Bus Ride to Hell

by Flying-Circus

Copyright© 2011 by Flying-Circus

Erotica Sex Story: Tom had driven a bus for the university sports teams for many years. Some teams were rowdy like the football team but no team was more disrespectful to him and left the bus in worse condition than this year's girls' soccer team. Tom had enough. (This is a "no redeeming value" story. Read accordingly)

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Rape   .

Tom waited with the bus as usual. The parking lot had cleared and was nearly empty now. He knew it was a matter of time until the girls' soccer team showed up and he would begin the drive back to Filler University.

Tom had driven for Filler for 30 of his 55 years of life. He'd driven home triumphant sports teams and heartbroken teams. He'd seen a lot in all his years including a lot of changes in the athletes. He understood that athletes could be rowdy after a game especially after the high of a big victory or the frustration of a devastating defeat. The boys still respected him. He could speak up and tell the boys to settle down so they wouldn't destroy the bus.

The girls had changed the most. They used to be these quiet mice whether they won or lost but now the girls were too much like the boys except when he spoke up to tell them to calm down, they would curse at him, flip him off, and continue with any destructive behavior they were doing.

It had become worse the last two years. That was when Brittany arrived as a freshman and Filler's girls' soccer team became elite. The girl was a star player. There was no question about that and she'd brought prestige to the school in that sports' realm. Brittany managed to get the soccer coach fired as a freshman and she became star AND coach. That wasn't the official story but he knew it and with the soccer team so good no one was going to complain. How it affected Tom the most was she was the ringleader of 11 of the brattiest, most stuck up, self-absorbed college girls he had ever met.

Tom saw the girls approach. He opened the bus door and braced for the onslaught of rudeness by these self-crowned princesses. They deserved to be taught a cruel lesson about life and about how you treat others.

Kayla was the first girl on board. She got to the top of the entry steps right next to Tom.

"Whooooo!" she screamed.

Tom plugged his ears. That answered his curiosity on whether they won not that he had much doubt what the end result would be.

Kayla clamored on down the aisle and the rest of the team entered.

"Hey, old man!" greeted Danielle.

"Hi," Tom replied.

Danielle didn't even hear or care. "Hey, Steph!"

"What?" Steph said from the back of the bus.

Brittany boarded last.

"We're ready! Take us home!" she shouted at Tom.

"Everyone needs to sit down first," Tom gently reminded. Rules were rules.

"Just fucking drive us home," she snarled.

"Sit down."


Tom closed the door and lurched the bus into gear. Brittany stumbled forward.

"You asshole!" she shouted. "You did that on purpose."

"I told you to sit down," he said calmly with a smirk. Brittany would wish she could sit down soon.

"Shut the fuck up. You're just a fucking bus driver."

That was his plan.

"God. Some people," Brittany continued to grouse. "They think they own the world. Who the hell do you think you are?"

"Just the bus driver," he said staying calm.

"That's fucking right!"

She turned away from him and to her friends. She quickly forgot what an asshole the bus driver was. Life shouldn't be spent dealing with a lowlife idiot.

The bus quieted on the drive as girls fell asleep. This was the best part of any trip for Tom. He liked the silence beyond the sound of the bus motor which was a soothing hum. There was a peace about driving during the night with few vehicles on the road.

However this night Tom didn't feel at peace. There was a sense of thrill and danger. This was a long time coming. The arrangements were complete. It was go time.

He exited the freeway two hours before they would arrive back at campus. He drove along surface streets for only a mile before turning and heading into forested areas. No other vehicles were out here. That was good. He drove the road for about 10 minutes before the trees stopped and the land opened up into meadows. He slowed to make a sharp right turn onto a dirt road and continued.

"Where are we?" asked Steph. She looked out the window. It was so dark. There were no road lights. Strange. The bumpy road had woken her up.

"Detour," he said.

She closed her eyes. No problem. She didn't have to deal with it. They hired people like the bus driver to have to deal with detours. The less she had to handle problems, the better.

He didn't hear another peep from Steph or any of the other girls.

He'd hear a lot of squawking soon enough.

Tom traveled the dirt road for five minutes then slowed down as he reached an open gate. He drove under the big ranch sign that overhung the gate. There was a house ahead and a big barn plus other farm buildings.

He flashed his lights. A lantern turned on and waved. Tom headed the bus toward the light and slowed down more.

Tom approached the barn and slowly drove inside. The barn doors closed behind him. There was soft lighting inside the barn. He brought the bus to a full stop and shut off the bus engine. It was almost time to wake the chicks.

Tom slid open the driver's window and a friend approached.

"All ready?" Tom said quietly.

"Yes," the man said.


