Helper to Witches

by Confused_Mind

Copyright© 2011 by Confused_Mind

Erotica Sex Story: A mans life becomes twice as exciting, by force, with some input from mysterious witches.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Coercion   Fiction   Paranormal   Furry   BDSM   Spanking   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Mike was twenty-six years old, six foot six inches tall and weighed about one hundred ninety five pounds of mostly muscle, with black hair and brown eyes. He was considered plain and dressed plainly but not ugly, had a graduate degree in teaching with a masters in linguistics, and a first dan black belt in Aikido. He was owned by one very large affectionate cat and was single - very single - and right now, utterly baffled at how he had gotten himself into a situation like this.

The last thing he remembered was getting a call from his study buddy Linora Roberts. She invited him over to her place because she was having a Halloween party and she desperately needed his bartending skills. It was short notice, but he said he could make it as long as he didn't need a costume.

Mike had taken up bartending not to make money, but to teach himself how to listen. His mother, a retired teacher, had complained that the toughest thing she had to learn as a teacher was how to listen to her students. He had resolved to learn that early, and discovered bartending at small pubs and quiet parties made sure that he would learn to listen to people. It paid off well - he developed an ability to pick up hidden meanings behind words, and the ability to see through the masks people wear every day.

He had shown up at the Halloween party and enjoyed listening to people as he served drinks. He hadn't been hit on once, and Linora mentioned how sorry she was for this. He had waved it off as nothing important, and explained to her that it was just as well, as a distracted bartender made bad drinks. That conversation was his last memory of the party.

Now he was someone's prisoner, blindfolded, attached to a wall by metal shackles, and alone.

No - not quite alone. In the distance - it sounded like he was in a room at least the size of a gymnasium - he heard voices mumbling and chanting. There were no echoes. His logical mind considered it carefully and concluded that the walls were probably not bare. That would also explain why he was not cold, even though he was hanging naked. He hadn't been out long - a good two hours at best, judging by how not hungry he was - so he was sure that no one had missed him yet. Not that anyone would miss him anyway, at school. He had focused too much on schooling and not enough in socializing, and that was another part of why he chose bartending as a way to make money. Truthfully, he had also hoped to meet someone at the many parties he tended. He never did make any connections though, he just learned to listen well.

He listened carefully now, concentrating on the chanting, and he realized that they were drawing nearer. Mike listened to the words once he could hear them distinctly, but it sounded like mostly gibberish - although a few words he recognized as modern pronunciations of old Sumerian. Then the chanting paused, and all he could hear was the shuffling of feet - and then the clatter of chains on stone.

Mike was slowly lowered from his position on the wall. His hands had been chained to a pole attached to the wall. He landed on his feet, on cold stone, and was dragged forward in a straight line. He could feel lines of metal inlay on the floor. They felt particularly warm on his feet compared to the rest of the stone around him. He was pushed to the floor and the pole was locked with a solid click on one end, and left to swing free while he rested on one knee.

Mike listened carefully with hopes of hearing something that might explain what was going on. He heard the people that had moved him step away, so he attempted to remove the blindfold using just his knee. He misjudged the distance and banged his nose, causing a splash of stars to cross his vision just as the blindfold dropped loosely to his neck. His vision cleared and he looked around carefully.

He was in a huge, vaulted stone room. The floor was covered in silver inlay in the shape of a massive pentagram, with strange inscriptions in red metal and black metal. He was within the pentagram, slightly off center. This barely registered, as he stared at what surrounded him.

At each point of the pentagram of stood an incredible vision of beauty, dressed in nothing but flesh. All five women were naked, kneeling with heads bowed. Once again the chanting resumed. Mike looked around the room and saw that he was not the only prisoner. He recognized two others from the party, and a third - Linora.

