Blue Panties at My Ankles

by downtomyankles

Copyright© 2011 by downtomyankles

Erotica Sex Story: Julie is a frequent flyer. Every week she makes the round trip shuttle between New York City and Washington D.C. Lately she has been making new friends at both ends. In fact, she is burning her own sexual candle at both ends in more ways than one. Her attraction to tall, dark and handsome strangers is almost as strong as her passionate yearning for female companionship. Follow her adventures to the final orgy of lust in the midst of a degenerate family party.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Rough   Light Bond   Humiliation   Swinging   Group Sex   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Squirting   Lactation   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Note: This story is a Harry Lime and Velda Mazursky co-authored story.

Part I

Julie liked to fly the red-eye shuttle between DC and New York. It was easy to get taxis from the airports at that time of night. The day in the Nation's Capital had been unusually hectic because of the budget tensions. The entire town was getting down on one side or the other. Bigger government and more services. Or cut back on spending.

Everyone was talking and no one was listening.

It reminded her of the senseless PTA meetings she used to attend with resolute good intentions.

She had been training hard for the marathon the past ten weeks. This afternoon, for the first time, she had completed a 10 mile course in under one hour.

It was her best time in almost a year.

Her running buddy, Jake Wilson, was amazed at the accomplishment. He told her she could probably beat half the guys in the DIA marathon running team. They thought it strange that Jake choose to run with her and not with them in the hilly circuits around the Pentagon.

Ms. Julie Goodlay was 39 years old. Yes, really 39, and not just counting. She had lustrous Golden Red hair that cascaded down to her shoulders in waves of shimmering soft silk. She always wore her high heels, unless she was training and her legs were shapely and finely-toned from her rigorous daily exercises. Her breasts were quite small, which is good for a runner. It helped to keep her long, lean body balanced and ready to turn on a sprint whenever it was needed in a serious race. Because of all the recent heavy training, her buttocks had lost most of their body fat. There was even a concave shape to her heart-shaped posterior.

Seldom did Julie wear makeup, but for appearances sake, she did apply some lipstick and some highlight to her eyes for the flight home.

She grinned to herself.

"Maybe I will meet Mr. Wonderful tonight!"

She was lucky to be early and board before most of the other passengers. The only bag she had was the one with her running gear and a change of clothes. When she got to her row, she saw she had the window seat. She really was never fussy where she sat. Julie noticed that a dark young man was already seated in the aisle seat. He tried to make himself smaller, as she swung in front of him to get out of the traffic in the aisle. She apologized in embarrassment, when her knees rubbed on the outside of his legs.

Quickly, she snapped open the overhead compartment and shoved her bag into it with a firm thrust that lifted her up to her toes and strained her hips to get it all the way inside. She felt a sudden draft from underneath and was startled to see her loosely fitting panties had somehow slipped down to her ankles. Julie's face was beet red as she realized they were right on top of the stranger's shoes. No one in the aisle could see because she was safely standing in the row in front of the widely grinning young man.

Julie was in a predicament.

If she bent down and pulled up the panties, her bare private areas would be visible and quite up close to the unknown stranger. Her only other choice would be to remove them and put them in her purse.

When she tried to do just that, Julie found that her rump was dangerously close to the poor young man's face. She straightened up immediately and tried to shake them off her heels. She was mortified when the dark, good looking man reached down and began to remove the offending panties from her ankles. He rolled them up in a little ball and unobtrusively handed them to her.

"You might need these later."

Speechless, Julie took her seat next to the window.

She remembered that her under things had been getting loose lately. She was down to only 105 lbs. instead of her customary 120 to 125 range. The long run today had probably shaved off another pound or two of body fat. It was time to carb up big time before the race. The weight loss was a problem when training for a marathon and she often found herself swimming in her clothes during the weeks of heavy training. She turned to the helpful passenger sitting next to her.

"I lost some weight recently. I guess they were just too big. By the way, my name is Julie and I so embarrassed. Thank you for helping me."

The handsome man smiled at her and held out his hand. She shook it in gratitude.

