I Love Halloween

by sagacious

Copyright© 2011 by sagacious

Romantic Sex Story: He has been hiding for years, maybe it was time to take the mask off.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   White Male   Oriental Female   .

I love Halloween, not just the day, but the whole season. I go to as many costume parties as I can. I sometimes have to crash the parties, but with everyone wearing a mask no one notices me. That's the benefit of costume parties, no one notices me. The rest of the year everyone tries to avoid me, ever since the accident.

Ten years ago I was riding my bicycle to school. I was sixteen and could not drive yet. There was a big hill just down from the apartment mom and I lived in. It was great for getting to school and a real workout at the end of the day to get back home.

On this day I was moving pretty good, maybe thirty miles an hour or so, and nearly at the bottom of the hill. I would have to slow down soon, there was a railroad track at the bottom and it angled across the road, hit it too fast and a wreck was very likely. I squeezed the hand brakes on my eighteen speed mountain bike and began to slow down. Suddenly a car horn blatted right next to me. I looked to my left and saw a car I thought I recognized as belonging to one of the cheerleaders. I had time to do that much before someone leaning out of the back seat window threw a water balloon at me.

The balloon hit my helmet and soaked my hair as well as blurring my glasses. If that was all that happened I would have been angry, but just shrugged it off. Unfortunately I was almost at the railroad tracks and the water splashed ahead of me onto the track. I had been distracted by the car horn, by intention I believe, and was still braking when the front wheel hit the wet metal. The wheel slid sideways to the right and I went flying. I saw the pavement coming at me and tried to break my fall with my left arm. There was incredible pain, then nothing.

I spent almost six months in and out of the hospital while they tried to rebuild my face. The rough pavement I slid along worked just like a cheese grater. I now had a titanium jawbone and cheekbone. My nose was plastic and the left half of my face was recovered with skin from my ass. No matter how much work they did on it, I still scared little kids. I grew my hair long to try to hide, but that didn't look right either. I also had pins in my right ankle and in the bones of my left arm.

I never made it back to high school. Mom lost her job at the grocery store because she was taking so much time off to care for me. She got in touch with a lawyer and sued the families of the kids in the car that day. Their malicious action had destroyed my life, so we made them suffer as much as we could. Mom home schooled me till it was time for college. I did my best to be Mister Invisible at college. Even with long hair and high collars, kids would see my face and their eyes would slide away in revulsion. That was why I loved Halloween. I could wear a mask and look just like everyone else. This was the only time I could have actual conversations, especially with women.

This year I knew of a couple of parties people in the office were having, and then there was the official office party. I was able to access the personnel records to get addresses. In college I had tried hard to guide myself toward a career where I had very little interaction with people. Now I was an actuary at NHP in Evansville, Indiana. We were one of the top ten health insurance companies in Indiana and all I had to deal with were numbers. I ate in my office and usually got to work earlier and left later than anyone else on my floor. My door was normally closed and any interactions were with E-mail and telephone.

I went to three parties last year, and left before the unmasking. I shop all year to get the best masks and had a nice sized collection now. There was no need for anyone to recognize me from previous parties.

The first party this year was at Joss Logan's house. He lived in a duplex out on East Virginia Street. It was a nice place and a good neighborhood. I had found a well made Blackbeard mask and costume last month and I was going to wear it to this party. The mask and beard covered my face completely, and the big hat and wig finished concealing my identity.

I was waiting ten minutes before the party was due to begin. I sat in my rental car just down the block and watched as people started to arrive. My own car was a plain white Impala, but I didn't want to take the chance that someone would recognize it, so I used a rental just for these parties.

I waited until a large group of cars pulled in to park at the same time, and moved forward to join them. I slipped into the party amid the throng, grabbed a drink, and moved over to a corner to watch for the rest of the guests to get here.

I recognized Logan and his wife. They were done up as Peter pan and Wendy. I nursed my drink for half an hour and by then it seemed that everyone was here that was coming. I moved over by the punch bowl and looked around. I saw Cat Woman standing near the French doors leading out onto the patio. The costume was tight enough to show a very nice form, and she was alone. Her glass was almost empty, so I put down my glass and approached her.

"Pardon me, Cat, but would you like a refill?"

The lady looked over at me, then spoke softly enough that only I could hear, "Oh help, help, there's a pirate after me." Then she gained volume and asked me, "Why, yes, Mister Beard, do you think you could find me a nice red wine?"

I went along with the gag, "Oh no, wouldn't you prefer some punch?" I then whispered to her, "It hides the taste of the drugs so much better."