It troubled him that he could not remember anything from the party other than arriving and mixing a few drinks. He considered shouting out to Linora, but considered that it might place her in danger. He returned his attention to the five maidens of the pentagram. They were not armed or in any way threatening, but he felt that there was something he was missing. He examined each one carefully. All had long, red hair that flowed loosely down their backs and over their breasts. Those breasts ranged in size from mere points to pendulous, full melons, and the women themselves ranged from petite to tall. Each woman wore only two things, a locket and a ring, both made of gold. Mike thought, after his examination of all the women, that if he didn't have the restraints on, there would have been nothing to stop him from leaving. That idea persisted until something encroached on his peripheral vision.

Mike lived alone, but he had a cat. He'd worried a bit about the cat when he discovered his current predicament. His cat was his pride and joy, best friend through thick and thin, and, he liked to say, the one thing that kept him sane. The thought of the cat languishing unfed and unloved while he was held prisoner wherever this was concerned him nearly as much as what might happen to him. But now he spied a cat patrolling around the outer edge of the ring surrounding the pentagram. It looked exactly like his cat. His cat was very distinctive - all grey but for twin patches on either shoulder of stark white, in the shape of wings that flowed across her back to her tail. In addition to the wings, his cat had a stark white almond shaped patch around each eye, and her eyes were different colors - one orange, one green. She was a large cat, standing a little over a foot at the shoulder. Her name was Liloo. And right now, she was stalking around the outskirts of the pentagram.

Mike didn't know what she was doing here, but she definitely looked agitated. Two of the chanting women had caught sight of her and stumbled in their chant, which caused the others to look up to see what was going on. It wasn't long before they had all seen his cat - and none of them seemed happy about it.

Liloo looked a bit more than agitated now. Her hackles were up and her ears were laid flat. The more Mike looked at her the more angry and frightened she appeared. The chanting continued inexorably and he could feel a pressure building in his head. He watched Liloo scamper up to the edge of the circle and try to move into it, but it looked like she bounced off a barrier of some sort. She moved back and threw herself at the barrier again with more force. He saw sparks fly where she hit. She flew backwards from it and landed roughly. Mike was so worried he shouted her name out in worry.

Then strangest thing began to happen with Liloo. She began to change. Her body grew longer and leaner. Her hips became wider, and her rear legs lengthened while her forelegs lengthened to became arms with hands. Her head became more human. In less than ten seconds she changed into a fully grown woman - a woman replete with cat ears positioned at the top of her head, a fury outfit and a long supple tail. She stood up and looked directly at Mike. "Whatever you do, my love, please don't give in!" she said in a singsong voice, queerly similar to that of her cat version. It was familiar music to Mike's ears.

Mike didn't quite understand what she meant about 'don't give in, ' so he started paying more attention to the chanters - witches? - And the pentagram. Concentrating, he saw a pinpoint of bright light developing at the exact center of the pentagram. Mike didn't know what was happening, but he instinctively positioned himself with his shoulder facing the light so that whatever emerged or exploded, he'd present the least amount of body surface to potential damage.

There was a slow growth of the light, along with a surging of the chants, then, when the chanting reached a crescendo, the light shrunk to a tiny point and exploded with a loud pop and dazzling sparks. Mike was prepared for this, and he brought up his arm to block the brightness. He was shocked to see the bones in his arm against the light. He dropped his arm and looked at the center again.

Where the light had exploded, there stood a towering woman. She was at least seven feet tall, with long golden bronze hair that flew wildly about her head in some otherworldly breeze. Her eyes were piercing blue and her face was slim, angular and young-looking. Her mouth had full red lips that spoke of youthful desires. She had breasts that each were as large as his head, and while on any other woman they would have been huge, on her they were perfect. Her skin was flawlessly smooth and bronzed by the sun. Womanly hips flared from a narrow waist, and the joining of her legs had just a slight touch of golden bronze hair, with lips just visible below them, shouting to be kissed. She was muscular but slender, and completely bereft of any garments but a few pieces of gold and silver.

Mike felt a wash of power emanate from the woman and he instantly knew he was in danger. He heard Liloo's singsong voice. "You cannot let her take control, Mike! You must subdue her. Quickly! Control her! Own her!"

