy?"

"What do you want me to do now Jack?"

"You need to suck my cock Wendy."

"I'm sorry Jack, I've never done that to anyone."

"You mean you have never sucked a mans dick?" I shook my head no. "Well Wendy you have the lips for it, so you might as well learn how to give the utmost pleasure to whoever your a slave to. I'll teach you to suck cock like the slut you are." That night I would get my first of many lesson's on how to suck a mans cock. I sucked his cock while he gave me instructions, for what seemed like hours. I had no idea what was about to happen until it was to late. His cock began jerking and soon shot a huge amount cum in my mouth. I gagged and swallowed his cum as he held my head down and told me not to spit it out. I found it didn't really taste as bad as I'd always thought it would, so that was some consolation. When he'd finished cumming he told me to keep sucking, it wasn't long until his cock was hard and throbbing in my mouth. Pulling me up by my hair he laid me on my back, lifted my legs and slowly pushed his long thick cock all the way to the bottom of my cunt.

My husbands cock was nowhere near the size of Jacks so it took a few minutes for it to become comfortable. When I began thrusting my hips up to meet his thrusts he began ramming his cock into me deeper and faster than I thought possible. I began crying and laughing at the same time, it was like nothing I'd felt in my life. my head was lolling back and forth on the bed, as my arms held him against me, crushing my breasts, digging my nails into his back as orgasm after orgasm exploded through my body

I couldn't believe how long he lasted, it seemed like he had his cock in me for hours. I lost track of how many orgasms I'd had and felt totally used up and full of cum by the time he left me and went to his room.

After Jack left, I laid there for what seemed like hours, thinking about what we'd done. How Jack had gotten me to do all those things with him. Things I'd never done with anyone else. I laid there in the dark thinking how rough he'd been and felt myself becoming wet again. I knew I liked the way he'd treated me by the effect it was having on me. Although I'd just gotten fucked for over three hours by the largest cock I'd ever had, I should have persuaded Jack to stay all night, I could have that big thick cock in me at this moment. I wanted more, a lot more.

When I got out of the shower in the morning I stopped in front of the mirror and saw the bite marks he'd left on my breasts. My nipples were red and raw from him biting and pulling on them. I ran my fingers over the marks and felt a warmth in my thighs, the likes of which I'd never felt before. Last night he'd brought out feelings I'd never felt before. Now I found just thinking about them excited me. Although he had treated me rough, somewhat painful at times, I liked it, sex with him had been very exciting and fulfilling. I wondered if I would ever meet another man who could excite and stimulate me as Jack had done.

The bite marks were all but gone from my breasts, by the time I got back home three days later. Since I'd never done anything like this before, I hadn't even thought about my husband seeing them. I was just lucky it had been the first day of my road trip, that I'd met up with Jack.

About a month later I was on the eastern side of my territory. It was after dinner and I decided to stop in the hotel lounge for one of those drinks Jack had them make for me. I told the waitress what it had in it and she laughed saying, "it's called a brown cow." I laughed and thanked her, at least now I knew the name.

I was sitting there at my table when a rather tall dark thin man sat down at a table near me, before long we were visiting back and forth. He'd bought me two more drinks, when I told him that was enough. He laughed saying, "a woman never gets enough, all it takes is the right man to build a fire."

I heard myself say, "are you the right man to build a fire in me?"

"I can build a fire in you that will last all night." My mind said, don't do it, this is crazy. I handed him my extra key card and without saying anything else, got up and went to the elevators and up to my room. Ten minutes later he let himself in.

Within minutes we were both naked in each others arms. He was controlling me just as Jack had done. His cock looked out of proportion to its thickness, it had to be at least ten inches long or more. Grabbing me he rolled me over onto my belly saying, get up on your hands and knees. As I did as I was told he grabbed my hips and pulled me to the edge of the bed, then grabbing a hand full of my hair, pulled my head back and smacked me hard across the ass several times. I felt my juices trickling down my inner thighs from the excitement I was feeling and my ass felt like it was on fire from the spanking I'd gotten. He placed both hands on my shoulders holding me back against him and pushed his long thin cock deep into my pussy, causing me to gasp as it pushed against the bottom of my cunt.

His ass was moving in a circle, working his cock around and around, deep inside me, touching places no cock had ever touched. I gave out a sharp cry as I felt a quick sharp pain. Smiling down at me he said. "You've never had a cock in there, have you Wendy?"

I gasped. "no, it hurt a little when you first pushed it in, but it feels good now.

I knew you'd like it, If you think it feels good now, wait till you feel me go off and I pump my load of cum into your womb."

