Women's House of Detention

by harry lime

Copyright© 2011 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: A trumped up murder charge and a life sentence makes her stay at the Women's House of Detention a life-changing experience. She makes a lot of new friends and learns some new tricks. She thought she knew it all but when she realized that was not the case, she became a very quick learner.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   NonConsensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   FemaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Light Bond   Humiliation   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Squirting   Exhibitionism   Violent   .

The voice rang out sharply in her ears.

"We, the jury, find the defendant guilty on all charges. So say we one, so say we all."

Heidi was stunned!

She was innocent. Well, maybe not completely innocent.

Yet, she didn't kill anyone. She was not a murderer.

Sure, some jewelry might have wound up in her purse. Maybe a few checks had been forged.

But, come on, Murder!

She looked at the twelve jurors. They did not look back.

How could they have believed that slutty bitch of a prosecutor?

She spent so much time parading her ass up and down the jury box; all the male jurors must have visual imprints of her ass in their brain. The way she stroked their egos and showed them she was on their side in this terrible situation was laughable.

But, they must have eaten it up.

Her own lawyer seemed so accepting of the verdict. He swigged down his diet cola and patted her arm.

Heidi pulled her arm away in disgust. Appointed by the court to defend her, he spent most of his time making boring statements. He never asked questions, even when she prodded him to do something in the face of blatant lies.

It was always, "Not now, my dear."

Once, Heidi had caught the sultry bitch of a prosecutor looking at her in bemused pity. Right then, she knew her goose was cooked.

Yes, she was in Veronica's apartment the night of the murder.

Yes, she did steal the money, the jewels, and the checks.

Yes, she did have an intimate relationship with the deceased.

Yes, she did have a history of violence. But only to defend herself on the sometimes mean streets.

Yes, they were her handcuffs and she did strike the victim with her hands repeatedly.

But, and a very big BUT--She did not push the victim, Mrs. Veronica Truman, over the balcony railing.

Nobody believed her. Not the jurors, not the judge, not even her own lawyer.

She should have seen this coming. Now, it was just far too late to do anything about.

The judge told the jury that he would pronounce sentence immediately to save the taxpayers unnecessary expense for a later hearing. The court system was far too overworked for such luxury.

They all smiled back like little children being told, "You've all done very well".

The judge cleared his throat,

"Being found guilty by a jury of your peers to the charge of Murder in the Second Degree, it is the sentence of this court that you be taken forthwith to the Women's House of Detention and you are to serve no less than 20 years to pay for your crime. Do you have anything to say, young lady?"

Heidi was silent.

She knew that nothing she could say would change either the verdict or the sentence. Her lawyer seemed anxious to get to another appointment. She wished she could strangle the old drunk right here and at least be guilty of murdering someone.

She thought the chains on her ankles and wrists were a bit excessive. With 4 armed guards, where was she going to go?

Besides, she was too busy feeling sorry for herself to be concerned with plans for an escape.

The girl sitting across from her inside the armored van looked at her with amusement.

"Got you for murder, did they?"

Unable to stop herself, Heidi blurted out, "I didn't do it. I swear I didn't do it."

"My name is Sam. Short for Samantha. Heidi, baby, you must know that is what everyone says. The House of Detention is filled with innocent women."

Her laughter made Heidi realize this was not some dream. Not a cruel joke at her expense.

It was reality.

She was going to prison for the next 20 years. My God, she thought, "I will be 45 when I get out."

Heidi's tears made Sam reach out to hold her hand.

"Just remember two things, little girl. Don't accept anything from any of the other women, unless you want to be their bitch for the next 20 years. Most important, when the warden tells you to do something, no matter how bad it sounds to you, just smile and hop to it. She is the one who can cut some time off of your sentence."

Heidi brushed back a tear from the corner of her eye.

"What did you do, Sam?"

"They got me for murder just like you, only in my case, I am guilty as hell.

My jerk husband was boozing and beating on me, until I couldn't take it anymore. So I decided to send him to hell before he could do the same to me. I got murder one because of being premeditated and all. I will still be in the House of Detention when you get out, girl."

The processing was efficient and moved so fast that Heidi was confused half the time.

They all had to take showers and get quick medical exams before joining the general population. Heidi was embarrassed at being stark naked in a room with 10 other women. She was glad Sam was there to look out for her.