Mike didn't understand this at all. Owning her sounded extreme, although controlling her could be entertaining. A vision of her beneath him made his heart suddenly beat faster. He made a furtive glance at Liloo, casting a questioning look at her, but when he turned back to the statuesque woman she was already lunging at him. Dimly, he heard the clanking of his chains suddenly falling off.

"No mortal controls Lilith!" she roared as she lunged.

Mike knew instantly that if this turned to grappling, the contest would be over. He centered himself and stepped inside the reach of the woman, who was astonishingly fast. She tried to wrap her great arms around him, but he grasped one hand and, bending it at an angle to her body, he made a quick flipping motion. She landed completely flat on her back, causing a slight shudder in the stone floor. Mike intervened quickly to make sure her head didn't hit the stone. She tried to grasp him then, but he slipped free and danced quickly back out of her range.

Liloo screamed, "Don't try to protect her! She's trying to kill you! Take her while she's down!"

Mike listened with half an ear to Liloo, but ignored her advice. It was not in his nature to really harm a woman, even though this particular woman might have been much larger and infinitely more dangerous than the women to whom he was accustomed. In fact, he found the fight arousing, and something in Lilith's blazing eyes told him he wasn't alone.

He watched as she gathered herself and stood, observing the interplay of muscles along her flank, noticing the lips of her pussy spread slightly as she lifted herself from the floor. He watched the motion of her breasts, the slight jiggle. Then she lifted a hand and pointed at him. She said something - presumably in Sumerian - and something flew at him almost too quick to spin-dodge. It grazed his shoulder and drew a line that filled with tiny beads of blood. She really was trying to kill him, he realized almost too late. Mike launched himself toward her with a catlike leap and rolled at the landing, passing her, placing him briefly behind and to the side of her.

Mike had decided on a plan of attack that could turn this battle for life into something different. He leaned in and flicked her right nipple, then spun with her as she turned to face him. He reached around quickly and flicked her other nipple. He might die tonight, he thought wryly, but he was going to have as much fun as he could, taking on this incredible female who called herself 'The Immortal Lilith'. Lilith spun the other way, leading with her arm and a backhand, but Mike was under it and flew between her legs, lightly flicking the place her clit should be, and returned to stand behind her.

Mike's "attacks" weren't intended to hurt. He'd seen lust as well as anger in her eyes and he figured bringing that to the fore would be much more enjoyable, and far less deadly. The flicks were more for stimulation than for pain, and when he flicked her clit she let out a gasp which made him grin and become more aware of her motions. Her attacks were fast, but not so fast he couldn't dodge them, and she was just not prepared for him to be so close to her. Mike guessed that she was more than proficient at hand-to-hand combat, but not body-to-body - his specialty. He had perfected the art of becoming part of the movements of his opponent, but he'd never tried it with a woman or even a man this size before. When she shifted, he plastered himself to her side and slithered across her front and around to her other side, running his hands along her soft, hot skin. He slid under her and up her back in an exotic dance of defence and touch. When she moved he flowed with her, her motions became his, and as he moved he sampled her body in every way he could. He could feel her pulse increasing and he smelled her arousal.

Mike suddenly stepped up the dance. He began using his hands to stroke and fondled her breasts and stomach. He ran his hands around her, then switched to press her naked front against his. He crawled across her body with his, and touched her in intimate places. In one motion, as she struggled to grasp him as he swept by her breasts, he captured her nipple in his mouth for a second and rolled it in his tongue. She let out a groan and dropped to one leg, holding herself up with her free hand while she covered her breasts with the other. "Do not think to conquer me, mortal! I am more powerful than you!" she shouted breathlessly.

The gasp in her tone belied her words, and he knew he was having an effect on her. He slid over her back leaving a wet trail of saliva from his tongue across the back of her neck, momentarily free from her glorious mane of hair. She squeaked and tried to grab him as he went down her spine, but Mike was quicker than she was. He slipped between her legs and clamped his mouth over her pussy, wrapped his arms around her legs, and stuffed his tongue deep into her hot passage. He tasted her wetness and felt her cunt muscles pull at his tongue as they spasmed. He heard her scream through her first blast of a mind-rocking orgasm, and his mouth was filled to overflowing with the sweet saltiness of her pussy juices.

