A Slightly Different Marriage

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2011 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: Not your normal marriage.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   .

I suppose that the best way to start this is to tell a little bit about how I look at things. I have always believed that sex is a basic human need. Not a want, but a need. As far as needs go – in my mind at least – sex is every bit as necessary to human health, physical and mental, as air, water and food. That belief carries with it the belief that sex and love – while complimentary – are not the same thing. My belief is that you can have sex without love and you can have love without sex.

Why this explanation? Because it is the foundation for the story that follows.

I was a late bloomer where sex was concerned. I knew about it. I'd had friends tell me how great it was and I'd thought about it a lot. I had also donated gallons of the milky white stuff to handkerchiefs and towels while perusing Playboy, Penthouse and other men's magazines, but at eighteen I was still a virgin.

Not for lack of trying to correct the problem, but I had horrible luck with girls. A friend would tell me about what a hot fuck—————————— was and that she'd put out for anybody and I'd take her out and not even get a kiss. Another friend would tell me that I should take—————————— out because she would give it up in a heartbeat. I'd take her out and get a slapped face to go along with "What kid of girl do you think I am!" I dated a dozen sure things that weren't.

All those dates had unintended consequences. Girls I wanted to date because I was interested in them wouldn't give me the time of day because the word was out that all I was interested in was one thing and one thing only – getting laid. Not true, but it didn't matter. That's what they thought so that was the way of it. I resigned myself to not having a girlfriend until I started college and met girls who didn't know my history.

But back to my quest to get rid of the odious title of 'virgin'. I was actually considering finding me a prostitute when the chance came to me instead of my going to it. It was at a barbecue at my Aunt Martha's. It was a family affair and the place was overrun by relatives. It was a nice affair and I enjoyed myself because I liked most of my relatives. Catch the "most"? Aunt Martha had twin daughters, Staci and Traci, and they were two years older than me and they belonged to that class of females whose main belief was that their shit didn't stink. They also believed that anyone younger than they were was beneath their notice. As you may guess we did not get along; not even a little bit. I spent most of the day avoiding them. They both had boyfriends there that day so they were too busy to notice me and I liked it that way.

It was close to eight and I was getting ready to leave. I hit the bathroom to relieve myself before getting in my car and driving home and as I came out of the bathroom Staci, who was storming down the hall ran into me and snarled:

"Watch where you are going you stupid oaf!"

I resisted the urge to say, "You ran into me you stupid cunt!" and instead I turned and headed for the front door. Staci grabbed my arm and said "Come with me" and she pulled me along to her room. She was talking to herself and saying:

"Asshole thinks he's special. He's just another dick. Thinks he can treat me like that? No fucking way. I'll show the dickhead. I'll show him he isn't the only hard cock around.

By then we were in her room and she closed the door and locked it.

"Get you pants off" she told me in a commanding tone.


"Your pants; get them off."

While she was saying that her skirt fell to the floor and she hooked her fingers in the waist band of her panties and started to push them down. I stood there not having a clue and she snarled:

"Get your fucking pants off! You can't fuck me with them on. I'm not having my hairs getting caught in your fucking zipper."

"When the words "fuck me" registered I shook off my confusion and stripped. By then Staci was naked and the sight had my cock standing tall. Staci glanced at it and said:

"Not bad. Not bad at all. Get over here."

By that point I was hers to command. I was going to lose my hated virgin status and whatever she said I was going to do. I moved over to her and she laid back on her bed and spread her legs wide and then looked up at me as she waited for me to take my place.

I knew what to do. What the hell, it comes natural right? Besides, I'd seen hundreds of pictures. But I hesitated. I was scared. I'd heard stories about guys whose first time was over in seconds and I was afraid that if I came too quick Staci would make nasty comments and our relationship, which was not all that good to begin with, would get worse. Much, much worse. I could just imagine the distain she would show me in the future, but the little head was screaming "Do it fool, do it!"

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that I shouldn't do it. You can't do it. It would be wrong. It would be incest and that is morally and legally wrong, but that wasn't the case. Staci and Traci were Aunt Martha's by a previous marriage and the twins were two years old when Aunt Martha married my Uncle Mike.

"Don't just stand there damn it" Staci snarled.

