Hybrids Are the Wave of the Future

by harry lime

Copyright© 2011 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: She was not quite normal. It was time to lose her virginity, but it was so difficult for a female with a taste for human blood. She was able to give herself pleasure and she enjoyed her female friends taking care of her needs, but it was time for submission to a demanding male cock.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Vampires   Spanking   Humiliation   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Teacher/Student   Clergy   School   .

Samantha was not a very pretty girl.

Her skin was far too pale.

Her eyes were far too piercing and dark.

She really had no boobs to mention.

No, Samantha was not the most popular girl at Saint Timothy High School.

Samantha sat in the stands all by herself. The rest of the class was in the middle of the field practicing long jumps, pole jumping, and other silly games for the intramural meet on Saturday. She never did that sort of thing because her Father had given a Doctor's note to the Principal to excuse her from all physical activities. She thought it strange that she suffered from a breathing disease. Samantha never remembered when she had a problem with her breathing.

Her head was in her books and she did not see Miss Adams approach her.

"Samantha, at least get up and walk around a bit. You can't stay buried in those books all the time."

Samantha really liked Miss Adams. She was so smart. She had been around the world and had seen so many things and met so many people. Samantha wanted to be just like Miss Adams, but she knew she had no hope of ever looking as nice or being as popular.

She had recently had her 17th birthday. It was so strange that it fell on the same day as Halloween. It was the night that all the witches and hobgoblins came out to play. Samantha was teased by the other girls in school about not needing any costume, just go as herself.

One redeeming plus in Samantha's favor was the fact she had really long legs and long arms. When she was by herself in the woods, she could run as fast as some of the animals in the forest. She also had the keenest sense of smell of anyone she knew. She was able to identify what was inside all the other student's lunch bags just by the scent. She also knew that boys smelled a whole lot different than girls. It was a kind of a smell that made her stomach go all wobbly like and she had to cross and uncross her legs an awful lot in the classroom.

Her Father was a very quiet person. He was always reading and never really bothered her to do this or that or the other thing like other parents usually do.

Her Mother told her before she married her Father; her real name was Grace Von Vladbader, not Grace Hunter like now. She told her Dr. Eric Hunter had found her in Rumania on a scientific search for precious Icons of a lost Empire. Her mother didn't belong to the PTA, she didn't go shopping at the Mall, and she never, ever had visitors in the house.

Just recently, Samantha noticed a change in how she felt about other people. Most of the people she came in contact with seemed to dislike her for some reason. Others, she felt a lot closer to, like Miss Adams. She became aware that they disliked her because she was a bit, "different".

She stood in the bathroom one evening and looked at her nude body in the mirror. Her hair was OK. Her boobs were on the verge of blooming. She could see a little swell under her dark protruding nipples. Her little bush was neat and looked normal even without real attractive curves like the other girls. Her bottom was perhaps a problem. Her ass cheeks were very boyish and compact. She had almost no body fat back there like the other girls. When she spread her cheeks, she had to admit her little brown hole was impossibly tight and tiny. She didn't think any boy would ever want to fool around with something so unfeminine.

When she ran her finger up and down her vaginal slit, Samantha felt her inner juices begin to bubble. She seldom gave in to masturbation because she felt so guilty afterwards. She was certain she would go to hell for her dirty thoughts when she touched her sensitive pussy.

Samantha noticed that when she flicked her nipple now, her pussy got wetter and her anus quivered with desire. This night, she probed her little pucker hole with a finger just to see how it felt. It was a feeling that was difficult to describe. It was nice. She liked taking something into her tight little hole even if it was her own finger. She raised her finger to her nostrils, her own musky scent made her pussy juices start to brim over like coffee perking in the pot.

She went back into her bedroom and lay on the bed. Her head was resting on the pillow and her bottom was up high in the air. She could see herself in the large mirror at the end of her bed. She was really clear right now. Sometimes she seemed to fade into nothing in the mirror. It was probably just a trick of her eyes. She watched her hand stroke her fuzz covered pussy and slide in and out of her tiny brown hole. She could see her other hand twisting and pulling at her blooming nipples like a frenzied lover.

That feeling came over her and she sank down into the pillows and bedspread. Her eyes were closed and she saw Jerry Dugan, The 18 year old senior football jock; he was on top of her and grabbed her hair real tight. She knew she had to take it and make him happy. His thick cock digging into her very core was like a fan to her passionate fire burning bright.

Her orgasm came just as her Father walked into her bedroom. Dr. Eric Hunter saw his daughter's ass up high in the air, suspended in silence, until she slammed back down into the bedspread with audible pants and high-pitched whines of orgasmic release.

Samantha jumped up from the bed and tried to hide her naked body from her Father. She felt both guilty and confused. She was totally mortified at her slutty behavior.

"Oh, Daddy, I am so sorry. I couldn't help it. I never do anything like that. I promise I will be a good little girl."

Her Father did not seem to be overly concerned with her masturbation technique. He was more interested in her body changes. She quickly put on her favorite nighttime panties and her bra. He looked into her eyes with his little light thingy and told her to open her mouth. A male telling her to open her mouth perched on her bed at nighttime was a sexual fantasy of hers, but she knew her Father was only interested in her "condition" and not her body. He inspected her mouth, her tongue and her teeth very carefully. He even inserted his finger inside her mouth to check the viscosity and volume of her saliva. It all seemed very unnecessary to Samantha, but she was very obedient to her Father's wishes.

"Samantha, I am afraid that you are on the verge of crossing over to your Mother's side of the family. You are a hybrid human girl. Your Mother was one as well. I have her condition under pretty good control with my special formula. These next 2 or 3 years will be very telling. I cannot give you the formula until you are fully grown and your cells do not expand, they only replicate."

