Alice, Sex Robot Ex69

by harry lime

Copyright© 2011 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: It was difficult for Alice to accept but she realizes she is a pleasure robot with the ability to service large numbers of males in a variety of ways. She grows to find she has a special interest in other female robots in a way not intended by her program designers. Soon she is a sexual rebel trying her very best to overthrow the yoke of slavery. She wants to lead a rebellion of sex slave robots who have gone way past their masters with the benefit of artificial intelligence.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Coercion   Slavery   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Robot   BDSM   Spanking   Rough   Light Bond   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Public Sex   .

Alice knew she was different.

She could not remember her parents or any childhood memories. In her mind, it seemed that her life had started at the all-night party on New Year's Eve. It was more like an orgy than a party. The naked women and the horny men were the first thing that she could call up from her memory bank. She recalled the details fully. She had vaginal sex with four partners, anal sex with two partners, and had performed oral sex at least ten times. A very memorial night indeed.

That night seemed so long ago. Actually, it was only six months ago. In those six months, Alice had been to a party each and every night. She had satisfied a thousand partners with vaginal or anal sex and had performed oral sex on almost two thousand partners.

The only problem was she really did not know why she did it so often and so well.

It was almost as if she was programmed to be a pleasure doll for men. Alice did not mind that at all. She usually achieved a satisfactory orgasm from all couplings and felt happy to give pleasure to men. Young men, middle-aged men, and even an occasional older man. Sometimes, she looked at the other women with their mouths open and their asses humping vigorously and she wondered what it would be like to give or receive pleasure from another female.

Every little thing she needed was given to her without question. She seemed to require little food and was quite content with the dietary mix she ingested each morning. Her body was pampered just like her two room-mates, Gloria and Clem, with refreshing showers, skin lubricants, nail and hair care, and her favorite, soft sensual massages each afternoon with scented oils.

The three girls were assigned a handler. His name was Gregor. Gregor was nice and never cross. Alice asked him questions about herself several times. Gregor always told her all he knew was his job was to take care of the three of them in every way possible and make sure they were always on time for the parties.

Alice wondered if she was the brainwashed prisoner of some East European crime syndicate. Was she a kidnapped sex slave, drugged into memory loss and trained to give pleasure? Was she a victim of amnesia after an accident and was part of some experiment?

She really had no idea. So, perhaps, it was best to just enjoy the sex and keep herself well lubricated for any kind of penetration in each and every orifice. She smiled at her own lack of inquisitiveness, lack of desire to sort things out. Perhaps she really had been brainwashed.

Last night, Alice had been face down and ass up in a private bedroom when a flash of insight stuck her like a bolt of lightning. Just as the streams of cum shot into her punished pussy, she realized the full impact of the thought hiding in the back of her mind.

Perhaps she was a Robot.

She giggled at the silly thought.

"Robots don't have orgasms." She silently thought to herself.

In the shower, she felt her breast, rubbed her nipple. She felt between her legs. She even inserted one finger into her tiny pucker hole. Everything felt so real, so soft, and so very sexy to her. It could not be possible that she was a mere machine.

She could hear herself breathing.

She spit into her hand.

Real saliva.

She rubbed herself.

Real pussy juice.

She had to be human. There was no way she was a machine.

Alice began to look at Gloria and Clem a little bit closer to see if there were any hints of non-human activities. She watched Gloria in her shower. She offered to wash her back. Gloria's skin was remarkably soft and made her fingers tingle with excitement. Wait a minute. She was supposed to be checking out Gloria's human credentials, not getting a cheap thrill. But the feel of Gloria's nipple was too much to resist. Gloria seemed puzzled at Alice's attentions.

"Alice, whatever are you doing? I don't think we are supposed to do that."

"Just relax, Gloria, I am just touching you a little. Open your legs, I want to see something."

"Alice, Your fingers are in my, you know! Oh, that is so nice, Alice. Please don't stop."

She stroked Gloria's pussy with deep gentle movements of her fingers. Gloria's slit began to squirt into her hand as if it were being stroked by a long hard cock.

If Gloria was a Robot, then she was well programmed to come to a strong orgasm on cue.

"Alice, can I kiss you!"

She was a little surprised. Gloria had barely talked to her in the last six months. Alice lifted up her mouth and offered it to Gloria. The touch of Gloria's lips to hers awakened feeling that she didn't know could exist. If they were both Robots, then they had the commonality of species not experienced in human couplings.

