Hollow Eve

by Misstaken

Copyright© 2011 by Misstaken

Erotica Sex Story: As 'All Hallows Eve' approaches, a young man carves his way into weirdness, lust and a terrible choice...

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

As 'All Hallows Eve' approaches, a young man carves his way into weirdness, lust and a terrible choice...

Richard was angry. His anger was nothing compared to his frustration. Friday night, 'the' Friday night, all his friends would be at the party, most of all Rachel would be at the party. "Fuck." Richard slashed at a discarded pumpkin, venting his anger, not that it made him feel better, right then nothing would make him feel better. All his efforts, all the planning, the endless hours wasted, tonight would have been his night, his night with Rachel. "Fuck."

Scowling, Richard picked up the next pumpkin and began to carve, stabbing the knife into the big orange fruit, each stab accompanied by another curse, "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." To his left a small pile of completed jack-o'-lanterns, to his right a huge pile of pumpkins. His night's work, his entire fucking weekends work... "Fuck."

Even in his anger he carved carefully, anger didn't really suit him, as angry as he was he knew it was not his father's fault, "why now? Why did it have to be this fucking weekend?" He stabbed the knife into another pumpkin, left it buried deep as he turned away and walked across the yard to the house to get a drink.

The answering machine was flashing, popping the soda Richard stabbed the play button, 'You have two messages' Beep. "Hi Richard, I'm at the hotel, your father is fine, they are keeping him in tonight and will operate in the morning as planned, I'll call you tomorrow once it's over, if you need anything call Mr Turner. I know you'll work hard, we'll make it up to you, I promise." At least his parents understood, well, not about going all the way with Rachel, but about the party and his missing out. Beep "Hi Rich," Rachel's voice clear even with the voices of her friends in the background, "You had your chance, now Todd is with me, maybe you'll see me later." Beep.


He could picture them right then. Rachel surrounded by her friends, Todd by his, if their college had cheerleaders Rachel would be the captain, if there was a football team Todd would be the quarter-back. "Fuck." Richard drained the soda can and crumpled it in his fist, "why did I think I had a chance?" Of course he knew the answer, he had loved Rachel forever, they had grown up together, her parents farm adjoined his own families farm. They had been each other's first, first friend, first kiss, and tonight, tonight would have been another first.

Back out in the barn the huge pile of pumpkins waited, the knife still buried deep. Richard pulled it free and went to work, after all, his family needed the money, just like his father needed the hernia operation, when the call came offering him an early date it had been too good to turn down. So with his parents away, Richard was left home alone, with a full weekend of work ahead, a barn full of pumpkins to turn into jack-o'-lanterns, two days to think about what might have been, about Rachel...

Richard was honest enough to admit it was his own fault, not that he was to blame for standing her up, but the whole idea of going out with her, that was doomed from the start and he knew it. Yet still he had persisted, walked a fine line between attentive and doormat, gentleman and servant. He had seen it before, how Rachel would twist a guy around her little finger, return adoration with puppetry, smiling, teasing, all the while pulling the strings and watching the poor guy dance. Yet still Richard had pursued her, stopping short of becoming her lackey, none the less he had been polite, attentive, most of all sincere. For months he had quietly pursued her, now she was with Todd.

Richard stacked another jack-o'-lantern on the slowly growing pile, taking the next big orange fruit he cut away the top, lifting it away whilst he scooped out the juicy flesh within, carefully separating the seeds, which went into small bins, whilst the juicy flesh of the fruit went into the big bins. Replacing the top of the fruit he next carved out the face, the leering smile and angular nose, finally the eyes. His actions by now automatic, muscles working without conscious effort, leaving his mind free, his thoughts still fixed on Rachel.

If he couldn't be with her tonight, he could at least have her in his mind, and go all the way ... It didn't take a lot to picture her body, not when she habitually wore such tiny bikinis. Lightly tanned and deliciously curved, just the thought of her body was enough to arouse him.

For the first time that evening Richard smiled, his hands busy working whilst his mind played out what might have been. Richard took his time, his fantasy too long awaited to rush, just as he wouldn't have rushed her, he wasn't a skilled lover, he lacked the experience, but still he knew better than to rush, knew that taking it slowly would make it better, better for both of them.

Slowly, step by step he worked his way towards his goal, imagining the build up, dancing with her, the feel of her warm body again his when the music slowed and he could draw her close, inhale her scent and feel her curves beneath his hands, her arms around his neck as they kissed.

