Amy's Smile: A Conclusion

by Oldlockguy

Copyright© 2011 by Oldlockguy

Romantic Story: A conclusion to jfinn's wonderful, but unfinished series, Amy's Smile. With respect to and affection for a wonderful author.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual  

As many readers can testify, "Amy's Smile," by jfinn, is one of the best-written and most gripping Romance series on this site. Readers hung on every word, waiting anxiously for each new chapter until November, 2003, when lovestruck Charlie caught the late night plane to begin a tortuous journey home to newly-gorgeous Amy. Charlie's been on the plane ever since, stuck in a seat next to a six year old who has just sicked up a jelly donut. He's the man who never returned. Poor old Charlie. (Isn't there a song about that?) Neither has the author, Jayne Finn. There is a note from her on this site, dated 2006, stating that she had been fighting an illness that keeps her from the computer and, even worse, a massive case of writer's block. Apparently, she can't or perhaps couldn't figure out a way to write that one last chapter that would end the story. After nearly eight years, my guess is that she may never finish the series. Well, fools rush in and I don't write well enough to have a problem with writer's block. I began to speculate about how the story might come to a happy ending. (I refuse to contemplate the possibility of an unhappy ending.)This is the result. At least it gets Charlie off that plane.

You'll probably have to go back to read the earlier series for this story to make much sense. But don't worry, you'll love it. And there's even great sex in a couple of the chapters.

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