I moved between her legs and she grabbed my cock and guided it (pulled it actually) to her pussy. My fears proved to be groundless and I managed to give a good account of myself or at least I thought I did. Maybe the session I'd had the night before with Playboy and my morning wake up with Penthouse had something to do with it. Whatever it was that helped wasn't on my mind at that moment. All I was thinking was that I had to give Staci what she wanted.

"Fuck me harder" and I tried.

"Fuck me faster" and I tried.

"Make me cum" and I tried and tried and tried.

Not having any experience I don't know if she got off or not, but I did. I was surprised that I had the presence of mind to pull out just before I came. I shot all over her tummy and she exploded on me.

"What the fuck did you do that for? Look at the mess you made."

I stammered that I didn't have a rubber on and I didn't want to get her pregnant.

"Idiot! If I was worried about that I wouldn't have let you in me without one on. I'm on the pill. Grab my panties and clean that mess up."

I did as I was told and in the process of doing it I was looking at her pussy. It glistened with her juices and the lips were puffy and reddish and I started getting hard again. Staci noticed and said:

"Want more huh? You got lucky the first time. Usually you have to eat me if you want to fuck me, but I was in too much of a hurry to make you. You want more you have to eat it before you can fuck it."

She saw the look on my face and read it wrong.

"What's the matter? Not man enough?"

I shook my head and said, "Its not that. I've never done it. I don't know how."

"Then I'll talk you through it."

She did and I think I got her off before she said, "Enough. Fuck me now."

When we were done she said, "I need to get you out of here. You better keep your mouth shut about this." She paused and then said, "If you can do that we can do it again sometime."

When I heard that my natural response was "When?"

"Mom and dad have a dinner to go to on Tuesday and they will both go straight from work. My last class is at four and I'll be home no later than four forty-five, but you had better keep quiet about this. If I hear the slightest thing about it being talked about not only will you never get it again, but I'll cut your dick off. You understand me?"

I nodded a "yes" as I pulled up my zipper.

"Good. Now get out."

The time between that Saturday barbecue and four forty-five Tuesday drug along and it felt like years. I arrived at Aunt Martha's at four thirty-five. I don't know about other families, but in mine we never bothered to knock or ring the bell when going to a relatives place. You just walked in and hollered out:

"Hello? Anybody home?"

Usually some one would holler back "We're in the kitchen" or whatever. I knew the twins were home because their cars were in the driveway so I went looking for them. I went into the family room and through the window I saw both of them sitting out on the patio. I went to the patio door and started to open it. I had it open just a crack when I suddenly stopped. Staci wouldn't want Traci to know what we were doing so I decided to go back outside and ring the doorbell. That would give Staci time to do whatever. I was just closing the door when I heard:

"The big doofus will be here pretty soon. I told him four forty-five. You want to hide in the closet and watch?"

"Fuck no! Watch you get your pussy eaten? No fucking way! I'd have to come out, pull him off of you and sit on his face. I can't believe that you lucked out and found a guy who will eat your pussy."

"He's a clueless doofus and doesn't seem to know that most guys think pussy eating is just too, too nasty. I think he was a virgin and would have licked my asshole if I would have told him that was the price of fucking me."

"How long are you going to do him? Aren't you afraid it will get back to Brad?"

"No chance. Only the two of us – three counting you – know and I've already warned him that the pussy stops if he lets anyone know. As for how long? As long as he eats me when I tell him to. I might even get kinky and have him go down on me after Brad does me."

"You'll never get away with it."

"Sure I will. He never ate a pussy before mine so all I need to do is tell him that he has me so hot that my natural juices are flowing."

"You can't believe that he will go for that."

Staci laughed and said, "I keep telling you that he is clueless."

"At least let me know when you get ready to dump him. I'd like to get my pussy eaten too."

I quietly closed the door, went back outside and rang the doorbell. There was no sign of Traci as Staci led me to her bedroom and I wondered if she was in the closet. If she was it didn't matter because I was going to get me some pussy. At that point I didn't give a rat's ass about anything other than sliding my cock into Staci's wet hole. I didn't care that Staci thought I was a clueless doofus. The only thing I cared about was getting my dick in her.

I ate her and then I fucked her. I ate her a second time and then fucked her again. I wanted to go a third time, but she said that I needed to get out before her parents got home. As I drove away I thought about the conversation I'd overheard. So Traci wanted her pussy eaten did she? I'd have to see about that.