The knife sank deep and stopped, buried to the hilt in the next big orange fruit as Richard imagined their tongues going deep, he could almost taste her. He breathed deeply, his hand straying to ease his cock inside his jeans. He had been stiff since he pictured her outfit, now his cock was rock hard, aching, almost as much as his balls were aching. With a conscious effort his body went back to work, his mind still lost in his day dream.

Evening gave way to night before Richard gave way to his lust. In his mind Rachel was stripped naked, her body pressed to his, her eyes shinning with need, her body built for pleasure, his pleasure. The ache in his balls spurred him on, his rigid cock straining inside his jeans, time to let it free, time to sink it into Rachel's hot wet cunt...

The knife sliced off the top of the next pumpkin, then sank into the juicy flesh within, slicing and dicing, the razor edged blade stirring, pulling out, a quick thrust, a twist, the knife dropped to the floor...

Richard closed his eyes as he imagined her lips closing around his cock, his hands rested on her head, gently, not gripping, just encouraging, it felt so fucking good... !! Afterwards he couldn't remember opening his jeans, or working them down, all he could remember was the velvet heat of her mouth, his throbbing cock thrusting, deeper, faster, until finally he could hold back no longer. Richard cried out as he came, picturing the look in Rachel's eyes as she swallowed his cum, his body trembling, hips still pumping spasmodically as she drained him, sucked his balls dry.

A groan of long awaited satisfaction, Richard opened his eyes, shocked to see his hands gripping the pumpkin, his cock buried deep inside the juicy flesh, impaling the big orange fruit through a hole carved in the side. He pulled back, his softening cock withdrawing slowly, covered in sticky juice and his own cum... "Fuck." Confused, embarrassed, he leaned forward again, his cock burying itself once more. Richard blushed, embarrassed at what he had done, tired too.

Backing away from the work area he stumbled and fell, landing on a pile of loose straw used for packing the pumpkins, Richard closed his eyes, lust turning to shame. As his heartbeat slowed he slipped into sleep, the pumpkin still cradled in his hands, his cock still buried, the sticky mixture of juice and cum seeping slowly out to soak his crotch. Richard slept.

It felt good, better than his dreams. Richard had never slept with a girl in his arms, never awoken with his cock buried in her mouth. Even without opening his eyes he knew it would look as good as it felt... "Fuck." His eyes snapped open, hands dragging at her head as he remembered last night, his imaginary date, the pumpkin, the embarrassment ... But it wasn't a pumpkin, it wasn't Rachel... ! It was... "Fuck"

"Oh I do hope so." The girl's voice warmed him like a fire, her eyes dancing like flames, for a second she paused, her perfect teeth dazzling white against her tongue, her tongue which cradled his cum, just for a second, then she winked, swallowed and smiled. "You taste good."

"I'm dreaming. Fuck." Richard closed his eyes and breathed out, forcing every last little bit of air from his lungs, then breathed in slowly, a full, deep, breath. Eyes opening once more only to find she was still there, smiling at him.

"Can we start again?" His voice hesitant, even though he believed his eyes, as unbelievable as that seemed right then.

"Sure," the girl had let his cock slip from her mouth, now she bent and kissed the still swollen head, "I'm Eve, pleased to meet you ... both." Her eyes still dancing, filled with warmth and humour, yet it seemed she was laughing with him, not at him. Lifting one slim dainty hand she first grasped and shook his cock, his now rapidly hardening cock, then after lifting her hand to lick her palm clean of his cum, their cum? Eve extended her arm and took his hand, shaking it as she grinned. "Relax, please, you're not dreaming, I'm real, thanks to you."

"To me?"

"Yes, thanks to you."

To m ... but how?"

"With this wonderful cock of yours," the girl paused to kiss the head of his cock, "and the knife of course, very important." Eve grinned, "you were thinking about a girl, weren't you.? A very sexy girl.?" Richard blushed. "No need to be embarrassed."

"How did... ? How do you know... ?"

"Look." Eve nodded her head towards the pile of finished pumpkins Richard had done whilst daydreaming. "It's obvious, look ... you started out carving jack-o'-lanterns, but those..." Eve grinned again, Richard blushed more. "Those last ones are definitely jill-o'-lanterns..."

Richard stared at the pumpkins, Eve was right, somehow his thoughts had guided the knife, for the faces carved in the big orange fruit were different, somehow very female, sexy. "Oh fuck."

"Mmm, yes please," Eve giggled, her fingers tightening around his cock, "do you think I we could fuck properly this time? You taste wonderful, but I'd really like to feel you inside me ... Please... ?"

