Firewatching Can Be Fun

by Sirdar

Copyright© 2011 by Sirdar

Sex Story: This is a wartime story of romance and a lot of nooky when firewatching during air raids

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Blackmail   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   FemaleDom   First   .


During the last war the British Government required companies to provide a Firewatching team of at least two people to sleep on the premises at night. To douse incendiary bombs and put out small fires to stop them spreading. This was done using buckets of sand and Stirrup pumps...

For small or medium companies it was usually just two people who were paid four shillings each by the government. It was not unusual for a person to fire watch every night in place of another person, and pay them an additional four shillings a week from their own pocket to sleep at home.

For a young lad like Tony in the story below he would probably receive about ten shillings and sixpence a week wages, so Firewatching was easy money, especially as sleeping was allowed, as any bombing would soon wake the firewatchers.

If you lived near a big city, the night would be noisy with AA guns and the distant noise of bombing, plus the fact that stray bombs were not unusual, and they could and would fall anywhere in a wide radius.

But of necessity Firewatching although boring, could at times be fun as Tony found out in the following story

Firewatching can be Fun

It was the winter of 1941, when as an innocent fifteen year old boy, I had left school, and eventually found work in the office of Agri Farm Products. I had wanted to be an accountant, but after weeks of futile searching for someone to take me on as a trainee, this was the best I could do. I found that most companies were reluctant to train people, until they had completed their call up to the army, and the war was over. A couple of Personnel Officers told me quite bluntly they could go to a lot of expense in training me, then I might get killed, and that would all be wasted money...

Officially Agri products called me an Office Trainee which in real terms meant that I was the office 'dogs body'. "fetch this, take that, sweep this" was the norm of my working day,. In between these menial tasks, I was paired with a very sexy young married lady called Dora to learn the principals of book-keeping from her. We sat together at a desk, so that she could instruct me.

The office was largely manned by young single, and married ladies, whose husbands and boy friends were away in the forces, plus two older men nearing retiring age. I soon found that the girls were missing their partners badly, and Dora obviously enjoyed my company as she became very possessive about me, and made it clear to all, that I was her property and responsibility.

In the first week I learned more about sex, and sexual innuendo, with Dora than I had all my previous life. By the third day, she had her hands in my pants, and groping my young cock to a full erection.

To my surprise and delight she compared the size of my erection, very favorably with her husband Frank who was away flying in the RAF. I did not complain, in fact I thoroughly enjoyed life with Dora. I was learning a lot, not necessarily about book-keeping, but about the facts of life.

At the end of the week we were told that Dora had volunteered to do fire watching with me once a week. This was not a popular duty, but paid an extra four shillings a night, and to me that was big money. It was a job that required us to sleep on the premises, and put out any incendiary bombs that fell, with buckets of sand and stirrup pumps...

My father was in the army, and mother was working hard to keep a roof over our heads, and to be able to put the weekly rations on the table. So the extra money was useful. My younger brother and sister were living mostly with our Grandparents, as mother grabbed every bit of overtime she could get.

The office finished work promptly at five -o clock in the afternoon, before the sirens went, and the two firewatchers had the task of putting all the accounting books, in a large walk in fireproof room. I had just finished putting the last of the books on the shelves when Dora, who had been busily arranging our sleeping arrangements came in, and grabbed me and started kissing me. That was my first experience of French kissing, and Dora was undoubtedly an expert, and I was a fast learner...

She had my head in a lock with one hand while her other hand was working successfully on the fly buttons, on my pants. Once she had completed her task she slipped to her knees, and took my cock in her mouth and proceeded to teach me all about the gentle art of cock sucking ... I did not last very long to her dismay.

On our return to the office I noticed that our mattresses had been placed, to make our sleeping arrangements into a double bed. I made no comment as we went almost immediately to a local café for an evening meal, before returning to the office for the rest of the night...


Back in the office Dora wasted no time as she took me in her arms. I responded to Dora's hug, and as she turned to kiss me passionately on the mouth.

She whispered "You know what I want don't you Tony dear.?"

"Yes Dora I want to make love to you very much."

"You understand that no one must find out about us, as I am a married woman"...

"Dora I know. You are the most important person in my life right now, and I do love you."

"Oh Tony. I am enjoying myself so much at the thought of having you with me for the night, otherwise I would be on my own. Come here let me cuddle you."

