But I Don't Want to Be a Boy

by harry lime

Copyright© 2011 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Poor Henry/Henrietta is confused and for good reason. She/He has a decision to make. A decision that must be made by his/her self alone. Thank goodness she/he has a very helpful and caring nurse to make her decision easier and a brother to assist her in her experimentation in the quiet of her bedroom.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Hermaphrodite   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   Spanking   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Doctor/Nurse   .

The patient sat nervously perched, on the edge of the examining table, in the Doctor's office.

The crisp paper under her ass crackled so loud, it was as if little firecrackers exploded in her head. The covering was wrinkled quite nastily by her squirming buttocks. She had one hand at her lips in a most agitated manner. Her nails had been bitten right down to the quick. Her brow was all furrowed with concentrated concern. Her chewing compulsion was a sign of great stress. Most notably, she couldn't stop crossing and uncrossing her long slender and shapely legs again and again.

She gave furtive glance down to confirm "her business" was not showing.

The patient's name was Henrietta. Henrietta was a "She". Yes, she was certain she was a "she". The problem was ambiguity and, of that, there was plenty. She was very sensitive about what she called, "her business". In the shower room at school, she always dressed-over and never showered with the other girls. When questioned, she claimed an allergy to the liquid soap in the stalls. That worked rather well, these days nobody questioned and allergy. It was an excuse that everyone accepted. What really solidified her odd behavior was the fact that she did do all her exercises quite proficiently and never had a complaint from any of the Physical Education teachers.

The fact that she had an unusually deep voice and impressive upper body strength for a girl was easily overlooked. Entirely due to her fine featured and extremely pretty face, her beautiful long blonde hair, and her delectable, developing body.

Henrietta had a Secret.

Her Mum and Dad always knew. Her older Brother Alan knew, but he never once said a word; except that one time in the shower when he blurted out his dismay and shouted out in the loudest voice ever, "You've got a prick!"

The simple truth was Henrietta was a Hermaphrodite.

Yes, she had all the equipment for either male or female sexual activity. That was why she was so secretive and why she protected her privacy referred to as, "my business". Now, nearing her Eighteenth birthday, and ready to graduate from High School; Henrietta found herself at a crossroads. That was why she was sitting on the examining table on a beautiful spring day.

There was a soft tap on the door and it opened slowly. She expected to see the Doctor, but it was only the Nurse. Nurse Betty was bright and cheerful and bubbled with charm. Her giggle was infectious and she looked good in white. The nurse's uniform was starched and truly pristine. Henrietta could not help but smile at her obvious efforts to put her at ease.

"It will just be a few more moments, Honey. The Doctor had an Emergency call. He will be in to see you next."

"I am getting cramps on this table, Nurse. May I sit in the chair?"

"Of course, Dear. Let me help you."

Nurse Betty put her hands on Henrietta's waist and Henrietta leaned on her strong shoulders to get back to the ground. She slid down the starched uniform to stand on her feet. For some unknown reason, Henrietta felt very safe. She hated to let Nurse Betty's hands go as she sat in the chair.

"Honey, I have to get your BP and then a quick temp. Just take a second, but its procedure and you know how they insist."

The Nurse took her Blood Pressure with a professional touch. Henrietta blushed when she realized the temp was to be rectal. She stood up and bent over as far as she could. Nurse Betty wore gloves and her fingers were a little cold. The feel of the lubricant made her tremble as it was pushed into her tight little hole. Her gasp was very audible and they both had a giggle. Henrietta smiled back at Nurse Betty to show her complete trust. The thermometer slid in so easily that Henrietta was surprised to see it sticking out in the mirror. She caught Nurse Betty admiring her nude butt. It made her a bit nervous but the very thought made her so hot.

"One last thing. I have to get a little urine sample."

Nurse Betty held a small bottle with a wide open top. She got down on her knees and opened the hospital gown to get her small deposit. Henrietta was mortified to know that she was looking at "her business".

"Oh, Dear! Where does it come from? Up here or down there?"

"It is from up here, I'm afraid. The Doctor said that's quite normal in cases like my own. But I sit down to do it just like every other girl I know."

Nurse Betty was quite flustered, but she hid it very well. She reached down and touched it. It jumped up and rose. Henrietta put her hands over her face to cover her embarrassment, but strangely, felt elated. Small, to be sure, and unsure of its purpose. It was either a very large clitoris or a very small penis. But this was the exit point for the deposit required and Henrietta obliged with a splash in the bottle and some on the hand. Nurse did not flinch as she still wore her tight glove. Henrietta noticed that Nurse Betty was still looking even after the task was completed. They looked at each other and smiled in quiet silence. Henrietta knew her secret would be safe with Nurse Betty.

As she was leaving, Nurse Betty gave Henrietta a small piece of paper.

"That's my email address if you need a friend to talk to."

For some reason, she really did not understand; Henrietta pressed Nurse Betty's hand to her cheek, as she shook it, upon leaving the small examining room. She knew she liked boys, but, girls were nice too.

The Doctor came in without any knock.

Henrietta was a bit taken aback to see both her Mum and Dad followed behind.

"How are we today?"

She bit her lip, holding back a wise crack, and smiled brightly, wishing this to be over very quickly.

"Henrietta, you may not understand everything I am going to say. I have explained all this to your Mom and Dad, and they realize all the different ramifications of your gender assignment."