She dried Heidi's back for her with the rough prison towel. Heidi almost groaned at the touch of her hands on her body. Heidi was always a little ashamed of her attraction to women.

Her Daddy had spanked the hardest she had ever been spanked when he caught her on top of her best friend Trudi at her 16th birthday party. Trudi had recently turned 16 also and they wanted to celebrate by rubbing each other to an orgasm in a real bed.

She really didn't mind because her orgasm had flowered just before she got caught. The spanking was delicious to her with her clitoris throbbing inside her panties.

Her Father never suspected his hand sent her into another and even more satisfying orgasm over his knee.

They shuffled into a long, narrow room. All the women being processed were instructed to line up behind the railing. The railing was about pussy high and was padded with a leather cover. They were all told to bend over the rail and grab their ankles.

Heidi did it without any difficulty. She was a little concerned that her ass crack and pussy slit were now wide open and sticking up in the air for all to see and for anything to be done to her. She hoped this was really a medical exam and not some kind of kinky initiation for new prisoners.

She was relieved to see a doctor and a nurse assistant start down the line. They were checking the new arrivals for both vaginal and anal problems. The nurse was taking a photograph of each woman's private areas and explained it was for documentation of condition upon arrival. The doctor was changing gloves after each exam. Heidi thought that was a good thing because his fingers were sliding deep into each woman's pussy and anus for a full vaginal and rectal exam. His manual manipulations inside the female's pussies and asses caused several of them to gasp and giggle. The nurse held their hips steady so the doctor could "make his rounds" inside each and every hole.

When they got to Heidi, the nurse commented,

"Oh, Nicky, this one is really luscious. Look at those pussy lips. They are so puffy and cute. She has an unbelievably tight little pucker hole. When I touch it, it just quivers so nicely."

The doctor didn't reply. His long, strong fingers were already deep in her vagina. He knew her geography inside out in seconds. When one of his fingers hit her G-Spot, Heidi squirted and grunted uncontrollably. The nurse patted her ass cheeks to calm her down. Heidi was panting in full heat when the doctor entered her rectum with his fingers. The touch set her into a silent orgasm that shook the railing and made all the other women look at her in amazement. Some looked with amusement, others with envy, and none with pity.

Heidi's face was beet red in embarrassment. The doctor looked at her and did not smile. Heidi put her head down in shame. She knew she was a bad girl to like being used like that. She knew she needed it all the time. Now, in prison, it was unlikely she would be satisfied ever again. Both she and Sam were assigned to a 4 bed cell that had one other occupant. Her name was Lucia. Lucia was a very brown Latina girl with huge breasts and even bigger bottom. Sam and Lucia seemed to hit it off real good. Heidi was not surprised to see Sam slip over into Lucia's bed right after the lights went out. The muffled noises she heard as she drifted off to sleep made her smile. She had to admit, she was a little bit jealous as well.

Daylight had not made it to the window the next morning, yet Heidi heard a deep man's voice over the loudspeaker,

"Rise and shine, ladies, rise and shine. Shake those nighttime blues away. We got some exercises to do before breakfast. Move it!"

Heidi looked quizzically at Lucia. Lucia shrugged and filled her in.

"The warden is hot to trot over physical exercise. She wants to make sure we all stay busy and active all the time. Supposed to be a good way to prevent trouble from starting."

There were almost 300 women in the exercise yard.

The girl in front of Heidi was tall and very, very blond. When she bent over to touch her toes, her little cheeks stuck out the bottom of her exercise shorts. Sam was directly behind her and she wondered if Sam was looking at her ass as hard as she was checking out the little Blondie in front of her. When it came time to do sit-ups, Heidi found herself paired with the unknown young blond inmate. The girl was sweating profusely now. Heidi wrapped her legs around the sweaty ankles and gripped the blond girl's calves securely.

"Goodness! You certainly do know what you are doing. Are you new?"

Heidi smiled at the beautiful face and the oh so very, big, lovely, blue eyes.

"I am Heidi Langton. I got sentenced here for 20 years. Just got in last night. And you are?"

"Oh, where are my manners? My name is Priscilla, Priscilla Pussington. Everybody calls me Pussy. Don't talk to me too much. Do you see that guard over there? Her name is Matron Bertha. She is very jealous of anyone I talk to. I kind of belong to her, I guess. It's complicated."

