Going Home

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2011 by mattwatt

Erotica Sex Story: Vanessa and her daughter are caught in the web of southern justice on a trip 'home'.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Reluctant   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Daughter   MaleDom   Rough   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   .

They were actually 'going home', just the words had a kind of thrill in them that Vanessa loved to let herself recite silently, only so that she could hear them. She and Steph, her daughter, were 'going home'. It had been years, no, decades, since she gone south, having turned her back on memories that were bitter ones. But this was a kind of a reclamation project for the two of them.

It was a kind of a 'Mom-Daughter' bonding thing for Steph's 18th birthday, this 'going home' project.

They did it in a leisurely fashion, taking their time, stopping, when the mood was on them, and just making a total holiday of it. It got warmer, as the went south and the chills of late winter, early spring were finally left behind and they enjoyed the warmth.

The drive down through the south seemed a long one. Vanessa decided to get off of the interstate, to give Steph a kind of a feel for what the local scenery was like in this part of the south. They drove through pretty stretches of country and through some very shabby ones.

It was on a Tuesday in Creeson County that their trouble began. As they were driving along a particularly deserted stretch of road, Vanessa noticed the flashing lights of a police car coming up behind her.

"What's this all about?" she said out loud.

"What?" Steph asked.

"Oh, we're being hailed by a police car," Vanessa answered, "And I know that I wasn't speeding."

She pulled over to let the police car pass but he stopped directly behind her. She rolled her window down, as the burly cop got out of his car and came forward.

"Officer," she began in a pleasant tone of voice but he cut her off, speaking across her words:

"Where the fuck's the fire, girl?"

Vanessa was stung! She gasped at the use of the word 'girl', and simply stared at the policeman, her face on a level with his belt.

"I beg your pardon?" she said, getting angry.

"Momma?" Steph said, as much in concern for her Mom to stay cool as anything.

"I said 'where the fuck's the fire, girl?'" he repeated.

"I heard what you said," Vanessa shot back at him, "And I object to you using the word 'girl' with me. I am not, officer, your 'girl'."

There was a coldness in her voice.

"Great!" the big man said, with a sour look on his face. "Another uppity nigger bitch to deal with!"

"What?" Vanessa shrieked. "I'll have your badge for using language like that with me!"

"Momma!" Steph said again, this time with an added note of terror in her voice.

"Okay," the cop said in a growl, "Out of the car, both of you."

"I will not!" Vanessa snapped, really angry now but suddenly she was staring into the muzzle of the policeman's browning automatic pistol.

"I said out of the car!" he repeated in a deadly voice.

Vanessa calmed down immediately, her emotions playing tricks with her and began to strive for calm.

"I apologize for my temper, Officer," she began but again she was interrupted by the big man, who shouted:

"Get the fuck out of the car, nigger bitch, and you too, honey," he said nodding at Steph.

"Yes, yes, sir," Vanessa said, "Coming out now!" her voice was very soft now, and she was beginning to feel the same kind of fear that was apparent in Steph's latest uttering of 'Momma'.

"You and your Momma are in deep shit here, girl," he said across Vanessa to Steph. "So, don't you go making it worse for yourself, either of you."

As Vanessa got out of the car, she heard the policeman call in on his shoulder mic:

"Control, got two black beauties here out on the Colson road. I'll be bringing them in for speeding and resisting arrest. Gonna make a drug sweep now."

"We did not resist arrest," Vanessa complained but he pushed the browning at the back of her head and said to her:

"One more word, bitch; just one more word!"

"Sorry, sir," Vanessa said contritely.

"Okay, ladies," the policeman said then. "Here's how it will be. This is called a random drug search. I get to search part of the body of one of you for drugs..."

"Don't you dare!" Vanessa snapped, before she even knew what she was saying.

"Good enough," the cop said, "It'll be the girlie then."

"No, no, please, I'm sorry," Vanessa said contritely. "Understand that I'm nervous and I'm her Mom. Do the search with me."

Steph turned to Vanessa with a worried look but Vanessa smiled and assured her:

"It's okay, honey, he's only doing his duty."

"'Bout time!" he said and then instructed Vanessa: "Okay now, unbuckle your belt, and unbutton the waist of your slacks."

Vanessa gave off an involuntary loud intake of breath, hoping that once again her involuntary anger didn't make things worse.

