Jake and Lindsey's Halloween Odyssey

by IronBuddah

Copyright© 2011 by IronBuddah

Erotica Sex Story: A hung college stud receives a surprise invitation to hit parent' sexy Halloween party, and he's looking to score big. Not recognizing his sister in her costume causes things to heat up in a hurry when she wants a piece of his big cock. Their mother quickly intervenes, but her stern warning does little to discourage them. Can a beautiful and mysterious stranger keep the siblings from having sex with each other, and what might happen if the sister must look elsewhere for a big cock?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Swinging   Orgy   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Size   Big Breasts   .

Jake was a twenty year old sophomore in college. He loved the college life, and why shouldn't he? Sure, the workouts for the wrestling team were grueling, but they kept him in fantastic shape. That really paid off at parties, and he could always find at least one party to go to on the weekend. Usually though, he was partying both Friday and Saturday night with knowledge of multiple parties on either night so that he could switch venues if he wasn't making any progress with the available women at the first event or two.

However, tonight he wasn't going to a college party at all; he was going to his parents' Halloween party. For most college students, this would be a major source of disappointment. However, Jake had never been more excited looking forward to a night out than he was for this Halloween party. Jake's reaction would not be a surprise to people who knew what kind of Halloween party Jake's parents, Zack and Dylan, were famous for hosting. It might be more accurate to described their parties as costumed orgies instead of traditional Halloween parties.

The adults were pretty careful not to let too many juicy details of their wild gatherings slip, but even the smallest bit of gossip regarding these parties fueled multiple masturbation fantasies. For example, Jake was pretty sure that the son of a former baby sitter was really his half-brother. Jake didn't blame his father at all. He had always known that Melissa was pretty, but now that he was an adult himself, he would describe his former baby sitter as a stone cold fox. From the whispers he had overheard, his dad hadn't known Melissa wasn't on the pill until after some sort of sex game had started. Jake wasn't sure he had come to the right conclusion from what he had overheard, but just thinking about the possibility of his dad knocking up the former baby sitter always made him rock hard. Tonight was no excpetion.

Jake wasn't wearing underwear with this costume, but he did have a silk sleeve on over his johnson. He sighed as his foot-long organ swelled up while he was driving. That actually was a bit of a problem, but he did have his winter coat on to keep his erection away from the steering wheel. The size of his cock was a problem with the co-eds too.

He was always on the lookout for new women because most of the college girls he had met so far couldn't handle his size. He was really good at getting girls to go back to his dorm room with him, but about two times out of three he had to settle for a hand job or a blow job instead of getting laid. Even when he was able to get a girl to go all the way with him, it hadn't lasted because they said his big dick left them too sore to walk across campus to get to classes. His longest lasting relationship was with a chick who would only give him head, but eventually he wanted to get laid again and had broken up with her. He was really hoping some of his mother's more mature friends would appreciate his big dick.

Another reason he was so excited was that he hadn't expected to get an invitation to his parents' party until next year. Whenever he tried to get more information about what actually went on at these parties no one would talk about, he would be told that he could find out for himself once he turned twenty one. He still wasn't sure why he had gotten a call from his mother a few days ago saying he could attend the party so long as he came in costume, but he had instantly assured his mother that he would be there, in costume, and ready to party.

There were already several cars in front of his parent's house, and he was not surprised by the need to park on the street. Thankfully his cock had softened to the point that he didn't look like some sort of perverted flasher. However, he tried not to think about what he would see when he opened the door to keep his boner from popping right back up.

He wasn't disappointed when he entered the house. The first thing he saw was a young woman in a black body stocking and a fancy porcelain cat mask and cat ear headband who was taking people's coats. She was a young blonde and she might as well have been naked with what you could see through her body stocking. She had nice sized firm conical breasts; Jake guessed she would need a C cup if she had been wearing a bra with her costume. Looking further down, she had a nicely shaped mound with a trim little bush that he was getting very interested in exploring. There was just something familiar and appealing about the woman's figure that was giving him one intense boner.