She tried to settle her entire weight on his face then, and made an attempt to grab a handful of his hair, but he moved backwards through her legs, quickly darting his tongue deeply into the pink pucker of her ass. She fell forward with a grunt, and arched her back trying to get more tongue. He did the only thing possible at that point, sliding his thick seven inch cock into her tight pussy. He had been rock hard since he first came in contact with her electric skin, and could not stop his cock becoming enraged with lust. He slid almost all of it into her. She reached back as he entered and tried to push him away, but all that did was force him out a bit and then back. She was helping him fuck her, whether she wanted to or not - and after the fourth or fifth try she submitted to the waves of pleasure and simply arched her back more. She was slamming back at him while holding herself up with one hand and pinching her nipples with the other, riding him through several screeching orgasms, and she flooded the floor with her sweet liquid until Mike slammed all the way into her and pumping his thick, ropey sperm deeply into her as she howled through an incredible cum.

Off in the background Mike heard Liloo whoop with triumph. "You need to fuck her in the ass now!" he heard her yell. Mike couldn't see why not, as it was right there for him. He slid his still hard dick out of her cunt and let it slide up to her ass. He ran the underside along the crack of her ass and let the head rub lightly against her asshole. She was still groggy and relaxed, so he met no resistance to entering her. The head of his cock slid into her without trouble, and then he pushed gently deeper. She must not have realized at first what was going on, because she whined and pushed back against him, then her head popped up and she looked at him with shock and surprise. She tried to scramble away, but he had her by the waist and pulled her back firmly but gently, seating himself deeper into her than before. She huffed and pulled away again, then shoved back at him suddenly. He slowed her forceful pushes down and moved gently into her and pulled almost all the way out of her again, all the while he stroked and massaged her ass cheeks and ran his hands up her sides. She moaned and lay her head down on crossed arms giving him better access to her ass. He began to move quicker as he detected her need. He listened to her breathing and the noises that came from her. He reached under his balls and stroked her cunt lips, spreading the leaking juices around until he found her engorged clit. He began to gently pinch and twist her clit while increasing the speed of his hips. Mike could feel her coming close to the edge and she pushed back harder. He smiled and let his body give with the force, making it more difficult for her to reach orgasm. He began to build her up higher and higher. She was shaking, almost vibrating, and he slowly strummed her clit and sank his cock deep into her bowels. She finally reached a point where she was almost singing, when he buried himself deep into her and let go, splashing her insides with searing hot liquid. Her head snapped back and she let out a continuous guttural yell, and collapsed.

Lilith lay on the stone floor, twitching and breathing in gasps, letting out odd sounds. Mike had been released from her ass when she fell forward, so he crawled up beside her and gently rolled her face-up. He stroked her and ran his hands up and down her body gently, feeling every warm and sweaty centimetre of her. He touched and stroked her breasts and dipped his tongue deeply into her bellybutton, smelled her scent and ran his tongue all the way up her side into her armpit, where he tasted the strong salty smell of an exhausted woman.

Off in the distance he heard Liloo's singsong voice shouting and celebrating then, "One last thing, Mike, you need to make her eat your seed! This will end it all!"

Mike wanted this golden giantess to submit, yes - but he didn't want her humiliated. He would eventually feed his seed to her, but when she wanted it - when she begged for it - and only when she was ready. He took her hand and massaged her fingers with care. He worked the muscles of her arms sensuously with hand and mouth, he tasted her neck and nibbled on her ears while pausing to run his tongue across her lips and kiss her deeply. She responded and wrapped her arms around him and kissed him passionately. Their mouths became a battleground for their tongues as they tasted each other. She moaned into his mouth, and he began his trip once again down the front of her body. He paused at each breast and worshiped them and their fullness. He bit and chewed and nipped and nibbled the incredible one inch nipples on each breast. He ran his tongue around and around the areola of each breast to stimulate the nipples to even higher points. He ran trails of saliva from the nipple to underside of each breast, and she truly began to respond to him and, when he grabbed one of her nipples in his mouth and sucked with great force, she shouted out her pleasure and flooded the floor between her legs with sweet thick fluid.

