The Teacher and Her Pets

by harry lime

Copyright© 2011 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Sally is a neglected wife that is forced to look for sex in other places. She takes her punishment from nasty Dean Pringle better than any of the students. Her two favorite pupuls Julie and Trudy manage to keep her occupied after school and fully entertained. The three of them make Master Alan Shepard learn his lesson the hard way. No wonder Sally's husband thinks she is working far too hard in her second month of pregnancy.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Light Bond   Humiliation   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Teacher/Student   School   .


The sound of the loud bell startled Mrs. Sally Johnson out of her daydream. She checked her watch. It was dismissal time already. Sally was a bit embarrassed. Normally, she was very attentive to her duties as the senior class science teacher. She had to admit that she was not her usual self the last couple of weeks. She was not really showing yet, but she was about 2 months pregnant and this time she wanted it to be a success.

The last time out was a complete disaster and she regretted her decision to work so late into her pregnancy and drive that silly little car that was just too small for a late term pregnant woman. Now they had a full size SUV with padded leather all over the interior and a total of 6 airbags to protect all passengers. She knew the last tragic result was just unfortunate circumstances, but she had vowed to do everything she could to bring this baby to full term.

Sally was still rather young to be a science teacher in the senior class. She was only 22 years old and just a few years older than her 17 and 18 year old students. Most of the male students spent an inordinate amount of time studying the movement of her rounded ass cheeks as she worked out problems on the large blackboard at the front of the classroom. In the lab, she garnered male attention once again as she bent over to assist other students with their experiments.

Sally was well aware of these attentions, but she sort of liked the adoring looks at her posterior and she sometimes moved in such a way as to accentuate her bottom's sensuality by bringing a knee forward or making a vigorous shaking movement at the blackboard.

She was also well aware the impassioned looks were not all from the male students.

Two of her best students were Julie and Trudy. The two girls excelled in science and often helped her with the slower students. Sally was fond of both of them but she was wary of the ever watchful eyes of Dean Pringle who never stopped hunting out faults and errors made by members of the staff.

He had called her to his office just this past week and told her she had neglected to complete the grade report for her senior class on time. It was not as if she didn't do it. She had merely forgotten to turn it in on Thursday the due day, and submitted it first thing on Friday morning. The little man sat behind his desk and whacked a ruler into the palm of his hand. She had the impression the frowning administrator wanted it to be her ass planted on the edge of his desk receiving the smacks from his 18 inch ruler instead of his own hand. She found that to be an interesting thought. In fact, she was surprised she felt a little damp down there between her legs when she contemplated it.

Sally had to admit she did not know much of Dean Pringle other than the rumors of his recent nasty divorce from his wife of many years, Ethel Pringle. She had met Ethel several times at the regular PTA fundraisers and bake sales. Her only impression of her was that she was a quiet, heavyset woman in her early 50s. She did remember she never saw the woman smile and thought it to be very strange.

At the beginning of the school year, right after his divorce was final; Sally remembered the new teacher assistant, Carol Lewisky, had come to her classroom after school with tears in her eyes. Unbelievably, the poor girl related how Dean Pringle had made her sit on a stool in his office for a full hour even after she begged him to release her to go to the ladies room. When he finally let her run off with her legs together, she barely made it to the stall before releasing her "tinkles". It was humiliating to sit there under the watchful eyes of the Dean and she was so afraid she would not be able to hold it in. He told her it was good practice when she would be unable to leave an unruly class of students. Sally heard this whole story and told the young girl to steer clear of the Dean and just do her job the best that she could do. It would be best not to get on his bad side because his evaluations meant a teacher would be rehired the following year.

Sally could hear the smack of the ruler as she remembered the incident with the young trainee.

"I am so sorry, Dean Pringle. How can I make up for my mistake? I know I need to be corrected and I am willing to accept your decision."

The little man with the nervous hands leaned forward and spoke softly into Sally's ear.

"There is only one solution, Mrs. Johnson, you must accept my ruler for 10 full strokes and thank me for my correction very sincerely. Can you do that, Mrs. Johnson?"

Sally could not believe her ears. It was just as she thought. The man was a total pervert and obviously wanted to punish all females for his wife's disloyalty. She weighted the humiliation of a series of whacks on her bottom to not being rehired next year and resigned herself to obeying this nasty little man.

"I will put myself in your hands, Dean Pringle. I know you will do what is best for me. Do you want me over your desk or over your knee?"

"Over my knee, girl, hop to it!"