"It is of no consequence, Senora. I help my Mamacita many times when she break her leg in the ski accident."

Julie determined that the young man was from a Spanish speaking country and most disturbingly, considered her of an age in his Mother's range. That bothered her even more that the panty incident. She looked at him closely. He appeared to be about 28 to 30 years of age. She was only 39.

"That's only 9 years, for crying out loud."

Of course, this was said silently, to herself.

"My name is Armand. Armand Augustino. I am from Argentina. My Mama is the Cultural Attache in the New York Consulate. I was sixteen when she broke her leg just twelve years ago."

Julie smiled because she was right on the money. OK, it was 11 years and not nine. Still, that doesn't make me his mama.

"I work down here in Washington. I do research for a committee on budget things. Kind of boring but it pays good."

Armand didn't seem too interested in anything involving a committee or a budget, so that would go down as a big IDC (I don't care) in chat speak.

"I love the blue of your little frilly pants and the blue of your nice shoes. They look like dancing shoes. Are you a dancer?"

Julie could see the young man definitely did not think of her as his mother. That was a major relief.

"I took ballet training but was never good enough to go further. My Mother was a ballerina for many years."

They looked at each other. Only inches separated their faces. Julie could feel her leg lightly touching against the calf of the well-muscled Armand. For some strange reason, that excited her.

What was she thinking?

"This guy is way too young for me. He probably has plenty of young chicks to fill his bed."

Julie smiled at her own private indiscreet thoughts.

Maybe it had been too long since she had relaxed with a man between her legs. She had been so busy; she could not remember exactly how long it had been. Suddenly she frowned, with the realization that it was last New Year's Eve. The champagne had gone so quickly to her head. She found herself in the coat closet with her hostess's husband.

They were not looking for her coat.

Still, she feels satisfied. The hard running seemed to take the edge off. A long run was almost like sex to her. The friction on her labia and the movement of her buttocks sometimes brought her to the precipice of orgasmic release. When that happened, she often got her "second wind" and picked up the pace on her startled peers.

"Senora Julie, you have the body of a dancer. I, too, am a dancer. I teach the traditional Tango at my studio on 57th Street."

Armand handed her a small card that simply said,

Armand Augustino

Private Lessons


The Dance of Love

Argentine Studios

750 West 57th Street

New York City, New York

Julie was impressed. She could see the way Armand's body was so trim and compact. It was obvious he was in the highest level of fitness. His movements were expressive and so well-controlled. She knew that she was similar but it was from the running and not from dancing.

"I always wanted to learn how to tango!"

She could not believe that she had just said that. Her foot was definitely in her mouth now.

"I will give you my full attention if you can come to me before 5:00 PM on any weekday. After that it gets hectic, and I must attend to the pupils and their needs."

They talked quietly until the airplane was safely on its way. Julie made a date to see Armand at the studio tomorrow in the early afternoon. Then, he told her that he would "take a little siesta" and promptly dozed off beside her. She sat there only inches from him. Their legs were touching. She felt heat down in her very core. If her panties were on, they would probably be soaked by now. It was strange for her to feel this level of attraction. Generally, she just let one of her many suitors have his way with her when she felt an overwhelming need to express her sexuality. Then, she gradually disengaged from them until they ceased to pester her.

Lining up to exit the airplane, Armand smiled and reminded Julie that their date would be at 2:00 in the afternoon. He told her he would be heartbroken if she did not come.

Julie promised to be there.

She watched him as he walked away to the baggage area. His buttocks were so well-muscled and his step was a dance in itself. The image stayed with her all the way into Manhattan and her safe little hideaway in the Village.

Part II

Julie was stretched out on the comfortable couch gently stroking her pussy. Her little Blackie was purring like a Rolls-Royce engine. She was all relaxed now after the long soak in the bubble bath and the scented candles to ease her aching muscles. The last run around Arlington Cemetery was a real push to get her in shape for the upcoming marathon.