She laughed and said, "I think I'll stay with the wine, thank you. You might get your bird a cracker or something though, he is looking a little peaked."

She was referring to the stuffed toy sewn onto the jacket shoulder. I had wanted a parrot, but the only thing I could find to go with the costume was the "Fruit Loops" toucan, multi-colored beak and all.

I chuckled as I headed over to the snack table. They had several box wines available; to include a burgundy I'd had before and knew to be good. I got us both a plastic cup full and took it back to the super villainess.

I was able to talk to this woman for over an hour, the topics ranged from the future of the economy to fashion trends. This was what I loved about the masks and costumes of this time of year. Women would actually talk to me as a normal person, not a disgusting cripple. I could not get enough of their soft voices, the smell of their perfume, or on rare occasions the smell of shampoo in their hair. I had at most three chances this year to experience that, and I was going to take every advantage of it.

Cat didn't seem to want to let me go, and when I started making noises of moving on, she l+ed me over to other groups and acted as if we were a couple. This was fine by me, as it added to the strength of my position, now I was the date of an invited guest. We danced a few times and generally had a good time, oh how I wished that I could do this without the mask. She was quite a bit shorter than my six feet and every time she tried to get close to me on the dance floor, all she got was a face full of beard.

We were both giggling about her latest attempt, when Joss called attention for the judging of the costumes. This was my signal to leave. When the judging was done, that would mean that it was time to unmask, and I avoided that at all costs.

I indicated to Cat that I was heading to the bathroom, and beat feet out the door. It would have been interesting to see Cat without the mask, I thought I saw a slight oriental cast to the eyes, but couldn't be sure. That and the slightly olive coloration of the skin of her shoulders revealed by the costume hinted at an oriental heritage.

This party had been on Saturday the twenty second, with Halloween being on Monday this year there was time for two more parties. Bill Jackson was having one on Friday the twenty eighth, and the actual office party was scheduled for Saturday the twenty ninth.

Jackson's house backed onto Clearcrest Country club and was a lot more house than a midlevel manager should be able to afford. Rumor had it that his wife's family had contributed a lot to making him eligible to buy the house and join the country Club. Jackson always went all out with his parties, trying to show that he deserved all the luck his wife had brought him.

I was going to this party as Fidel Castro. I had the battle dress uniform, the fatigue cap, spirit gummed scraggly beard, and a camouflage pattern mask.

I couldn't use the same dodge as I had at Logan's party. Any cars sitting on the street Jackson lived on would be immediately investigated by private police. Instead I parked at a gas station on the street leading into the subdivision, and followed when I saw a couple of cars I recognized heading in the right direction.

This time I needn't have bothered, no one was checking for invitations. Jackson's front yard had been turned into a pumpkin patch with skeletons for scarecrows and crimson eyed vultures sitting on them watching as people walked by. There was a fenced path leading to an arched gate beside the house. The fence poles had skulls on them with little lights inside of the skulls barely illuminating the pathway. The archway was coated in spider webs with great big spiders hanging just above head height. There were also several strings hanging down to touch you as you walked through. With this much effort put into the intro, I couldn't wait to see the back yard where the party would be. Jackson had obviously hired a good decorating company to do this as it was far and beyond what someone would be likely to do by themselves.

Once through the gateway we were walking through a dark graveyard that had little green lights highlighting the pathway and some of the gravestones, added to that there was a fog machine pumping away somewhere.

Stepping into the backyard I entered a world of lights and music. The baffling was good enough to keep the sound in the background until you were in the yard. The décor here was more traditional with a lot of black and orange. The key point was beyond the pool where a large construct of Japanese rice paper screens was lit up brightly. I was curious as to how this would be used during the party.

I saw many of the same costumes as I had last week. There was Cat Woman, but a different one. This one was taller than my companion of last week, and had some blond hair sticking out from under the hood.

There were also a few new costumes. I was standing near the drinks table looking for someone, female preferably, needing a drink so I could start up a conversation.

"Well hello there, Mister Castro. May I be a part of your revolution?"

I turned and saw a woman dressed all in purple and black. She had a purple mask with sequins and the outfit was composed of flowing cape and low cut dress. Above the mask was a headdress that resembled a black crown and totally covered her head.

"Well, now, Senora. That would depend upon who you are, now wouldn't it?"

"Why, of course. I am the Black Queen, Snow White's step mother. Would you like an apple?"

