Indecent Proposal for Molly and Brian

by Tom Land

Copyright© 2011 by Tom Land

Erotica Sex Story: Molly and Brian are a young married couple on a sexy vacation in Las Vegas. They don't realize how sexy until they encounter a rich multi-millionaire named Rod. He is, for sure.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Swinging   .

Molly and her young husband, Brian, had gone to Las Vegas for a long weekend, and while they were there, something very exciting happened in their encounter with a rich man named Rod Pitney that would change their lives forever. Brian and Molly were playing games in the casino when they were at a table with a very rich-looking and distinguished older man, possibly twenty years older than they were. Molly especially noticed that Rod paid a lot of attention to her and on occasion, Molly thought she could see that Rod was trying intently to see down the top of her party dress as he enjoyed eyeing her shapely large breasts and cleavage.

Molly had given birth just a few months earlier to her and Brian's first baby, but she'd worked hard getting rid of the baby weight and was once again in bikini-wearing form. Molly prided herself on her innate ability to attract the attention of older men, more her own father's age than young men the age of Brian. In fact, Molly often "dated" some of her father's friends, and occasionally Molly would entertain his friends at his house and her father would join in the activities. After awhile, Rod moved from where he was sitting across the game table from Molly and he took an open chair right next to her where he could lean over and not only get a much more intimate glance down the top of her dress, but he could also talk to Molly without others, even Brian, hearing what he was saying to her.

When Molly and Brian were finally finished gaming for the evening, they got up and went to cash their chips in before they headed upstairs to their own hotel room. Rod saw them leave and he gathered up his own chips, too, and joined them as they walked over to the cashier.

"What do you two have on your agenda for the rest of this evening?" Rod asked, looking first into Molly's eyes and then into Brian's.

"Not much except to go up to our room and relax," Molly quickly answered as she looked into Rod's eyes and saw an obvious desire burning there that she hadn't been able to pick up on earlier when he was sitting beside her at the table. "We love to let our hair down when we come to Vegas and really enjoy ourselves in every way possible," she continued.

"Maybe I could make the rest of the night worth your while for coming on this trip," Rod said, as he let the subtle intent of his comment soak in for a moment or two before he continued. "Molly, right?" Rod said. "I've definitely noticed you tonight and you've given me a wonderful evening of very lusty and forbidden pleasure already from just seeing your physical beauty and your nicely endowed figure. I'd love to give you something that will hopefully more than justify your spending the rest of this night until 8 a.m. tomorrow alone with me," Rod said.

"Do what?" Molly asked. "You want me to spend the rest of the evening and tonight with you? Doing what?" Molly said.

"What do a mature man and woman normally do, Molly, when they're alone, just the two of them, for an entire night? Read, talk, or enjoy the time together in the most intimate ways possible?"

Rod turned to Brian, "What do you say? Will you let me give you one million dollars to have Molly all to myself until 8 in the morning?"

Molly and Brian really didn't know what to say. They both knew that what they had in mind when they left the gaming table was to go up to the floor their room was on, and eventually get a bath and then spend a couple of hours fucking each other.

"Brian, I want your wife to be mine, all night long, and I promise I will return her to you for the rest of your lives together promptly in the morning. Deal?"

Brian turned and looked into Molly's eyes. At first he didn't say anything and she didn't either. Then, Molly spoke up, "Brian, one million dollars. Do you know what we could do with that kind of money, honey? What do you think? Could you bear to share me with this gentleman for one night for a million bucks?"

Molly tried not to sound too enthusiastic about the indecent proposal Rod had just offered them, and she wanted Brian to be the one to decide "Yes" or "No." Within herself, Molly's heart had jumped in sexual excitement and arousal when Rod not only told them he'd give a million dollars to have her as his own for the night, but her pussy had started to grow wet and her nipples hardened when she realized this older man, actually about her father's age, thought she was sexy enough and wanted her badly enough that he was would give them that much money. Molly wanted to scream out loud, "Yes, yes, yes, Rod, take me now and do with me whatever you want, baby!!!!"

Brian looked into Molly's eyes as he wondered if this offer would affect their relationship and their marriage. Then, he took Molly's right hand and held it over for Rod to take, "Yes, we'll do it. Molly is yours from now until you bring her back to me in the morning."

"Good," Rod replied. "I'll have a cashier's check cut for you tomorrow when Molly returns to your arms, Brian." Molly stood there with Rod as Brian leaned over and kissed Molly on the lips before he turned and walked over to the nearby elevator. When the elevator doors opened and Brian stepped inside, he looked back and saw his beautiful blonde wife standing there holding Rod's hand. He couldn't believe they were doing this but he also knew they would be one million dollars richer tomorrow morning.

When the elevator doors shut closed behind them, Molly turned to Rod and looked into his dark eyes with eager anticipation. What was going to happen now?

"Well, Molly, are you ready to spend the rest of this evening with me?"

