Used Condoms

by sourdough

Copyright© 2011 by sourdough

Flash Story: I wondered if there were any live sperm still in there.

Caution: This Flash Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Pregnancy   .

My name is Kimmy and I was a college sophomore at the time. I'd just walked into the apartment I shared with my twin sister Karen. I found her sprawled on the front room floor next to her ex-boyfriend Roger. They were both naked.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

"What do you think I'm doing here," Roger responded.

"It looks like you two have been fucking." As proof of that, a couple of used condoms were laying on the floor beside them.

"Right in one. Why don't we make it a threesome?"

"Why don't you eat shit and die?" Roger smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

"I have to get going anyway. Maybe next time?" I ignored that last comment and went to the bedroom to change my clothes. He was gone when I returned to the living room.

"He's gone," said Karen needlessly. She hadn't bothered to move from the spot I found her in when I got home.

"I thought you broke up with him."

"I did, but he showed up at the door and—

"You didn't have the heart to send him away, right?"

"That's right." Roger was handsome. He was charming when he wanted to be. Heck! Even I was attracted to him. But I also knew he was just using Karen. My dear sister was already on academic probation because she spent most of her time with that clown instead of studying.

"You don't have any future with him. You do know that, don't you?"

"I know."

"What if he gets you pregnant?"

"Actually, I wouldn't mind that at all. Roger's family is very wealthy."

"So, why don't you let him knock you up?"

"His daddy is very conservative and has political ambitions on top of that. Roger doesn't want to upset his daddy's plans by giving some coed a bastard."

"The child wouldn't be a bastard if he married you."

"Roger wouldn't marry me even if I did get pregnant. He's engaged to some rich high society girl with political connections."

"How long have you known about this?"

"I've known it all along."

"So you're just content to be his slut?"

"I guess if that's what it takes to be with him, I'll be his slut as long as he wants me."

"If it was me, I'd get pregnant by him. Then I'd get an attorney and hold out for a nice settlement and child support in return for keeping my mouth shut."

"That sounds like a great plan, Kimmy. But if you haven't already noticed, Roger does like to take precautions." She pointed at the discarded condoms. "He never forgets about wearing them. They're the extra strong ones, too."

I looked at the condoms without any particular interest. Just for something to say, I said, "I wonder if there are live sperm still in there."

"I dunno," Karen responded. "What do you mean? So what if there are?" I grinned when I realized where I could go with this. Roger thought he was being careful but not as careful as he should be.

"I mean ... you might get pregnant from the contents of that condom if it ... somehow got inside you." Karen giggled when she caught my meaning.

"That is so underhanded, Kimmy. Do you really think it's possible?"

"There's only one way to find out."

"I'm not sure about this. What if I really do get pregnant?" Karen was nervous now. I guess that was to be expected. I knelt beside her and picked up the condom that looked like it had the biggest load.

"Then you'll have a baby with a rich daddy. On your back and spread your legs," I ordered.

"Roger will kill me if he finds out about this." Despite her protest Karen obeyed.

"Well, don't tell him, okay? It's just an experiment anyway. But if you do happen to get pregnant, Roger won't be told the news until it's too late to do anything about it. Understand?" Karen nodded her head. She groaned when I caressed her pussy.

"That felt great," she whispered. "Do it again."

"I'm trying to knock you up, Karen not turn you on."

"Well, that doesn't sound very romantic. I don't think you really love me, Roger." She wanted to play act now. I guessed I'd play along and pretend to be Roger.

"I do love you, darling. That's why I want you to have my child." I kissed my twin sister on the lips and at the same time I pushed the filled condom inside my dear sister's snatch. It turned inside out and spilled its load of sperm right where I wanted it to. I rubbed the used rubber against her vulva encouraging the live sperm, if there were any, to enter Karen's womb, then find and fertilize her egg. It was the right time of the month for her.

"That was lovely," Karen said. "Thanks."

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