"I do believe I'll pass on that for now, my dear. Can I offer you some wine or punch instead?" I glanced at the attractive cleavage displayed for me and moved to her eyes. Something familiar there, could it be Cat from last week? Nah, must be my imagination.

She requested wine and I quickly moved to comply. No box wines at this party, Jackson went all out with expensive champagne served by a bartender.

I returned to my Black Queen, and it didn't take long talking to her to realize that indeed it was the same woman who had monopolized my time last week. I didn't mind though, she was the most interesting woman I had ever talked to. I so wished that I could take it farther than the party, but I knew that once the unmasking came, I would be alone again.

The DJ had some of my favorite Halloween songs and I danced with my Black Queen several times. Once again she seemed to not want to circulate but stay by my side for the evening. I was fascinated by this lady, and mildly confused. I had spent much of the week thinking about her, and hoping to get the chance it seemed that I now had.

After about an hour Jackson got behind the microphone and I found out what the construct was about.

"Attention everyone! The structure you see beyond the pool is a large and extensive maze. At the center of the maze is a table with a button and three envelopes. The button will take a picture and show it on the screen out here showing who won through to the center. In the envelopes are checks for three, four, and five thousand dollars. When the first three couples make it to the center they get to choose a charity for the money to go to, and the contribution will be made in their names. Now those who wish to try to defeat the maze, line up at the doorways. Couples only, please."

"Ohh, that sounds like fun," my Black Queen said. "Let's get in line?"

"Okay, I can't see why not."

There were six doors spaced along this side of the maze, Jackson assured us that each door could make it to the center, but some were faster than others.

We stepped into the maze and the corridor moved to the left, following the outside of the maze. We passed the first opening toward the center, seeing the folks ahead of us turn into it. The walls of the maze were rice paper screens with pictures from Japanese folk tales painted on them. With the light behind them the pictures were quite striking and very pretty. We stopped at one scene that encompassed several panels where a samurai warrior was fighting a dragon.

"Do you think he gets the maiden in the background as a reward when he defeats the dragon, Fidel?"

"He's the Samurai, my Queen, he gets whatever maiden he wants. He's only fighting the dragon so that he doesn't have to share."

"Does a Queen have similar privileges, do you think?"

"Why sure you do, you can have any maiden you wish as well."

We had started walking again and were rapidly getting lost, then we came upon a door, and as we passed through there was a large bush in front of us. We went around it and discovered that we were at a dead end, but there was a bench snuggled in to the bush and I motioned toward it. This had obviously been here and the maze constructed around it, ingenious really.

"Would you like to sit for a moment my Queen? It seems that we are at an impasse."

"Why yes I would, Senor." She paused for a moment, "Earlier you said that I could have any maiden I wished, but what if what I want is a revolutionary, or a pirate?"

"Why, you have me at your command, Senora. I will have to fight this pirate you are talking of though." There was no doubt now about her knowing that I had been Blackbeard last week.

"Are you going to shadow box, then? Please sit with me. I would like to get to know you a little better, sir."

I eased down next to her, and she slid over against me. I didn't know what to do, talking okay, but if she wanted to make out, I was scared and getting frantic.

"Calm down, hon, I'm not going to do anything you don't want me to."

I gave out a short laugh, "Shouldn't I be the one saying that?"

"Ah, but I don't think you have any experience in this, my friend. Am I right?"

What the hell, why try to hide it? "Yeah, you're right. In fact, you are the only woman I've talked to more than once in years."

"I thought so." Her hand slid up my leg until it was pressed against the rapidly growing bulge at the top. "I would like to get to know you a lot better, but first there is the matter of the feelings you have kindled in me that need to be taken care of." She abruptly stood up and began undoing the large black buttons running down the front of her long purple dress, starting at the bottom. She got almost to her waist, then sat back down and pulled my arm to place my hand on her now bare knee. "You start there and I'll start here and we'll take care of this problem as long as you are willing."

I was shocked. The combination of this woman fumbling with the belt of my fatigues and the feel of the silky smooth skin under my hand had me unable to move for a moment. Then my unused libido kicked into gear. Damn, this woman I had spent two nights talking to wanted to have anonymous sex. Oh hell yeah! The first thing was to give her the access she had granted me. I reluctantly pulled my hand from her knee and quickly unbuckled the military web belt as well as the one holding my pants together, then undid the buttons on the waist and fly. With this task taken care of, my left hand quickly returned to the land of wonder on her knee. As she leaned forward to concentrate on my middle, my right arm moved behind her and slowly slid down to her perky ass. I had admired this in the cat suit last week, but I found out that the feel was much better than the appearance.

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