Dora put her arms round my shoulders, and leaning close to me, she whispered, "Tony, I want you to make love to me properly Tony I just don't want be fucked. I want you to pretend to be my husband for tonight, and I hope many nights afterwards with luck."

I kissed her tenderly on the lips. I could not believe this lovely girl was offering herself to me. We both undressed quickly and then I reached out nervously, and slowly and gently fondled her nipples Her nipples were just a little darker than the rest of her breasts. I took a breast in each hand and squeezed them gently. I lowered my mouth to one of them and licked the hard nipple, taking it into my mouth, and gently sucked on it. Her arms came round my neck and she moaned gently.

It was the first time that I had seen a naked girl and I stared down at her pussy, I touched it hesitantly and I looked up at her face, her eyes were closed and Dora was moaning slightly. I reached down and softly kissed her pussy lips between her legs, and Dora began to breathe more heavily.

The urge to taste Dora overwhelmed me, and I gently spread her legs apart, positioning myself between them. I lowered my face to her moist wet pussy, and covered it with my mouth. My tongue licked between her lips, and found her clit. Flicking my tongue against it, I heard a loud gasp come from Dora. Despite my inexperience I seemed to know what she wanted, and I used my tongue to explore all the crevices and openings of Dora's pussy as the smell of her sex filled my nose.

Her body moved against my face as I continued to taste her juices. I took her clit into my mouth again and sucked on it, causing Dora to moan and writhe furiously beneath me. My hands stroked the firm flesh of her thighs which were pressed tightly against my head, as I continued to run my tongue around and over her clit again and again...

Breathless words mingled with Dora's pants and gasps. "Tony please take me Take me ... Love me.Tony I want do it."

Not for the first time in my young life, I desperately wanted to feel my cock deep inside Dora. I realised that this was real life, not just a porno book. I sat up, and quickly positioned myself over Dora's naked body between her thighs. Her legs spread wide, and she took my cock in her hand, and placed it against the wetness of her pussy. I pushed forward a little, and my hard, cock parted the lips of her pussy and my cock slipped gently inside her.

I paused fo a few seconds, as a germ of reality swept over me. My eyes traveled up Dora's naked body and locked on hers. She smiled and said, "It's ok Tony. I will help you just do what comes naturally."

That's all the persuasion I needed. I thrust my hips forward, driving my hard cock deep inside Dora's waiting pussy. The feelings I experienced were just out of this world. I remained still for a moment, feeling her tightness around my cock. Dora wrapped her legs around my waist, as her hips began to move. She made little movements up and down and side to side. My cock moved with her. as I leaned forward and Dora's hands came up and locked together around the back of my neck.

I began to move in and out of her pussy, feeling it vibrating and sucking my cock. The feeling was incredible! I drove myself faster, and harder into Dora, and she responded, by lifting her hips up to me each time Faster and faster I pounded into Dora, my body making smacking sounds, each time it met her body. Dora gasped with pleasure each time ourr bodies met and my cock plumbed her depths...

With a yell of pure ecstasy, I drove hard into her one last time and our bodies ground together as we both came in one enormous outpouring of our juices. I emptied my seed deep inside Dora's waiting pussy. Until I could do no more.

After a while she sat up and looked down at me as I lay there, and said Tony dear, we have a lot to talk about later, that was incredible, but do you think you will be ready again soon sweetheart?"

Just then the air raid sirens went, and for a while we just lay there our arms locked round each other. Then Dora said I guess we had better dress as the local Warden may call to scrounge a cup of tea from us, and we can't be found like this.

We had just dressed and had decided to have a check on the blackouts and to check the other offices, and that was the last I remember...

I awoke some hours later in the local hospital. Dora was sat by my bed with mother. After I had recovered my senses they told me I had concussion as a bomb had landed nearby and.I had been hit by a part of the ceiling which had landed on my head. The doctor later told me to go home, and stay in bed for a couple of days and if I felt worse to call my local doctor.

Mother said "I suppose I will have to stop of work to look after him. But Dora said "There is no need Mrs. Nash I know you have to work, my mother will love to look after Tony. She gets bored on her own."

My mother agreed and I was taken to Dora's home by ambulance, and Dora insisted that I was put into her own double bed. Her mother was a lovely looking woman and I heard her remonstrate with Dora and say "You are a married woman girl. What about Frank?"