Over the summer Staci and I got together maybe a dozen times. If I ate her after Brad fucked her I never knew it. Her taste was always the same. There was no love or affection involved. We never once kissed and she never offered to suck my cock. The one time I asked her to she flatly said "I don't do that." It was always "Hurry up, get undressed and eat me."

That fall I started college and I would see Staci and Traci around the campus and the girls pretty much ignored me although in private Staci was still giving me 'orders'.

"My place tomorrow at four."

She never waited for me to say "Okay" or "Sorry, I can't make it tomorrow." She knew that "Clueless" would be there. Why did I put up with it? Because it was a steady piece of ass that I didn't have to work for. You know what I mean when I say "work" for it. The dance you go through to get the date, trying to get something going and trying for he first kiss. The second, third and however many more date before she takes up with another guy or gives you the "What kind of girl do you think I am" speech. All that time, money and effort expended for nothing so no surprise that when Staci said, "My place at four" I was there at three fifty-nine.

One thing that I never understood is that Staci would never come to my apartment. I suppose here is where I should let you know that I am what is referred to as a 'trust fund baby.' My grandparents set up a trust fund for me when I was born. It wasn't millions, but over the years with interest and all it had grown to a little over six hundred thousand, but the fund was set up so that I could only access it once I started college and draw on it as long as I stayed in college as long as the money drawn was for college related expenses. I would receive the full amount when I graduated with a degree, but if I didn't go to college or if I started and then dropped out I wouldn't get the money until I was thirty years old. I was told that it was set up that way so I would be influenced to get a college education. The fund saw to it that I had a car, an apartment on campus (anywhere else and the fund wouldn't cover it) and that I could concentrate on my studies since I wouldn't have to work. Anyway, Staci flatly refused to ever set foot inside of my apartment and I could never figure out why.

But things change. Staci stopped putting it out there for me. I found out later that she had given Brad an ultimatum.

"You eat my pussy or you don't get any more of it."

I guess he decided that he wanted to hang on to her. They eventually got married and while I didn't give them five years (Staci was a real bitch – at least to me) they are still going after twenty. At family functions she still treats me like she barely knows me, but what the hell; she did serve a purpose at one time in my life.

But I digress. When Staci dropped me I was upset because my steady supply of pussy was gone and I didn't have anything else going at the time. I was dating a couple of girls, but wasn't having any luck as far as the sexual sweepstakes went.

The one day at school I saw Traci sitting alone and I remembered her comment from way back and I thought, "What the hell; why not" and I went over to her table and sat down. She looked up from the notes she was studying, saw it was me and got a "Why the fuck are you sitting there?" look on her face. I didn't have anything to lose so I just said:

"Had your pussy eaten lately?"

Her face screwed up and she was a nano-second from exploding on me when I said:

"Don't go getting all pissy on me. I heard what you told Staci that day when I came over and she asked you if you wanted to watch from the closet. You asked her to let you know when she was ready to dump me because you wanted your pussy eaten also. Staci dumped me so the question is have you had your pussy eaten lately. If not do you want to have it eaten? Think on it and give me a call."

I started to get up and she said, "Wait." I sat back down and Traci said, "Are you serious?"

"Absolutely. Same deal I had with Staci. If I eat it I get to fuck it. No strings attached."

She looked at me like I was from another planet. "You are! You are serious!"

"Like I said – absolutely."

"I have something I need to do after class, but I'll be home by seven."

"See you then."

Staci and Traci shared a two bedroom apartment off campus and they had some kind of arrangement where they let each other know when they were 'entertaining" so I'd never seen Traci when I'd stopped by to do her sister. There system must have broken down because when I got there at seven and rang the door bell it was Staci that opened the door. She saw that it was me and said:

"What the fuck do you want?"

Traci walked up behind her and said, "He's with me" and she took me by the arm and led me to her bedroom. We got naked and Traci got on the bed and spread her legs wide and said:

"Do it!"

I did it until she said, "Enough. Fuck me now."

It was uncanny how alike the sisters were. Not just in looks but in temperament. Traci had the exact same attitude that Staci had. I was nothing more than an instrument for their satisfaction, but what the hell, it worked for me.

When Traci and I were done and I walked out of the bedroom Staci was on the couch reading and she glanced up at me as I headed for the door. Her facial expression fairly screamed "Asshole!" and I just smiled at her, licked my lips and left.

I got together with Traci on the average of twice a week for the next four months and then she stopped telling me to come over, but by then it didn't matter.

I'd found Amanda.

