A Chance Meeting

by SizeQueen

Copyright© 2011 by SizeQueen

Sex Story: It was Friday evening, she had stopped in for a bite to eat but opted for a drink instead. That would prove to be a very bad mistake, one that would change her life forever. In one way or another.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Horror   BDSM   Sadistic   Torture   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Size   .

I was driving down a street that I'd driven many times on my way home from work. Located near the outskirts of the city not far from where I lived, was a rather small steakhouse. I had never stopped there but had often wondered what the food was like. The sign said best food in town. As I neared the place tonight, I decided after working late into the evening, I didn't want to go home cook something and eat alone. I pulled into the entrance to the parking lot and found the only place to park was near a side door. As I entered I noticed there were only two empty stools at the bar. After I'd ordered a drink, I asked the bartender if I could have my drink brought into the restaurant he informed they didn't allow alcohol out of the bar area and that the restaurant was full at the time, but said he would have my name put on the waiting list.

I sat looking around sipping on my drink and noticed there was equipment for a band and also a small dance floor area. I'd drank about half of my drink when a rather tall slim man in a dark business suit asked about the stool next to me, "is anyone sitting here?"

Smiling I said, "no doesn't seem to be."

Smiling he sat down saying, "I love a good sense of humor." He ordered a drink and without even asking, ordered one for me. I smiled saying, "thank you, that will be my limit, I didn't feel like fixing dinner and eating alone, so, I stopped here to get something but the restaurant is full, so opted for a toddy for the body."

Holding out his hand he said, "by the way I'm Darrell and I don't blame you for not wanting to eat alone, I do that a lot myself. I can't imagine why a lovely woman such as yourself would be eating alone on a Friday night. I would think there would be gentlemen waiting in line to take you to dinner."

"Hi Darrell my name is Helen, it's a long story. I was married for almost ten years when I found out I was not the only woman in my husbands life. When I found out, I filed for divorce. For the past two years I've buried myself in my work. I've dated a few times, but wasn't real interested, so decided to go it alone, at least for the time being." I finished the second drink and asked Darrell if he would watch my things while I went to the ladies room. When I stood up I knew I should have eaten first, my balance was off a little after having only two drinks. I came back to the bar and found Darrell had ordered another round of drinks for us. I said, "I wish you hadn't done that Darrell, I really should go eat before I drink anymore."

He said, "one more isn't going to hurt you," As I slid back onto the stool, Darrell began telling me he worked for an organization just outside of town, not far from there and stopped in quite often and assured me I would enjoy the food.

The band had come in and set up and soon started playing. As I watched the people dancing it seemed as though things were beginning to get fuzzy and I knew I had to get out of there and go home before I got to drunk to drive. I started picking up my things when Darrell said, "finish your drink and I'll make sure you get to your car. I have to get going myself." I drank the last two swallows and we started towards the side door where I'd came in. Once outside my legs felt so weak I could barely walk and I was unable to focus my eyes, the parking lot and all the cars became a big blur. I heard Darrell say I better take you home, you can come get your car tomorrow. Before I could put up any resistance he had me in his car and we were moving. I tried explaining to Darrell where my apartment was, but he said he was unable to find it and would take me to his place. By this time I was completely out of it and unable to even protest, let alone do anything about what was going on. The last thing I remember was driving on a narrow dirt road lined on both sides by thick brush and trees. The car stopped as we pulled up to a huge old three story rock house.

I have no idea how long it was before I started coming around and found myself lying naked on a bed with my wrists handcuffed behind my back. As I lay there fear sweeping through my body, I looked around and saw what looked like a medieval dungeon. There were ropes with loops on the ends hanging from the ceiling. With shackles fastened to the floor to restrain the ankle's, Several whips hung from a rack on the wall near the ropes. To my left was a table like bed with restraints for the wrists and ankles to hold a victim spread eagle on the bed. Between the two beds was a rack holding several size and shapes of vibrators, most looked almost human like and a couple shaped like nothing I'd ever seen before.

There were harness like things hanging from the ceiling that I had no idea what they were used for and didn't really want to know, all I really wanted was to be out of there. As I looked around trying to focus my eyes, it came to me, the man at the bar, Darrell, must have brought me here, but why? I hoped it wasn't for what I was beginning to think it was for. A voice suddenly boomed into the rock walled room. "I see you're beginning to rejoin us, welcome. I hope you enjoy your visit here with us as much as I'm sure we will enjoy having you here."

My mouth felt like it was full of cotton when I tried to speak. "Why was I brought here, If you take me to my car I'll forget this ever happened, I just want to go home."

"Well my dear I think you were informed that we are a rather large organization and it takes a lot of different people to run a successful organization, We invite potential customers to come watch our demonstrations, those who want, can take part in the demonstrations. So you see, it takes a lot of different people to do all of this. People who buy our products to sell or use themselves, know they are getting the top of the line when they buy from us."

"I don't understand, I have no idea what you're talking about, so I have no idea how I can possibly be of any help to you, so why am I shackled and naked, I want my clothes back so I can go home?"

"In due time my dear, in due time."

The room went pitch black, then an almost blinding white light came on directly over where I was lying. I looked in the direction in which I heard what sounded like a door open and close and heard someone coming towards me. Darrell is that you?' please just take me back to my car and I'll go home."