Her little apartment in the village was just right for her. She seldom ever brought a man into her sanctuary because she felt it was more of her own personal female environment. Julie had several of her women friends from the village over for wine and cheese parties. Her attitude toward men was shaped by her unfortunate 8 year relationship with a man that used her in every way a man could use a woman. She did not deserve to be dumped like a used condom, when he decided to move on.

In the decade after that, Julie had very satisfying sex with a number of men, mostly younger than her, in New York and Washington, DC. She worked in DC from Tuesday to Thursday and spent the rest of the week in her home in the village. In recent years, Julie had close friendships with a number of bisexual or lesbian women who lived near her in the village. It had happened more out of loneliness than design. These friendships had some very satisfying benefits from a physical point of view. She liked the fact that none of her female friends made any demands on her. They seemed happy just to be with her in her little hideaway and share her fun in life without expectations.

Recently, most of the men Julie dated lived in DC. With a few exceptions, they were military types with a macho outlook. She liked the direct approach most of them used in getting laid. It was so much simpler to just do it and get it over with, rather than beat around the bush with hints and little ploys to get her into bed.

Absentmindedly, she reached down into her oversized handbag and took out the rolled up ball of her blue silk panties. She smiled in derision at her confusion when her blue panties slid down from her slimmed down hips. The mortified look on her face, seeing the panties tangled around her ankles, on the redeye flight from DC. Julie also extracted the small card that Armand had given her with the address of his dance studio. Her hand fell between her legs and she closed her eyes. She remembered the view of his compact ass, walking away from her down the aisle. She pictured those muscular legs pumping hard into her bottom. Julie could see herself looking up into his eyes, covered by him in a doggy style position.

Julie loved being humped hard from the rear in a doggy position.

It was her favorite way to have sex with a man.

She liked it when the man would slap her slender ass cheeks and tell her to bring it back to him.

It made her feel wanted and used and forced to do something dirty for her sex partner. Just the thought of that kind of surrender made her pulse race. She began to rub her buried clit vigorously trying to release her frustration at not having either a man or a woman to take care of her need right at this very moment.

In all those years with David, he never had mounted her like that.

Maybe that is why she liked it the most, something that David never did. At one point she started to time him. He always had his ejaculation at between 80 seconds and 100 seconds. Not once was he quicker or slower.

She tried to hurry up her orgasm to match his release, but there was no way she could do it that fast. Diplomatically, she tried several times suggesting that a little foreplay might, "warm her up"; but he laughed it off and accused her of not appreciating his efforts.

She found that a lot of the men she bedded stroked into her vagina for much longer than she needed for an orgasm. Sometimes she even had multiple orgasms, before they spurted out their creamy presents for her. As for her female lovers, they were always considerate in bringing her to a climax with each encounter.

It never seemed to be a problem with a female bed partner.

A knock on the door broke her out of her reverie.

Looking through the peep hole, she saw it was Kylie, the daughter of her landlady. She tightened the bathrobe around her and opened the door for the pretty young College coed.

"Hello, Kylie. Thank you so much for taking care of Blackie for me when I was away."

"No problem, Mrs. Ski. (Kylie had a habit of calling her that, because she couldn't correctly pronounce her name.) I was wondering if I could hit you up for a ciggy."

Julie had given up on smoking a long time ago, but always had some available for her visiting friends. She had the side benefit of second hand smoke with its nostalgic reminders. The young girl sat down on the couch and took a long drag like she was an alcoholic sucking down a furtive out-of-sight shot of booze.

Kylie was dressed in a baby doll outfit that left nothing to the imagination. She had a pair of breasts that looked out of place on a 20 year old girl. Julie found herself staring at them in a most non-motherly manner. Julie blushed as she realized Kylie was aware of her focal point.

"How is school, Kylie?

"Kind of a drag, I gotta tell you. The guys there are always hitting on me and feeling me up and stuff. I feel like a piece of meat sometimes."

Julie remembered her school days. She would have jumped for joy if some of the boys had pestered her like that. It was hard for her to get a date because she wore glasses and keep her head buried in a book all the time. Also, she had almost no breast development at that age to entice boys to notice her. But she nodded her head in empathy and held Kylie's hand and patted it.