"You are one sexy kitty!" Jake exclaimed. "You're in for a big surprise when I hand you my coat." Jake was wearing a loincloth, sandals and a cape. He was supposed to be one of the Spartans from 300. Other than that, all he had on was the brown silk sleeve covering his penis, and it was a good thing too. As hard as the black cat taking coats was making him, his boner was already tenting out of his loin cloth. "I think I'm feeling some animal attraction for you; why don't you take that mask off so I can see your pretty face?"

"You're in for a bigger surprise!" the blonde warned him.

"No it can't be!" Jake protested when he heard the coat girl speak. Despite the shock of hearing a very familiar voice, his rod was pointing straight at the blonde.

"Damn! That is a big surprise, but yes it can be!" The blonde removed her mask to end any doubt about her identity. "Your little sister is one sexy kitty!"

"You can't be here Lindsey, this is Mom and Dad's sex party! You're only..."

"Eighteen? You do remember that my birthday is in June, right?"

"Yeah, but I'm twenty, and this is my first party. That means you need to go away and come back in two years!"

"Sorry, I'm staying. Mom said I could. We worked out a deal."

"Oh, you little brat! That is so not fair! I'm going to go see what Dad has to say about this."

Jake's cock had begun to soften again once he realized that the chick he had been ogling was actually his little sister, and it softened further as they argued. Before he could turn away from her to go seek out their father, Lindsey shocked him by reaching out and squeezing the head of his cock through the silk tube. "Where's your big spear going, Spartan?"

"You can't do that! You're my sister!" However, the feeling of any woman's hand on his johnson was enough to keep Jake from getting any softer.

"I thought I was one sexy kitty? And besides, as big as your dick is, anyone with eyes could tell that you really were feeling more than just a little animal attraction for me before you knew I was your sister. You wanted to jump my bones right then and there!"

"Well, I know now!"

"So that's all there is too it? You know who I am, so I'm not sexy without the cat mask on?"

Against his better judgment, Jake took another look at his sister Lindsey. He had to admit that she was fine. Big conical breasts stretching out her body stocking., a narrow waist that led to nicely rounded hips, long blond hair and a pretty face, and something he couldn't put his finger on all made her very, very sexy. Jake was afraid that the mysterious part of her sex appeal was the fact that she was his sister, but he admitted to liking what he saw anyway. "No, that's not all there is to it. You are very sexy. There, I said it. Are you happy now?"

"No, I'm not happy," Lindsey said before throwing her arms around her brother's neck. Then she stood on her tip toes and kissed him right on the lips. "Now I'm happy."

Jake should have pushed his sister away but he was stunned by what had just happened. Then he felt Lindsey snuggling up to him; pressing her barely concealed, sizable tits against his bare chest. Jake was horny, and his cock didn't seem to care that it was his sister who had just kissed him full on the mouth. It's up and down adventure continued as he felt it growing hard once again and pressing against one of Lindsey's thighs. Jake couldn't deny that there was something very appealing and comfortable about Lindsey's body.

The next thing Jake knew, Lindsey's lips were pressed to his again, but this time he felt her tongue dart into his mouth. He didn't offer any resistance as Lindsey pushed him back to the couch then straddled him when he sat down. At first Jake told himself that he would keep it to just kissing, but it didn't take much tongue on tongue action before he threw that restriction out the window.

First he rubbed his hands on his sister's ass, then he reached up and began feeling his sister up. Jake liked what he felt. His sister's mounds were two nice sized handfuls. He squeezed them gently at first, but when Lindsey responded by kissing him even more intently than before, he really started working her breasts over with his hands. He loved the way he could tell her nipples were getting harder as they made out on the couch. He also loved the way his long cock would graze his sister's belly as they fooled around on the couch.

"Lindsey! I thought I told you that if you wanted to come to the Halloween party that you had to keep your mask on at all times. Now here you are making out with a guest after fifteen minutes of coat duty!" Lindsey let out a squeal when her mother grabbed her by her earlobe and pulled her away from the couch.

"Ow, ow, ow! Sorry Mom; I'll put the mask back on!"

"Who's so interesting that you had to start making out with them before even one party game?"

