It Happened One Night

by WVBoy

Copyright© 2011 by WVBoy

Erotica Sex Story: It is late fall in 1850, on this special night Darrell finds what has been missing from his life. In one night he finds the beautiful woman that up until this night he has only dreamed of or did he.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   Paranormal   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

For October it was hot, not a July hot, but a warm, hot fall day, Darrell had been working since early morning clearing brush and repairing fence. Wiping his face he looked around and surveyed the piece of mother earth that he called his own. He had worked hard clearing the land, and building his cabin. Trying to make a home in the middle of nowhere had not been easy; it had required that he make many sacrifices. He had never had time for the fun side of life, never had time to enjoy all of the little things, never taken time to look for a bride, he had been too busy getting the farm ready for life. He had always hoped that after he had conquered the land, he would some day return to his mother's home, claim his bride and start a family. That was what all the hard work was about, building something that one day he could hand down to a son.

Daydreaming, he thought back to the life that he had left behind when he had headed into the wilderness, he thought about his mother and how small and fragile she had looked the day he had left to set up a new life in a new land. He thought about Cheryl and how he had promised to return and claim her as his bride after he had everything ready for a family. Placing his hand into his pocket he felt the remains of the letter from his mother, a letter that he had read so many time that it was now falling apart. He could remember every word of the news that she had broken to him and how he had accepted the news that Cheryl had waited for three years but had given up and had married his best friend, Tom. He remembered how hard the news had hit him. But that was all in the past, today is a new day and this was a new world.

"Darrell, hey Darrell," he was pulled back to reality by the calls from his neighbor, Bill, an old timer in the area. "You have been working too hard, let's take the afternoon off and go hunting."

Darrell threw the ax over his shoulder and followed the wagon down to the house, there he traded the ax for his trusty rifle and climbed into the wagon with Bill. "They have been spotting some great deer over at Sugar Creek," reported Bill as they started down the road in the bouncing wagon.

Soon they had arrived at the mouth of Sugar Creek and Darrell jumped from the wagon and said to Bill, "I'll start here and work my way up the creek, you take the wagon and go the head this valley and if we jump any deer we will drive them toward the other one. We will deer hunt until dark then we will try our luck with coons and meet up back here in the morning."

As he watched the wagon disappear into the thick woods, he surveyed the sky and didn't like what he saw. Dark clouds were coming over the mountains, this time of the year it could mean anything, rain or snow or any combination of the two. Loading his rifle, he slowly began to walk along the creek, slipping through the high weeds and underbrush. He hadn't gone very far when he began to hear thunder echoing through the mountains. This high in the mountains, the great claps of thunder would echo from mountain to mountain making it hard to tell which direction the storm was coming from. Soon the rain started, small droplets at first, and then it started to pour. Already soaked to the bone, Darrell looking for a place to get out of the storm that could last for many hours. He thought he saw a cabin through the brush and headed in that direction. Out of the brush a two story run down cabin slowly began to take shape, he called announcing his presence but no answer. As Darrell stepped onto the porch, he could see the dilapidated condition of the cabin. He stepped over several broken boards making his way to the door. Again he announced his presence by yelling and knocking on the door, again no answer.

As he pushed the door open and stepped into a cobweb filled room, it wasn't hard to see that no one had lived there for a long time. After unloading his gun, Darrell leaned it against the wall, then he pulled off his rain soaked jacket and shirt. Even though the air was a little cool it felt good to get out of the wet clothing. Outside the storm was picking up intensity, raining harder than ever before. As he looked around he said to himself, "It isn't much, but for now it will keep me dry and warm."

With each flash of lightning he now began to make out the contents of the room, over in one corner sat a small table and beside it were two over turned chairs, scattered around the floor were many pieces of someone's life but now nothing but junk. Moving to one of the chairs and he turning it upright and sat down. No sooner had his full weight been applied to the chair, it gave way with a loud crash. Darrell laughed at himself and thought what a sight it must be. With his long legs, he had to look funny sprawled on the floor in the midst of the broken chair. As he gathered himself from the floor, another flash of lightening brought to light a set of stairs in the corner of the room. As Darrel made his way toward the steps, he stepping over broken boards and various pieces of junk. With great care he started to climb the stairs. He waited for another lightening flash to move from one step to next, being careful so he wouldn't step into a hole made by a broken board. As he climbed the stairs, slowly the second floor began to come into view.

It was almost like as if he had entered into another world, gone were the cob webs, gone was the dust, gone was the broken furniture. The room that he was entering was small, but clean. A large canopy bed was in the middle of the room, it was neatly made with a beautiful quilt of the double wedding ring pattern and silken pillows had been placed with care at the head of the bed. Along the back wall was a large dressing table with a mirror and several items scattered along its length, on each end of the table was a single lit candle, the mirror was reflecting the flickering candle light and making the small room dance with light. All around were vases full of fall flower, with their vibrant colors.