Heidi was counting for Priscilla and they were up to 35. Only 25 more to go for the routine. Each time Pussy came up, her pointed breasts rubbed against Heidi's arms. Heidi could feel her juices starting to run at the contact with Pussy's skin. The sweat was rolling off Pussy's legs now and her ass was slamming into the ground each time she did a sit-up. Pussy's open mouth and visible tongue were only inches away from Heidi's lips.

It was sheer torture.

Now it was Heidi's turn.

Pussy used a different technique than Heidi. She pulled Heidi's ankles forward and sat her fantastic sexy ass cheeks right on them. Her sweaty legs encircled Heidi's bare legs and Heidi could feel the tips of shoes pushing into her own ass cheeks. When Heidi came up each time, her face rest for a short instant in the valley between Pussy's breasts. It smelled nice. It tasted nice. Heidi wanted to stay there and rest, but could not break the routine of the push-ups.

When they stood up and, "shook it out", Heidi let her dangling hand rub against the Pussy's ass cheeks, right in the sweaty crack.

Heidi realized Sam didn't miss any of this. She shrugged in Sam's direction as if to say, "Couldn't help it."

Breakfast was a lot better than she anticipated.

Both Heidi and Sam were assigned to the Infirmary for cleaning duties. It was considered a plush job. Thank God she wasn't assigned to the laundry. They said one year down there aged a woman 2 years in her looks and skin texture. No, the Infirmary was a very lucky assignment.

Heidi was on her hands and knees cleaning under the desk when the young doctor came in looking for the blood pressure cuff. Her ass was sticking out and she wiggled it a little bit to let him know she was there and she was working. She saw the doctor look around to see if anyone was looking. No, the office was empty, the hallway was empty.

Just the two of them.

Heidi felt her skirt being pushed up and a pair of strong hands pulled down her cotton briefs issued when she processed in. The touch of the doctor's hands on her pussy slit and even up inside her ass crack.

She put her head down low and pushed her ass up high to give the handsome young doctor better access to her private areas. Heidi heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down. The next thing she felt was the doctor's cock being inserted deep into her tight little pucker hole. She was so tight; it has hard to get in. Heidi breathed through her mouth, relaxed, and pushed back against the beautiful cock pressing against her anus. She opened up and it slid in all the way until the doctor was mounted on her entire backside. Heidi got the most frenzied ass humping she had ever experienced. She could not believe she was being ass fucked by a handsome man in the middle of a woman's prison.

If this was life behind bars, maybe it wasn't so bad, after all.

(Continued in Part II)


Heidi was walking a little funny when they lined up for dinner later that day.

Her tender pucker hole was still dripping some creamy cum. She could feel it slowly seeping through her cotton panties. Showers were only scheduled at 8 PM and not one was allowed in the shower room except at that time. She heard from one of the lifers. A girl had been stuck with a shank made out of a spoon handle in the shower just two weeks ago. The warden was so upset; she wouldn't let any of the girls take showers for almost a week. Finally, the showers had to start back up, because the guards were complaining about the terrible foul smells.

She was sitting across from Sam at the cafeteria table, when two very nasty looking cons with teardrop tattoos sat right next to them. Sam looked at Heidi and shook her head in a negative, telling her to keep her lips zippered up. The heavyset redhead next to her slid her hand into Heidi's lap. The not entirely unattractive redhead was sucking on a tiny tomato as she felt Heidi's private area. She smiled at Heidi, when she felt the wet area of the recent cum leak right in the middle of her pussy lips.

Heidi could tell Sam was getting the same treatment from the other muscular female. The husky woman, in her late 30s, who was busy feeling up Sam, looked really tough. She had to have done a lot of weightlifting to get such an impressive set of muscles.

The redhead next to her now had her hand on her boobs. She was rubbing them and somehow got her fingers inside her work shirt to twist her tiny nipples. Heidi was not at all perturbed by this treatment. Her pussy was so wet now; all she could think of was getting in the horizontal for the redhead. So the muscular redhead could really give it to her good and hard. The atmosphere in the prison had made Heidi a little more submissive than she usually was. She was so passive right now, that she was ready to fall on her back and open up her legs for anyone who wanted to get a piece of her.