Mike moved to straddle her head, looking down at her until her eyes opened again. His cock was still hard as stone. He knelt on Lilith, looked down at her and smiled warmly. She stared up at him while he stroked her face affectionately, and after a few moments she smiled back at him. The smile transformed her already beautiful face into that of a goddess, almost too glorious to look upon. She tilted her head back and captured his member with her tongue and drew it into her mouth. He leaned forward to make it more comfortable to her, and slowly made love to her mouth.

She was beautiful and talented. Mike mentally amended his assessment of her. She was running her tongue over and around the top of his dick in a way he hadn't experience previously and he found it intensely enjoyable. She explored it with every part of her mouth, and when he finally reached his limits Lilith grasped his hips and forced his cock deep down her throat and drank deeply of him. Not a drop was lost. Mike was surprised to find that she, too, reached orgasm at this. He withdrew from her and lay down next to her. She turned her head to face him and he kissed her deeply. "You are my Master, now. You have won my bond for life," she whispered to Mike with a dreamy smile.

Mike smiled back at her, "I accept. I, in turn, make but one request. If you are ever unhappy, please tell me immediately so I can change it."

Off in the distance Mike heard the singsong cheers of an ecstatic Liloo as she danced around outside the magical barrier, waving her arms in joy and hopping to and fro.

As the reality of where he was trickled into his mind, Mike's head popped up and he looked around for the five witches who had summoned Lilith. They were nowhere to be seen. Neither were the others who had been hung on the walls. He could not even find a sign of Linora. Mike slowly stood and held out his hand to Lilith, "I believe it is time to go home now" he said to her quietly, she took his hand and stood. "Yes, Master." she responded with a glowing smile. They walked hand in hand to the edge of the barrier and carefully stepped through without resistance. Liloo came bounding up to him and launched herself at him. He caught her furry body in his arms with a huff. She was smaller than him by at least one and a half feet, and could not have weighed any more than one hundred pounds. She was a whirlwind of excitement and joy. "Oh, Mike! I knew you could do it! And in the most wonderful way too! You didn't force her, she chose to!" she hugged him tightly and nuzzled his neck, "This is why I always loved you and why I chose you as mine."

"Gee, Liloo, somehow you seem different." Mike said with a grin.

"OOoo, you!" she said in mock anger and then changed track completely. "I was so worried that you would not survive Lilith." Mike glanced up at Lilith with a smile, then fended off Liloo's feet as she climbed higher on him and sat on his shoulders. She was bare in parts, so he was able to feel her breasts and the sharp poke of retracted claws, but he mostly felt the heat and wetness from her bare, hot pussy pressed against the back of his neck.

As he regained his balance and walked with her pressed up against his neck, he felt the beginning trickles of wetness there.

"Liloo, this does not make it easy for me to think, dear." She giggled, and then ground her hips into his neck a bit harder, leaving a little wetness dribble down his back.

"Watching you with Lilith got me so hot I can't help myself." she said quietly down to him from her perch, and she ground herself some more.

Mike resumed holding Lilith's hand as they walked, and questioned Liloo about herself, while having a bit of fun stroking and poking her with the intent of winding her up even tighter. They made their way out of the stone basement and to an antechamber with cloaks hanging from hooks. Mike found his clothing stashed in a small chest against one wall, but now he had a problem. They didn't have clothing for Lilith. Liloo was small enough for one of the cloaks to fit her, but Lilith was another matter. She stood her full height - all seven feet of it - and smiled, almost shyly, down at him. He smiled back and grabbed a handful of cloaks and began to create an outfit for her. Using the sleeves of the cloaks he was able to tie two together to create coverings for her massive, gravity-defying breasts, and another two tied together made a makeshift skirt that just made it below the point of interest. Lilith smoothed out her new outfit and smiled brightly at him, like an aspiring model dressed suddenly in Dior.