Henrietta did not interrupt him, but those two words put her on alert. Something was rotten and it wasn't in Denmark.

"There are actually five levels of gender, Henrietta, although most people think of gender as being either female or male. Now female and male are at the opposite ends of the spectrum, but in the middle there are three other very gray areas."

The voice droned on and on. Talking about the male dominated Hermaphrodites, the neutral Hermaphrodite, and the female Hermaphrodite. How each was related to different factors and underlying criteria, etc. etc. The thing that really stuck in her mind was the assumption being made by the Doctor that she would automatically be assigned either the female or the male gender. It really seemed so simple that if there were five different gender levels, then her choice would be from one of the five, not only just two. Why couldn't she just stay the way she was. After all, it was "her business".

She tuned into the Doctor just as he was saying,

"Your Mom and Dad agree with me. It would be much better for us to focus on developing your male characteristic pattern, since you are able to use your phallic shaft in a masculine manner. Of course, this would entail the closing of your vagina and some heavy chemical treatments to enhance your male side and eliminate your feminine side."

All of this was said with a studied air of assertive infallibility and no interest at all in what she wanted. She glanced at her parents, both sitting silently by, They smiled reassuringly and seemed ill at ease. Her Mother, she knew, would never question a Doctor; and her Father, God bless him, hadn't a clue.

"Do you have any questions, Henrietta?"

She saw he had to look at the chart to make certain of her name.

"No, Doctor. I guess we all have to go home and discuss our best course of action. You have been a big help."

Henrietta didn't think any such thing, but would not discuss it half dressed in the Doctor's office. She was hopelessly outnumbered and it was fruitless to argue when their minds were made up. Everyone seemed happy at her noncommittal reply. Avoid confrontation is the safest option for most.

The drive home was very quiet. Each buried in their own thoughts. Sometimes, no communication is the best communication of all. When they got home, Henrietta went to her room after telling her parents she was not hungry.

Her computer was blinking a message that she had mail. She pulled up the message; it was from NursBete69 at yazoo.com. The message was short and sweet.

Dear Henrietta, I loved taking your temp, I loved taking your sample, and it was warm on my hand. Please talk to me tonight. Your friend, Betty

Henrietta was happy. Her low feeling was gone. She would talk to Betty and feel better. She was certain of that. The thoughts of the Doctor and the silly courses of action seemed now far away. She set up a chat to Betty with her laptop on the bed. Henrietta wanted to be comfortable with Betty in bed.

Henrietta: Hi Betty, I loved your gentle touch.

Betty: Honey, your ass cheeks were so pretty, I wanted to kiss them.

Henrietta: Betty, Your uniform is so sexy, you make me so hot.

Betty: I'm wearing a white lace thong with a cord in my ass.

Henrietta: You know I like you like a girl likes a girl, but even something more.

Betty: I know, sweet Henrietta, you want to stick me with your little tool.

Henrietta: Can I make love to you as a girl, and then as a boy?

Betty: Yes, and then I will suck your little dickie and lick your sweet cunt.

Henrietta: They want me to get rid of my cunt and puff up my little dick.

Betty: That would be a crime against nature, you are so unique.

Henrietta: Will you show me how to use everything like a woman and man?

Betty: It will be my pleasure; don't let the Doctor near you with needle or knife.

Henrietta: Do you have a man friend, who can make me complete?

Betty: My big Brother is a real macho prick. He is 10 inches and a very thick dick.

Henrietta: That sounds so delightful. Will he fuck my tight ass?

Betty: I would love to see that. It is his favorite thing.

Henrietta: There is someone coming. I have to stop here.

Betty: We will get together as soon as we can.

There was a knock on her door. Henrietta knew it wasn't her Mum or Dad because they never knocked. Probably hoping to catch her masturbating or something. It was her Brother Alan. He was a pretty good guy. Usually, he never bothered her. She knew he liked her. Perhaps, he was a little afraid of her because of her extra equipment.

"Hi sis. I heard what the Doctor told you. I just wanted you to know. I think it sucks. You are the greatest girl going. All the guys love the way you look. They love your great butt. They all talk about your pretty tits and ask me if I saw what they look like. I can't think of a single guy I know who wouldn't want to jump your bones!"

All of this was delivered in a single breath. Henrietta was touched. She had sometimes treated Alan poorly and made fun of his clothes. She thought he deserved a reward for his candor. Besides, she often had wondered why he masturbated so often in his room.

"Alan, close the door."

He went to the door, looked down the hallway and down the staircase, shut the door and turned the lock. Henrietta moved over to the bed and put two pillows under her chin, laid on her tummy and looked up at her brother. She could see him look at her cheeks squirming about as she pushed down real hard.

"This is how I do it, Alan! What do you use? A pillow or blanket tucked between your bare legs?"

Alan looked at her in dismay. She could see he was thinking. He was a bit slow. He moved over beside and bent down to her ass. His hands were all over her and she felt good inside. She wanted to make him happy and to make him cum hard. He climbed up on top of her and she felt his hard cock. It was probing so nicely between her soft legs. She wanted to tell him she still was a virgin but felt it was not the right thing to say at this very moment. Besides, she was certain he was a virgin also, and he would feel more at ease if he knew one of them knew what they were doing.

"Stick your cock in me, Alan. I want it so bad. I know you want to feel how tight my hole is. Yes, right there Alan, where the hair is so thick."

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