The Man With the Magic Touch

by harry lime

Copyright© 2011 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: He was the shy type until he discovered he had that special Magic touch that all females desired. The gift to make them pant and beg for him to give them his special kind of loving.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Mind Control   Heterosexual   Fiction   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Cream Pie   .

Billy was an ordinary guy.

He didn't have a great physique that made the girls giggle in sexual arousal when he was around. No, he definitely did not have that asset.

He was not charming and able to seduce women with his golden promises of things to be.

In fact, Billy was sort of average everything. He was average height, average weight, and he was, unfortunately, of average size in the penis department.

Despite all of these negative factors, Billy was able to get any female to literally eat out of the palm of his hand.

It was Billy's hands that did the trick.

He first became aware of the power in his hands shortly after the Halloween party in his senior year at high school right after his seventeenth birthday. Billy was born one minute after midnight on All Hallows Eve and he claimed the day before Halloween as his birthday.

He remembered being in the closet with Elaine, the chubby girl from down the block. They were the victims of some stupid party game that strived to make fools of all the uncool students.

That obviously included Billy and Elaine.

Billy liked Elaine. She was plump. That certainly was a fact. There was no getting around that. He had known her since kindergarten. Elaine was a year older than him. She had broken her leg in freshman year and had to repeat the grade all over again.

They were jammed inside the tiny closet. Both Billy and Elaine were doing their level best to not embarrass each other by resorting to some type of sexual contact. They both wore glasses that certified their nerd status

Elaine's braces made her look like the character from 007 who eliminated his targets with a bite from his steel choppers.

They decided to seal their decision not to engage in sexual activity for the entertainment of the other partygoers with a handshake and not a kiss. Billy was a little bit leery of putting his sensitive lips in close proximity to Elaine's metallic mouth.

The instant that Billy's hand touched Elaine's sweaty palm, he knew something was different.

Elaine started to whimper and whine. He couldn't see her in the dark closet, but she was suddenly bouncing up against him in a frenzy of agitated female flesh. Elaine was padded with a whole lot of soft female flesh.

Billy didn't know what to do.

Elaine did not know what had happened to her. She was still a virgin. She only masturbated a few times and they were terrible disasters leaving her with the sense that perhaps she was one of those asexual persons with no pleasure from sexual contact.

If the lights were on, any fool could see that poor Elaine was in the throes of a full body orgasm. She was convulsing from her pigtails to her flat shoes. She clung to Billy's arm silently pleading for him to stop this from happening. No, she didn't want it to stop.

She wanted it to go on forever.

Elaine could feel her virgin pussy opening and closing in intense excitement. Her juices were beginning to flow for the first time in her life.

Billy felt the moaning, trembling girl hunching on his arm like a crazed dog. She emitted a few short yelps of final release and then sank to the floor in a dreamlike stupor.

The closet door opened and the other guests just stared at the silly grin on Elaine's face sitting on the floor with her heavy legs spread wide apart. The puddle underneath her attested to the pleasure she had just received in the unlighted closet. There was a moment of shocked silence and then the outburst of congratulations for a successful closet encounter.

Billy and Elaine were part of the in-crowd now.

Billy realized he had something in the touch of his hands. Apparently, it was the catalyst for triggering female orgasms. He was smart enough to know it was a power he had to keep hidden. It was a secret for only those special occasions when he needed a little leverage with the ladies.

Elaine didn't really know how Billy did what he did to her. She just knew she wanted him to do it to her again. After Halloween, she went on a whole new makeover to make herself more attractive to other people. At eighteen, she was still a virgin. Other than her experience with Billy in the closet, the only time she had ever been naked in bed with another person was with her girlfriend, Eloise.

She hadn't realized the 16 year old Eloise was attracted to girls instead of boys until her sleepover to celebrate her 16th birthday. Poor Elaine was always a little pudgy with the baby fat she retained from early childhood. They were both in the large den with 4 other girls who had already passed their 16th birthday; Elaine was the last of the group to pass that demarcation line. The sofa held two girls, and there were 2 army surplus cots for two more. Elaine and Eloise had the large sleeping bag on the carpet floor to buddy up in.

After the other girls had fallen asleep subsequent to lots and lots of laughing and giggling, Eloise told her she was going to take off her pajamas because it was so hot in the sleeping bag. Elaine thought that was a smart idea and followed suit.

Suddenly Elaine realized Eloise had her arms wrapped around her and she could feel the bare skin of the young girl rubbing her flanks and legs. Eloise was a slender girl and she had a generous bosom with little rock hard nipples that pushed into Elaine's naked back. Poor Elaine had no idea what to do even when Eloise's hand began to stroke her clitoris with knowing fingers. If she were not so frightened, Elaine was sure she would have achieved the release Eloise whispered in her ear.

She had no idea why her best girlfriend would be attracted to her chubby cheeks. They were rather large and so bouncy. Only her Uncle Tony had shown any interest in them. He just this afternoon told her she had the ass of an Angel.

The incident at the sleepover made Elaine a little self-conscious around Eloise but she never objected to her kissing her on the lips when they were alone together. She figured it was good practice if she could ever get a boy interested in her.

After her experience with Billy in the closet at Halloween, Elaine was determined to become a desirable female. She cut her hair in a trendier upsweep style that made her look pert and in style. She talked her parents into buying her new contact lenses and discarded the ugly black rimmed glasses. She even convinced the dentist to remove her braces before he wanted to. All it took was a promise of giving him the first oral sex of her mouth without braces existence. Most importantly, Elaine went on a careful diet of about 1500 calories and an every other day exercise program.

The change in Elaine was drastic and everyone remarked how sexy she now looked. When she looked in the mirror, she could see her ass cheeks were actually attractive now. They were sculptured and heart-shaped. She tested her ass on her Uncle Tony. Tony was not her real Uncle; he was just a friend of her Father's from the military. She dropped her books in the narrow kitchen hallway just in front of Tony as they were both returning from her volunteer work at the church. He reached out and cupped both of her cheeks in his hands just like she hoped he would.

"Uncle Tony! You are a bad man. You got my ass good, you bad boy. Oh, Uncle Tony, that feels so good. That is so nasty. Good girls don't let boys put their fingers in there like that. No, don't stop. I really like it back there. You can put your fingers in me."

Her parents were in the kitchen but they could not hear or see how Mr. Tony educated Elaine's ass in how to open up for a man's sexual attentions. The fear of being caught made Elaine enjoy the interlude even more.

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