Mike shook his head with a smile. A few minutes ago she was intent on just killing him, and now she had seemingly regressed to the level of a teenager in the middle of her first crush, all grins and quiet giggles. He shrugged and took the hands of both women and started up the long flight of stairs. It looked to him like nearly twenty flights of stairs, and indeed that was the count when he got to the top. He laughed, as it was the first time he had to clear his ears while climbing stairs.

A solid looking wooden door met them at the top, and he grasped the handle and pulled it open to reveal a barren hallway. Off in the distance he could hear laughter and music. He pulled everyone through the door and turned to close it, and found himself facing a blank wall. Perplexed, he looked up at Liloo. She smiled down at him and shrugged, "Magic is confusing sometimes." Lilith nodded sagely at him.

Mike shrugged and made his way down the hall and the stairs that led up to the next floor. At the top he recognized Linora's living room, with the bar he had tended off to the side. His eyes scanned the room and the people milling about. He couldn't see everyone, so he stepped into the room with Liloo and Lilith following. Rapidly the room noise dropped to only the music, as everyone turned and looked at the new arrivals. Liloo quickly slid down him like a pole and landed on the floor between them. She jumped up and down in excitement. "It's a party! So that's what the excitement was all about when I arrived here!" She caught a glimpse of the food table in the next room and grabbed Mike's hand. "Food! Oh please! Please! Please! Please! Can I have some food, Mike? Please?" She pleaded. He smiled and nodded, and off she bolted to the food. He looked up at Lilith, who was eyeing the room with the food longingly, but she stood next to him without a word.

"Lilith, if you want, you can go have some food also - but please bring me a plate as well? I'll get some drinks for all of us." She nodded and smiled, then moved through the parting crowd to gather some food for her and Mike.

"Who are the hot babe in the fur costume and the Amazon, and where have you been for the last hour, Mike?" asked a familiar voice. He turned and faced a completely clothed, composed, and altogether unharmed Linora. She didn't seem to recognize anything amiss.

"Uh ... don't you remember? Big stone room? Naked women? Chains? Lots of chanting?" he asked, watching her closely.

She gave him a blank look, "What? What chanting? Have you been dipping into that sauce you're serving?" She leaned in close to sniff his breath but, when she heard squeals and gasps, she turned just in time to be picked up by the waist and placed down - quite a bit out of reach from Mike - by Lilith, while enduring Liloo's fierce scowls.

"Step away from my Master," Lilith said calmly but forcefully to her. It was loud enough for everyone in the room to hear without it being a shout. Many eyebrows raised, and whispers began. Liloo stepped up to Mike's side and wrapped her arm around him, tucking her hand into his pocket, while Lilith stood on his other side and placed a possessive hand on his shoulder. Mike smiled sheepishly at Linora. "Sorry, Linora, things have changed in the last little while. I'll straighten this out in a moment." He looked at Liloo, "This is Linora, and she's a friend of mine, so please treat her nicely, Liloo."

Liloo glared suspiciously at Linora. "I thought I recognized her! She's the one that would come into your bedroom whenever you're in the bathroom peeing, and masturbate on your bed using your dirty underwear while licking your pillow!"

Dishes, drinks and jaws dropped at this revelation, and all eyes turned to Linora. "I didn't! They were clean... ! I didn't lick, I was sniff ... Fuck!" she turned deepest red.

"Yes, you did! I watched you! Sniff, lick, what's the difference? Besides, when are you gonna give back his blue pair? I liked sleeping on them!"

"GET OUT! OUT!" Linora screamed at Mike and his women. He could see that she'd reached her maximum embarrassment level, and he grabbed both his women by the hand hand and dragged them out the front door as quick as possible.

Mike stood there staring back at the house, with Liloo and Lilith on either side of him watching everyone leaving the party like the house was on fire. Apparently Linora was unable to deal with everyone knowing about her fetish. "I think you might have gone a bit too far there, Liloo."

She shrugged noncommittally and picked bits of fish off the plate she was carrying still. "Pickle?" she offered.

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