"Oh shit!" Jake whispered to himself. He had been trying to quietly slip off the couch before their mother noticed that he had been the one Lindsey had a lip lock on.

"Jake? What the fuck?" Dylan shot out one of her long arms and caught her son by the ear now. Dylan was tall, about five foot nine, so she had a long reach. "You two, come with me! Now!"

Dylan was in great shape, and she was wearing a costume that left one breast bare. Her belted tunic showed that her waist was still as narrow as her daughter's, but, not surprisingly after having two kids, her hips were wider. She made quite a scene marching her son with his erection protruding out from under his loincloth and her daughter who was about as close to naked as one could get in her body stocking back to a spare bedroom. Between those things and Dylan's firm ass swaying under her short skirt as she walked, the people staring hardly knew where to look.

Slamming the door, Dylan hissed, "It's one thing to catch your daughter making out with someone, but it's an entirely different thing to catch your two children making out. What the fuck is up with that Jake?"

"Um, she was being a brat, and then we started kissing."

Dylan was dumbfounded. "That's your explanation? That doesn't even make any sense!" In Jake's defense, despite being busted, his cock hadn't gone soft. His cock was throbbing in a nearly uncontrollable manner inside the silk sleeve he had covered it with, and his mother's bare breast was making it almost impossible for him to think. He knew his mother had breast implants, and her tits, or at least the one he could see was just as firm as those of her eighteen year old daughter. Furthermore, they were about a size or two bigger than Lindsey's and very round instead of conical.

"What about you young lady? Can you explain why you were swapping spit with your brother?"

"Well, he was really flirting with me when he came in. He wasn't expecting me to be here at all and he was fooled by my mask. You know, he called me a sexy kitty and things like that. Then he freaked out and said I couldn't be here. After he admitted that I was sexy, I kissed him. I mean, really Mom, can you blame me? Look at the size of Jake's cock; it's fucking huge!"

Dylan looked her her son, and saw the size of his distended cock. She was momentarily stunned by what she saw. She had expected him to be bigger than average because of his father, but this was unreal. Dylan snapped back to the task at hand when she noticed that her son's mouth was hanging open and his eyes were locked on her bare breast. If she could have done it all over again, she wouldn't have caved to peer pressure and invited her children to the very adult Halloween party that she and her husband Zack liked to throw. However, failing that, she wouldn't have chosen a costume that left one of her tits uncovered front of her children.

"Jake! Are you staring at your mother's tits? Oh my word, you're actually drooling over your own mother?"

"Fuck Mom! You're sexy as Hell. I was looking to get some MILF action for my big cock, but I never thought I'd be looking you like this. I can't help it though. I was horny when I got here, and you and Lindsey have got me more hot and bothered than I can ever remember being before!"

"That's just disgusting. I can't believe you two. I don't care how big your dick is; I'm not touching it! So put that notion out of your head. And you shouldn't be thinking about your mother and sister that way either!"

"I'll touch it, and he can think of me that way all he wants!" Lindsey interrupted, as she one again squeezed the tip of her brother's cock.

"Oh fuck! That feels so good!" Jake exclaimed. "Damn, I just had a mini-gasm!"

"Huh?" Lindsey asked puzzled.

"I didn't cum, but a drop of semen oozed out of my cock when you touched me again."

"That is so cool! Can I see?"

"No! No you may not see! No, no, no! I'm putting my foot down. No more of this incest crap; it ends now. I should have never let Sharron talk me into inviting that eighteen year old friend of hers, Britney. If I hadn't let her attend, I wouldn't have had to let the two of you come. Then I wouldn't have caught my own kids making out on the couch. That better been the first time the two of you ever tried anything like that!"

"It was, but if I had known how big his dick is, I might have tried kissing him sooner!"

Dylan pointed her finger at Jake. "You, go out side. If Lindsey goes outside, you come inside. If she comes back inside, you go out or head to the basement. If she follows you into the basement, you go upstairs. Understand? I don't want the two of you in the same space the rest of the party. I'm going to have a talk with my daughter about her sudden fascination with big cocks."