Kylie moved closer to Julie on the couch and she laid her head on Julie's shoulder like a little kitten waiting to be petted. Slowly, unable to resist her impulses, Julie reached out and tenderly stroked Kylie's hair. She found herself telling the pretty, well-stacked, young girl that she should not let such minor things upset her.

Kylie looked up into Julie's eyes with a hint of unbridled adoration.

"Mrs. Ski ... I want you to touch me nice, like you do the other girls. I will be a good girl for you, Mrs. Ski; you know I always do what you tell me to do. Here, feel my heart, it is beating so fast when I am near you."

Kylie took Julie's hand and placed it on her bare breast, just under the baby doll top. Julie could feel the nipple emerging out in a hard little button wanting to be sucked and licked. Unable to stop herself, Julie bent down and took the breast into her mouth and softly flicked the nipple with her wet tongue.

"Ohhh. Mrs. Ski ... I love that! Don't stop! Nibble me nice."

Julie felt Kylie's hand cradle the back of her head and pull her closer into her chest. Then Kylie's other hand reached under her bathrobe and moved swiftly to hold her vagina in her palm. The heat from Kylie's fingers made Julie pant in anticipation. She opened her legs wide and gave Kylie full access to all of her goodies. Her mouth never left the sucking of Kylie's proud and aroused breast.

Kylie's hand was working hard on her vagina, probing deep and rubbing her buried clitoris with youthful enthusiasm. Julie leaned in close to the young girl and whispered in her ear,

"I am so clean down there, little Kylie, I just came out of a long soak in the bath and I have a special scent applied to my vagina. Would you like to taste me?"

Kylie quickly hopped off the couch without hesitation and immediately buried her head deep between Julie's legs. The sound of her slurping was music to Julie's ears. Julie opened her slender legs as wide as she could so the pretty girl could get her tongue deeper into her vagina. Some of the juices were starting to leak backwards to her hidden anus and Kylie moved down to scoop the drops up into her thirsty mouth. Julie felt her legs quiver with uncontrolled emotion as she tenderly held the young girl's head with her gentle hands. Her ass cheeks began to tremble and she closed her eyes and imagined it was Armand's tongue laving her with such abandon.

Julie was whimpering now.

She couldn't help herself.

She didn't care.

Kylie's probing tongue had taken her to the very brink of total and complete release. She held her fingers intertwined in Kylie's long dark hair and let her pelvis hump wantonly into the adoring girl's face. Her convulsions were accompanied with a fine spray of liquid released from her vagina. Her orgasm was one of her most memorable. She pulled Kylie up to her own mouth and they kissed like high school sweethearts out on their first date. Their tongues were as one and their heartbeats were in perfect tune.

Julie made hot chocolate for herself, for Kylie, and even for Kylie's mom. She told Kylie to take the cups brimming with a whitecap of whipped cream back to her mom in case she wanted know why she was gone so long. Julie knew that hot chocolate was a weakness of Kylie's mom and that she would be too busy drinking it down to be suspicious of anything out of order.

Kylie's nose was already wet with whipped cream as she exited the apartment. She couldn't resist a little taste even before she got back home.

Julie slowly sipped her hot chocolate, her inner core satisfied with the quivering orgasm just experienced a few short moments ago. She flicked on the laptop on her table and looked with interest at the many pictures of couples doing the intricate steps of the Tango. It was so fluid, so beautiful, she was certain she would never be able to master the finer points of this dance of love.

Just as she closed her eyes, an image of Armand leaning over her made her reach out and stroke Blackie's soft black fur. She fell into a deep sleep with her hand on Blackie's head. Blackie never moved a muscle, content to have it so.

Part III

Julie finished her careful shaving of errant little hairs on her almost hairless vaginal lips and pubic mound. She had been very circumspect in this ritual ever since the breakup with David a decade before. The very fact, he always told her how much her bushy cunt excited him, was enough to insure she would never sport a rug between her legs ever again.

Last night was a little hazy.

That was probably fortunate.