"Oh, yes, Rod, more than ready," Molly answered in a voice that she hoped told him that she felt she was getting as good a deal from being his all night as he was in having her all to himself.

Rod motioned for Molly to start with him toward the elevator, and they quickly found themselves alone inside the compartment as the doors shut behind them and they began to ride up to the penthouse floor where he'd booked a large luxurious suite for the entire next 24 hours. Rod reached over for Molly and she quickly moved into his arms, allowing him to reach over and cup her full C-cup breast through her dress. Molly wanted to melt, having this total stranger touch her body was overwhelming. Molly always responded to the approach of a sexy stranger, and Rod fit that description in spades. His hand on her breast made Molly's pussy clench in hot lusty desire and she felt a seeping of wetness in her pussy in response to the strong squeeze of her breast and his fingers flicking across the turgid nipple that was poking against the cup of her bra.

"Mmmmm, yes, oh yes, Rod, feel me up and make me all yours, baby," Molly moaned as she could hardly wait to get to the penthouse so she could show him how much he turned her on and how hot she was for him. Molly was horny and wet beyond belief, and she could hardly wait to get out of her clothes and help Rod get naked so she could begin stroking his hardon and then take his cock and balls in her mouth and give him head until she was rewarded with a big load of his hot thick cum spurting down her throat.

Rod loved Molly's quick response to being bartered away from her own husband to spend the night in the arms of a total stranger. He laughed inwardly, knowing that this was always the way the young wives reacted when he singled one out and then bought her night alone with him. It was so predictable and, of course, waving one million dollars in front of a young couple had an amazing way of opening a sexy wife's thighs as far as he wanted them.

Finally, the elevator door opened to the penthouse and Molly and Rod were alone -- for the entire night. The doors closed behind them, and Molly turned into Rod's arms, giving herself to him completely. Rod wanted to see what Molly would do and he allowed her to take the initiative at that point.

Molly quickly reached down to the front of Rod's pants, cupping her hand over the large bulge of his already fully hard cock inside. The sexy young blonde wife squeezed his hardon firmly, loving the knowledge that from what she could feel, Rod was well endowed in the cock area and she was impatient to see what he had to offer her. Molly unzipped Rod's pants, then undid his belt, and pulled open the top of his pants, quickly exposing the large thickness of his engorged cock as she pulled the top of his pants and briefs down to below his groin.

"Mmmmm," Molly moaned as she wrapped her hand around the thick hard shaft of Rod's large hardon and stroked it up and down as she quickly flicked her tongue across the large tip of his cock, tasting the saltiness of the pre-cum that anticipation had already produced in Rod. He'd been completely hard from the moment he'd taken Molly's hand and entered the elevator to head upstairs for the night. He quickly had pre-cum seeping from the juice hole of his cock whenever he focused on the woman who would be the center of his attentions.

Molly loved to suck cock, and she got especially turned on when she had clear evidence of a man's arousal from the size and thickness of his hardon. Rod's thick hard cock was very sexy and she could hardly wait to wrap her lips around the crown of the big cockhead and begin to suck him off for the first time. Molly was still in her dress, but she didn't care what the dress looked like when she and Rod got finished. That was the least of her worries at that moment. Molly almost wished Rod would lose control, rip her dress off completely, and take her hard and deep right there on the floor where they'd been standing.

Molly quickly had the head of Rod's cock in her mouth as she caressed his balls, and heard him moan when she closed her lips over his cockhead and began to take an inch and then two into her hot mouth. Molly hoped Rod wouldn't be a "quick shot" but she didn't care. She wanted his first load and she eagerly sucked and stroked his hard cock to get it. Rod stood, closing his eyes and allowing Molly to do what she wanted most – to bring him off with her mouth and hands. He'd give you the reward she was seeking – a powerful thick load of his hot cum spurting powerfully down her throat.

Molly took her mouth completely off of Rod's hardon and knelt there in front of him, using her hand to firmly stroke his cockshaft up and down, and her other hand caressed and rubbed his big balls. She looked up into his eyes, and saw clearly the intense arousal her sucking his cock had given him. Molly could tell Rod was enjoying both her sucking his cock and now giving him a sexy handjob. She continued to smoothly stroke his hardon up and down, and then just as she prepared to resume the lusty blowjob she was giving him, Ron took Molly by the hand and led her over to a nearby couch. He quickly reached behind Molly's back, unzipping the fastening of her dress from behind her neck down to where it was completely undone just above the curve of her asscheeks. Then, Ron smoothly grabbed the shoulders of Molly's sexy dress and pulled it down off the front of her body and completely down until the dress was bunched down around her ankles. As Ron uncovered her body as he removed her dress, her naked breasts came into view as they slipped out of the bra cups built into the bodice of her dress and she was left standing naked in front of him except for a very lacy sheer thong that did little to conceal her pussy underneath. In fact, Ron could clearly tell from the wetness of Molly's cunt that had soaked the thong that she was very turned on and she also had a smoothly shaved cunt. Her pussy lips were clearly defined through the soaked material of the thong.

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