Breaking the Kid In

by winkastheywill

Copyright© 2011 by winkastheywill

Romantic Sex Story: A young man gets sexual training at Mrs. House's establishment. You will be envious.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   Prostitution   .

I just had a most successful romp with Junie, one of Mrs. House's young honeys. Exactly the thing to make a middle-aged guy like me feel 20 again. I was now sitting in the establishment's parlor, having a chat with Mrs. House while sipping some of her excellent brandy.

"When are you going to give up this life and marry me?" I was asking her, not for the first time.

"When are you going to give up your letch for young honeys?" she replied.

I was just about to respond, when the front door opened and this kid entered. 14, maybe 15. He was carrying an envelope.

"Are you Mrs. House?" he asked.

"Yes I am," she acknowledged.

He handed over the envelope. Mrs. House opened it and read it, a slow smile appearing on her handsome face.

"Curtis—that is you, young man?—please sit on the sofa over there and wait. Howard (addressing me) if you will remain here and make yourself unobtrusive. Gents, you must excuse me for a while."

I nodded. I was in fact tremendously curious. Something interesting was about to happen.

After 5 minutes, Flossie appeared, wearing a pink kimono over nothing much but a brassiere and panties. Flossie was a big healthy girl with magnificent bosoms and skin like finest ivory. She slipped me a wink behind Curtis' back.

"I can't find Mrs. House!" she proclaimed dramatically. "I need help from somebody." She turned to Curtis. "Maybe you can help me," she said, quite prettily. "I can't get the strap of my brassiere open, and it is cutting into my poor flesh. Would you be a gentleman and unhook my bra for me?"

The poor kid was sitting there with his mouth open. I hid a smile.

"Here," said Flossie. "I will sit here with my back to you so you can get at the hook."

After a moment, the kid reached up and began to fumble with the bra strap. Oh how I remembered trying to do the same thing in the back seat of my father's Buick! But finally Curtis was successful and Flossie's breasts tumbled out. She turned to Curtis and held them up for his inspection.

"Aren't they nice?" she asked the kid. They were. They were luscious, as I knew personally...

The kid was staring at them, his eyes big and round. "Oh, yes," he breathed.

"Now you must rub away the marks where the bra has cut into my flesh," Flossie informed him.

Curtis was thunderstruck. "You mean touch them?" he squeaked.

Flossie smiled. "Of course," she said. "It's the right thing to do. A gentleman must always see that a lady is comfortable." She took his hands and placed them under her breasts. "Just rub away the welts."

Curtis dutifully began rubbing around Flossie's breasts.

"Oh, that is so nice," sighed Flossie.

I happened to know that her breasts were exceptionally sensitive to the touch, having spent many a happy moment fondling them myself.

And then Curtis really got into it and began cupping and stroking the breasts.

"Run your hands up from the bottom and gently pull on the nipples," breathed Flossie.

I knew that in minutes Flossie would succumb to an orgasm. A red flush began mounting up her chest. She began moaning "Yes! Oh yes!" Finally she grabbed Curtis' head and pressed his mouth against her right nipple. "Oh, suck it!" she cried. "Suck it good!"

Curtis was really sucking it good, too.

"Now the other one!" Flossie ordered.

Curtis eagerly switched to the left nipple and began drawing on it. I could see Flossie's hips flexing up and down, and a dark stain appeared on the front of her panties where her juices were flowing. I could smell her musk across the room.

Finally Flossie grabbed Curtis in a powerful embrace and gave a great cry: "I'm coming! I'm coming!" Then she simply held Curtis against her chest while she relaxed.

Curtis was not relaxed, however.

"Oh, you poor boy!" Flossie cried, stroking the lump in his pants. "Oh, we must do something for you."

I was beginning to think she could do something for me, too, as the old trouser serpent was beginning to stir again.

Just then Daisy bustled in. Daisy had what are known in the trade as big melons. Not grotesque—just big. Firm, too. But soft. Big, soft hooters. The kind a man could drown in. And she was wearing them on the outside, too.

"Just let me lay my big bosoms on you," she told Curtis. "They will take care of your problem."

And she undid Curtis' trousers and slid them down. Undershorts, too. And there was his stiff little prick. Handsome, too. White shaft, dark red helmet. About 5 inches long. I was almost jealous. Mine would wear out long before his.

She knelt before Curtis and surrounded his prick with her big soft boobs, gently moving them up and down along his stiff pole. The poor boy didn't know what was happening to him, but he loved it. Meanwhile he was still lying back against Flossie, whose breasts were pressing against his back. He was sandwiched in boobs, lucky guy.

I was beginning to understand what was going on. Someone had arranged for Curtis to get the royal treatment. His father? An uncle? You should only have had such an uncle, I thought.

Finally Daisy bent down and took his prick in her mouth. That did it. "Oooh!" went Curtis. Daisy began slurping vigorously, to get all of his young juice. And she only stopped when Curtis tried to pull away. "It's sensitive!" he cried.

"We'll relax for a few minutes," Daisy told him. Then she and Flossie embraced him, pressing their big breasts against him. You could tell he loved the feel of soft flesh and hard nipples against his young skin.

After a few minutes, Junie came in. She was just a slender blonde thing, completely naked. Even her public hair had been shaved off. She appeared to be about 14 years old, or about the same age as Curtis. But I knew she was actually 19. And as lascivious as a mink.

"Hi, Curtis," she said. "Do you like me? Am I too skinny for you after all these big buxom beauties?" And she postured for him.

I could tell that Curtis' interest was growing. "You are real slick and pretty and everything," he said. And then, realizing that even a young kid should be a gentleman, he turned to Daisy and Flossie and said, "Nothin' wrong with you two, either."

Already Curtis seemed manlier than when he arrived.

Flossie grabbed Curtis by the arm and spoke earnestly to him. "Junie is going to show you some stuff that will make you a hero to all the girls in your class. Just pay attention to her and do what she says, OK?"

"OK," said Curtis. He seemed a little worried, however. He was probably not sure whether he wanted to get deeply involved in female things. I, on the other hand...

The plump ladies kissed Curtis goodbye and disappeared into the rest of the house. (But I knew they could watch the proceedings through peep holes.)

"Give me a hug, Curtis," ordered Junie. "Ladies like hugs. Remember that."

Curtis gave her a hug. It started off in a perfunctory manner, but then Curtis slid his arms around her slender body and gave her a real hug and a kiss. I viewed their naked forms with great admiration and quite a bit of lust also. The two kids were simply beautiful together.

They broke apart after a minute. I noticed that Curtis' prick was developing a little heft. So was mine, for that matter.

"Now, Curtis," Junie began, "You have made a great start on handling a woman's breasts"

Curtis smiled bashfully.

"There are just a few little pointers. Many women are sensitive on the underside of their breasts, up to the nipple. Here, you try it."

Curtis studied her cute little boobies for a moment, then placed his hands around the outside of each breast and began stroking upward from the base with his thumbs. Curtis was not stupid.

"Oh, Curtis," breathed Junie, "You are a darling." And she stood and sighed for a few minutes as he worked her breasts.

"OK now," said Junie. "One more step. When your thumbs get to the peak of the breasts, grab the nipple, gently, and pull on it."

"Like milking them?" asked Curtis.

"Like stripping them, if you have ever milked a cow," she grinned.

But he was busy pulling on her nipples.

"You could do it a little harder," Junie urged.

"OK," Curtis said. "Is it all right if I suck on them now?"

"Of course it is, you naughty boy."

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