Sally took up position on the Dean's lap and held on to the filing cabinet next to the wall. The Dean pushed her legs apart and pushed up her short fitted skirt to get maximum access to her soft ass cheeks and her exposed legs. She felt her hidden face redden in embarrassment and knew her bottom would be just as red in a few short moments.

"Goodness gracious, I am leaking already!" was her thought.

She felt the Dean's hands search her bottom for a soft spot to start. Sally hoped the stern man did not notice her inexcusable wanton reaction to a harsh spanking at his hands. She really couldn't help it. Her husband had not touched her for several weeks. He stopped his attentions as soon as she gave him the news about their forthcoming new arrival. She was certain it was because he did not want to do anything to cause a problem with carrying the baby.

The touch of the odious man's fingers was not entirely unpleasant and she felt herself begin to breathe a lot faster in anticipation of her ass being spanked by her supervisor.

The very first blow from the ruler was right in the center of her ass. The painful sting did not hit her right away. The sound startled her and she yelped like a little schoolgirl. Then the full effect hit her and she groaned and pushed into Dean Pringle's lap to escape the next blow. Sally could feel the bulge of Dean Pringle's hard cock sticking up into her pubic mound. It seemed rather large for such a small man.

The next two blows were almost like one they were so close together.

Sally wiggled and squirmed on the Dean's lap. He gave her an evil smirk as his cock worked deeper into her pubic mound and the wide open pulsating pussy just below. She had no doubt her struggles were fast bringing the Dean to a cum-soaked climax.

The remaining blows of the ruler made her bottom red as a cherry and two very noticeable stripes were visible just below her panty line. Dean Pringle rubbed them.

"I have to put something on these two stripes, Mrs. Johnson. I don't want your husband getting any concerns over your progress here at school."

Sally relaxed on the Dean's lap. She was willing to have the Dean repair her bottom. He seemed to be very knowledgeable about this sort of thing.

The touch of the soothing cream made her lose some of the juices she had been holding back. Sally jerked uncontrollably on the Dean's lap and she groaned out loud as she shuddered from a tension freeing orgasm.

Dean Pringle smiled and patted her ass gently. He knew she was enjoying herself quite nicely. He bent over forward and held her in place for his perfectly timed spurts of creamy cum. They were so forceful; they shot right through his trousers and seeped through her yellow panties onto her neatly trimmed bush. The white sticky globs stayed on her even when she stood up and pushed her skirt back down.

"Good show, Mrs. Johnson. You deserve an excellent rating from me for performance this month. Those two little stripes will heal quite nicely, I am certain."

"Thank you, Dean Pringle. I will try to be more accurate in the future. I am so pleased you took the time to make me a better teacher."

Sally was humming to herself as she went down the deserted hallway to her classroom. She felt it was a win-win with the perverted Dean because she would be getting good reviews and the attention he paid her needy ass and pussy was something she needed right now.

Both Julia and Trudy were busy grading term papers in the empty classroom. They were both giggling about something in one of the papers. The way the shapely Trudy was squirming on the edge of the stool, she was certain it was something to do with sex. Julia made no attempt to hide the fact she was tweaking her nipple through her school blouse. Sally found that to be quite stimulating in her aroused state after the Dean's enthusiastic counseling.

She wondered how it would feel to rub her own stiff nipple against the young 18 year old girl's nipple without any clothing to dull the sensation. Before she could suggest the compromising thought to Julia, Trudy reached out and pushed her hand inside Julia's blouse.

The two girls were not giggling any more. Julia had her hand up Trudy's short uniform skirt and Sally could see it moving about vigorously in a pumping motion.

"Girls, you shouldn't be doing that in front of me. A teacher must not allow that sort of behavior in the classroom."

Trudy gave a sultry look to Sally and opened her legs wider so the young teacher could see Julie's fingers disappearing up inside her vaginal slit. Those same fingers were now slick with the wetness from Trudy's pussy.

"There's no class now, Miss. Just us girls having a little fun. Don't forget to rub my bum as well, love. You know I like it hard back there."

Trudy slid forward on the stool to allow Julie better access to her nether hole.

Sally sat behind her desk, but she kept crossing and uncrossing her legs as the familiar itch started deep in her well-trimmed pussy. Her panties were still wet from her spanking, but new puddles of juice began to ooze out of her tightly clenched pussy lips.

