A Cat Like Love

by Confused_Mind

Copyright© 2011 by Confused_Mind

Erotica Sex Story: Can Halloween be the beginning of a new life?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   Consensual   NonConsensual   Rape   Reluctant   Slavery   Fiction   Zoophilia   Furry   MaleDom   Rough   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Hairy   Halloween   Transformation   .

Eddie sat on the couch resting after a strenuous workout. Lifting weights and working out on the treadmill was his third joy after getting home from work. The second joy was reading, and the first by far was Lisha, his cat. Eddie worked to pay the bills, buy books and buy food for both him and Lisha. Yes, he had friends, but they were just something he learned to maintain as a way to make his mom happy. She would always tell him that you could tell the measure of a man by the friends he kept. Eddy cultivated intelligent friends only because anything less was a waste of time. Eddie wasn't an ugly person, he was just plain. He stood 6 feet tall and 185Lbs, well muscled and fit, short black hair and black eyes. He was a self taught black belt in aikido, and held a degree in teaching and a degree in history, but no matter how you looked at him, 15 minutes later you wouldn't even remember seeing him. He was plain looking and forgettable.

Eddie sat on the edge of the couch drinking his protein shake and playfully stroking Lisha's flanks, he could tell that she loved it because her purring would increase like a diesel engine. Lisha was a big cat, bigger than any other cat Eddie had ever seen before. From chest to butt she was almost 2 feet long long. Her fur was short and black, with two white stripes that ran from the top of her eyes to the tip of her tail, and from the bottom of her eyes down her chest and underbelly until it met at her belly button. Her fur was as soft as the down on a bird. One eye was blue and the other was green, and her nose was as pink as her tongue. Around her neck Eddie had placed a necklace of 18 carat gold, with small charms that he associated with her, the kitten, the sardine, the bird, the mouse, the ball of wool. Eddie only fed her a raw food diet based on her needs, minimal vegetables, and mostly raw meat chick and turkey, with the rare instance of fish when she wanted it. He knew what she wanted by her actions. If she had wanted fish she would always stand next to the empty fish bowel in the hallway when he got home. Chicken would be his slippers which had a small yellow chicken embroidered on the toe, his mother sent him a new pair every Christmas, and turkey was her standing by the fridge. She would not tolerate milk, and only drank filtered water, which was thankfully in abundance as he drank the same thing. Every evening was the same for Eddie, he left for work at a small local college where he taught history for 5 hours, and then did janitorial for 3 more hours. He would leave at 3:15pm, arrived at work for 3:30pm, and worked straight through until 11:30pm Sunday to Thursday. When Eddie arrived home, a 2 storey townhouse in a quiet area of town, he was greeted in the front yard by Lisha and they went in together. He would make dinner for both of them, she was served first, and then after a good workout he would eat dinner, clean up, curl up on the couch with a good book and read until 3am, when he would climb into bed and sleep till 9am. The few friends he had would often say that it was like he was married to the cat. Eddie didn't have any relationships with any girls, he didn't like to admit it, but he was shy. He'd come to the conclusion that he was happy with the life that he had. Often times he would purchase trinkets and items for Lisha if he thought they would make her happy.

Every year he was invited to the Halloween party at the college and he would decline. Not his scene, he replied in email. This year's party was different, and he had no way of getting out of it. It was also a retirement party for his boss, who loved Halloween. Eddie gathered up the fixings for a simple costume and started to put it together, meanwhile he chatted with Lisha like he normally would. "I've got no choice but to go to this party, little lady, it's the boss's retirement party and I get to meet the new boss also. I would much rather spend my time at home here with you and a good book, though."

Over an hour period he put together a cat costume that made him look like a black and white tiger. He hadn't chosen these colors, it was the only colors left in the cloth store. He hand sewed them, another skill taught to him by his mother, and came up with a half mask with tiger striping in black, and a tiger striped vest with tail. Cat-paw gloves and big silly cat feet covers for his shoes, altogether he looked quite comedic.

The party started at 8pm, so, looking at the time, he still had 2 hours before he had to leave. He put together an excellent meal as an apology for leaving Lisha by herself on a Saturday evening, and spent a bit of time reading a new historical novel he had just received in the mail. Lisha jumped up on the bed and nuzzled him purring. She nuzzled his neck and then began to lick and clean his face, Eddie knew he could not win this, so he placed the book down to the side and paid extra special attention to Lisha, stroking her from behind her ears to the base of her tail, scratching her lightly behind her ears and at the base of her tail. He also ran his fingernails across her flanks like she loved, and then let her settle down stretched out on the bed next to him. When the time for him to leave came, she appeared to be a bit grumpy that he moved, but Eddie apologized and once again explained why he had to go. He offered to let her out for the evening, but she just looked at him disgusted and returned to her position on the bed as if to say, 'Fine. I'll wait here until you're finished your little human games.' He donned his costume, blew her a kiss and locked the door when he left.