She remembered the landlady's daughter and copious amounts of hot chocolate. A flash of the young girl's naked bottom struck into her memory and she smiled into the mirror. So, little Kylie had a crush on her. Julie felt her vagina tingle at the thought of the pretty girl's tongue working so diligently between her legs.

Today was a new day and she was going to meet Armand at his studio. He had promised her a complimentary Tango lesson, just the two of them together. She had been spurred into the flurry of activity to clean, shave, cut and primp her well exercised and vibrant body by the thought of Armand's inspiringly tight and muscular buttocks. She paused for a moment to visualize his long, lean legs spreading her slender runner's legs wide apart to insert his huge cock.

Julie liked to picture the men in her daydreams with huge cocks. She had to admit, it was not the length, but the firmness and the enthusiasm of execution that made a cock really memorable.

At 5' feet 6" inches, and a scant 106, Julie felt she was in the best shape of her entire 39 years. She pulled on the frilly silken thong over her perfumed pussy and spotlessly immaculate, tiny little anus. Just to be cautious, she had lubricated the rectal entrance with a long lasting lubricant in case she had to unexpectedly take in a sudden visitor.

Her left ankle still bothered her slightly after the hard morning workout. She had examined it closely, and determined it was quite minor and not anything except a short term stress that would disappear in 24 hours. Julie was acutely aware that it was another signal that her maturing body was not as quick to rebound from the excess of exertion needed to prepare for a long distance race. The burn in her gluts was delightful. She could feel every muscle contracting and tightening up with each little step she took.

Julie looked over her shoulder into the full length mirror. The molded skirt showed her pared down bottom in a most attractive manner. She could actually see the concave muscle tone of each ass cheek as she turned first left and then right. There was not even a hint of any "junk in the trunk" of Ms. Julie Goodlay. Her breasts were neatly ensconced inside her delicate non-bra running bra that she liked to wear for activities of any category. She figured that dancing qualified as an activity that fit the description.

The last item was her special 4" heels that she liked for those outings that required some degree of coordinated movement on her feet. She always saved the 6" ones for those outings that would result in certain activities in the horizontal position.

Yes, the 6" variety meant almost surefire certainty of getting laid.

Julie was ready for the trip to Armand Augustino's Dance Studio on 57th Street.

When she disembarked from the cab in front of the studio, Julie was positive she was in the right spot because of the huge 10' neon sign that showed the outline of a couple melting into each other in a Tango dance step. The very wide staircase going up to the studio was empty except for a young couple arguing heatedly about which of them made the mistake in a just finished routine. They never gave Julie a glance, as they both emphasized their respective positions, with much movement of their hands and arms.

Just inside the glass doors, Julie saw Armand sitting on the edge of a desk. He was watching a couple on the dance floor. It was an odd combination of a very young attractive girl and a man well past middle age. She noticed that the girl was trying to show the man a difficult turning maneuver. She could also see that the man was actually a pretty good dancer despite his advanced years and rotund figure.

Armand looked up and saw her and his face broke out in a charming smile. Julie felt her heart go flippity flop and she knew she would do anything this handsome man would ask of her.

"Julie! I am so very glad you have come to my little studio."

Armand took her hand and pulled her in close and kissed her lightly on her cheek. The feathery touch sent a tingle up her spine and she felt her panties get just a little bit damp. The effect of this hard muscled man on her inner core changed her. Her normally calm, cool and collected emotional response system melted into a jumble of hungry yearning deep inside her suddenly wet vagina. Her sensitive nipples awoke with a hardness and a sense of heightened desire to be pulled, licked, sucked, pinched and twisted until she exploded in a mindless and uncontrollable orgasm.

Julie was panting with sexual desire.

Anyone within 20' could see, and even smell the heat of her hidden need to be immediately fucked and fucked very hard.

"I just couldn't pass up a chance to get a free lesson. I wanted to also to thank you for rescuing me from a very embarrassing situation."

Julie was referring to Armand's untangling her from her twisted blue panties.