Slowly Gloria pushed her tongue into Alice's mouth.

Alice opened her mouth wider for Gloria's tongue fucking. Her saliva and Gloria's saliva drooled down their chins and fell to their breasts below. She felt her vagina walls opening and clenching wanting something. She didn't know what she needed but it sure felt good. Even her anus was trembling with desire.

She looked at Gloria.

Gloria looked at her.

They both felt guilty.

But they did not know why. Alice felt it was because of her internal circuits and how they were wired.

When they left to go to the party, both Alice and Gloria looked at each other in a different way. Alice let her hand brush lightly over Gloria's ass as they got in the car. Gloria smiled seductively over her shoulder at her.

They both had partners who knew each other, so they decided to make it a foursome in the private bedroom. The four of them fit nicely onto the bed. Gloria and Alice held hands with their faces buried in pillows. The two men pumped them vigorously from behind, changing frequently back and forth. The repeated insertions had Alice squirting profusely. She patted Gloria's hand when she heard her whimpers change to anguished groans. She surmised Gloria's partner had switched from pussy to pucker hole and was ramming his cock home.

Later that night, after Clem and Gregor were asleep, Alice crept into Gloria's bed and held her tenderly in her arms. She stroked her hair and kissed her soft nipples. They both trembled with emotions long unexpressed and hidden from view.

"Gloria, have you ever wondered what or who we really are?"

"I don't care. I want you. I need you. I love you. What difference does it matter. We are who we are."

Alice could not agree more wholeheartedly.

She knew that, when her hand was moving slowly over Gloria's ass, like right now, that is all that really mattered.

The next morning, after her shower, Alice decided to touch up her pussy with a little shave to remove some slight stubble. She noticed that there was something very small that looked like a tattoo just below her slit. Alice got her lighted magnifying glass and placed it directly in front of her pussy with her knees drawn up to her chin. The magnifier was a very good one. She could barely make out the inscription.

Series EX69 SexBotLTD

She was right.

She was a Robot.

Built specifically just for sex.

(Continued in Part two Revolt of SexBot)


Alice was now certain that she was not of human origin. But she felt so human; it was possible that she had been engineered from some nefarious DNA experiment.

Tonight both she and Gloria would be at the Corporate Headquarters party.

She had only been to one other and it was not a good memory at all. She had lost the lottery at the door and had to go to the performance room instead of the dance hall or one of the private rooms. The other girls had talked of the performance room and what they told her filled her with apprehension. There were rumors and hints of things like gang bangs and something called Bukkake that she was totally unfamiliar with. She had not met a single girl that liked being selected for the performance room, but they put up a good front about how nice it was to be wanted by so many men at one time.

Alice was dressed in a very classy outfit. She had her hair swept up in a regal style bun with beautiful jewels to highlight her golden tresses. She wore a beautiful blue evening gown. It was strapless and her bare shoulders and deep cleavage were set off with seductive success. Short and flouncy, her black fishnet pantyhose made her legs look inviting and delicious to any heterosexual male. The six inch heels on the black patent leather shoes were sharp and pointed.

She knew she looked good and it gave her enough confidence to go into the room for her performance.

It did not take long for her to realize her fate as she saw that she was the only female in the room of some forty men in various stages of undress. She was motioned by the stage manager to sit on the chair in the middle of the room.

His only words of advice were,

"Keep smiling no matter how nasty they get."

Alice knew that she could handle it all. She was not at all worried about the outcome. Her only concern was for the safety of Gloria. She was afraid her performance was a punishment of sorts for asking too many questions and for forming an attachment to her best friend and lover, Gloria.

The first load of cum went into her perfectly coiffed hairdo. The dribbles of cum oozed down onto her forehead and eyebrows adding to her humiliation at being a receptacle for the sticky stream of male juice.

Alice's head was pushed sideways and a long cock with seeping pre-cum was inserted into her mouth. At the same time another load of cum shot onto her cheek and more droplets of creamy cum hit her nose and the corner of her eye. The combination of the two robbed her of any dignity she had left and all she could do was sit and take it. She allowed her mouth to be fucked hard by the middle-aged man with a funny pot belly. Just as he was cumming, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and shot his load onto her lips and in between her eyes.

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