I Didn't Know

by Huedogg

Copyright© 2011 by Huedogg

Flash Story: She cuckolded me and her ex-husband helped me

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I have to be the dumbest man on Earth. My wife was in the hospital and had just given birth to brown eyed, red haired little boy. That sent off sirens in my head. The baby was very light skinned and had these cute little dimples. Yep, it turns out that there is story to tell.

My wife told one and now it's time for the truth.

Hi, I'm Jeff Patterson and my wife is the one and only Jen. I never thought my wife would cheat on me. I love her with all my little heart. Before we got together, Jen had been married to Hue for eight years, and they had one son Hue Jr. Hue Sr. was never an issue for me because he truly didn't care what was going on with Jen.

I know this because Hue is one of my lodge brothers. Hue said from the beginning that he thought she was a slut. Hue said, "Jeff, you can't turn a whore into a house wife." I was pissed and of course, I wanted to take it outside.

When Hue came outside he put his hand up to say stop and then asked me why were we fighting.

I said, "Hue, I can't have you calling my wife a whore. I know she's your ex, but I am her husband now."

Hue stood there and looked at me. He said "You're right Jeff. I am sorry; but as a brother of this lodge when the time is right you'll need my help.

Don't be afraid to ask for it."

Hue shook my hand and went back inside. It would be a long time before he called Jen a whore again.

I felt from that moment, Hue was a friend. He never held anything against me and even seconded a few of my motions. So I had no problem with him.

Jen on the other had hated Hue with a passion. At lodge events she would go out of her way to compete with him and his wife, Sammie.

Once Sammie was talking to a few of the lodge wives when Jen came up an asked, "How's the deadbeat doing?"

Sammie smiled and replied, "Very well. He just brought me a Range Rover. It's a couple of years old, but it's good for the family."

Jen said, "I don't see him around. He must be at the bar."

Sammie said, "No, he's outside talking to the lodge president about building a clubhouse for the kids."

With that Jen left, walked over to me and said, "We need a new car. A new Range Rover and it needs to be fully loaded!"

I shook my head. Hue had just told us how he traded in his truck to get his wife a Range Rover. He said Sammie needs it for the kids and work. Hue always did what was needed. He drove an old model Ford F150 —old and rusty but still runs fine.

I said, "Jen, money doesn't grow on trees. But once you get to back to work, you have to help pay for it." You see Jen didn't work while she was married to Hue. She did get a job after the divorce, but now she was out of work again.

After Jen fussed for a few, she left to talk with some of the other wives. I sat down and talked to some of my lodge brothers. We talked for about an hour, then I started looking around for Jen. I spotted her about ten minutes later. She was dancing with a lodge brother so I went out to cut in.

Jen said, "Hi honey, what up?"

I said, "Nothing. I just want to dance with my sexy wife." So I cut in and my lodge brother left.

I asked, "Jen, are you enjoying yourself?"

She said, "Yes I am, but it will be even better if you get me home and in bed."

I didn't have to be asked twice. She grabbed her purse and we headed for the door with me waving goodbye to my lodge brothers.

Once we got in the car Jen was on me and she gave me an earth-shattering blowjob. She sucked until I came in her mouth. Then she yelled, "Drive you bastard!" Jen sucked my dick all the way home. It was so good, I almost ran over a nun. I'm glad I didn't because while the blowjob was good, it wasn't 'going to hell' good.

Once we got in the house she bent over the kitchen table, ripped off her panties, spit on her hand and rubbed it on her pussy. Then she looked at me and smiled. The next morning I was on the Range Rover website.

Things were going good for us, work was fine, the lodge was doing great and sex was unbelievable. Then Jen laid the bomb on me.

"Jeff," Jen said, "I'm three weeks pregnant."

The first thing that crossed my mind was, "Forty-five years old and pregnant. By the time this kid gets out the house, I'll be on social security."

Boy, that was a bombshell! I have two kids and Jen had Hue Jr. Hue Jr is twenty-five and has a kid of his own. Sandy, my daughter, is a senior a LSU and my son Jacob is a junior at Ole Miss.

"Jen are you sure?" I asked.

"Yes, I am sure. I just got back from the doctor's office."

"Are we having a boy or girl?" I asked.

"That's what we need to talk about. Do you really want to have another baby?" said Jen.

I asked her, "What did you want to do?"

She replied, "We should think about it."

Needless to say, it was a long night.

The next morning, as Jen was leaving, I asked, "What do you have planned for today?"

Jen looked and said, "I don't what's going on at the lodge. After I get my hair done, I'll give you a call."

"Ok, Sexy. I love ya, and I'll talk to you later babe," I said. Then she was out the door in a flash.

About twenty minutes later the phone rang.

"Hello," I answered.

"Good morning. Is Mrs. Patterson in?" the caller asked politely.

I said, "No, but this is her husband. Can I help you?"

"Sir, your wife left her credit card here at the front desk. We were letting her know so that she could pick it up."

Front desk? What fucking front desk?

I asked, "Which hotel are you at? I can come by and pick it up myself and save her the trip."

"We're at the Hyatt Regency East."

"You have a very nice hotel there," I told the man.

"Thank you, Sir. The card will be waiting for you at the front desk."

Why do you suppose would my wife be at the Hyatt?

I called Visa and asked for an itemized statement.

They asked me, "For which card number?"

I didn't have her card number, so I said, "Both."

The lady on the phone asked me to hold on while she went to a supervisor.

The supervisor said, "Mr. Patterson, one of the cards is her personal card. We can't send you that bill."

I asked, "How does that bill get paid?"

The supervisor explained that the payments were split between the two cards on a 60% — 40% basis, and both were paid on the same invoice.

I told him, "I'm the person paying the bills, so either send me the statements or fuck getting paid."

The Supervisor said they would check and see and get back to me. About fifteen minutes later I received the itemized statement in an email.

It was worse that I thought. Jen had been going to the hotel twice a week for the last six months. I couldn't think of any reason that Jen needed to be using hotel for, so now I was going to do something I never expected.

"Hello Hue. I need your help."

Hue said, "Jeff, come to the lodge and bring a suitcase."

"Bring a suitcase? I don't want to leave her, I just need help," I said.

He repeated himself, "Bring a suitcase."

I grabbed one of the travel bags from the closet and drove to the lodge. Once I got there, I looked empty.

Hue opened the door and said, "Come on in."

Once inside we went to the security office, into the inside room where there were about fifteen monitors.

They had cameras everywhere.

Hue cleared his throat and said, "Jeff, after you see this I don't know if you'll be able to stay married. Think about what you want before you watch this."

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