When I walked her to her door after our first date she turned and offered me her lips for a kiss and then her arms went around my neck and the kiss had steam coming out of my ears. When the kiss ended Mandy touched my cheek with her hand, said "Call me" and then went inside.

The second date we made out for nearly a half hour and fogged up the windows of my car. On our third date she slid over next to me when we got out of the movie and put her hand on my leg as she said:

"How long are we going to dance around what we both really want to do?"

She was surprised when the first thing I did was go down on her. It was only natural for me since it was the way of it with Staci and Traci and by then it was just habit. Then Mandy surprised the hell out of me when she said, "My turn" and went down on me. There aren't words enough in the dictionary to describe your first blow job so I won't even bother trying. Suffice to say that Mandy earned my undying gratitude and the guarantee that I would never lose her phone number.

We made love and then Mandy introduced me to the magic number – sixty-nine. Mandy and I hit it heavy for three weeks and by then I was starting to act like she was my steady girl friend which is when she pulled me up short.

"I like you a lot sweetie, but we are not forever. I like variety and sooner or later I'll be moving on to someone different. I'm not a girl who can ever be happy with just one man. Let's be happy with what we have while we have it."

We lasted another three months before she told me that she was moving on.

So there was the first part of what came to be my beliefs on the subject of love and sex. Staci, Traci and Mandy all proved to me that you could enjoy sex without love. The sex that I got from the three of them also demonstrated to me that sex was a physical need. I got irritable and frustrated if I went too long without.

Agatha solidified the second part; that you could have love without sex. I first saw Aggie at a frat party. For me it was the classic case of love at first sight. As soon as I saw her my heart started beating faster and I knew – absolutely knew! – that she was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

The problem was that she was someone else's date. We weren't introduced, but I never let myself get to far from her and I rarely took my eyes off of her. I didn't think she noticed, but of course she did.

Maybe three hours into the party I had to go to the bathroom and when I came out she and her date were gone. I asked several people who she was and all any of them could say was that she was Phil's date. I seriously thought of asking how I could get in touch with Phil so I could ask him about his date, but good sense prevailed and I settled for finding out as much about Phil as I could. I found out what classes he took, some of his likes and dislikes and what his extracurricular activities were. My plan was to try to be where Phil was and hope to see him with Aggie and then try and find some way to meet her. I spent days gathering information and in the end it was all a waste of time. I was sitting at a table in the cafeteria when a voice said:

"May I join you?"

I looked up and into the eyes of Agatha Marie Cornwell. I stood and stammered out a "Please do."

She smiled at me as she sat down and then she said, "My name is Aggie and you are the guy who stared at me for hours at the frat party."

"Guilty as charged. I'm Rob."

"I know. I've asked around about you. So, what is it about me that had you staring at me?"

Well, she wanted to know so I told her. She laughed at me. "You can't be serious. That is an old wives tale; nothing like that ever happens for real."

"Trust me. It did happen and I was devastated when you left the party and I thought I'd never see you again."

"Well okay, but I have to be honest with you. I didn't feel a spark pass between us, but you are kind of cute so maybe I'll take a chance and see if there is something there. When is your last class?"

"Three. It lets out at three forty-five."

"Meet me here at four" and she got up and walked away.

I was at a table at three-fifty and praying that she wasn't pulling my leg. When she hadn't arrived by four oh-one I was gloomy and sure that she was just having some fun at my expense. At four oh-two the sun came out as she walked into the room. Over coffee we talked and I found out that she was one of five kids and was attending school on a handful of scholarships. Her major was Business Management and she was carrying a 3.85 GPA. She shared an apartment with three other girls and she couldn't wait until she graduated, got a decent job and could finally live alone.

I told her all about me and then asked her out. She looked at me for several seconds and then said:

"Know this about me Rob; I'm a no bullshit girl. I won't put up with any and I won't give out any. If your "Love at first sight" is just a line that you hope will lead you into my pants I'm telling you up front that it isn't going to happen. I don't know if we are going to develop a relationship or not, but this girl is going down the aisle a virgin."

"Fine by me as long as I'm the guy you are walking down the aisle toward."

We started dating and we clicked. On the fourth date I got my first kiss and by the sixth date we were an acknowledged couple. Aggie might have declared she was going to be a virgin when she married, but she was no prude. I could feel her up as long as I didn't put my hands inside her clothes and she would rub my cock as long as I didn't take it out. Our make out sessions were hot and heavy and many were the times I went home with a set of aching nuts, but I was hopelessly in love and Aggie insisted on staying pure and since I loved her enough to give her anything she wanted I went along with the program and suffered.