Jake managed to sneak outside where the darkness would partially conceal his raging hard on. Even in its sleeve, it was a little embarrassing to be sporting a foot-long boner. Jake thought it might take a while for it to go down on it's own. He couldn't stop thinking about the way his mother and his sister looked in their costumes, and his cock was still throbbing from how close he had been to cumming when Lindsey had squeezed the tip of his dick a second time. He was trying to think of ways he could let his sister have some more hand time with his manhood without their mother noticing as he picked up a beer from the cooler.

Then he noticed his mom's friend Sharron standing near the bonfire. Sharron's dyed red hair was distinctive even in the dim light. It looked like there was a blonde standing next to her, and Jake wondered if that could be the other eighteen year old at the party. His cock and balls both started to tingle as he remembered what he had already done tonight with his eighteen year old sister. Jake gave up on the idea of letting his hard on subside and decided to go talk to Sharron. Even if he didn't make any progress with his moms friend, Jake was much more willing to give women his own age another chance after what his sister had done to him.

"Hi Aunt Sharron." Jake said confidently as he tried to check out the blonde without directly looking at her. His first impressions were positive; she seemed similar to Lindsey in size and build. He couldn't believe he couldn't keep from comparing chicks to his sister now, but he just couldn't. Once the family comparisons started running through his mind, he couldn't seem to stop making them. Even though Sharron was a hot red head in a skimpy costume, Jake decided that she wasn't as hot as his mother. Her breasts were neither as large, nor as firm. He also decided that his mother had a prettier face, but that didn't stop him from grinding his huge boner against Sharron's belly when she reached out to hug him. Not quite as hot as his mother was still hot!

"You've got a naughty costume on Jake!" Sharron exclaimed. "What kind of dildo do you have stuffed in there?"

"That's all me," Jake explained proudly.

"No fucking way! Dylan never told me that her son had grown up to be so big!"

"I don't think she had any idea before tonight."

"Well that must have been a big surprise, no pun intended. What's got you worked up like this?"

Not wanting to admit it was his mother and sister Jake smoothly responded, "Right now, it's the two of you!"

"Hi, I'm Britney," The blonde said taking that opening to introduce herself. "I'm Sharron's best friend. I'm so glad she talked your mom into letting me come. Now I thought Sharron and your Mom were just friends; is Sharron really your aunt?"

"They're just friends, not sisters; I've just always called her Aunt Sharron." Jake paused after explaining as he appraised the young woman he was talking to. She was really pretty, maybe even a bit more so than his sister in the face, but Lindsey had the better body overall. His sister was a bit slimmer and had bigger boobs. However, in the short skirt she was wearing, her thighs looked incredible. Jake couldn't think of any other way to describe them other than fuck-me thighs. "By the way, I'm really glad Mom let you come to the party too."

"Totally, like, if I hadn't been here, I wouldn't have gotten to see your amazing cock!"

"Well, if you don't mind me saying so, you've got incredible legs, and I'd like to see more of them!" Jake replied.

Lindsey responded by flipping up her short skirt to reveal her panties. They looked like white cotton with some sort of emblem on the crotch. Not to be outdone, Sharron flipped up her skirt too revealing a similar pair of panties.

"What were those images over your, um..." Jake gasped not being able to make out exactly what he saw in the dim light.

"Over our pussies?" Sharron finished Jake's question. "Here, let's step closer to the fire so you can get a good look Jake." Sharron and her young friend lifted up their skirts and held them up so that Jake could get a better look.

"Is that a lemon on Britney's panties and maybe a strawberry on yours Aunt Sharron?"

"You're right about Britney's, and you're on the right track with mine."

"I've got no clue."

Britney explained her costume, "I'm Lemon Meringue Pie. You know, Strawberry Shortcake, Blueberry Muffin..."

"Well, I guess you're some red fruit character, but Lindsey never had any of those toys. I still don't have a clue as to what your costume is Aunt Sharron."

"I'm Raspberry Tart. Isn't it cute that we got these matching panties to go with our costumes?"