As he suspected, the Halloween party was not particularly fun for him, and he figured that as soon as the boss made his goodbyes and introduced the new boss he was going to exit quietly and be home at a reasonable hour. It would have all worked out that way, too, if it were not for a group of party crashers that knew him. They plied him with free drinks just so they would not be kicked out, and before he knew it Eddie was feeling drunk. One of the staff, a female who had the hots for him he thought for some strange reason, attempted to kiss him and groped him several times, after the fourth time being groped by her he finally stood up and announced, "Thank you all for the wonderful party, I am going to have to leave now, I am meeting someone important to me back at my place." The groper exited the party even before he could leave, and almost made him stay but, when he staggered over nothing, Eddie knew it was time to go home.

Eddie ran into the groper just outside the college, and she tried to take his hand and walk with him. "Excuse me, what are you doing?" he asked, with a tipsy slur in his voice.

Little miss groper, not a particularly pleasant looking female with a pear shaped body and a little more bread dough than muffin waist and a greasy complexion giggled, "Going back to your place with you like you said inside."

"I was talking about going home to my cat. I have no intention of spending any time with you, we work at the college together and I never dip into that pool, thank you very much. I'll see you next time I'm in to work. Good night." Eddie released himself from her and made a beeline for home. It was definitely way past the time to go home, he thought. Eddie staggered a few times on the way home and finally reached his front door. Surprisingly enough there hadn't been an egging like the last time he had been out on Halloween, but in the dark of the front door the porch light had been turned off to ensure no children would knock, he fumbled with his keys and dropped them twice, much noise ensued as he cursed his luck. His head bumped the door which slowly swung open. "Someone break in?" he thought, rubbing his head. He quietly stepped into the dark entry and felt supple hands cover his eyes and a feminine whisper quickly said "Guess who?"

Eddie guessed that the groper had got hold of his keys during her groping attempts and now stood behind him with the hopes of getting more. "Look, I told you we work together and I don't date girls who work at the college, I just want to be left alone."

Eddie suddenly felt something was wrong. He felt a short fur on the hands and arms, and incredibly sharp nails resting against his face. "Eddie, my love, did you meet someone while you were out tonight?" responded the feminine whisper. This was not the groper he realized, as this person stood shorter that he was.

"Uh, who is this?" he asked quietly, and attempted to turn around.

"Mm mm, not just yet, keep your eyes closed." she responded. She steered Eddie down the short hallway and into the living room while covering his eyes still, a great feat in agility as she was probably only 5 feet tall. There was a lurch and he was suddenly carrying her on his back. She was light and seemed to be wearing some sort of fuzzy bodysuit. "Into the bedroom, Eddie my love, I want to be comfortable." she whispered again.

From what Eddie could feel with his hands holding her up, she was quite fit and slim. He could feel the muscles rippling along her legs. "Oooh, Eddie, you always do that so well." she whispered in his ears.

Eddie felt weird at the moment, and began the short trek into the bedroom. "I know you, don't I?" he asked the stranger.

Eddie moved carefully into the bedroom, flicking the light switch which turned on the bedside lamp. He moved to the edge of the bed, turned, and lowered her to the bed. She pulled him back and he found himself looking up at a nice sized pair of tits covered in short white fur with a black stripe between them. The nipples and areola were free of fur and sticking out erect. Looking down from above them was an incredibly beautiful angular face with almond shaped eyes, almost Asian, one blue and one green. What completely threw Eddie was the pair of ears set high up on her head. Eddie reached up and felt around her head for her proper ears. He didn't find any, but his hands reached up and rubbed the base of her ears and he heard a purr come from her throat.

"Oh, Eddie, you make me crazy." she whispered.

Eddie rolled over and found himself straddling an incredibly sexy cat lady. He didn't understand how or why, but he found it ultimately fascinating and decided to explore this wondrous person in front of him. His hands stroked her head and around her ears. Gently he lifted her lips to display the pointed canines. He ran his finger along the upper lip to the cheek and received a happy and intense purr from her. Eddie stroked down her neck and under her chin with the same effect, but once he left this simple domain and moved to her chest he felt lost. He gently moved his full hand around her breasts, following the flow of her fur until he moved his fingers gently towards the center of her breasts, the bare nipple and areola was the same flesh color as his, but they were many times more sensitive. The moment he came in contact with the darker and soft flesh of the areola her purr increased to a moan, and she pressed them into his hands. "Oh, you're making me so wet, suck my nipples."