As Darrell reached the top of the stairs he again called, but again no answer. He removed his muddy boots so he wouldn't get the hand woven rug dirty. As he explored the room the day's toils began to overcome him. He sat on the edge of the bed, as he did he noticed that his pants were covered in mud, not wanting to soil the bed he slipped them off and stretched out on the bed.

Darrell didn't know how long he had been asleep, but now he was awakened by the something lightly touching his lips. As he opened his eyes, the most beautiful woman that he had ever seen came into focus; she was putting a single finger to his lips, signaling him not to say anything. She stood just a little over five foot tall, and dressed in a sheer white dress. Her blond hair fell almost to her waist, thru it he could see a pair of full, beautiful breasts and the valley between, only slightly obscured by the light fabric.

The storm had passed and thru the window now was streaming the light from a full harvest moon. The orange moon light was falling on the woman's back and turning her hair into strands of gold, with each movement her golden hair seemed to flow with a life of its own.

With not a word, she moved her finger from his lips to her own, as if to sample his lips. She slowly moved her fingers from her lips to his bare chest and began running her hands slowly downward, her touch felt both warm and cold, almost as if her fingers were charged with the lightening that had been in the skies earlier. Now with both hands she began to outline his chest that was well muscled from many hours of labor on the farm. Slowly and with the lightest touch she moved her hands down to his flat stomach.

Darrell raised one of his hands to touch first her hair then her smooth, yet pale face. He started to speak, but again she placed a single finger to his lips. Each of her movements were speaking louder than any words, slow deliberate movements, movements that almost flowed as rippling water.

She now took both of Darrell's hands and placed them on her breasts. They were so full and firm, yet so soft. Slowly he stroked the exposed flesh. She took a step backwards and thus out of his reach; using her hands, first she moved her hair to behind her shoulders reveling for the first time her wonderful body. Then her hand went to the straps on her dress, untying and dropping first one then the other from her shoulders. Darrell was almost in a trance watching her fluid movements. With movements that were as graceful as any deer she started to drop the front of her dress, exposing a pair of breasts that had large nipples that stood straight out. It was impossible for Darrell to guess her age, parts of her looked like she was in her early twenties, and yet other parts seemed much older. Now before him, topless, stood a heavenly angel slowly uncovering her body, little by little, and offering it to a complete stranger.

Again Darrell tried to speak, but again, she placed her finger to his lips. As she drew close, he could feel the charge that her body was putting out, he could smell flowers and other smells mixed together in a scent that was intoxicating.

As she straightened up, her dress slid even farther down her beautiful body, stopped only by her hips. Now exposing was a flat tummy and slender waist. Now in complete silence the dress fell to the floor, almost as if it were made of a cloud. With small steps she moved again to the side of the bed and sat down. Darrell moved over and she lay down and cuddled up against him. Never in his life had he felt anything like this, so soft and full of love. Without hesitation she moved her lips over his and placed a kiss, so gentle, yet so firm on his lips. Now for the first time he noticed her eyes, dark as the night, deep as the deepest well, twinkling with moonlight. He encircled her neck with his strong arms, pulling her to him in a full embrace. She began kissing her way down his chest, reaching the cord of his underwear, she untied it and began pulling them down slowly. Darrell lifted his hips, offering no resistance. His cock was at full attention, straining as the fabric passed over it. After being freed from its restraints, it stood at full attention. Now he could feel her breath on his stomach and on his cock. With slow flowing movements she took his cock in her hand and began to apply kisses to its full length. First down one side, then back up the other. His cock was now harder than it had ever been in his life, wanting release, yet enjoying every second of her attention.

Darrell placed his hands on her shoulders and rolled her onto her back, her golden hair splaying out in all directions making a halo around her wonderful face. As he lowered his lips to hers, he could hear her take a deep breath. He began to kiss his way down her body; her skin was as soft as any piece of silk, yet completely firm. First his lips began to take the nipple of her left breast into his mouth; again she drew a deep breath. Now moving to her right breast, her breathing was now coming in short gasps.

Ever so deliberately he moved down her body, stopping at her naval, kissing every inch as he went along. As he got close to her mound, she placed her hands on the back of his head, slowing him down, yet at the same time pushing him into her body. Now she was in charge, directing his every movement, either allowing him to move closer to the prize or holding him back as he came to an extremely sensual spot. Her breathing was getting heavier with each kiss; it was as if she was climbing a high mountain, straining in the thin air for each breath. Suddenly she began moaning and lifting her body to meet his mouth. As he began to run his tongue along the lips of her pussy, she began to purr like a kitten. She parted her legs wider giving him free access to the goal he had been working toward. Just as he was parting the lips of her pussy and probing the inside of her with his tongue she had her first orgasm, not a small one but wave after wave flowed over her body.

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