"The reason it hurt a little at first Wendy, is the opening is quite small and needed to be stretched." He began thrusting in and out using short strokes so as not to pull out of the opening. It felt good, but It didn't last long enough for me to orgasm. Groaning he said, "Oh god baby it's so tight and feels so good, cummingggg, aaaaaghghghghhg god, can you feel my cock filling your womb with cum?"

His long cock was jerking deep inside me and I knew he was squirting his cum into my womb. This triggered a huge orgasm which seemed to last forever, making me feel warm and wet inside. I noticed as he eased his cock out of me, very little cum ran out and I knew my cervix had closed, trapping his cum, hoping to hold it until my egg dropped to be fertilized. After he'd cum he slid out of me and I was told to clean our juices off his cock while I sucked him hard again.

It took about ten minutes of sucking until it became hard again, I was told to get on my back and spread wide. He moved between my legs and pushed the entire length into my pussy and began fucking me real hard, I screamed and clutched the bed sheet, thrusting my hips up to meet his deep hard thrusts. He laughed saying, "you are one hot little married whore, you like being fucked deep and hard don't you slut?"

I gasped, "yes, yes, do it harder," moving higher up on my body his cock was long enough to stimulate my clit by rubbing against it as he drove it in and out of my hot pussy. I was just about to orgasm when he stopped and slid his long cock out of me. I groaned and begged him to finish me. He began rubbing the slippery cock head over my virgin rose bud and knew what he was going to do. I'd never let anyone have me there, but tonight I couldn't wait to have this long slim cock take my anal cherry. Whimpering as he began pushing his cock into my virgin hole, I said "I've never had a cock there."

Smiling he said, "until now." Then he pushed into my tight little hole. I couldn't help but love how it felt thrusting in and out of me. It felt wonderful being fucked by his long thin cock, but it only lasted a short while. He buried it as deep as he could, holding it there as it jerked and pumped it's load of slippery juice deep into my ass.

He was lying there on his back resting while I stroked his cock when he asked, "does your husband know what a whore he's married to?"

"No he doesn't, you're only the second man I've ever done this with."

"I see, so now that you've been fucked by a couple of strangers and found out how much you love strange cock, are you going to whore your pussy out every time you leave town." What do you want slut. More cock, or have you had enough.?" I'd never had anyone talk to me like this, but it excited me almost as much as the sex itself. "Tell me Wendy, did you like how my long cock felt in your virgin ass?"

"Yes, it felt good, I'd never had it there before."

Yes!! yes what? you slut"

"yes sir."

"That's better, you need to be taught some manners you slutty bitch, all you know is taking a man's cock into your body. I'm going to teach you how you're supposed to act with men." Grabbing my arm, he pulled me across his lap and started spanking me until the tears were running down my face and my juices were seeping out of my pussy. It felt like my ass was on fire and needed a cock in it to put the fire out. After the spanking I sucked his long cock until he cum in my mouth. Then sucked until he was hard again, he fucked me to three more orgasms before he cum. It was four hours and several orgasms later that he left my room. I couldn't believe how he had treated me and I'd loved it even more than I had with Jack. As I drove from place to place calling on potential customers the next day, I felt his cum seeping out of my pussy into my panties, making a sticky mess, even that felt good and excited me. I found it hard to concentrate on doing my job. Thinking about that long cock and how good it had felt, is all I had on my mind.

My next encounter was at the airport in Denver, It was late December and I was trying to make it home before Christmas. We'd landed at Denver International and were grounded by a huge snow storm. When I went to rent a room, I was told I was one of the lucky ones, Id rented the last room in the hotel. I was so thankful I wouldn't have to try sleeping in the seats or on the floor.

It was in the lounge that I met Darrell. He saw me standing at the entrance to the lounge looking for a place to sit and had sent a cocktail waitress to tell me I was welcome to join him at his table. I followed her to his table and introduced myself. He introduced himself and invited me to sit. I ordered a drink from the waitress and we began talking. I told him how lucky I'd been getting the last room in the hotel.

"I wasn't that lucky" he said, "I guess I'll be one of those sleeping, either in the seats, or on the floor."

Darrell Id be willing to let you have the other bed in my room, I had to pay for a double room so we might as well use both beds."

"Are you kidding me? We've barely met and you'd let me sleep in your room?"

"Of course, I'm sure you would do the same for me, wouldn't you?"

"You know I would, even if there wasn't a snowstorm," he said.

When he said that I felt a warm glow in my loins and I knew we would not be using that other bed at least not to sleep in. When I'd finished my drink I said, "I'm ready to go to the room, you're welcome to come up anytime Darrell."

"Just let me get my luggage and I'll be right with you." He met me at the elevators with his luggage and on the way up I kidded him about having the kitchen sink with him.