She kept glancing over to the two girls on the stools right next to her desk. Their legs were now touching and she could see Trudy definitely did not have any underwear on. She knew it was an automatic detention but right now she was too interested in watching her dark haired bush being spread apart by Julie's questing fingers. Sally was fascinated at how Trudy's little pucker hole quivered and opened and closed the entire time. She was so tempted to go over and shove her thumb up the little slut's bum and make her feel it nice and hard. Sally looked into Trudy's eyes and saw that the little vixen was smiling as if she knew exactly what she was thinking.

It was too much for Sally. She grabbed one of the long black rubber pipes she used for demonstrating scientific principles and brought it down under her desk. She pushed her wet panties to the side and slowly inserted the flexible thick hose between her pussy lips. The gush of fluid ran down the black pipe and onto her shaking hand. Sally tried to appear calm and relaxed but her pussy and ass was shaking and quivering fiercely in her seat. She watched the two young girls kiss each other with fascinating movement of their demanding tongues. It forced her to put the pipe in deeper and move it all about inside her leaking vagina.

The young teacher felt the start of her familiar orgasmic convulsions down deep inside her pussy. Her legs were trembling under the desk. She kept a smile on her face and above the level of the desk the only noticeable difference in her demeanor was the way her chest was heaving with emotion.

She saw Julia and Trudy clench each other and begin their downward spiral into the satisfaction of full sexual release. They looked so innocent and pure despite their wanton behavior.

The bell rang three times.

It was time for the school building to shut down.


Sally's husband, Rick Johnson was a quiet man. He seldom raised his voice about anything. Surprisingly, that was her main complaint against her husband. She hated the fact that he was too easy going and got along with everybody.

Before they got married, Sally used to like it when Rick treated her a little bit rough and made her take it a little on the wild side. She loved it when he held her down and pulled her hair hard bringing the tears to her eyes. Her orgasms when he treated her like that were so very memorable.

Now, because of the being 2 months pregnant thing, he was afraid to even put his finger into her pussy and would probably not mount her again until after the baby was born. Her brain was telling her that was not a necessarily bad thing, but her needy vagina was pulsating with the desire to be filled with nice hard cock. She had reached a point where it didn't matter whose cock it was, so long as it was a little bit longer than average and really fat and thick. She thought about Dean Pringle's cock. She loved the way it was so thick and his balls were so heavy and full all the time. Sally didn't care that he was a really mean spirited man and he whispered such nasty things in her ears when nobody else could hear him.

In fact, Sally couldn't wait for the Dean to find fault with her duties as the senior science teacher and schedule her for another session over his knee. She had started to wear flimsy little thongs to school in the hope he had time for her at the end of the day. Her 2 star pupils, Julie and Trudy usually wore the sexy little things and made no effort to hide them from either her view or the view of most of the male students in the classroom. She saw them spreading their legs provocatively again and again when they assisted her in the science lab. Sometimes they would sit on top of her desk and lean back to get some papers to pass out and at the same time served up a wanton display of all their many goodies.

Sally was forced to go to the blackboard and write vigorously bending over just enough to show off the thin thong covering her womanhood. She knew her nicely curved cheeks would be opening and closing the faster she wrote. Today, the combination of Julie's and Trudy's deliciously displayed pussies and the juicy bouncing of Sally's ass cheeks forced several of the young males to head to the restroom to take matters in hand.

She always looked closely at the boy's trousers to see if there were any telltale traces of spilled cum visible. This afternoon, she noticed that the Simpson boy, 18 year old Alan sported a long white rope of creamy goo down one side of his pant leg. Her pussy slit was throbbing as she instructed Julie to whisper in Alan's ear he was to stay after class for counseling. She noticed that Julie did not pass up the opportunity to rub her ass cheeks on his arm when she turned to return back to the front of the class.

Dear Pringle was seeing to disciplinary matters with 3 girls seen smoking behind the school building. Since he was likely to be fully occupied with those tedious matters of behavior correction, she welcomed the chance to interrogate young Master Simpson. She might have to employ some behavior modification methods of her own.

When the final bell for the day rang, both Julie and Trudy begged Sally to stay and "help out" with correcting young Alan. At first, Sally was not in favor of any witnesses to the encounter; but then after some spirited wheedling by the two "little darlings" she acceded to their request. She wanted to see just how far each of the girls would go in following her orders.

Surrounded by 3 very sexy females, Alan was a little bit nervous and mumbled with his eyes kept down to the floor. Each question addressed to him by Sally was replied to with a very meek,

"Yes, Miss!"

Then Sally changed her tone from being an understanding teacher to the stern and pointed accusations of a professional prosecutor.

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