Surprise From a Soccer Mom

by aubie56

Copyright© 2011 by aubie56

Horror Sex Story: Janet Malone is a widow who fits the MILF description to a 'T.' Unfortunately, Janet catches the eye of Jack Donner, a serial rapist and killer. This is the story of their meeting one Halloween Eve. Incidentally, this story is not quite long enough for the SOL Halloween story contest, and I did not want to pad it to fit the contest. The sex is slow to get started, but it is heavy once it does.

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Horror   BDSM   Rough   Sadistic   Snuff   Oral Sex   Violent   .

Janet Malone was a widowed soccer mom who was built like the proverbial brick chicken house; she was truly a MILF (Mother I'd Love to Fuck). She was the victim of a very bizarre circumstance. Her husband died on the night of the day that she was told that she was pregnant with a daughter.

His death was very strange: he had died of asphyxiation when an aerosol can of foam he was using to seal some air leaks around a garage window blew up in his face. The foam polymer had squirted foam deeply into his nose and mouth and had sealed his air passages beyond any hope of breaking through them before he suffocated. Janet told police that she had found him lying on the floor of the garage at about 11:30 PM when he was long overdue to come to share her bed. At least, between the insurance on her husband's life and the settlement her lawyer had gotten from the manufacturers of the foam and of the aerosol can, Janet had more than enough money to live a very comfortable life.

Her daughter, Sue, was born at the appropriate time, and Janet took care of Sue as if she were afraid something equally horrible would happen to the girl. Fortunately, nothing did, and Sue grew into a a happy and well adjusted early teenager. Yes, Sue played soccer, and Janet was at every game and virtually every practice to cheer her daughter on to bigger and better accomplishments.

Janet did not abandon contact with men after the loss of her husband. At first, she was somewhat reclusive, but after Sue was old enough to be left with her grandmothers or other suitable babysitters, Janet did begin to date. However, she was somewhat secretive about the men she dated and she occasionally brought one of them home to spend the night. On the other hand, Janet did spend the night at the man's apartment on a number of occasions.

Unfortunately, Janet was very unlucky with her choice of men. Rarely did she date the same man for more than a month before he disappeared. Janet's parents and in-laws did wonder what happened to the men, but Janet always said that they had left town for one good reason or another. Janet had never let it be known whom she had been dating, so there was no way for a person to check up on her. Actually, her in-laws wondered why Janet was so secretive and speculated between themselves that Janet was a closet-lesbian, and that was why she would never reveal who her contacts were. Well, these hidden lovers never seemed to affect Sue, so nobody followed up on any sort of suspicions.

Jack Donner was a high school dropout who had a very bad habit. He enjoyed raping and murdering soccer moms! So far, he had only killed three women over a two-year period, so the cops knew that there was a serial rapist and killer in the city, but Jack had done a very good job of covering his tracks. Normally, Jack was pretty much a regular young man, if a little unsavory. He had no steady girlfriend, but he did date a lot and managed to stay sexually satisfied, though he was a bit on the rough side and did not keep a girlfriend for very long.

Jack had a good job as a mechanic at a local Toyota dealer, and that was where he spotted his victims. Jack spent a lot of time following his intended victim and looking for the ways that he could cover his tracks after he had his satisfaction with a woman. This accounted for the long time between murders. Jack felt like he had to know everything about a woman before he took her, so he spent much of his free time stalking her after he had picked her out.

One day, Janet had taken her Prius in for routine maintenance, and Jack spotted her. He was struck by her beauty, so she was immediately put on his list as his next victim. She actually bumped a couple of women down the list so that she could be next. Jack had her address from the work order for her car, so he knew where she lived. However, Jack wanted to be sure that her house was a suitable place for the rape and murder to take place. He scouted the house thoroughly and determined that he could not possibly find a better location for what he had in mind.

The house was on a very large lot in an upscale gated community. That would keep nosy neighbors from tumbling to what went on in the house while Jack was there. It would be easy for Jack to get through the gate if he had Janet drive him through. All he had to do to escape was to drive away in her car, since there were no checks made of people leaving—only of people arriving.

Jack had done his examination of the house by climbing through a large storm drain and exiting inside the gated community through a manhole used to service the drain. Jack figured that he could even escape that way if he found that was better than taking Janet's car. Anyway, after six months of intense stalking, Jack was sure that he had all of the loose ends covered, and he was ready to attack Janet.

Jack maintained some contacts with girls in the 8th grade at the middle school where Sue was enrolled in the 7th grade. He would prefer to bypass contact with Sue if it was possible, but he would eliminate her if things worked out that way. Jack was able to bamboozle the girls at the school by letting them think that he found them attractive. Of course, the girls were thrilled to be noticed by an "older man," and did anything he wanted them to do. On rare occasions, Jack would meet one of them for a makeout session consisting of playing with their tits and nipples and some very mild oral sex.