Earlier I said that sex was a physical need and that I got irritable and frustrated when I had to go without so how did I handle not having any sex with Aggie? Not well. Not well at all. I hit an adult bookstore and loaded up on porn material and then gave my right hand and arm all the exercise they could handle.

At Christmas break during our senior year I proposed and Aggie accepted. As I slid the ring on her finger I told her I wanted the wedding the day after graduation and she laughed and said:

"My mom will have some say in that. She might not think that it gives her enough time to plan."

"She doesn't need to plan. We can find a justice of the peace or get married at city hall."

"Oh no you don't! You are not robbing me of my chance to walk down the aisle."

The next day she kissed me goodbye and left to spend the holidays with her family.

I never saw her again.

A semi driver fell asleep at the wheel, crossed over into the wrong lane and ended my future with Aggie. I was heart broken and not fit to be around for months. I didn't even attend graduation and instead I had them mail me my degree.

It took me a long time to get over the loss of Aggie, but my time with her taught me that you could have love without sex. I could only dream about what love and sex would have been like with Aggie.

I moped around for almost six months and then my mom convinced me to come to a family party. I'd been there about an hour when Traci came in with Staci and Brad.

"Just what I need" I thought, "Two bitches to make me miserable."

Half an hour after the three of them got there Traci came up to me, grabbed my arm and pulled at me to follow her. Curious, I followed along as she led me out to the patio. She turned to me and said:

"I need it. Your place or mine?"

I thought about it for all of a tenth of a second and said "Mine" and I walked away from her and went out to my car and drove to my apartment. I wondered if Traci would actually show. I'd never been that abrupt with her before and I wasn't sure how she would take it. I wasn't even sure that she knew where I lived since I had changed apartments when I graduated.

Ten minutes after I got home there was a knock on the door and I opened it and let Traci in. Still giving back some of the attitude that she and Staci had so freely given me I just said, "Back here" and led the way to the bedroom. We undressed without words and when we were naked I said:

"New rules. The old way was I had to eat it before I could fuck it. The new way is that you suck before I eat."

Her face screwed up in a grimace, but before she could say anything I said:

"Them's the rules. If you can't handle it get dressed and get out."

She glanced at her clothes that she had tossed on a chair, shrugged and went to her knees in front of me. As blow jobs go it wasn't bad. I could tell that she had done it before, but not often. I thought back to the way she and her sister had treated me and in line with the attitude I'd shown since she first grabbed my arm at the party I decided that she was going to go all the way whether she wanted to or not. When her hummer had me very close to cumming I grabbed her head with both hands and fucked her face until I came and hen I kept a grip on her so that she was forced to swallow. When I released her she pulled back and sputtered:

"You bastard! You miserable fucking bastard!"

I ignored her, pushed her back down on the bed and then went down on her. She stopped being indignant and then it was her hands gripping my head. I ate her until my cock was hard again and then I moved up and fucked her. It was a hard, no frills fuck and it was just what I needed to pull me out of the funk I had been in. I fucked her hard and fast and after I came I held myself in her until I was completely soft and then I pulled out.

I couldn't decipher the look on her face, but whatever it was that I saw pissed me off and I moved up and stuck my limp cock in her face. She started to turn her head away and I grabbed it and pushed my cock against her lips. She kept her mouth clamped shut until I pinched her nose and she had to open her mouth to breathe and when she did I pushed my cock into the open hole. I held her head and moved my cock around until it started showing signs of life. I felt her tongue start to work on me and I let go of her head, spun around and went into a sixty-nine. Once I was fully hard I fucked her for a second time. It was another no frills fuck and when I'd cum I pulled out and fell to the bed next to her. She didn't move and she didn't say a word and I slipped off to sleep.

I was as surprised as all get out when I woke up in the morning and she was still on the bed beside me. She was cuddled up next to me asleep with one leg thrown over mine and her right hand was on my cock. My cock reacted predictably and I pushed her over onto her back and went down on her which woke her up. When she was awake and my cock was fully hard I fucked her hard and fast until we both got off and then, without a word yet to be spoken between us, I got up and went to shower.