They had fallen in an effort to place her carryon bag in the overhead compartment on the Washington DC to New York red eye express. She listened intently as Armand explained some of the history and the cultural background of Argentinean Tango. She had really never been aware that there were other styles of the dance known as the Tango.

Armand took her hand and led her down the corridor.

"Come with me to my private dance room. It is where I do all the private lessons for students who want to learn more quickly."

Julie followed Armand into a fairly large sound proofed studio with a well-worn wooden floor and an expensive looking stereo system for dance music audio effect. There were dozens of different Tango routines stacked on the shelves. Armand removed his jacket and his tie and put on a black leather vest that showed off his trim waist and muscular legs to perfection. She stood awkwardly as she waited for his instructions. Nervously, she rolled her silky tendrils of hair falling just in front of her ear.

"Stand right here, Julie!"

Armand held her hand out to the side and he cupped her runner's back with his strong, sinewy hand.

He motioned to her to lift her chin up high and she felt herself swept up into the beat of the Tango. They glided effortlessly across the dance studio floor in unison with the pulsating music. At one point, Armand turned her in a small tight circle and bent her back until her hair almost reached the floor itself. She felt her pubic mound stretch and protrude like a fighter throwing a jab to distract the opponent.

In a few short minutes, she found that she was almost breathless from the concentrated tension of holding her body in a perpetual pose of seductive engagement.

Armand tightened his grip on her slender body. He leaned in close and whispered softly,

"Julie, we must be as one body. You will melt into me now and we will be the one dancer!"

He pulled her hard into his groin and she could feel the heat of his passion pressing into her swollen pussy.

Each little movement meant that his cock rubbed hard against her womanhood with determined forcefulness. The combination of his hand in the small of her back and the heated cock on her pussy guided her in the new and unfamiliar Tango steps. She was able to perform flawlessly as she followed every little lead from the handsome and sexy dance instructor.

The hour flew by unnoticed and she was surprised to discover their first Tango lesson was over.

Julie's heart was beating fast. She felt the tingle in her pussy and the quiver in her tiny anus that warned her of the proximity of her orgasmic release. She feared that she would be caught up in a revealing convulsion right here on the dance floor.

She followed Armand back down the corridor to a door that was labeled with a sign proclaiming it to be:


The office was a bit messy but had nice furniture and stacks of dance instruction books and brochures. Without a word, Armand swept a goodly number of the booklets to one side and lifted her to the top of the desk.

Julie perched on the edge of the desk with her ass cheek curves just hanging slightly off the side of the desk.

She was panting with desire!

Armand spread her legs wide and she felt the cool air of the air conditioning unit blow soothingly into her overheated pussy. He hooked his fingers into the cords of her tiny thong and pulled them down and over her black leather high heels. She saw them in his hand like a trophy from a hunted animal.

Julie watched as Armand brought the thong up to his nostrils and inhaled her sweet scent.

Suddenly, her pussy lips were brimming with liquids from inside her flowing down the inside of her legs. The somewhat sticky drops ran back into her ass crack and she felt the wetness cover her tender little anus. She spread her legs even wider and pushed her bare vagina up higher so Armand could place his long and thick shaft right on her entrance way.

The touch of his beautiful cock on her dripping lips was a signal for her to begin humping like a frenzied animal. His cock slid in so easily that it seemed like they were old lovers and not first time sexual partners.

Armand drove his cock deep into Julie's vagina. He fingered her clitoris with knowing fingers. Soon, he forced her to thresh about on the desk top like a woman possessed.

She was, indeed, possessed. Possessed with an uncontrollable urge to take Armand's cock ever deeper into her pussy and feel the flood of his cum on her inner wall. Julie felt a creamy infusion of love's sweet offerings filling her inner core.

Julie's ass cheeks were slapping hard against the desk top. It was a delicious sense of pleasure, almost like a sexual spanking on her slender little ass cheeks totally devoid of any body fat.

At that very instant, the door was cracked open and the young female dance instructress stuck her head inside.

"Hey, boss, I am going to take off now. I got 2 hours of private tutoring set for tonight. Oh! geez! ... Excuse me, Mr. Augustino, I didn't know you was busy. Sorry!"