Jack concocted a story that he had no trouble getting his enchanted girls to believe. He said that he was going to play a practical joke on Sue, but to do it, he needed to know when she was going to be away from home. As examples, he suggested a class trip or a sleepover—anything like that. The girls agreed to help Jack because Sue was a freshman, and the girls liked to torment girls who were in the lower grades. Later on, Jack could say that his practical joke had not worked, so he was abandoning it for something later. He knew that the girls would accept whatever he told them, so he was not concerned.

Finally, the day came. Sue was going on an overnight trip with her class into New York City for Halloween, so she would be out of circulation for a minimum of 36 hours. No matter what, Jack knew that he would be through with his fun by then.

Janet delivered Sue to the bus at the school at about 6:45 AM and the bus was on its way 15 minutes later. Jack had sneaked into the back seat while Janet was seeing Sue off. He had a set of the master keys that fit all Toyota products, so he had no trouble unlocking the door.

Janet returned to the car and drove toward home. She drove about two blocks and pulled to the side of the street. "Okay, who are you, and why are you hiding in my car?"

Jack was nonplussed that he had been spotted, but he said, "I'm Jack Donner, and I have admired you for months. I just want to get to know you better."

Much to Jack's surprise, Janet said, "Okay, I have always been intrigued by secret admirers. Come on. Crawl up to the passenger seat and let me look you over."

That, too, was hardly what Jack had expected, but it sounded like it would facilitate his plan, so he followed orders. Jack was dressed in his best street clothes, so he was not as unsavory as usual, and Janet looked him over. "Don't I know you? I have the strongest feeling that I have seen you several times before this. By the way, my name is Janet."

"Yes, Janet, I know your name. I am a mechanic who has worked on your car several times. I work at Smith's Toyota."

"Oh, yeah, now I recognize you, Jack. Let's go to my house where we can get to know each other a whole lot better. I'm a widow, and I get lonesome sometimes."

Jack was absolutely flabbergasted at his luck! He was being invited into the home of his next victim! He struggled not to let on how pleased he was at the invitation. "Sure, Janet, that sounds like a great idea."

Janet drove the half-hour it took to reach her house. The gatekeeper was not on duty, yet, so Jack's luck was holding even better than he expected. "My God, this is going to be the easiest one, yet," Jack thought as he and Janet talked about the weather and other inconsequential things on the way to her house. She pressed the key sequence to cause the gate to open, and Jack tried to memorize it just in case he ever needed it again. Janet made no effort to hide the code from him, and Jack figured that she was even more gullible than he had figured at first. Oh, well, Jack resolved not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Janet drove into the garage and closed the automatic door. "Come on in, Jack. I'll fix us some coffee, unless you want more than that for breakfast."

"No, coffee will be fine. I ate breakfast already." Janet fixed a cup of coffee for each of them, and they sat at the kitchen table while they drank it.

Janet said, "I was telling you the truth when I said that I sometimes miss the company of a man, and this is one of those times. What do you say that we finish our coffee and adjourn to my bedroom. I have some neat tricks to show you that you may not have encountered yet. By the way, my tubes have been tied off, so pregnancy is not a concern."

Jack's cock nearly poked a hole in his pants when he heard what Janet had to say. She was just digging herself in deeper and deeper, and Jack could hardly wait to start having fun with her. "I hope you mean what you say. My pecker has just grown another inch from listening to you talk."

"Wonderful, I love the feel of a long cock, especially if it is also big around. How about yours, Jack? Or do you want to wait to surprise me?"

"Hell, I'm in too big of a hurry, now, to fool around. Just show me to your bedroom. There, you can look at it all you want, as long as you don't want to wait too long for me to poke you with it."

Janet laughed a little chuckle. "Don't worry, Jack. I'll move plenty fast enough for both of us." Janet waved at Jack to follow her, and Jack didn't bother to rearrange his cock when he got up. He just opened his fly and let it poke out. Jack never wore underwear when he was making his final run on a victim.

Even Jack had to agree that it did not take long to reach Janet's bedroom. Her queen size bed exactly fit his requirements and expectations, so he was ready to start shedding his clothes. Janet saw the way his cock was throbbing with his heartbeat, and she started salivating at the thought of all she had in mind for doing with Jack. It had been too long since she had felt a man!

"Go ahead and strip. I can tell from the way your cock is throbbing that you are in a hurry. I sure don't want to waste any of that good stuff, so I want you inside me as soon as possible."

If it could happen, that simple statement by Janet caused Jack's cock to swell even more! By now, Jack was completely ruled by his desire to fuck the woman in front of him, so he did not hesitate to strip all of his clothes off as soon as he could manage it.

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