The Erotica Novels: Elaine Takes Charge

by Midsummerman

Copyright© 2011 by Midsummerman

BDSM Sex Story: Folowing our author's brave induction to a circle of dominant women at the pub, our man is taken like a lamb to the sacrifice by Elaine and her friends. She has decided to have him for dinner.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   FemaleDom   Spanking   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   .

After he left the pub with the ladies from the meet, he was sat in the middle of the back seat of Elaine Hardwicke's car, hemmed in by the blonde and brunette doms. They teased him with stories about riding crops, crucifixes and ritual castrations; this only served to make his erection all the harder.

He caught Elaine's eyes looking at him in the mirror, and looked at her delicate hands, gloved in black leather as they gripped the wheel; he had only just met this woman but longed to be dominated by her, she was so crushingly superior. The eyes smiled in the mirror as she saw him looking, and joined in with the tease,

"I do so love to use the riding crop, it's so easy to handle and very effective in administering a deserved punishment; the flexibility and impact of the leather tongue is exquisite, I've reduced many grown men to tears using one." His cock bulged as he imagined the utter humiliation of crying before such a woman, though if it pleased her it would be an honour.

It was a short journey to her house, the car leaving the main road and down a leafy drive to a comfortable looking pre-war detached house. The brunette grabbed his cock and balls as they approached. A black haired Bettie page look-alike who occupied the front passenger seat, looked at him wickedly as she put a cigarette in her mouth ready for when she exited the car; she blew at him mockingly prior to igniting it, he knew she wanted to blow smoke in his face, and perhaps stub out her cigarette on him.

"There's no going back now, we have you and you're going to please us all before you're allowed home – if at all." Elaine looked back as she pulled the hand-brake up smartly, and caressed it as though it were a phallus,

"You'll give me your car keys now; I don't want you sneaking off if you get scared; you'll leave if and when I'm ready to let you go home, and then I may come with you, I may wish to take ownership of you." She smiled contemptuously at him as he timidly did as he was told and handed her his keys without question. The brunette felt his cock pulse as he did so, and gave him a gentle squeeze; she knew he would perform well under their strict domination.

The blonde and brunette took an arm each as he was marched to the front door; Elaine's pussy tingled with excitement as she put the key in the lock, she thought of the texts of his stories and knew he would indulge her most dominant fantasies.

Two other women from the party came in another car; he would entertain six at the house. His sphincter clenched, tingling with fear and he was taken into the house and the door was closed behind him. He watched Elaine's bottom mincing in the tight dress as her long elegant legs perched on stilettos strutted before him. Oh how he hoped he would be allowed to worship that arse.

He was taken into a lounge with large and comfortable black leather seating. The women stood in a circle around him as Elaine picked a wicked looking flexible cane from a chair and cut the air with it; he flinched and the women laughed at his obvious vulnerability. She pointed the cane to a padded mat in the middle of the floor.

"Take your clothes off and kneel there immediately!" He started to strip, and the women removed their over garments and sat in the circle of leather seats, crossing their legs and watching him strip. They taunted him about his little cock and some of them stroked it with the heels of their stilettos.

A French maid came in with drinks which she handed to the women; she saw some were smoking so she handed an ashtray to him, so he might be of some use. The women laughed at this gesture and those that smoked, puffed away, just so they could flick their ash in his direction.

Elaine pulled her chair in close and toyed with his cock with the cane. He was completely mesmerised by the woman, who sneered down at him; she adjusted her legs by re-crossing them; allowing him a glimpse of black silk panties. He so wanted to be allowed to please her. As though telepathic, she smiled and asked;

"What would you most like to do for a woman, as a submissive male? I want you to be honest with me; I shall know if you are lying and you'll feel the cane if so." He could not lie to her and blushed as he thought; he would now humiliate himself before six women.

"I would like to lick your arse for you." The women laughed at him, but were all tingling with anticipation now; having their arses licked would be most enjoyable, Elaine sneered all the more at him, but was now very excited herself. She was becoming more and more fond of her favourite writer and would definitely like to keep him to herself.

"We shall play a little game with you now; I'm sure you will enjoy it." She smiled as she wriggled out of her black silk panties, and the other five women giggled as they did the same.

"You shall be allowed just one sniff of each lady's panties then you shall be blindfolded. We will then throw our panties into a pile. You will then be allowed to sniff them in turn, and will sniff at each lady's womanhood till you find the owner. If you are correct, you will be allowed to lick the owners arse and pussy until satisfaction is archived; if incorrect, you will be caned by the owner of the panties." The women all squirmed on the leather seating in anticipation of the start.

They downed their drinks and enjoyed the beginning of his humiliation as he was made to sniff Elaine's silk.

He hoped upon hope that her scent would be as outwardly dominant as the formidable women herself and be distinct from the others; he would willingly accept five canings if only he was allowed to lap at this supreme woman's most intimate places.

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