Armand never missed a beat. His cock was drilling deep inside Julie and she was happy he continued without interruption.

Her face was becoming visibly redder and her breath was sharp and ragged. Julie looked up into Armand's eyes and sighed in total bliss.

"Oh, Armand. You are gonna make me take it all in. In deep. So very deep. Make me do it, Armand. Yes, like that! Make me do it."

Julie heard herself squeal like a silly schoolgirl as Armand's creamy flood gushed into her vagina. She clutched his sweet cock and milked him shamelessly for every last drop.

She slowly came back to reality and was startled to see her high heels and ankles at the side of her head. It was her own hands holding them there so Armand could get just a little bit deeper inside of her. For some reason, her sphincter muscle was contracting and opening and Armand's still semi-erect cock was planted deep in her pussy. Julie wondered if he might fancy a shot at her tight little back door while he had her in this position.

Armand must have read her mind, because in the next instant, he pulled out of her wet and dripping pussy and plunged deep into her rectum with no warning and no foreplay. He must have realized that she was ready for his anal insertion and wanted it all the way up her ass hole. He looked down into her eyes and he could see the pleasure his quick entry had caused her. He grabbed the top of her pretty head with both hands and pushed her head lower and at the same time pulled her ass up high and a bit

down tighter into his cock as he drove up into her tight little rectal channel. The meaty slap of Julie's ass cheeks into his muscular legs sounded like the beat of sensuous music. The sound pushed Armand past the point of no return and soon his sticky cum flooded Julie's little rectum. He groaned his pleasure and pulled out of her ass slowly. The exit caused a little gushing of sticky cum to escape out of Julie's anus and dribble down her legs.

They both got back to normal and Armand held her in his arms and kissed her face and her mouth. She opened her mouth and allowed him to ravage her mouth and tongue. She accepted his explorations in complete submission and was happy to give him pleasure.

It was in this position that Julie first met Armand's Mother.

Consuela Dominique Augustino swept through the office door as if it did not even exist. Her wise eyes took in the disarray of the small office and her well trained sense of smell immediately spotted the scent of pussy. The scent of recent sex hung in the air and the smell of freshly sprayed semen unmistakable.

"Armand, you bad boy, who is your new friend?"

Julie could see Armand was a little nervous.

"Mamacita! This is Miss Julie Goodlay. You remember I tell you I met her on the airplane."

Turning to Julie, he added,

"Julie, this is my Mother. Consuela."

His Mother's name rolled off his lips like lava flowing downhill.

Julie felt Consuela's eyes devour her like a chicken hawk studying its prey. A little shiver ran up her back. Armand's mother scared her just a little bit.

"You must bring her to dinner on Friday night. The Senator will be in town and that lovely young doctor that did my knee will be there too."

Armand just shook his head in mute submission and in a flash, Consuela was gone.

Julie gave Armand a final goodbye kiss and was happy as his hand slid down her back and he cupped her tiny buttocks in a firm grasp. She loved his tender and caring touch anywhere on her body. She promised to be on time for their next lesson. Julie knows her lessons would include more than just dancing with this handsome and well-endowed dance instructor.

Julie went down the entrance steps with a bouncy step. The female dance instructress was still standing there waiting to be picked up by an unknown admirer. The pretty and shapely girl gave her a wink to let her know she knew the full extent of her "private dance training".

She was so very happy, that did not bother her in the very least.

Part IV

My cell phone jarred me from my pleasant daydream.

I was sinking into a billowy cloud of rose petals as I danced a sexy tango.

I picked it up quickly to see if it was Armand, my very special dance instructor in the dance of love. No, it was my mom, calling from California. A world 3,000 miles away. Might as well be the other side of the moon.

"Hi, Mom. So good to hear your voice. How is everything at home? Is Daddy feeling any better?"

My Mother talked nonstop for about 5 minutes, not giving me a chance to get a word in edgewise. She must really be isolated if her level of need for conversation is so high. I finally was able to give some feedback when she asked me if I had met anyone new.