Sharron and Britney were still holding their skirts up, and the people near the fire had started watching the show. Jake didn't remember getting down on one knee, but since he was already in position, he put one hand on Sharron's thigh and another on Britney's. The women had on green and white, thigh high socks as part of their costume, and Jake placed his hands on the bare portions of their thighs. Then he leaned in to inspect their panties more closely. He decided that Britney's wonderfully rounded firm thighs would make a perfectly acceptable substitute if he couldn't figure out a way to bang his sister. His mom would probably be happier if that was his plan A instead of his plan B, but he felt like he deserved credit for coming up with anything that didn't involve incest. However, he was kind of amazed that he had originally intended to move in on Sharron and was now just at interested in Britney. Maybe they liked to do things together Jake thought hopefully.

"OK, enough looking at us," Sharron told him. "Stand up so we can get a better look at your cock." Almost as soon as he stood up, the two women were on their knees and had their hands on his thighs as they inspected his raging boner.

"So, are you going to leave that big thing in its little sleeve all night?" Sharron asked.

"I'm might be persuaded to take it out for the right woman, or the right women."

Britney giggled, "It already looks like we're giving you a tag team blow job!" That caused Sharron to open her mouth and Jake responded by making thrusting movements in her direction. Before things could progress any further, Jake felt a tug on his arm from behind. He had to step away from the two women on their knees to keep from losing his balance and falling.

"Lindsey! What the fuck? Go back inside! You know I'm supposed to go back inside if you come out, and I'm having a good time with Sharron and her friend."

"Shut up! We don't have much time. Mom's doing shots of Goldschläger to calm her nerves after catching us on the couch. I want you to hold me up so I can bob for apples, but we have to take our turn right now."

"What? No! Go back inside you little brat! You're going to get us busted out of the party!" Jake stopped moving, and his sister came to a halt with a jerk as she was not nearly strong enough to move her muscular brother if he didn't want to move.

Backing up, Lindsey begged, "Please?"

In the process, Jake felt his sister's ass collide with his long cock. His immense cock throbbing against one of his sisters buttocks robbed him of the ability to think. He found himself stammering, "OK." This time when he felt Lindsey tug on his arm, he docilely followed her to the big vat of apples.

"Lindsey and Jake, bobbing for apples." Jake's hard on had become so intense, he could barely hear his sister; it felt like all he could hear was the sound of his heart pounding in his chest.

"OK, you've got 90 seconds to get all the apples you can with the girl's hands tied behind her back." The man in the vampire costume running the contest explained the rules even as he was tying Lindsey's hands. "The timer doesn't start until the girl's face touches the water for the first time, so make sure you get a good grip on her. Also, the guy has to be holding the girl off the ground at all times when she has an apple in her mouth. If she touches the ground in any way getting an apple from the vat to the scoring bin, that apple doesn't count."

"What's the deal with that chick who just hauled Jake away from us?" Britney asked Sharron.

"The guy in the vampire costume announced her name as Lindsey. It almost looks like, but no, it has to be a different Lindsey."

"Who did you think it was?"

Sharron shook her head, "My first guess can't be right. With that mask she's wearing, it's hard to tell anything else."

"It looks like he's about to bend her over a couch."

"I know." Sharron agreed as Jake first had his covered cock pointed straight at Lindsey, then tucked it carefully between her thighs. He got a good grip around his sister's waist and lifted her easily off the ground. Lindsey secured herself further by locking her legs around her brother.

"You got a good grip?" the vampire asked.

"Oh fuck!" was all the response Jake could muster.

"Start whenever you're ready then."

It didn't take Lindsey long to recognize her mistake. "Damn it! I forgot to take my fucking mask off!" Unfortunately for her, she had already dunked her face in the water. "Fuck! Jake, we're going to have to switch positions. Set me down!"

Sharron exclaimed, "Holy shit! I was right the first time I looked at that girl!"

"Who is she then?"

Looking around at the crowd, some people were paying attention to get the name of woman in the body stocking. Not wanting to embarrass her friend Dylan without knowing more of what was going on, Sharron whispered into Britney's ear, "Remember how he mentioned Lindsey's toys as a reason he couldn't identify our costumes? That's his little sister Lindsey!"

"What the fuck!?"

"I don't know, keep that to yourself until I talk to Dylan to find out what the scoop is."