The other inmates were smiling at the girl's attentive dinner partners. Heidi figured this was standard procedure for new detainees. A really "hands on" getting to know you welcoming committee. The redhead leaned close and whispered in Heidi's ear,

"I got a nice strap on for you, cum bucket! Are you going to bend over for me in the shower?"

Heidi did not want to create any enemies in this strange and dangerous place. She put her hand on top of the other girl's hand in her lap and stroked it slow and soft. She looked into the girl's eyes and shook her head up and down in submissive assent to the question. The other girl smiled and gave her nipple a wicked twist as she rose to go back to another table.

She gasped at the sudden flash of pain, but was fully aware that the action caused her brimming pussy to spill over in heated anticipation.

Heidi loved to be treated in this manner.

She loved being made to perform for an aggressive male or female partner. It was her favorite form of role play. She enjoyed being tied up and being made to take cocks or fingers or tongues in all her openings and not being able to resist. Heidi often experienced her most memorable orgasms during such moments.

When they headed to the shower, Sam told Heidi to shove the soap bar in and out of her tiny anus as hard as she could. This would lube her up to prevent any damage to her tender tissues from the unknown dildo. In the shower, the redhead guided her to the back stall and put the nasty looking strap on around her hips. Two other girls stood in front of them to prevent the guard from seeing the girl on girl ass sodomy.

The dildo went into her ass with little difficulty thanks to the soap. Once the muscular redhead was mounted on her ass and had her fully impaled, Heidi was subjected to a hard ride and some very rough ass treatment. She totally enjoyed every thrust and every slap on her ass cheeks. The other girls could see she was having a good time. It seemed like they wanted her to be more fearful, more resisting of their use of her body. They were a little upset that she was enjoying the bend over ass fucking so much. No matter how hard they spanked her cherry red ass, Heidi moaned sensuously in a complete rapture from the rough treatment.

Sam could see Heidi did not need her help. She looked enviously at Heidi taking it all and enjoying it immensely.

The muscular redhead told Heidi her name was Jill. She held Heidi's head in her two hands and stared into her eyes.

"You did good, bitch! Yeah, you did real good. You got a sweet ass. Your name is Heidi, right? They call me Charlie. My real name is Charlene. I am gonna let you call me Charlene when we are together, bitch. I am gonna call you bitch. You know why? Because you is my bitch now, little miss sweet ass. You OK with that?"

Heidi shook her head in the affirmative. She was ready to be this very fit and attractive redhead's pussy girl.

Charlene pressed her finger on Heidi's lips. She rubbed across them and then bent forward and kissed Heidi with more passion than most of her asshole boyfriends. The tongue probing her mouth was soft and sweet and made her pussy ache for action. The other girls clapped in appreciation at the spectacle. When a guard looked their way, they all acted like nothing was going on and all was just sweetness and light drying off from a nice shower.

When the lights went off in the cellblock, Sam crept over to Heidi's bed.

"You OK, babe?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, Sam. I didn't mind those girls. They are just so horny after being locked up so long. Thanks for the advice on the soap; I have the cleanest rectum in this place right now. Did that other heavyweight do anything to you?"

"Naw! She was looking at you the whole time. I think you may be making more friends here than you had on the outside."

"Come here, Sam. I want to thank you for helping me and being my friend."

Sam crawled into Heidi's bed and opened her legs wide to accept Heidi's wet tongue into her dripping pussy slit. Heidi licked and teased and even nibbled at Sam's pussy lips until she felt the spurts of pussy juice squirt up into her face. Sam's muffled groans could be heard in the adjoining cells and left no doubt that someone was getting a fantastic pussy eating out experience. Heidi felt Sam tighten her arms around her and she accepted Sam's frenzied kisses all over her face. The older girl now had Heidi in a locked leg embrace and rubbed her bushy pussy against Heidi's hairless pussy slit. The friction on her clitoris made Heidi go into a wild and totally satisfying orgasm. They were both covered with each other's pussy juices and Sam's saliva was dripping from the end of her pointed tongue right into Heidi's wide open mouth.

The sound of the approaching guard made Sam scurry back to her bunk. They blew kisses to each other and the two exhausted girls slipped away into the never-never land of slumber.

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