Maybe a minute after the water started running Traci got into the shower with me. She said, "Do my back" and turned away to give me her back side. I washed it and then she turned and took the rag and did my back. Her hand slipped around to the front and she started washing my cock and I ended up fucking her from behind as she leaned against the wall.

She was dressed before I was and then she surprised me again when she said:

"You should give me a key."

I had treated her with total indifference and fucked her for my pleasure only and she wanted to come back? What the hell; why not. I gave her a key and she left. That night around nine I heard a key in the door and it opened and Traci walked in.

"I had a date tonight and it took me until twenty minutes ago to shake him."

As she said that she was walking toward the bedroom shedding clothes.

Traci came by two or three times a week for the next four months and then one morning after a strenuous night she handed me her key.

"I've met someone who might just be the right one. If it doesn't work out I may ask for it back."

Apparently the guy was the 'right one' and she married him. I never got to fuck her again. There had been no love or affection between us and we had never – not once – kissed, but we satisfied each other and in the end I guess that was what counted.

The time with Traci did help me get past the loss of Aggie although her memory would stay with me for years and years. With Traci out of the picture I started dating again. I scored enough to keep me happy, but I never found a woman who interested me enough to set up house with her.

Until I met Samantha.

It was at a family barbecue held at – of all places – Staci and Brad's house. Staci and Brad had a Koi pond in their back yard and I was standing next to it watching the fish when a voice behind me said:

"I want one of these some day only I want to have a waterfall with mine."

I turned to see an absolutely stunning redhead with hazel eyes. She offered me her hand and said:

"I'm Samantha, but most people call me Sam."

I took her hand and introduced myself and she asked, "Friend or family?"

"Family. Staci is my cousin."

"Your wife here with you?"

"Don't got me one of them things. Your husband going to get upset with you for talking to strange men?"

"Don't got me one of them things and just how strange are you?"

"I've been know to go totally bonkers over gorgeous redheads."

We talked and I found out she was a sorority sister of Staci and Traci's and that they had stayed in touch.

"Ouch!" I said.

"What means this ouch?"

"Neither of my cousins will have anything good to say about me. I'm shot down before I even have a chance."

"Actually both of them speak very highly of you and in fact that is one of the reasons I came over to talk to you."

"Are you serious?"

"Absolutely. I've known the two of them forever and they rarely have anything nice to say about most guys so their speaking highly of you intrigued me and here I am."

"Does this "being intrigued" mean that you might accept an invitation to have dinner with me?"

"Well it won't be tonight because we are here to eat barbecue, but I have nothing planned for tomorrow night."

For the rest of the evening she stayed by my side and one time I saw Staci looking at us and smiling. Before she left I made arrangements to pick her up the next night at six. That first date started a relationship that had me taking a knee in front of her seven months later and asking her to be my wife. She accepted my proposal and six months later we took our vows. What amazed me then and still has me shaking my head sixteen years later is that Staci was her maid of honor and Traci was one of her bridesmaids.

Sam did not come to our marriage bed a virgin an in fact, her virginity was long gone before she even met me, but so what? Mine was just as long gone. While we dated I treated Sam with kid gloves and was extremely careful not to do anything that might scare her off and this meant that all I did was make out with her and keep my hands to myself. We had been dating just a little over four weeks when one night as I was kissing her goodnight on her front porch she said:

"Are you ever going to do it or am I going to have to?"


"You know damned well what you big oaf. We are both adults and we both know what we want." She paused and then said, "To hell with it; come on" and she grabbed my tie and pulled me inside her apartment with her.

We went after each other like starving wolves going after meat. I was surprised the bed survived. When I ate her pussy her hands dug into my hair and I thought that she would never let go. She gave me the best head I'd ever gotten and we made love four times – a personal best for me – before falling to sleep exhausted next to each other. Sam woke me up with a blow job which led to another session followed by a shower that almost led to us playing again. As I was dressing Sam asked:

"You aren't sorry are you?"

"Yes, I guess I am. Sorry that I didn't do it sooner."

"Don't be. If you had pushed like some others I dated we might never have reached this point. The fact that you wanted to be with me bad enough that you didn't want to risk being too forward is what convinced me to do what I did tonight."

After that night we made love three or four times a week. Some times at her place and some times at mine. There was no doubt in my mind that I was going to ask her to marry me, but I held off because she didn't give any indication that she wanted to get married. It was another case of not doing anything that would scare her off. As it had been with our making love it was Sam who got things started. One night at dinner she asked:

"Are we going anywhere or are all we are is friends with benefits?"