"Whoa! That cinnamon taste is intense!" someone yelled.

Zack had been looking out the window as Dylan and some others had done two shots of Goldschläger back to back. He noticed something strange, "Um, Honey, was there anyone besides Lindsey wearing a body stocking for a costume?" Zack asked his wife. Zack was a very muscular body builder, but he was an inch shorter than his wife. His costume was a lot like his son's except he was supposed to be Hercules, so his cape had a lion head hood. If he had realized that his son was coming dressed as a Spartan, Zack might have encouraged his daughter to go as an Amazon in a costume like Dylan's. He actually considered his wife's costume to be more modest than his daughter's.

"No, why?"

"Um, well, it looks like they're a team in the bobbing-for-apples contest."

"What? Those two are so hard headed. I'm going to kill them!"

"Easy honey, it's not that big a deal."

"Really?" Dylan whispered into her husband's ear that she had caught their kids making out on the couch about half an hour ago.

"That's ... strange," Zack frowned, "Still, don't make a scene. Remember what happened when your dad threatened to get the shotgun if he ever saw me kissing you on his porch again?"

Dylan sighed, "I started sneaking out at night so we could do more than kiss in your family's back yard." Looking around the room, Dylan's eye fell on a raven haired beauty with wide eyes surrounded by dark makeup and absolutely huge tits. Dylan had never seen her before, but she looked like a good choice for the job she had in mind. "Hey, you, busty goth chick."

When the young woman pointed at herself, Dylan nodded and she approached. "Hi, what's your name?"


"Hanna, I'm Dylan. See that guy out there, do you think you could pry him away from that girl he's holding over a vat of apples?"

"Maybe, is he a nice guy?"

"Oh, he's a very nice guy, but he's a little confused at the moment."

"Nice guys are Hanna."

Dylan looked at the young woman quizzically, "What?"

"It means I am into nice guys. What else can you tell me about him?"

"His name is Jake, and he has a huge cock!"

The dark haired woman smiled, "Big dicks are very Hanna." Her mouth was wide and quite expressive; her lips we covered in bright red glittery lipstick. "Any other instructions?"

Dylan didn't know what Hanna's costume was supposed to be, but with her slender legs in tights and huge tits spilling out of a purple tank top, Dylan wasn't sure it mattered., so she added something for her own benefit. "Yeah, see this big guy staring at your tits? That is my husband Zack, some fun and games are expected at this party, but you are not to try to pry him away from me."

"Understood, Hanna is on the job! There is no time to start like the present," Hanna said as she headed out the door.

"Damn! Where did she come from? That is one totally hot, but very weird chick. Do you know who invited her?" Zack wondered after Hanna headed to the back yard.

Dylan responded, "Haven't got a clue. You know, I looked for the prettiest girl in the room for what I had in mind, but I don't think our son stands a chance against this one!"

"Yeah, he is in way over his head with her and he doesn't even know it yet! I think, maybe, I should have just let you make a scene!"

Jake felt something rubbing on his cock as he lowered his sister to the ground. He didn't realized what it was until after his sister was facing him and he had picked her back up. The sleeve of silk that he been concealing his cock had been pulled off by the friction between his body and Lindsey's when he set her down. His sister was already ordering him to pick her back up, so he didn't get a chance to try to replace it.

"Thirty seconds!" the vampire yelled.

As Jake stepped back to where Lindsey could reach the vat of apples again, he considered the differences between holding her the way he was now and the way he had been holding her originally. It was really cool tucking his dick between his sister's legs like he was about to do her dogie style, but after he picked her up his dick was mostly rubbing against her belly, not her crotch. It still felt good, but after the initial positioning, it wouldn't have been sexual at all except for the fact that he was hard as a brick.

Holding his little sister while she faced him was a different story. For one thing, he was looking straight at her nearly naked tits. For another, he had to hold her by grabbing her ass, and on top of that she had a much tighter leg lock on him than before. Jake grunted when Lindsey arched her back and dunked her head into the vat. She straightened her back, and her long hair flung great amounts of water all over the area surrounding the vat. Several spectators squealed as they moved back to a safe distance from the water. Jake got wet too, but he was more focused on the way Lindsey's motions had driven the base of his cock up against her pussy lips.

