Kathy's Twenty-fifth Birthday

by WVBoy

Copyright© 2011 by WVBoy

True Sex Story: After giving up on what to give Kathy for her birthday, I ask her what she wants and what a surprise it was when I heard her answer. Although this is a stand alone story, you may want to read "How it all Began" first to set the back ground for this story.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   True Story   Slut Wife   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Things had changed over the last couple of years. I now had a better job and we had a little money to spend on just having fun.

It was early March and that winter chill was still in the air, it was my wife's (Kathy) 25th birthday on Friday and like most men I had no idea what to get her. We had been together ever since we were 16 years old and had been married now for 7 years. Our sex life had been great, we had been the first for each of us and the only sex partner that either of us had ever had. We had talked about other men and couples many times during our hot sex, role playing, etc, but I had never put much thought into such a meeting ever taking place. We had added toys into the mixture and most times when I was using one of Kathy's toys on her; I would talk to her about her enjoying another man's cock. She would get hotter and hotter, to the point that she would start screaming another man's name as she would reach the heights of her orgasm. It would be any man's name at random and never the same name twice.

On Thursday after work I came home and surrendered. I confessed that I had no idea what to get her. I asked if there was something that she really wanted more than anything else.

After a long awkward pause she said, "You have to promise not to laugh or make fun of my wish."

I agreed.

Bowing her head as if she was almost ashamed of what she was going to say, she said, "I want to try sex with another man and that is all I want for my birthday."

I pondered the words that I had dreamed about so many times. It was different actually hearing those words for real, rather than just in a fantasy. I told her I would have to think about it. My mind began to wonder back to that night at Betty's house three years ago and how turned on she got by just being naked in front of someone else.

Later that night, after the wildest sex we had ever had, I told her that I really had no problem with her request, although I would want to be there just in case something would go wrong. She agreed and we started making plans for Friday night.

After what seemed like a month, Friday finally arrived. It was hard to concentrate at work all day Friday, just thinking about Kathy's request and all the things that could happen made time stand still. Finally the never ending day came to a grinding end. All the way home I kept thinking about her with another man and was so turned on that I could hardly walk when I got out of the car. When I opened the front door to our house, Kathy was standing there with the suitcase in her hand and asked me, "Are you sure about this? You can still change your mind."

I said, "Yes, I want to give you what you want."

She threw her arms around my neck and said, "Thank you, let's get started before I chicken out." With that we got in the car to take a trip to another city about 75 miles away to protect our identity.

When we arrived, we rented a motel room and started to clean up for the evening ahead. Kathy told me to go ahead and get ready and then she would do the same, but I was not allowed to look until she said that I could. When it came her turn she took a bag into the bathroom with her, giving me no hint of what she had planned. It seemed like an hour before she came out of the bathroom and told me she was ready. Here she stood all four foot ten inches of her with a body to die for, even after having three children, she had still managed to retain her slim figure. Here she stood dressed in a low cut white top and a mini skirt so short that it just barely covered the important parts. I had never seen her dress in this way; this was the woman that not long ago had considered anything above the knees as too risky. I had to whistle.

Kathy said, "Whistling is all you can do for now, but later there will be lots of fun for us."

It was now about 9:00 and we drove to a good looking club that we had spotted on the way to the motel, it was only about a five minute drive from the motel. When we went in, we found that it was a theme club and the theme there was the 30's. The club was in build in the shape of a "T" shape, with a long bar along the top of the "T" and the rest of the "T" was a long room filled with tables and booths. We found a table in the back of the room, farthest away from the bar; it was a circular table with a one piece seat going along the back half of the table and two chairs on the opposite side. The club had several couples and a lot of single young men. After having a couple of drinks we decided that our original plan wasn't working, a couple of guys had asked Kathy to dance, but as soon as the dance was over they had brought her back to the table and thanked me for allowing her to dance with them. I then told Kathy that we had to make a change in plans and that I would leave and she could have the table to herself and I would return in about thirty minutes and see if anything had transpired.