"Yes, Mom. I met a nice gentleman on the airplane. He is from Argentina and he owns his own business her in New York."

For the next few minutes, I received a lecture on the dangers of taking up with foreigners. I also received a reminder about safe sex. I thought that was amusing as I would be 40 years old in a few short months.

"No, Mom. You know I am always careful. Yes, I am eating sensibly. Yes, I got the vitamins you mailed to me. Mom, this place is very safe! I have two locks on the door and all my neighbors are always looking out for each other."

I purposely omitted the visits from the landlady's daughter, Kylie, a sweet young thing with a tongue that drove me absolutely wild. I also did not mention my friendly wine parties with a couple of the buildings female tenants with an affinity for female pursuits. I blush when I think of how compliant I become after a few glasses of fine red wine.

My Mom was satisfied that her daughter was safe and sound in the jungles of New York and retreated once more into the web of suburbia. It was an existence of card parties, cook-outs, and visits from offspring closer to home.

I poured myself a glass of merlot and settled down into my comfortable couch checking my online mail. I had an ongoing conversation with a very horny military type in an unknown location overseas. He was insatiable with his need to explore every opening of my body. I particularly liked his repeated visits to my tight little anus with his probing tongue. I read his dirty words with enthusiasm and vigorously rubbed my throbbing clit as hard as I could to get off before I finished his letter.

Mission accomplished!

I wiped my legs with a tissue. Then, I started a reply certain to cause a similar result on the other end. My tongue, his cock, whipped cream and some chocolate syrup came together for a sweet dessert that exploded in my mouth with a sticky wad of creamy cum dribbling down my chin.

The fact was that my clit was still pulsating after I finished my letter.

My thoughts wandered back to Armand and the dance studio. I could feel his strong body holding me down on the desk and making me take every last inch of his beautiful cock deep inside me. The thought alone started me to leak again. I spied a small wet spot on my white cotton panties.

A low knock on the door made me peer through the peep hole. I smiled at the sight of little Kylie looking over her shoulder, down the hallway. She looked nervous, so I opened the door quickly and pulled her inside.

"Kylie, what are you doing out this late. Does your mother know you are down here?"

She looked up at me with her beautiful doe like eyes and said,

"Julie! I just had to talk to you. I missed you so bad. Please don't be mad at me. I want to be a good girl for you. Please let me be a good girl for you. I will be very, very good. I promise."

Kylie sank to her knees in front of me and pushed her delightful face right into my pussy and started to lick my wet spot with her strong little tongue. I opened my legs slightly and held the back of her head with both hands. It was so very exciting; I had to hump her face with a very dirty intent to cum through my panties and into her lovely mouth. I pressed my legs against her ears and humped her like I used to hump my pillow when I was a little girl.

I could feel Kylie's hand slide up the back of my legs and clutch my tight little ass cheeks. I fucked her sweet face and had an orgasm so strong that my moans of pleasure woke every alley cat in the street below. I fell back onto the couch totally spent and dripping with my own juices and Kylies saliva mixed in.

Kylie got on top of me and began to kiss my face and mouth.

I was like putty in her hands.

I obliged her every demand.

When she went into my mouth with her tongue, I opened up to her and gave her access to every part of me. She looked me in the eye and slowly let her spittle run down into my open mouth. It was so erotic, my pussy lips began to throb again and I knew I needed more. Her two hands were cupping my breasts and she twisted my nipples cruelly.

I loved it.

She pinched them and they stood out like little buttons waiting to be licked. Kylie then pushed my legs wide open and my vagina was hers for the taking. Her hard, young body slammed down hard onto my pubic mound and it felt like a man dry humping my soaking wet pussy. I moved my hands to her ass and felt her plump ass cheeks tightening up as she screwed herself into my pussy. I wrapped my muscular legs around her soft sweet hips and beat the bottom of my heels into her round and fully curved ass. I spanked her hard with my heels and took everything she gave me until I exploded in a gyrating, frantic orgasm under complete control of my beautiful little man-girl.

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