"Problem, bitch?" he growled.

"No, no, sir!" Vanessa said with some difficulty.

Vanessa tried to calm herself but knew that this trespassing into her personal, intimate area was at least caused by her injudicious shows of anger. She pushed the thought from her mind, when he said:

"I'm waiting."

"Yes, yes, I'm doing it," was her response, as she reached for the belt on her slacks.

"Okay, ladies," he intoned next, "Lean against the car and spread your legs."

Both of them did that. He prodded Vanessa in the back with his hand and said:

"You, girl, get those pants down to your knees, now!"

"Yes, sir," she said in a subdued voice, Steph was just staring over at what was happening with her Mom.

Vanessa's fear now began to increase. Here they were in the scene with the burly policeman, who was calling her a humiliating name, and now forcing her, in the name of a random search to pull her pants down. She swore at herself for her reactions, having forgotten how things could be here 'back home', and she was trying to keep in mind that Steph was there.

Her slacks were now down around her knees, exposing her royal purple bikini panties.

"Nice butt, girl!" the cop said, and he was answered by an immediate answer as she said:

"Thank you, sir," without even thinking about it.

"Let's do this now," he said and glanced at the wide eyed Steph. "You watch, honey," he continued, "Maybe you'll see your Momma getting a charge out of something."

It was enough to make Vanessa move; she made a grab at her slacks around her knees, but he was faster. He kicked her feet apart again, and said:

"Don't even think of moving, Blackie!"

Vanessa was cowed by his tone and shame washed over her yet again at what he called her.

He wasn't, of course, making any random drug search; he was just feeling her up. His big hands slid up under Vanessa's blouse and cupped her breasts, whose nipples, she realized with shame, were hard and pressing against the soft material of her beige bra. He chuckled and said:

"Like that, Blackie, I bet!"

Then he began to pinch the nipples and that got an loud moan from Vanessa, whose body, in spite of the situation, seemed determined to undermine her composure.

He laughed then and said: "You watching this, girl; watching your Momma show her slut side."

"Please!" Vanessa said, not even knowing right then what she was asking for, but she was cut off, when he snapped:

"Shut the fuck up, nigger!"

"Yes, sir!" she said meekly.

Vanessa was now facing one of her primal fears; the one that had always been there, never far away. She was facing the possibility that in the face of his brutal, dominating attitude, she'd just give in. She frequently, almost always, did, despite what she rationally wanted in any given situation.

His attitude and language was pushing her more and more certainly into that kind of zone. She was fighting it, since Steph was right there but she felt it happening, bringing out the part of her that she detested but so often gave vent to. An insistent voice spoke to her from inside her head:

"That's what you are right here, girl, his nigger; you enjoy this!" She shook her head, and worked at blocking the voice out but then his hands moved.

His hands drifted down to her ass and he let them slide down the slope of her ass cheeks to the furrow between her thighs. When he reached Vanessa's pussy, he began to put some pressure on it through the material of her purple panties.

She reacted immediately, without thought:

"Ohhhhhhhhhh!" she sighed and he laughed again.

"Momma seems to like this!" He felt her some more, now pushing the gusset material of her panties aside and placing his hand directly on her naked, hairy pussy.

Vanessa groaned out loud again.

"Momma?" Steph said, staring at the two of them.

"Leave your Momma alone," he said, in a gruff voice, "She's enjoying herself. Aren't you, Blackie?"

"Yessssss, god damn it!" she said, unable to feign indifference to the manipulation of his hand on her pussy and his rummaging fingers.

Then she started moving her hips with him, and he laughed again.

"Go get it, girl!" he said, pushing the fingers in deeper and finding Vanessa's clit.

She burst out with another:

"OOOOOhhhhhhhh!" at that point, and he stopped.

"Nooooooo!" she wailed.

"Tell me, Blackie, tell me bitch, tell me that you love what I'm doing and I'll continue!" he demanded.

"I do! I do love it!" she said, her voice desperate. "Please don't stop!"

Steph's mouth was open in shock.

"You just bein' slutty now, Blackie?" he asked, in a nasty voice.

"Yes, slutty now," she said, almost incoherent from lust.

"Then let's continue," he said and he went to rummaging into her pussy again, his hand having the effect of pushing her panties down now, so that her naked ass was showing. He slapped her ass with his free hand.