After forty minutes of pacing the parking lot I decided it was time to return, as I reached a point where I could see the table I could see that it was now occupied not only by Kathy but also by two young men (I would find out later that their names were Dial and Larry). The two men were sitting to the right side of her. I took a stool at the bar and moved myself in such a way that I could watch without being too obvious. I could see that they were laughing and seemed to be having a good time. I decided to check it out a little closer. The whole club was decorated with antiques and with old newspaper pages all along the walls. I got up from my seat and started making my way around the room, only half looking at the displays and half trying to see what was going on at the table. When I reached a point behind her table where I could see what was going without being caught by her friends and it wasn't hard to see that Dial had a hand on Kathy's leg just above the knee. I went back to my stool and within a minute Kathy was walking toward me, she was swinging her ass in such a way making the mini skirt really come alive. Like every other man in the club, I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She was going to the bathroom and she had to pass within a couple feet of me to reach her destination. Outside the bathrooms there was a waiting room decorated like the rest of the club. It was also equipped with a couple of old benches. As soon as she reached that room and out of sight of the table she stopped and motioned me to join her.

As I took her hand it wasn't hard to tell that she was nervous, she was shaking like a leaf. Then she asked, "Are you sure that you are ok with this, once I pass this point there will be no turning back."

And I told her that I was and she then said that she was very nervous and asked if I would wait until she was finished before going back to the bar. In a couple of minutes she came out of the woman's bathroom and put something into my jacket pocket and returned to the table, only this time she had Dial move so she could sit between the two of them. I then returned to the bar and ordered another drink. Placing my hand in my pocket I found what she had put there, it was her already wet panties. Now I realized that here was my wife, sitting between two strangers and now with no panties on, wow, what a turn on. In my mind I could see those strange hands finding their mark, playing with the little tuft of hair that she kept trimmed in the shape of a heart and then on to enter the wet confines of her pussy.

After finishing my drink I made another trip around the room, pretending to be reading news papers. When I again reaching my observation point, I could see very plainly what was happening. They were laughing, but this time each of the young men had a hand on Kathy's leg. When she saw that I was in place so I could watch she reached under the table and took Dial's hand and placed it higher up her leg just under her mini skirt and then did the same with Larry's. I could tell by her changing expression that at least one of the men had found the target. She began to lie back in her seat and spread her legs, and then she motioned me to go back to the bar. As I returned to the bar I watched out of the corner of my eye as she was enjoying herself. After about fifteen minutes, she again made way to the bathroom and signaled for me to follow her again.

As I arrived at the waiting room, I asked, "Are you enjoying your birthday?"

Without saying a word she grabbed my hand and shoved it between her legs, she was so wet that it was running down her legs, again she asked, "are you sure?" I shook my head yes.

She then said, "wait about 15 minutes and then come behind the table again, if all is going according to plans I'll motion for you to join us." With this she let my hand fall and returned across the floor to the table. Along the way she was swaying her ass so much that about every other step here mini skirt would flip up to reveal first one and then the other of her bare ass cheeks, much to the enjoyment of all that were watching.

After about fifteen minutes I started around the room again for the third time, when I reached my observation point, Kathy was leaning back in her seat with her eyes closed and two strange hands under her mini skirt. I stood there for a couple of minutes before clearing my throat so she would open her eyes and tell me what to do. She motioned me to come to the table.

I sat down in one of the chairs and I could tell from the looks that I was getting that both Dial and Larry thought that I was horning in on their territory. I asked Kathy, "Did you find what you wanted for your birthday?" With this she pulled two cocks up to the edge of the table just enough that I could see. I sat there staring at two strange cocks in my Kathy's hands. I told Dial and Larry that we had a room and if they wanted this to continue that they would have to follow us back to the room, they agreed.

In the parking lot it was decided that I would lead and Dial, Larry and Kathy would follow. As I pulled out of the lot, I could see the three of them in the four wheel drive pickup following me with Kathy in the middle. We soon came to the first traffic light which was red and I stopped. Looking in my mirror I could see Kathy disappear first to her left then to her right, it wasn't hard to imagine what was going on. When we arrived at the motel, I parked the car and started up the outside steps to our room to open the door. As I reached the top of the stairs I looked back to where they had parked the truck. I could plainly see Kathy with her head in Dial's lap. After going inside and waiting for a couple of minutes I heard a knock on the door. As soon as the door was shut behind the three of them, Kathy unzipped Dial's pants and took out his cock and started to go down on it again, not just little nibbles but deep throating it. After a little while, she took it out of her mouth and while holding it in her hand repeated the same thing with Larry. Now removing his cock from her mouth, she had one in each hand and crawled across the floor to where I was and unzipped me also, now she had one in each hand and one in her mouth.

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