Tom opened the bus door to what felt like a too loud hiss. He stood up and took a deep breath. Now the excitement would begin.

He turned on the interior bus lights. The girls stirred blinking in the brightness. Eyes locked on to him.

"Hurry!" he shouted in his best panic voice. "Get off the bus!"

"What going on?" Steph said.

"Now! Before it's too late!" Girls started to grab their bags. "Leave your stuff! Get off now!"

At last girls started to get off the bus.

"Where are we?" asked Kayla.

"Do what I say for once!" Tom implored. He pointed at the door "Danger!"

Kayla looked at him then bolted for the door. She ran right into danger. Twenty men waited in the semi-darkness for the girls to get off the bus. A man grabbed Kayla's arm and spun her so her back was against his chest. He wrapped her in a bear hug.

"Hey!" she shouted before a hand clamped over her mouth. She was dragged away.

On the bus Tom kept urging the final four soccer girls to evacuate which included Brittany.

"What going on? Where are we?" she demanded.

"Get off the bus!"

"Tell me what's going on?"

"It's going to explode."

"What? How?"

"Get off the bus!" he snarled. How could she be so obstinate?

She was the last girl on the bus now.

"Not until..."

He grabbed her arm. She tried to break free but the old man was unexpectedly strong.

He yanked pulling her forward. The stupid bitch! Why couldn't she just do what she was told?

"Let go!" she demanded.

Tom took the two steps down trying to drag her with him. Brittany was at the top of the steps.

"Come on!" he said getting angry.

"Stop!" She latched her free hand onto the steering wheel so he couldn't pull her out. Something was wrong. She just knew it.

Tom pulled her leg out from under her. She fell hard on her butt and released her grip on the steering wheel. She tried to scramble to her feet but he pulled on her arm again and she stumbled forward. Tom caught her in his arms. She tried to free an arm but he wrapped her in a tight hug.

He looked into her eyes and said, "It's my turn."

"For what?" she said. Her stuck up attitude remained.

"Payback for the way you've treated me."

"What? How?"

"Shut up!

"What do you mean..."

"I said shut up!" he yelled into her face as he gave a hard pinch to her butt.

"Ow!" she screeched.

Finally! Tom finally got this girl to shut up.

"Come on," he said.

He walked her backwards never loosening his tight hold. She tripped often. What was happening? Where were her friends? Who were these other men?

Tom stopped and waited for a man to put a bag over the girls' head. The string was tightened on the bag. Tom loosened his grip and spun her around. He grabbed her wrists pulling them behind her back. He walked her forward.

Brittany could hear the nearby screams and complaints of her teammates. The bus driver stopped walking her forward. His big hand pushed her upper back forcing her to bend forward. She heard Kayla on her left.

"Leave me the fuck alone!" angrily shouted Danielle on Brittany's right.

Hands guided her head forward and downward. Something surrounded her neck. She heard a loud click and the hands released her head. She could tell her neck was locked in place with her head on one side of it and her body on the other side.

Tom double-checked Brittany's headlock. She was held tight. The girls were lined up in a row with their heads in adjustable headlocks for cattle that had been modified to hold human heads and particularly 11 snobby, stuck-up soccer girls' heads.

"Get her hands," Tom said to a man. He was careful not to use any names of the other men. They could say "Tom" since the girls already knew his name.

A man fastened Brittany's hands to the metal headlock.

The room quieted down. Brittany listened closely but except for some crying, it sounded like Melissa, she didn't hear much.

She was bent forward sloping down with her head locked into something and her hands strapped down. Her feet were free but it didn't feel like she could adjust her body. She had to stand in this position. She was still in the dark with the bag over her head.

Tom went around to the other side of the cattle headlocks. Full lighting was activated in the barn. He admired the sight of 11 heads sticking through the locks.

He stepped up and stood in front of Brittany then realized he was in front of Kayla so he moved over one girl. Now he was in front of Brittany. Ten of the twenty other men stood in front of a girl.

"Bags off!" Tom said. He loosened her bag and pulled it off.

Brittany blinked from the sudden brightness. It looked like this was a barn but she had no idea where. She couldn't turn her head and could only see Kayla and Danielle in her peripheral vision. She could easily see that vile bus driver standing in front of her.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" she demanded to know.

Tom responded with a chuckle. "Nothing yet."

"You'll go to jail for this. You'll be fired."

"I already planned on retiring and I'll be out of the country before any of you can tell anyone what happened to you."

"What ... what are you going to do?" Emily said timidly.

"Everything," Tom answered with a grin. "Undress them."

The other ten men began to undress all the girls but Brittany. Tom walked back around. He would strip Brittany.