"Yesssss!" she wailed excitedly, when he slapped her ass.

"Fuckin' horny nigger bitch!" he said into the back of her head, as he increased the movement of his hand and fingers.

"Yes, suh, yes suh!" she drawled, "Fuckin' horny nigger bitch, right here."

"Better and better, Blackie!" he said, trying to finish her off. "Love the way you speak"

"Thank you, Massa!" she drawled, totally lost now in the lust of that dominating second, and then added: "Nessa ma name; dis fuck name o' mine."

"Momma!" Steph said incredulous.

But just then Vanessa came; she was loud; she wailed; she shook and she squatted down on his hand and finger at the last moment.

He reached around her, once she stopped shaking and he put his finger in front of her mouth. She opened her mouth without being told and licked her own juices off of his finger.

He stepped back and laughed.

"See, girlie," he laughed, speaking to Steph, "Your Momma's a hot black bitch; she is!"

Vanessa was suddenly mortified; she was as angry as possible, mostly at herself but also at this cop for putting her into the situation, when she was with her daughter. She caught her pants and pulled them up, buttoning them and slapped his face, all in one movement.

"You pig!" she said. "Look what you made me do."

Her eyes blazed but only for a few seconds; in an instant she knew that she'd said and done exactly the wrong thing. He had his browning out immediately and was shouting orders at them:

"On your knees! Both of you! Now! I said fucking now!"

Both women complied right away. Vanessa said what she could to save the situation:

"I so sorry, officer! I was taken off guard, upset! Please, please forgive me!" she said urgently.

"Shut the fuck up, bitch!" he said. "Stick your left hand in the air."

She did as she was told and he put a handcuff on it.

"You, girlie," he said to Steph, "Stick your right hand in the air."

Steph was really upset now but did as she was told, as her Momma already had. He then hand cuffed them together and, getting them up, marched them to the back of his cruiser and put them into the back seat.

He got into the driver's seat and Vanessa spoke to him again:

"Officer, please; I am sorry for slapping you and for what I said. Please can't we work this out?"

"Work this out, bitch?" he sneered from the front seat, "Assaulting an officer brings a mandatory 1 year with it. You're going away."

She started to cry at that point and Steph tried to comfort her.

The policeman drove in stony silence and, after having a thought, pulled into a side road. He drove down a lane for a while and turned into another lane that ended in a clearing. He got out and went to the back door, hauling both Vanessa and Steph out of the car.

"Okay, here's where you learn a lesson about slapping a police officer!" he said in a cruel voice.

Both women were sobbing at this point. He went back and hauled them out of the car.

"You two walk over to that side of the clearing," he said to them, and they now, completely cowed, obeyed instantly.

He went over to them and took off the hand cuffs, and walked back toward the other side of the clearing.

"We're gonna play my favorite game;" he said, an evil smile on his face.

"This is called 'resisting arrest', and the best part of 'resisting arrest' is that I get to shoot you! Shoot you for resisting arrest."

"Ohhhh, noooooo please!" Vanessa was pleading.

"Get ready for it, girl," he said, "I'll aim for the knee but I'm upset and might hit something else!"

"But you enjoyed it," she wailed, "You said,! Please, please think of something else. Anything!"

"Don't you go sayin' no 'anything', Nessa, unless you mean it," he warned her.

"Anything," she said again, her eyes keeping contact with his.

"Okay, here's what I'll do," he said. "I'm gonna give you two minutes, only two, no more; within two minutes if you have your naked black ass over here and you show me that you know your damn place is at a white man's feet, licking his shoes, then no shooting. But, when I say begin, you got your two minutes to get naked and get over here, and please me. After two minutes, the shooting starts."

"Go!" he said, watching his watch intently.

Vanessa sprang into action immediately. Within a minute her clothes were off totally. Steph made only strangled noises, still to frightened for much else of a response, and watched her Momma crawl toward the cop. She was ashamed that the thought raced through her mind just then about how lovely her Momma was without her clothes.

In about a minute and ten seconds she was at his feet, her tongue was out and she was licking his shoes. And somewhere within her, sprung now to full life was what she called 'her dirty self', willing to do such degrading things for an insistent white man.