When he spoke I knew he was just beyond the circle of light shining down on me. "I'm not Darrell, he has the weekend off, he just happened to stop at the same place you did and knew you would be perfect for what we do. So now my dear, if you are ready we might as well begin, we would like to be finished and have you back at your car by Sunday evening.

A very large man stepped into the circle of light, wearing only what looked like a leather hood which covered his head completely except for the eyes. I looked from his head, down to the very large phallus drooping down at an angle, to heavy to be able to stick straight out. I hadn't seen a lot of men naked and erect, but this was by far the largest cock I'd ever seen and was accompanied by a pair of balls each of which looked to be larger than a good hand full. As I gazed in awe goose bumps broke out and a shiver shook my body. It had been a long time since I'd had a man between my thighs and although I felt my juices beginning to flow, I knew I didn't want this mans enormous cock inside me.

He gave out with a chuckle saying, "I can tell you like what you see, so we might as well get started. He walked towards where I was lying and as I tried rolling away from him he laughed, "oh ya I love it when they try to get away, leaning over he quickly reached out and grabbed my hair pulling me over to his side of the bed. I began screaming "no!!! please don't do this to me."

Jerking my head back so he could look into my eyes he said, "scream bitch, you'll love this by the time were done with you." Holding my head down on the bed he wiped the huge cock head over my lips saying, "I know you want to suck my big dick and can't wait to have your lips around it." He was using the head of his cock to spread my lips and was rubbing it against my teeth, when he slapped my face my mouth opened to scream and was filled with cock, the only choice I had to keep from choking was to start sucking. It took maybe ten minutes of sucking for him to fill my mouth with a huge rope's of slimy cum, then pulling out, he jettisoned the rest on my face and breasts almost covering them. When the hose like cock finished spurting it's slime, he stepped back into the darkness and was replaced by another figure, this one clad in black leather, with a naked cock sticking almost straight out.

He unshackled my ankles and grabbed the chain holding the cuffs on my wrists and pulled me off the bed. When we were under the ropes hanging from the ceiling he stopped, pulled one down, placed the loop over my wrist, then pulled the other rope down placing that loop over my other wrist, then he removed the cuffs, walked over to the wall and tightened the first rope until it almost lifted my foot off the floor, then did the same to the other wrist. With both arms tied high above my head he slipped an ankle into each floor shackle, I was now unable to move. He ran his hands over my breasts until the nipples became hard and ached at the touch. I screamed in terror as A clamp was placed on each nipple, once the initial pain subsided waves of pleasure swept from my nipples all the way to my loins. The nipple clamps in place, he walked to the wall and selected what looked like a foot long cock with leather strings attached to the body end.

As he walked back towards me he said, "you must be punished for behaving like a whore, only whores act the way you did, sucking a man, s cock until he covers you in his cum. Before I could answer I felt the sharp sting of the leather strings. This went on until I was crying and begging for him to stop. I only hoped he had no way of knowing the sting of the whip had built a roaring fire in my cunt, so hot only the man before him could put it out, my pussy was on fire.

I was taken down from the ropes and placed in a leather swing which laid me almost on my back with only my head and shoulders raised high enough to watch as he pushed his hard as steel cock, deep into my pussy. When I was completely impaled on his cock the swing began a back and forth motion driving his cock deep into my pussy then pulling it out. I was beginning to loosen up and had begun to enjoy the fucking I was getting when he stopped, removed his cock from my pussy and helped me up out of the swing saying, "I know what a slutty whore like you wants and I have just the thing for you." Grabbing me by my hair he said, "get down and crawl like a bitch in heat and began pulling my hair until I crawled behind him."

We got to a narrow table and he told me to get up on the table and lay down on my back. My wrists were then shackled by my sides. Once this was done my leg was bent and pulled up beside me and shackled in place, when both legs were secured he wheeled up a strange looking machine that had a long arm like thing sticking towards me and several pulleys and belts some of which were attached to the arm. On the end of the arm pointed straight at me, was a very large human looking cock.

placing it tight against the table he locked the wheels in place. He flipped a switch and the arm on which the fake cock was fastened began moving back and forth. I watched as he guided the large human like cock towards my pussy. It began entering my pussy an inch or so with each stroke. I screamed as it stretched my pussy lips to fit over the huge life like cock, when it had worked it's way completely in, he set it at that depth, then turned it on to vibrate. The sensations it caused were almost unbearable and I was unable to stop the moaning and squirming as I was being fucked by this machine, as the huge rubber cock began to vibrate and fuck in and out of me, I knew within a very short time I would give in and succumb to the artificial cock to give me an orgasm. I tried clamping my knees together and maybe getting back away from it. When I did he sneered saying "oh you like that and want more do you?" soon the huge cock was fucking me faster than I'd ever been fucked in my life. The artificial cock was pounding my pussy in a way it had never pounded. I held on as long as I possibly could, not wanting to give these people what ever it was they wanted, but I also knew it was only a matter of time that my body would stop resisting. When I finally exploded, I watched as my juice covered the huge cock. I felt it running out and down my crack and covering my ass. Smiling he said, Ah, very good my dear, but I think you can do better. The machine was now plunging its cock in and out of my pussy so fast it was only a blur and I was fast becoming sore. Soon the most intense orgasm I'd ever had, exploded, thrusting my body towards the machine causing my pussy to tighten around the artificial cock covering it with my juices. When it was over I came slowly back down to earth. I begged to have it shut off and promised to do whatever they wanted me to do. They had broken me.

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