Eddie bent down and ran the flat of his tongue around the nipple, and then sucked the nipple into his mouth, flicking it with the tip of his tongue. She grabbed his head and pulled him tightly to her chest, "Ohh, yessss." she breathed.

Eddie licked and sucked each nipple in turn and discovered that the entire nipple and areola became puffy and engorged, with the nipple standing at least two fingers high and increasingly sensitive. He spent at least 15 minutes sucking both breasts, one breast after the other, until she arched her back and let out a moaning purr. He felt a flush of wetness at his knee and guessed that she had cum on him and the bed. "Oh, Eddie, don't stop!"

Eddie rubbed his face along her tummy and he made his way downwards. Her smell reminded him of someone, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. The fur she was covered in was definitely not a suit or an article of clothing and it was part of this girl, correction, woman. The fur was softer than silk and long enough to just cover her shin. Eddie finally arrived at her sensuous hips. The two white stripes of fur pointed towards the bare spot. He looked closer and discovered the most delightful smell coming from two fully engorged cunt lips that matched the color of the surrounding fur. They were smooth and free of any fur, puffy, silky soft, hot and wet. Eddie placed his tongue against the base of her pussy and slowly licked up, gathering the fluids as he licked. Her legs wrapped around his head and she let out a loud mewl/scream combination as she came once again. Eddie's mouth filled with sweet salty fluid that warmed his body and made his cock suddenly go even harder than rock. She reached down and claws hooked into his shirt, and she pulled, which caused his shirt to tear to ribbons. Eddie buried his face in her pussy and sucked and licked for all he was worth. He finally found a pink finger sized nubbin of sensitive flesh, and sucked that into his mouth, which caused her to suddenly arch her back and lock in that position. She let out a continuous wail until he thought she would pass out, and then collapsed. Eddie took the opportunity to strip quickly, and by the he was naked with his cock rock hard and pulsing she was back with him again.

"Fuck me, Eddie. Fuck me hard, fuck me fast, and don't stop fucking me till I die." she rambled at him as spread her legs wide. Eddie lined his cock up with her entrance and slid it in slowly and steady. She was tight and hot, and wet enough that the only resistance he felt was from the tightness. She came loudly twice before he finally hit bottom, and when he did hit bottom there was still at least another 1 more inch still to go. She reached her hands around and grabbed his ass. "I want it all, Eddie." she said, and pulled him even deeper. He felt the head of his cock hit the cervix, and she grunted "Oh! Fuck me now. Now! Meeooooowww!"

She let out a guttural cry of a cat, and Eddie started fucking her with long, steady strokes. The head of his cock would bump and rub against her g-spot, and each time she would grunt, let out an animalistic groan and a drawn out meow. The small bumps on the inside of her cunt felt like tiny fingers massaging his cock. Eddie was close to coming when she tightened her muscles, making it almost impossible for him to move, finally he pushed deep into her and let loose an intense stream of cum, pulse after pulse, again and again. The first release of hot seed hit her cervix and she opened her mouth and a high pitched keening started which rapidly turned into a meow like scream as she came continuously, starting anew every time he spit another rope of cum into her. Her arms and legs wrapped around him and squeezed too tightly, while the muscles of her pussy pulled and sucked his cock with every twitch. She must have come continuously for at least 2 or 3 minutes, until everything calmed down and she floated on a pink covered mist of bliss.

"I'm not too sure who you are, but that was fucking incredible. I would love to make love to you forever if it's like that all the time." Eddie said, with his face buried between her tits, breathing her scent in.

"For you, Eddie my love, I would do this forever." she mumbled in her orgasmic haze.

Suddenly her head popped up and she looked at him with a mischievous grin. She pushed him off her and turned over, bent down and stuck her ass in the air. He was startled because coming out of the base of her spine, just above the pink pucker, was a beautiful long, luxuriously furry tail. Two white stripes ran from the ears at the top of her head to the base of her tail. She looked back over her shoulder, and with a smouldering look through half lidded eyes said. "Fuck me again, Eddie. Show me you love me."

It was then that Eddie noticed the golden necklace with charms. "Anything for you, Lisha, I'll love you till the end of time." he said, as he plunged deep into her again and again, stirring up her insides and pouring more cum into her again and again. They made love and fucked and rutted until they collapsed from exhaustion in the wee hours of the morning. Just as he was drifting off he heard Lisha sigh, "Too bad she's coming to ruin all this."

His head drifted for a moment then Eddie sat bold upright. "Who is coming to ruin all this?" he blurted.

Lisha looked up at him with a sleepy look. "My old master, she's found out where I am and is on her way here to get me back. Nothing can stop here." she said with sadness.

"Maybe I can cut a deal with her, let you be with me and work during the evenings?"

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