"Gonna do my man dandy!" Vanessa crooned, licking her way around the shoe. "Gonna do him up, jes do him up!"

She switched her attention to the other shoe, and the cop watching her and grinned. She looked up at him and grinned back.

"You like your Nessa, dis Blackie now, Massa?" she asked.

"Fuckin' nice talk, girl!" he growled and she went back to licking a shoe.

"You watch your Momma now, girl," he said to Steph, "She knows how to act; and you take it all in; your time is comin'."

Vanessa looked at him and he almost shouted at her:

"Not one fuckin'' word, Nessa!"

"No words, Massa, lettin' dis tongue speak for me!" she drawled, and continued licking her way around the back of his second shoe.

He chuckled and then let his gaze fall on Steph, who seemed frozen somewhere in the middle of fear, anxiety, disbelief and something else that he couldn't read, maybe fascination.

"Okay, girlie," he said to Steph. "Want to make sure you understand what's happenin' here."

"Yes, sir!" she said very politely.

"You see your Momma here?" he asked, as though her were instructing her.

"Yes, sir, I do," she answered.

"What's she wearin'?" was his next question.

"She's naked, sir," Steph answered.

"No, she ain't," he growled at Steph and she quailed at the sound.

"When a prime lookin' nigger gal like your Momma is at the feet of a white man with a gun, and the will to use it, she's 'bare assed naked'; you got that, girlie?" he said insistently.

"Yes, sir, I do!" Steph answered.

"Good," the cop said then, "So, tell me, what's your Momma wearing in this here clearing?"

"My Momma's bare assed naked, sir!" she answered quickly.

"Too true!" he said with a small laugh, Vanessa simply went on licking his shoe.

"Looks kind of slutty, don't you think, girlie!" he said.

"I think she looks wonderful!" Steph said, with a show of bravado.

He laughed: "Good for you, girlie! That she does But now it's your turn, girlie; now don't you let me down; remember I have this taser and I'll hurt your Momma, if you don't abide. Hear?

"Yes, sir," Steph said, "I hear you clearly."

"Good, girl; smart move. Now what's your Momma wearin'?"

"She's bare assed naked, sir," Steph answered.

"Good, I want you to be wearing the same outfit within two minutes. Don't you fail me now."

Steph realized how dire the situation was, as quickly as her Momma had. She began to shed her clothes, abashed that the cop just watched her."

Within that time period, Steph had her jeans down and off, her tee shirt up over her head and on the pile of her jeans, trainers and socks off. She hesitated then but only a second, as he watched a leered, and Vanessa gave her an encouraging glance. Then it was her bra and panties joining the pile.

"Better!" he said, "Two beauties, one black and one coffee light. I love the sight. Well, I think we need to play some games here. Don't you think so, Momma?"

"Yes, sir, I surely do," Vanessa answered, determined to be brave for Steph's sake.

"Here's what we'll do; you two come with me over here," he said, pointing in the direction of the trees.

He walked them over to the tree and put a pair of hand cuffs on them, cuffing them around the trunk of the tree but to each other. Then he produced another set of cuffs and made them secure to one another around the tree.

"Now, don't you two lovely, naked ladies go anywhere, you hear?" he asked.

Vanessa didn't reply fast enough and Steph was too scared to say anything. The big man reached out and pinched one of Vanessa's nipples really hard. She jumped and cried out.

"You hear me talkin' to you, girl?"

"Yes, sir," she said quickly, "We'll be right here waiting for you."

"You'd best start to mind your manners, girl, or someone is going to get shot in this clearing. I guaran--fucking --tee that!"

"Yes, sir," she said quickly now, "Mindin' my manners, sir."

He left them there, tethered around the tree to each other, and went back to his squad car.

"Momma?" Steph asked quietly, when they were alone.

"You just don't worry, honey," Vanessa said, "We'll get through this. We'll just get through this.

"Are you okay?" Steph asked.

And Vanessa replied: "Just fine, honey."

Then the officer was back, only now he was carrying a high powered rifle with a scope on it.

"What you goan do, Massa?" Vanessa drawled at him, the fear in her voice.

"Target practice, blackie!" he said brightly.

"Now let me explain this little game to you. You two are going to run around the edge of this clearing. You need to be careful and watch me because I'm going to be shooting at you. The only way you're in trouble is if you don't pay attention. Understand?"