I got up from the table, went down on my knees and in front of forty other diners in the restaurant I proposed. When she told Staci and Traci they looked at me and Staci said:

"It took you long enough."

Several years went by and things were great. I was doing fine at work and Sam was doing exceptionally well where she worked. She'd had three promotions and was a regional manager. Her region had nine offices and she had to visit them on the average of once a month. Six of the nine were far enough away that she would have to spend the night. Two were located so that she could visit one, drive to the next at the end of the day, check into a motel for the night visit the office the next day and be home that night. The other two were located far enough away that she would be gone two nights when she visited each one. The traveling didn't cause any problems for us because it only meant that there would be six or seven nights a month that she wouldn't be home.

At home our life was great. Our sex life was marvelous with us making love three, four and sometimes five nights a week. Sam was a very sexual woman and had a huge sexual appetite and she liked it all. It was Sam who gave me my first anal sex. It was about a month before our wedding and we had just finished making love when she asked:

"How come you have never asked for my ass?"

"I've never thought about it. It isn't something that I've ever done and it has never entered my mind."

"Well, just so you know, I like it in my butt."

After that anal sex became a regular part of our sex life. I point out Sam's sexual nature to set the stage for what happened a month after our sixth wedding anniversary.

The manager of one of her far away offices had a death in the family and had to go back east. He would be gone at least a week and there was no one in the office qualified to step up and run things while he was gone. Sam was going to have to go and run the office until he got back.

Over dinner she said, "I don't know how I'm going to handle it."

"Nonsense. You ran your own office before becoming a regional."

"Not that part. I don't know how I'm going to handle a week or more without making love."

"So don't."

"Don't what?"

"Go without sex."

"What do you mean by that?"

"When you get randy go to one of the local hot spots, pick out a stud and make his night."

"You can't mean that. You can't possibly think that I would do something like that."

"Why not? You have already heard my views on love and sex."

And she had. One night about three months after we started making love and after a very strenuous evening that had exhausted me she had casually asked:

"Do you ever miss what you were doing with Staci and Traci?"

I had looked at her in surprise. How in the world had she known about them? She recognized the look and had said:

"Don't act so surprised. I've already told you that I've known them forever and that we are close. They both told me how good you were at eating pussy and that was the main reason I approached you at that barbecue. I'd never been able to get a guy to go down on me. I had expected to leave the barbecue with you and get my itch scratched, but you seemed so nice that I decided to back off and see if something might develop between us and now I'm glad that I did."

That's when I told her how I looked at love and sex.

"The twins were just sex and there was no love or affection involved so no, I don't miss them. Why should I? I'm getting more from you than I can handle."

She just shook her head and went to work to try and get me up again. Now, years later, I said it again:

"Sex is a physical need. You just said that you didn't know if you can handle going without for a week or more so don't. If you feel the need go ahead and take care of it. As far as I'm concerned it isn't cheating if you are honest and up front about it. It is only cheating – at least as far as I'm concerned – if it is done behind my back and you try to hide it. I wouldn't want names or details. A simple "I got horny, went out for a drink or two and I met a guy and he took the edge off for me" is all that I would need to know."

"I couldn't do that. I couldn't step out on you like that."

"Your choice my love. I'm just giving you the option. Just remember that the offer is there if an occasion should ever arise that might make you want to change your mind. All I'm asking for is honesty."

"I appreciate that you love me enough to offer to let me do something like that, but I couldn't. I just couldn't."

"Sweetheart, you can't go two days without trying to drag me into the bedroom. I know damned well that you are hurting when you are out on your trips and gone for a couple of days. I know you stop in at the hotel or motel bar after work for a drink or two and I know damned well that you get hit on a lot. All I'm saying is that you have blanket permission if you find some one you think you might want to try."

"It doesn't matter Rob; I'm never going to do it."

She was gone nine days and never said a word to me about any 'itch scratching' so I doubted that she did anything. It became somewhat of a habit that whenever she would be gone for a couple of days I would say just before she left:

"Make sure that any stud you hook up with knows that you are coming home to me" and she would say something like "Yeah; like I would find a stud."

And as far as I knew she never did.

Once she did say something that made me think that she might be considering it. She asked:

"Do the same rules apply to you when I'm gone?"

"What do you mean?"

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