For a second Richard thought he really must still be dreaming, but the pressure of her hand around his cock drove any doubts away, drove everything away, everything but lust. "Oh yes, umm, please." Before he could say anything else Eve had moved up closer, straddling his legs, her hands on his chest as she lifted her hips then lowered herself onto his cock, impaling herself with a long slow sigh that mirrored her body that sank down to take him all.

"So good ... So hard ... So long..." Eve began riding him, her body bobbing up and down, hips twisting, tits moving, but not much, for Richard's hands covered them, squeezing as her hands guided his. " ... So long since the last time."

Richard didn't have much experience, but he did want to be a good lover, considerate, caring, not like the jocks at college, the 'fuck 'em and forget 'em' guys. Richard wanted to be a generous lover, but right then all he could think of was her heat, her hot tight wet juicy heat, and the way his cock jerked as she dropped down upon him. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." His chant grew louder, faster, matching her moves as she rode him hard and fast.

Richard dug his fingers into the firm smoothness of her tits, felt her nipples pressing into his palms, felt her hot cunt squeezing his cock, he cried out as he came, lost in the pleasure of his cum filling her hot deep cunt. Eve groaned as she felt him cum, ground her hips down hard and rocked rapidly back and forth, grinding her clit against the root of his cock, using friction to complete what his cock had almost achieved. Her scream filled the barn.

He body tingling with delicious aftershocks, Eve leaned forward to lay upon Richard's chest, careful to keep her hips pressed down, not wanting his cock to leave her still pulsing cunt. It had been a long time, Eve wanted more, a lot more, sex was not all she wanted, but it was a good start, maybe even a way to get the other thing... ?

For a long time they lay still, hugging, kissing, Richard too tired, too astonished, too confused to do much more than hug and kiss this wonderful girl who seemed content to lay there with him.

Hunger woke him, hunger and the urgent need to pee. Richard groaned as he realised his cock was once again stiff, stiff and still buried inside Eve ... He turned his head and kissed her neck, waking her. "I ... umm ... need ... bathroom." Cursing himself for being so shy, Richard started to frown, her kisses stopped him. "Me too, I gotta pee." Eve kissed him once more then tucked her legs and stood up, momentarily standing astride him, looking down, smiling, even as he looked up, seeing her nakedness, seeing everything. Even as he blushed he realised she had made no move to cover herself, showed no annoyance at him looking, she just smiled. "Fuck.!"

Eve giggled as she helped him dress, then took his hand, seemingly unconcerned at her own nakedness as they opened the barn door and hurried across to the house, the night was cold and even that short dash had her shivering, in the bathroom Richard got another shock. Eve beat him to the toilet, sitting down as he struggled to undo his jeans. He turned away, embarrassed, for her? For himself? He wasn't sure.

"It's just pee," Eve smiled, "Why get embarrassed by what is natural?" Before he could answer she stood, grinning, "all yours." her words hanging as she darted into the shower, yelping at the cold water, then "Yay," as the hot water kicked in and steam began to rise.

No sooner had Richard flushed the toilet when Eve's voice sang out, "come on in, the water's lovely." He didn't need a second invitation, holding Eve in his arms was better than he ever imagined holding a girl could be, much better than his few experiences to date, adding shower gel and soapy bubbles just made it better still.

Thoroughly washed and pleasantly aroused they towelled each other dry, their hunger for each other put aside whilst they dealt with their other hunger, food. It felt a little weird to be naked in the kitchen, Richard still felt self conscious, even though Eve seemed perfectly at home with her nudity. He had started to get out the makings for sandwiches before Eve had gently elbowed him aside, "you make us coffee, I'll make us dinner, ok?"

Now Richard sat at the kitchen table, a mug of coffee cradled in his hands as he watched Eve move around the kitchen, graceful and confident as she conjured a meal, seemingly without effort or recipe. Right then it wasn't her cooking skills that held Richard's attention, it was her body, the whispered promise she made in the shower, and her smile, even now as she glanced at him she was smiling. Somehow Richard knew it was not just a smile, it was for him, and him alone. "Fuck."

They ate together, eyes devouring each other as they consumed the meal. Richard could still hardly believe what had happened, how lucky he was, the girl of his dreams, no, wrong, a girl more perfect than any he had hoped for, right there across the table, the house to themselves for two more days, if only ... The clock on the wall watched them malevolently, from the window he could see the barn across the yard, could imagine the pile of pumpkins still to be carved... "Fuck... !!"

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