"Massa," Vanessa said then in a wheedling voice, "You doan wan' ta hurt yo gals, now does you?"

"Understand?" he growled.

"Yes, Massa," Vanessa said quickly to placate him, "We understands."

He set them loose then and said: "And one more thing, if you decide that you want to light out for the woods naked and all, well and good; I will probably get a chance to shoot one of you, before you hit the woods. Then I call for back up and get four or five others here and the dogs. We catch you and you, Momma, get fucked like you can't believe and then you get fucked up too. And you, Missy, get to be fucked by the dogs. So, just keep that much in mind."

"Yes, suh," Vanessa drawled next.

"Okay, you light out now; just run around the edge of the clearing," he said, then he slapped Vanessa on the ass and also Steph and they began to trot around the edge of the clearing, always watching him.

The next ten to fifteen minutes were simply terrifying. He would shoot in front of them, causing them to squeal in terror and stop but then he'd shoot behind them. They never knew where he was going to aim next.

He himself was laughing and enjoying himself.

They struggled around the circle of the clearing once and then, when they got to the back of the clearing, he shot in front of them but close. They squealed in fright and froze. Then he shot to the right of them, again close. They were holding each other and simply trembling in fright. But he was having the time of his life.

Finally, he set the rifle aside and walked out into the clearing. He pointed at Vanessa and said: "You, crawl to me, right here."

She did as she was told immediately. She got to where he was and settled down on her knees, hands down at her side.

He spoke, however, to Steph. "What do you think, Missy? Does your Momma have lovely lips and a lovely tongue?"

Steph, still shaking, said a clear: "Yes, sir, my Momma has lovely lips and a lovely tongue."

"But tell me, what do you think you're Momma's gonna do with her lovely lips and that tongue o' hers now." He went on quickly:

"Now you think, girlie, you answer me wrong and I'm gonna hurt your Momma with this here taser. See it?"

"Yes, sir, I see it," Steph said, her chin trembling.

"I'm gonna use this taser on your Momma, if you don't answer me right, girlie! Clear?"

"Clear, sir!" Steph answered.

"Now what do you think your Momma's gonna do next with that mouth and tongue of hers? Use the words and don't be prissy. Remember my taser, girlie!"

Steph didn't hesitate very much:

"My Momma's gonna suck your cock next, I think!" she said.

"Right in one!" the cop answered. "But what kind of cock, Missy?"

"Your lovely, white cock, sir!" Steph said.

"Right again," he chuckled.

Then he turned to Vanessa and said:

"Nessa, you heard the girl, get your mouth up there where a nigger gal's mouth should be!" he ordered.

"Yes, Massa," Vanessa drawled, using the patois to hopefully keep him happy.

She raised herself up and reached out to unzip his fly. She soon had his stiff, white cock out and was licking up the length of it.

Steph stared.

The cop laughed: "Fuckin' Nessa knows her place."

"She sure do!" Vanessa drawled to him and licked the cock some more.

Then he addressed Steph again, while her Momma was busy licking at his cock, and taking his balls into her mouth.

"See, Missy," he said, "Your Momma knows what to do with that black mouth of hers. Doesn't she?"

Steph was too overcome to answer at once.

"You answer now or the pain starts right away, Missy!" he said.

"Yes," Steph hastened to answer, "My Momma knows what to do with her black mouth."

"Is your Momma a cock sucker, Missy?" he asked pleasantly.

"Yes, sir," Steph said, "My Momma is certainly a cock sucker."

"For what kind of cocks?" he asked, again being very pleasant.

"For white cocks!" Steph said,"Especially big, white policeman cocks!"

He laughed outright.

"Now I'll give you only one minute to crawl over here to where we are. Starting now!" he said, grinning at Steph, who set into motion immediately.

"Okay, girlie, part of the show," he said, "I'll tell you what to do."

Steph proceeded to crawl across the clearing, a very strange sense of kinship with her Momma, invading her senses, as she did it. When she got to where the cop and her Momma were, he spoke to her.

"Now first of all, you give your Momma a nice kiss, right on her black cock sucker's mouth! Make it nice and passionate. You just don't want to make me mad."

"No, sir," Steph said, "I'll do it."

Vanessa looked at her with a fairly reassuring smile on her face, as if to say:

"Honey, we're getting through this."