"Oh mother, don't be such a prude, you know Frank is probably dipping his wick every night, if he gets the chance with local girls. So why shouldn't I have some fun as well?."

I was soon feeling a bit better, and I was ready for Dora when she came to bed early that night. It was a tiring, but very rewarding night full of passion. The next day a very weary Dora had to go to work, leaving me in the capable hands of Sarah her mother. After a long sleep I awoke to find Sarah standing by the bed with a cup of Bovril in her hands but still wearing her dressing gown.

It was hard for me to believe that this lovely lady was Dora's mother, and once again I felt a stirring in my groin as I looked up at her. She obviously had something on her mind, and our initial conversation was a little forced. Eventually, she got around to asking me how long I had known her daughter. She was very surprised at the very short time we had been acquainted. When I told her that Dora was my first sexual experience I saw her eyes light up.

She stood up and whipped the bed clothes back to see my erection standing proud. With a little smile she said "Tony dear You have never had an older woman then, so now is your chance."

I saw then that beneath her bathrobe she was completely naked as the robe hit the floor and she slipped into bed with me, and her lips fastened on mine.She had that lovely smell of a just bathed women

My cock was now fully erect, and bursting to go, as Sarah fondled it, but I was not going to rush. I wanted her to enjoy our first time together. I moved, and suckled her breasts moving from one nipple to another, and I could tell that she was enjoying it immensely. I went to move lower to lick her pussy, but Sarah said quite firmly. "No Tony, Later perhaps, but now I want you inside me.

She kicked the bedclothes back, and lifted her legs, bending her knees, and moving so that her sex was spread wide, and I fingered and rubbed her pussy which was already wet. I looked down and she was smiling up at me happily I took my cock in my hand, and rubbed the head around the entrance to her pussy. Sarah gave a little groan of impatience as I carefully pushed inside her, her pussy walls stretching to accept my large cock. I shoved my cock in all the way to her cervix, with my first thrust. I was already touching her in places, that I had never before experienced with Dora. She moaned in pleasure as my cock slid into her.

But it was just at that very instant, that I sent her over the edge with the most intense, and longest orgasm that I had yet to experience with Dora She bellowed out her pleasure, as her entire body froze for a moment, as the orgasm washed over her. Then her whole body shook, while her pussy tried to drain my cock of all of my sperm and, she began fucking herself on and off of my cock as fast and as hard as she could in the throes of her orgasm.

Sarah for the next two minutes was like a woman possessed as she rapidly fucked herself on my cock For those two minutes, she was like a mad woman, loving the extreme pleasure that she was receiving from me, having me moving in and out of her pussy. She was fucking me fast and hard, after she slowed down, signifying that her orgasm had died down, I again took over control of our movements, forcing her to time her thrusts with mine.

I quickly guessed she was right on the edge of yet another orgasm, so that she would feel that great need to have it, and hence work herself even harder on my cock in order to get herself over the edge and into another orgasm. I was fucking her hard my cock head continually bottoming out inside of her womb...

She was grunting and moaning and groaning in pleasure. I just let her cum whenever her body dictated. she had small and large orgasms. I lost count of how many small ones she had, but the large ones were coming hot, heavy and fast. So fast, that before one would die down, another one would be beginning. Obviously the whole thing that mattered to her at that moment was having another orgasm.

I only shot off into her three times, her enthusiasm and energy kept me hard. Eventually at the very end of our marathon session. I finally blew my last load into her pussy. Just as she had the most intense, and longest orgasm of our coupling, and then we both passed out from the sheer intensity of our love making...

When we came to from a long sleep. We were laying together, her head lay on my shoulder. She looked down at my now again erect cock covered with both of our sex juices and she said, straight from her heart. ":That's the best sex I have had for a long time. I can now see what Dora sees in you. Now Tony this is our secret no need to tell anyone. - right Tony"

"Yes Sarah - will you be coming back."

"You bet honey - just try and keep me away. But not today you must save some for Dora."

The doctor was concerned the next day that I was not getting my strength back as quickly as he liked, but Sarah by day and Dora by night kept me busy, and I had little time for rest. I was not complaining. It was a week before the doctor reluctantly adjudged that I was fit for work.

Dora's enthusiasm for my company had not waned, and it was not unusual for me to spend the nights with her after finishing work. When my mother queried it. Sarah told her, that it was much easier for travelling, especially with the air raids coming so soon after dusk.

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