He said, "you would be surprised what all I have in here, I make and sell all kinds of silver jewelry and novelty items

"Oh, now that sounds interesting, maybe when we get settled in I can talk you into showing me what you have in your collection of goodies."

"I'd be delighted to show you what I have."

I felt a cold shiver go up my spine. It wasn't what he'd said but how he said it. I'd taken a shower and put on clean panties and bra and slipped into my silk robe. then relaxed watching TV, until Darrell came out of the bathroom wearing a complimentary robe, saying. "I feel a lot better now, I smiled to myself wondering if he'd put shorts on under the robe.

"He asked, "well Wendy, are you ready to see some of the items I make?"

"Yes, I'd love to see them. Do you just travel around, selling the things you make?"

"No, What I have with me are samples, I travel around taking orders from the stores that sell the kind of things I make, then I go back home and make enough of the items to fill the orders that I get. Its very exclusive and is in high demand by people who want only the best. Every piece is hand made by me. Some, shall we say, well to do famous people, have had me custom make things exclusively for their collection. It cost a lot of money, but to them, money is a means of getting whatever they want."

While he was talking, he'd put a large suitcase on the bed, opened it and took a package out of the case, opened it and took a smaller box out of the package. Looking at my hands now he said, more to himself, than to me, maybe a seven or eight. He brought out a two inch wide, hand made sterling silver bracelet with black jewels of some kind and what I thought to be ruby's embedded into the bracelet with a sterling silver chain connected to a sterling silver ring with the figure of the devils head and the same red jewels for eyes. Polishing it on his sleeve he handed it to me saying,"do you like this Wendy?"

Holding it in my hand I said, "Oh my god Darrell, it's beautiful, did you make it yourself?"

Yes I did, it's one of my very best sellers, seems a lot of women like it. Do you know what it is Wendy?"

"Yes, its a slave bracelet isn't it?"

"Yes it is, do you know why women wear them?" he came over to me and slipped it onto my wrist, then slipped the ring with the devils head, onto the middle finger of my left hand, alongside my wedding rings, then said. "This is one way it's worn, I'll explain another way later."

I sat looking at it on my finger and wrist and began to feel so warm and wet between my thighs that I was sure my juices were seeping into my panties. Is it worn like this to show that the woman wearing it, is a slave to someone?"

"Well, that's close Wendy, but the true meaning is she is letting everyone who is in the culture, know she is willing to be a slave. If she's not collard by anyone, then she will be a slave to whoever wants her." "It looks good on you Wendy, you can have it, a gift from me to you for letting me stay the night with you." He was still holding my hand after putting it on my wrist and as I sat looking at the devil ring on my finger, it seemed to be smiling at me.

I looked up smiling at him, saying. "I guess I must be your slave for the night if that's true."

"It is true Wendy, it's an ancient tradition, we believe from the early days of slave trade in India. It was a way of showing weather a woman was a slave, or a woman of dominance and now, If I so choose, you are mine for as long as we are stranded here." "Do you know anything about being a willing slave to your master."

I nodded yes, then said. "I know very little as I've had a very limited amount of experience, but I would love to know more and very willing to learn all there is to know about serving my master, if I should ever become collared."

He smiled, "That's very good Wendy, I like a willing woman, but also like rebellion and fire in them. You do know if you do wrong, you will be punished without rebuttal don't you?"

"Yes Sir, I was punished for being a whore and a slut, while away from my husband."

"Ah, I see," he said, reaching into his bag and taking out something that looked like the black tail off some animal and was attached to handle that looked like a twelve inch cock, the head of the huge cock was the smiling devils head. As I sat there looking at it he said, "have you ever seen one of these Wendy?"

I shook my head and answered, "no never."

Its used to punish and if used properly leaves only fine line welts that disappear in a matter of hours. If used improperly the welts can last a few days at the most, its made from the hair of a horses tail, its called a pony tail and is very effective. I sat staring at it as he talked and felt the fire in my loins growing hotter by the minute. He said, "stand up Wendy." I stood up, he reached out and untied the belt that was keeping my robe closed then peeled the robe off over my shoulders, letting it fall onto the floor. Taking his left hand he slowly traced lines on my bare stomach until he reached my breast, then pinched my nipples through my bra as he put the cock shaped handle of the pony tail against my panties, pressing it against my swollen clit, almost causing me to orgasm.

I shuddered with excitement. "Would you like me to take them off for you sir?"

"I will tell you what I want, you are not to ask me anything. I lowered my head and stood almost naked in front of him as he toyed with my breasts, while rubbing the cock shaped handle of the pony tail against my clit until I had an orgasm.

"You are my slave, You are never to orgasm unless I give you permission. Now remove your panties and lye down on the bed on your back and spread your legs as wide as you can."

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