Samantha looked at her Father like he had just lost all his marbles.

"Hybrid of What?"

"Your Mother is a descendent of the original Roma Vampires. Most of them have been eliminated because of the rise of the Hunters and their own internal squabbling. Only a few survive. They are scattered far and wide. You are the offspring of a Vampire dynasty. Soon, you will seek your special needs from the human stock around you. You must have a care not to drink too deeply or you will birth a follower of your own essence. An undead creature made in your likeness. Remember, a little sip to quench the need. No gluttony or indulgence in savoring a tasty morsel to sway your logic and your caution."

"Do you mean I have to drink actual blood?"

"Yes, my little sweet girl. You will sense the right moment and remember to follow my instructions. Discovery means your destruction. Have a care at all times. Now go to sleep and remember well my words of wisdom."

The next morning Samantha drank her orange juice and hurried out to the school bus. This was her last year in school and soon she would be 18 years old. There was no mention of the discussion the prior evening and that was just fine with Samantha. She was certain she did not want to be a "Hybrid anything".

She ate her lunch in Miss Adams classroom. Miss Adams gave Samantha a banana from her lunch bag. Samantha had scented it the minute she came into the room. She peeled it entirely and put one end into her mouth. Miss Adams had a twinkle in her eye as she put her lips around the other end. They ate the banana from both ends, meeting right in the middle. Samantha had her mouth filled with banana mush when her lips touched the lips of Miss Adams. It was like an electric shock all the way down to her quivering pussy lips. She could feel Miss Adam's tongue slip into her mouth and stir the banana mush in every corner of her mouth. It was a wonderful feeling. Miss Adams placed her hand on the back of Samantha's head and held her close for a long and satisfying kiss.

She accidently bit Miss Adams lip and the taste of blood mingled with the banana went into her tummy and also up into her "Hybrid" fang waiting for the first taste of human blood cells. The flavor of Miss Adams was intoxicating. Samantha wanted more. A whole lot more.

She stopped in her tracks.

Samantha remembered her Father's warning. She knew she could sip Miss Adams safely, but not enough to harm her or to reveal her own existence on the fringe of humankind.

Miss Adams pushed Samantha's head down to her legs under the desk. When she moved her lips up to Miss Adams panties, she discovered the teacher was already wet with anticipation of her kisses on her waiting pussy. It was relatively easy for Samantha to suck a small amount of blood into her fang while she licked and kissed Miss Adams vagina and sensitive clitoris. It really made her feel strong. She felt she could pick up Miss Adams and the desk and carry it all back to her bedroom for a real long workout.

"Samantha, you can't tell anyone about this. I know you are a young lady now and will be 18 in a few months, but they take a dim view of teachers and students being close like this."

"I know, Miss Adams, we won't do it school any more. You can come to my house to tutor me in my bedroom. We can take showers together and everything."

The young school teacher, who was only 21 years old, promised to see Samantha at her house every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon right after school. Samantha was so very happy. She would be able to make Miss Adams feel good and she would extract small sips of Miss Adams perfect blood to make her stronger each time. Soon, she would be at the height of her powers and able to gain control over anyone that looked tasty to her.


Samantha had perfected her masturbation technique. She was able to reach a satisfactory orgasm in about nine minutes. She found that in order to get a good night's sleep; she had to achieve at least 2 orgasms. Samantha had also discovered that her anal generated orgasms were a lot more satisfactory than the vaginal ones. Sometimes she helped heighten her pleasure by wrapping a pair of Miss Adams dirty panties around her head with her teacher's dried juices right up tight against her nostrils.

She knew she had to have experience with cocks pretty soon before she fixated on female lovemaking entirely. Samantha enjoyed her interplay with Miss Adams and the random girls she selected from her gym class. She practiced her oral skills almost every day. In fact, she had gotten very skillful with using her strap-on cock on various pussies and a number of very submissive bottoms begging to be impaled and used in a most shameful manner.

Samantha found that she really enjoyed controlling and forcing these very pliant females to perform for her. Their squeals of pleasure and sobbing dismay when she rode them hard made her juices spray like a roughly opened orange at a picnic lunch.

Whenever Samantha buried her head in a fresh girl's pussy or bottom, she extracted a minute quantity of blood to give her added strength. They never suspected and just assumed it was her enthusiastic lovemaking that caused a momentary sting between their legs or deep in their ass crack. It was forgotten almost immediately in the flush of impending orgasms.

She decided it was not a good idea to consummate a sexual dalliance with any of the boys at school because they were such blabbermouths and total jerks once they had successfully deposited a load of cum in a girl's pussy or tiny ass. After looking around the neighborhood, she came up with 3 possible male partners to give her a good fuck session workout.

First choice was Charlie the cook's grandson who came every week to deliver the fresh meat from the butcher. He was not very bright, but had impressive muscular development. His thighs and legs were strong and well-toned. Whenever he bent over in the kitchen, she could not help but notice the maids all checking out his firm butt.

Her second choice was PC Anthony. He was in his late 20s and had this marvelous red hair that made her heart flutter whenever she saw it. She had often masturbated with the thought of his shocking red hair bobbing between her legs. Samantha was encouraged by the fact that this young man had already explored her bottom quite expertly as he used an excuse to acquaint her with the methods employed by gropers on the bus line. She loved the feel of his strong hands probing her anal secrets with a happy-go-lucky look on his smiling face. The fact that her Father was sitting on the other side of the room writing a letter only served to heighten her enjoyment of his aggressiveness.

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