Then Vanessa leaned toward her and kissed her daughter. It was, as he had dictated, an open mouth kiss, and they did make it passionate, having no other recourse.

"Taste my cock on your Momma's lips, girlie?" he asked, in a nasty voice.

"Yes, sir, I did!" Steph said.

He laughed: "You women! Okay let's get this on. Girlie, I want you down on the ground and you begin by kissing that lovely round ass of your Momma's and then you eat her snatch! Do you understand?"

"Perfectly!" Steph said, and went down on all fours, and began to obey by kissing her Momma's ass. She proceeded quickly to licking down the back of Vanessa's thighs and inserting her tongue into her pussy cleft.

"Ohhhhhhhhh!" Vanessa moaned, and began to suck the cock in front of her with greater urgency.

He watched with satisfaction, and a growing urgency, as Vanessa sucked his cock, and did it well.

"Nice mouth, girl!" he said to her.

She mumbled a 'thank you, sir, ' and he quipped: "Don't talk with your mouth full!", slapping the side of her face lightly.

Steph was struggling to get at her Momma's pussy, as she'd been told and he finally intervened:

"Girlie, get down there on your back and let her put that pussy down on your face."

Neither of the women objected at that point; the situation had gone way beyond any kind or possibility of objection, and they knew better than raise a fuss. Steph got onto her back. Then he directed Vanessa:

"Okay, Nessa, squat down on her face, now; give her the goods."

Vanessa obeyed and her pussy was pressed down on Steph's open mouth.

"Better," he said, "Now suck my cock."

Vanessa went back to her efforts, continuously, involuntarily moaning now, from the sensation of Steph working on her own wet pussy. She had the big cop on the brink of cumming once again, when she began to really react to Steph's oral manipulation of her pussy.

Vanessa tightened her mouth around the cop's cock and sucked him finally to an orgasm, just about the time that she pushed downward onto Steph's face and unloaded her own orgasm.

There was quiet and peace for just a moment or so, the only sound was the panting of the three of them, only Steph had remained unfulfilled. But he didn't seem to be worried about that.

He looked at Steph and asked: "Well, Missy, think were done here or is there maybe one more thing that I should do to your slutty Momma? What do you think? Now don't you make me use this taser, honey. You just answer me."

Steph glanced only briefly at Vanessa who nodded ever so slightly.

"I think that you're gonna fuck my Momma!" Steph said softly.

"Well how about that idea?" he said with feigned surprise. "Now you go ahead and tell your Momma nice and polite like to let the nice white policeman fuck her nigger pussy. You do it that way; say it that way. You go ahead."

Steph hesitated then; it seemed too much.

He smiled and said: "Well, fine ladies; we'll just have another round of rifle practice; you two get up now and start running."

"No, please, please!" Steph pleaded, bringing a smile to his face. She turned to Vanessa and said:

"You do that, Momma, you let this nice white policeman fuck your nigger pussy; I want to see you do that!" She was in tears, as she finished.

"Yes," Vanessa said, smiling at the cop now, "Massa you comes now and gets dis nigger gal; you fuck her good with dat, lovely white cock, cock what's been already in my nigger mouf! You do dat now, huh?"

"Gladly," he said, "Since you ask so nicely."

Then he was behind her and quickly pushing his cock into her pussy, getting only a grunt from her in reaction. While he was fucking her, he kept slapping her naked ass, making a loud noise in the deserted wooded area and getting a squeal from Vanessa at every slap.

He pumped at her vigorously, as Steph watched, wide eyed but by now Nessa was getting into it, and enjoying the fucking despite herself, and the ass slapping going with it.

He hesitated just for a few seconds and rasped to Steph:

"Now you speak to your Momma, Missy, you tell her straight to get her nigger lips onto your nigger cunt and eat that cunt!"

Steph, struggling all the while for control, said it: "Momma, come now and get your nigger lips on my nigger cunt! Eat it!"

She snuggled against her Mother's face and Nessa began to eat her daughter, while being fucked by the big white cop. He thought it was a circus, a veritable circus.

They were all active that way for many minutes, when with a kind of as shriek, she came and he finished too, grinning and pulling his cock out of her, and Steph, spent also, fell back panting.