Lindsey's intent with the wild motion of her body hadn't been to get the spectators wet, but to dislodge her mask. Her violent motions had been sufficient and it sank to the bottom of the vat with a plop. Her cat ears were at the bottom of the vat too. "There, now with that fucking mask out of the way, maybe I get get some apples." She tightened her leg lock on her brother, squeezing her pussy even more tightly against the base of his cock before arching her back to bob for apples from an inverted position.

Jake felt his sister's snatch slide up an inch or two when she arched her back, then back down an inch or two when she came up for air. On her second try, she snagged and apple, so he twisted his body so that she could drop it into the bin. She was effectively dry humping him as she bobbed for apples, and he was wanting to fuck her fully more than ever. He didn't care that she was his sister. He wanted all of his cock inside of her, not just the base of his cock rubbing against her pouty pussy lips through a layer of nylon.

"Sixty seconds!"

Jake had been trying not to cum, but something about only having half a minute left to hold Lindsey while she bobbed for apples caused him to start thrusting his hips against his sister. He knew there were people watching, and that his cock was completely exposed now, but he couldn't help himself. He was was horny when he got here, gotten even hornier when he made out with his sister on the couch, and nearly gone into overdrive leering at the one huge tit his mother's costume bared. Inspecting Sharron and Britney's panties hadn't calmed him down any.

The people watching were snapping pictures of him as he dry humped his little sister, but the flashes going off just froze images of Lindsey in different positions in his mind's eye. His cock needed relief, and he had passed the point of no return. He was going to get off, the only question was, would it happen before or after the time limit for bobbing for apples was up. The next time Lindsey surfaced with an apple, Jake knew. Something about his sister's wet chest and an apple in her mouth set him off. "Here it comes!" he cried. Then he grunted in time with 4 or 5 big jets of cum. The first launched all the way into Lindsey's hair, the second stretched all the way across her face, and the rest splattered against her tits.

Now that he had cum, Jake was stunned by what had just happened. He had cum really hard, but now that his cock had gotten some relief, he wasn't sure how to feel about having just dry humped his sister in front of a good chunk of the party goers. Despite his confusion, he continued to work his cock against Lindsey's pussy as more cum continued to ooze out.

"Time's up!"

Lindsey was humming with the apple still in her mouth and motioning toward the scoring bin with her head. Jake absentmindedly turned his body and Lindsey spit the apple into the bin.

"Three apples," the vampire running the contest announced. "And someone get the hose, we need to put some water back in the barrel after that unique bobbing method."

"Hey, I got 4 apples!"

"Last one came after time was up."

"I totally had that one if Jake hadn't spaced out after he spunked all over me."

"Well, he did spunk all over you, and he did space out. I'm impressed that you got three after you forgot to take your mask off. Even if you had 4, you need at least 5 to get any sort of a prize at this point."

"Stupid mask. I had totally would have had the best score in this party game if hadn't forgotten to take it off!" Jake was still in a daze when Lindsey turned back to him. "Still, that was pretty awesome, huh? Cumming on me like that I mean. You really liked it, didn't you? I bet you would have felt like a winner if I hadn't been able to get a single apple!"

"Um, it felt great, but now that it's done I'm not sure what I should think about it."

"What do you mean by that?" Lindsey demanded.

"Well, you know, I'm not sure if we should do anything else like that."

"You can't tell me you don't want to do that, or more, again."

"Well, I was wanting to do more before I came, and it was a really good cum, but now I'm wondering if we should just leave it as a one time only thing."

"Just give yourself fifteen minutes to rest, you're going to want to do it again," Lindsey said confidently. "When you said you wanted to do more, were you talking about going all the way?"

"Before I came, that was ... what ... what's happening to me?" Jake looked down to see raven haired Hanna squatting on the ground and sucking on his semi-hard cock. "Where did you come from? Oh, who cares? Just don't stop doing what you're doing. You're the most gorgeous creature I've ever laid eyes on!"