Brittany felt her left foot lifted and her shoe then sock removed. He did the same to her right foot. Her shirt was pulled tight then she felt her shirt falling to both sides of her body. He used scissors on the back of her jersey. He cut up to the neck and she felt air on her back. He then cut through the arms and her shirt was pulled away. She wanted to stand and run or at least squirm but she was locked in this position. The position of her head wouldn't let her sink down on her legs.

Tom happily and easily cut through her shirt. He had heavy duty scissors to handle her sports bra.

"Don't move or you might cut yourself," he said.

Brittany felt cold metal on her skin.

Tom pulled up on her bra and slowly, carefully cut through the material. The bra fell below.

As soon as Brittany's bra was off, she felt a chill. She reasoned what was about to happen. Some of her teammates were crying or pleading for mercy. She wouldn't give these men and especially this low-life bus driver the satisfaction. She would remain strong.

Tom cut upward on each leg of her shorts through the waist band. The shorts fell to the ground. He kicked them out of the way. She wore a thong and it showcased the girl's nice sexy tight ass. He ran his hands over her cheeks.

Brittany flinched at the touch of his rough hands on her butt. The material of her thong was pulled out of her crack and suddenly felt loose. He had cut through it. The elastic on her left side was pulled away and cut then the right side. Her shredded thong was pulled away from her body. She grimaced as his hand grabbed her pussy and his thumb pushed inside her.

Tom felt the bitch up. She had an excellent pussy. It would be an absolute joy to fuck her. He let her go and silently undressed.

She could hear activity behind her. She was certain what was about to happen but she had no idea what was going on right now.

"Everyone ready?" Tom called out. He rubbed the bitch's clit again. She didn't like it but there was nothing she could do about it.

"Almost," a couple of guys said.

He kept his hand on her pussy. In a minute everyone confirmed they were ready.

"Let's get the party started!" he said.

Ten men went around to the other side and stood in front of every girl but Brittany. The girls could see the hard, ready cocks.

"Let's do it!" Tom said.

He replaced his hand on her pussy with the head of his cock.

"Suck it!" men on the face side of the girls said. Some men resorted to holding the girl's nose closed until she opened her mouth so he could shove his cock inside.

Tom grabbed the sides of Brittany's ass and pushed his cock forward.

Brittany grunted. His cock was bigger than she expected. It spread her pussy wide and went deep inside her. He began to thrust. It was happening. She was being raped and by this horrid bus driver.

"How do you like it, bitch?" Tom roared. "You're getting what you deserve for the way you treat people."

She had no idea what he was talking about. What did he mean? How did she treat anyone wrong? He was a crazed man. A lunatic.

Her pussy felt awesome. He had thought about this for so long and the planning of this event seemed to take forever though in reality it came together fairly easily.

Some of her teammates sobbed or howled. She wouldn't respond. She wouldn't break down. She'd take it and survive intact. She wouldn't let these men crush her.

A loud chime went off. The bus driver pulled out of her. The man who had his cock in Kayla's mouth on her left pulled out and presented it to her.

"Open your mouth!" he demanded.

Brittany reasoned her options and opened her mouth. His cock was placed on her tongue and he thrust. Behind her, a different cock pushed into her pussy. She could tell it wasn't the bus driver.

At the sound, Tom pulled out of Brittany. He shifted to his left. All the men shifted to the left. Of the two men on the ends, one moved from pussy to mouth and the other moved from mouth to pussy of the same girls. They would get to enjoy other girls on the next shift left.

Tom lined up his cock with Kayla, put his hands on her ass, and pushed inside. He would so enjoy teaching all these girls a well-deserved lesson.

Brittany had trouble keeping her composure. She never had two cocks in her before and it was unpleasant. The chime sounded again and she felt relief but it was temporary. The cock Kayla sucked was put in her mouth and a new cock entered her pussy. The fucking resumed.

All the wailing, tears, and squalling were music to Tom's ears. They were getting back the pain and anguish they had dished out but even more. They would never be the same and that was how he wanted it. They would be destroyed as a team and as individuals.

It was four different cocks in her pussy and three different in her mouth. The chime rang again and it was a new cock in both places. Brittany fought to keep her spirits up but deep down she had growing worry.

From starting with Brittany in the middle of the eleven girls, Tom had worked his way down to the left end and fucked Megan's pussy. The chime went off again and he walked around to the other side of her. He was amused by her big eyes when she saw the size of the cock that was just in her pussy. He stepped forward and fucked on top of Megan's tongue.

The girls became noticeably tired but that didn't stop the men from continuing to fuck their pussies and mouths. They had plenty of energy for young college girl flesh.

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