Vanessa acted then; she took his shrinking cock in her hand, and looking up at him began to clean it off with her mouth.

"You know how to treat a white man, Nessa!" he said softly.

"Yes, Massa!" was her reply, and then she was done.

He moved away and fixed himself, zipping himself up.

"What now, officer?" Vanessa said.

"Well, since I called it in, I'm going to have to take you in. You can deal with the chief but I guess that we'll let you go before long."

"Thank you, sir," Vanessa said. "Can we ... may we dress now?"

"Both of you stand over there by your clothes," he ordered, and they went there and stood.

He took out a phone and took their picture.

"Now a photo," he said, "With the two of you kissing."

He took several photos of them naked in the clearing, embracing and kissing, then photos of Nessa kneeling and kissing Steph's pussy and then her ass, and similar photos of Steph doing the same.

Finally or the last photo, the two women embraced and then moved into a kiss. Just before their lips met, Steph whispered:

"I love you, Momma!"

"Love you too, sweet angel," Vanessa replied, and they kissed.

The kiss was passionate, including tongues, because they both knew that it was what the big cop wanted from them.

They kept the embrace, after the kiss and he said to them:

"Okay, my black beauties, seems a shame but dress now both of you."

"Thank you, sir," Vanessa said, as she bent for her panties and bra. Steph quietly climbed into her clothes.

He put them then into the squad car and drove them to the police headquarters, where the chief was waiting for them.

As soon as he was driving, Steph moved close to Vanessa and whispered:

"Momma, I so sorry for all that; I mean what I did and said..."

She broke off at that point, as Vanessa simply stroked her cheek.

"Later, sweet angel, we'll talk about it later; don't think this is over now, and don't you worry, I'll keep a rein on my temper and we'll get free of this. We just will."

"I love you, Momma," she said, and Vanessa kissed Steph's cheek.

The police chief, an older balding, stout man, was waiting for them.

"Okay, in my office," he said, nodding at the big policeman. "I'll take it from here, Sweeney, I'll call, if I need you."

The chief walked Sweeney to the door and said to him: "The girl's age?"

"Not sure," Sweeney answered, "Didn't do anything directly to her to be sure."

"Good," the chief said, putting a hand on Sweeney's arm. "Say 'hi' to that sweet daughter of mine!"

Sweeney grinned and said: "Will do," and left.

"So, missy," he began, staring almost a hole in Vanessa, "I hear you assaulted one of my officers."

"I am so sorry, Chief, sir," she said, contritely, "I lost my temper and it was a natural reaction."

"A natural reaction that's gonna get you in trouble today, girl!" he said fiercely.

"I know," Vanessa said, meekly.

"Seems your attitude has improved, girl," the chief said then.

"Well, we need to decide what to do," he said. "So, I'm going to hold you until I make a decision."

"Yes, sir!" Vanessa said trying to be polite at all costs.

He pushed an intercom button and said: "Send Sweeney back in here, will you."

In a few minutes the big, smiling policeman was back.

"Sir?" he said.

"I'm not just sure if I'm going to press the automatic prison feature of assaulting an officer or not, Sweeney; we'll hold them until I decide."

He turned to Vanessa, who had tears on her cheeks at this point and said: "If you behave yourself and are cooperative from now on, we might just be able to forget about this."

"Yes, sir," she said, "I understand."

"Good," the chief went on then, "Take her to holding #2 and the little lady to holding #3."

Sweeney smiled and said: "Very good, sir."

"Oh," the chief went on, as though just thinking of it, "And to a drug search on her before you put her in #2."

"Will do, sir!" Sweeney said and led the two women away in hand cuffs.

The big policeman led the two frightened women downstairs into the lower parts of the building. After some twists and turns, they finally arrived at a group of cells. There were three of them. Two of the cells were empty. The third one had a bit of a crowd: three white bikers, who'd slept one off, two hispanics, who were silent and sullen, and one obvious bum.

"Hey, Sweeney," one of the bikers called out as soon as he saw the policeman. "When the fuck do we get out of here?"

"Soon but first I have a little gift from the chief," Sweeney went on.

As soon as they saw the women, the men, especially the bikers were loud and making comments.

"Keep a lid on it," Sweeney said,"Or I'll put the older one and the little lady in #3 and you get no fun."

They quieted down immediately.