"Hey! You just came all over me. You were about to tell me that you were thinking about having sex with me! Don't talk about some random ho being the prettiest thing you've ever seen in front of me like that."

"Look at her! Long jet black hair, ruby red lips, huge freaking tits, and she's got these great big hypnotic eyes looking up at me while she sucks the jizz stuck in my shaft after cumming on you. How can I not say she's the prettiest thing I've ever seen? Oh that's it baby! Suck all that nasty jizz out of my cock! It's just going to ooze out later once I'm completely soft if you don't."

"Jake, don't look at her, look at me! We're not done talking!"

"This is the most amazing thing that's ever happened to me!"

Lindsey slugged her older brother in one of his ripped arms. "I don't believe you. You came, came hard, all over me, not two minutes ago, and now some chick you've never met sucking your cock is the most amazing thing that's ever happened to you? I said look at me! You haven't taken your eyes off this chick since you noticed her sucking your dick! She's not even wearing a costume. She's just got some dark make up on around her eyes and big tits in a tank top. That's just lame!"

Jake wasn't listening to his sister, instead he was stroking Hanna's cheek and holding her hair so that none of it got in the way of her great big eyes looking up at him.

Dylan had come out to see how operation seduce Jake was going. She had realized that she had sent one sexy minx out to reel in her son, but was surprised at how fast the little bitch moved. Dylan smiled when she saw how furious Lindsey was with what was going on.

Lindsey noticed her mom, and tried to complain. "Your son has this slut who came out of nowhere sucking on his cock!"

"Not my problem," Dylan snapped. "Do you know what is my problem? Your mask."

"What about my mask?"

"You're not wearing it. You agreed to keep it on at all times during the party. I've caught you without it twice now; that's two strikes. One more and I'm booting you out the door!"

"Fine, I'll put the fucking mask back on!"

While Lindsey was trying to fish her mask out of the vat of apples, Dylan told Hanna and Jake, "Why don't you two go inside for a while? She's going to need to dry off and then stand by the fire to warm up a bit, so you should have a little time to yourselves."

"There you are! I heard you were shooting Goldschläger in the kitchen, but then I didn't find you there," Sharron said when she saw Dylan. "What in the world is going on with Jake and Lindsey?",

"I wish I knew," Dylan sighed "I felt like I had to let Lindsey come if I let your eighteen year old friend attend, then I felt like I had to let Jake come to the party if I was letting his little sister come. The next thing I know, Lindsey's not at the door collecting coats. Instead she's making out with some guy on the couch. When I pull her off the guy, it's her own brother, Jake!"

"Do you think they did anything like this before?"

"They tell me they didn't, which makes me think more than ever that it was a big mistake to invite either of my kids to this party!"

"So they saw each other in sexy costumes, and just went incest crazy?"

"That's what it seems like. And it wasn't just Lindsey. While I'm reading them the riot act, Jake is staring at my bare boob and drooling! I think I've solved the problem though. I told that busty, black haired goddess to sink her claws into Jake and keep him away from Lindsey. From what I've seen, he's going to have his hands too full with her to have time for any more incest."

"Who is she? I've never seen her at one of your parties before. I think I usually compare pretty well to the twenty somethings, but she makes me feel inadequate!"

"I hear what you're saying. I specifically ordered her not to sink her claws into Zack. All I know is that her name is Hanna, and the little minx moves quickly. I don't even know who she came to the party with. Ugh! All this talk about Jake and Lindsey is making my head hurt. Let's go round up some people who are ready to drink! I think I need another shot of Goldschläger." Dylan proposed.

"Sounds good to me!"

Britney turned away in disgust once she saw Jake was cumming on his own sister. She almost walked into a young man in some sort of superhero costume. "Sorry, I didn't know anyone was behind me."

"It was probably my fault. I was trying to get a better look at the porn show and was standing too close. But as pretty as you are, can you blame me?"

"Freak show is more like it!" Britney complained.

"Well, I promise I won't whip my dick out and simulate sex with you in the back yard." That made Britney laugh, so the man added. "I'm Brent. Maybe you can help me out with a problem."

"I'm Lemon Meringue Pie, also know as Britney, what sort of problem do you have?"

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