Sweeney took one of the big keys he had with him and opened the door of the empty cell. He motioned for Steph to go in, which she did but grabbed Vanessa by the arm, when she tried to follow her daughter.

"No, Nessa," he said, "It's game time again; you don't mind, do you sweets?"

"No, sir!" Vanessa said, the worry on her again.

"Good," Sweeney said with obvious mirth, "Here's what we'll do. First of all, since you're going to mingle with the troops down here, I need to do a drug search and then you can go into the cell, once I'm sure you're not carrying drugs. Understand?"

Vanessa said quietly: "Yes, sir, I understand."

Then something strange happened. Steph, who'd been looking on for the most part and protected all this time, from the very beginning of the incident with the policeman, came to the front of the bars. She knelt and got Sweeney's attention immediately:

"Officer, please let me, uh, convince you to put my Momma in here with me! Please!"

Saying that she put her face against the bars and opened her mouth wide.

"How old are you, girl?" he asked.

"I'm 18 two days ago," she said.

Sweeney grinned and said, "Fine."

The men in #2 began to grumble but Sweeney shut them up quickly. Then he unzipped his fly, took out his cock and fed it into Steph's mouth. Vanessa only looked on, a look of kind of amazement and gratitude on her face.

Sweeney grabbed Steph by the hair and kept her mouth in place, as he pumped his cock in and out of her mouth. He held her head tight, when he began to cum, filling her mouth.

"Very nice, little girl!" He said, "You'd better be telling the truth about your age."

"Yes, sir; now my Momma can come in here with me?"

Sweeney laughed and said: "No, honey, I appreciate your efforts but I can't do that; the chief wants her in #2."

Steph began to cry and Sweeney laughed, and turned to Vanessa.

"Now, Nessa," he said, "No trouble or else Missy goes into #2 with you."

"Yes, sir!" she said, "I understand."

"The drug search now," he said, "Strip; naked, everything off, now!"

The word stirred whatever in Vanessa there was to comply with such roughness and orders. She knew that his was the only avenue out of this place and this mess. She stripped. A huge silence prevailed, as she took her clothes off. It was the silence of anticipation from those already in the cell, since they'd heard what Sweeney said about Vanessa going into #2 with them.

In the process of taking off her clothes this time, there were some conflicting emotions that surged within Vanessa. She realized, with great relief, that the terror time, the time of flat out fright was over, gone. She also realized, in a flash, that it was as much her temper as Sweeney's bigotry that go them into this and she intended to pay attention to that. But she was assailed by the small unwelcome voice that peopled her dreams, disturbed her nights, and spoke to her with dirty, sexual thoughts, when any situation presented possibilities:

"Dis goan be a good time for dis Nessa, you bet!" the voice whispered, and Vanessa strove to push it away, as she now undid her slacks and pushed her slacks down to her ankles, showing the cell mates in #2 her panties and her ass, and getting a low murmuring of appreciative comments as she did it.

Again the silence of observation prevailed. None of the cell mates in #2 wanted to do or say anything that would prevent Sweeney from carrying out his threat to put Vanessa in with them.

And again the voice, the voice of Nessa prodded her, spoke to her, railed at her:

"Smile, girl, dis goan be like Christmas time wif gifts and all. Gonna get sometin' to taste, sometin' to eat, yes ma'am, and goan get Nessa fucked good. Bad times gone and good times now!"

She'd hesitated, listening to the cruelty of the inner voice, a cruelty that she knew she'd probably give in to and just put up with, she always did.

"Hey!" Sweeney yelled, and swatted Vanessa on the ass.

It made her jump and holler: "Owwww!"

There were smiles now among those watching in #2, with someone of the group saying a barely subdued:

"Slap her ass again, Sweeney; it has such a nice sound."

Sweeney grinned at the denizens of #2 and did as they asked, slapping Vanessa's almost naked ass again, getting the same loud 'owwww' response, and more laughter from inside the cell.

At the same time, Steph's unfortunate eyes were simply glued on what was happening.

At Sweeney's instructions, Vanessa bent over from the waist, totally naked now, and he probed both her pussy and her ass hole with his fingers, getting a loud grunt from her both times.

"Boy, you know how to treat a lady, Sweeney," one of them said, glued to the bars, again getting a grin from Sweeney.

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