How It All Began

by WVBoy

Copyright© 2011 by WVBoy

True Sex Story: Kathy, a shy reserved young lady, comes out of her shell and changes into a wild "Hot Wife", this is how the transformation began.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   True Story   Slut Wife   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   .

As I opened my eyes, I saw my beautiful wife, Kathy, laying next to me naked as the day she was born. As I watch her breasts move up and down with each breath, I think back to the proceeding night and the best sex we have ever had. But first, I need to fill you in on what brought us to this point in our marriage.

Kathy and I married very young, she was 17 and I was 20, we were soul mates for many years before we married. We decided to have two children early so when they grew up we would still be young. We wanted one boy and one girl, but with two girls we decided to try again, sure enough finally a boy.

Kathy stood only 4' 10" tall with a figure to die for. She had eyes that said nothing but sex. A pair of breasts, that even though she had inverted nipples, still stood at attention even after three children.

Kathy came from a very strict family, she always had to wear dresses or skirts, and always at least two inches below the knees. All tops had to be tight around the neck. Never allowed to wear pants or shorts of any kind. Your body was considered dirty and sex could never be mentioned let alone discussed. Now five years after we were married, I still hadn't convince her to make many changes in her dress code. Yes, she was wearing slacks now and shorts, but they were always long shorts, all bathing suits looked like something from the early 1900's. Never showing any cleavage. Even at night, she would undress in the dark or in the bathroom and wear long PJ's to bed. I very seldom every saw her nude and if I did it would be just for a quick glimpse.

Kathy worked part time at a small inn and had met a woman there named Betty. Betty was the opposite of Kathy, tall, long legs and not afraid to show her body, and knew how to move everything in the right way.

To celebrate Kathy's 22th birthday we had managed to save enough to go out for the evening. The kids would stay the evening with Betty and her husband Gene and we would pick them up around 9 pm.

After dropping the kids off, we went to a great club for dinner, after dinner we just sat and talked over a drink. Kathy and drinks did not mix, one and she was loose, two and she was three sheets to the wind. We had one drink and talked for over an hour and decided that we had better head back and pick the kids up, knowing the the fun would continue after getting home and putting the kids to bed for the night.

When arrived at Betty's house, she said that the kids had gotten sleepy and she had put them to bed in a spare room and if we wanted they could just spend the night and we could pick them up in the morning. She invited us in, her and Gene were just sitting in the living room enjoying some music and a drink. Gene asked if we wanted a drink and we both agreed. I warned Kathy that she had already had one drink, but she said it would be OK since we were on the way home.

Betty asked Kathy if we had went dancing and she said no. I don't dance, I have two left feet and each is connected to a broken leg. Gene said he didn't dance either, so all that left was Betty and Kathy. Betty asked Kathy if she wanted to dance and after a little time she agreed. Betty put on a stack of records and her and Kathy started dancing. The stack contained all types of music from the 60's. It wasn't hard to tell that Kathy was getting completely bombed. With every slow song that came on, her and Betty were holding each other closer and closer and the hands were starting to slip down the backs and onto each others asses.

After a another song, fast this time, had ended and both of the girls took a sip of their drinks, the next number to play was "The Stripper". Betty jumped up and started to do the bump and grind. She held out her hand for Kathy to join but she wouldn't do it. Gene and I were cheering Betty on, but she stopped and said that she wasn't going to do this dance unless Kathy joined in. As Kathy emptied her drink, she began to move in place to the beat of the music. Betty started the music again and grabbed Kathy's hand and helped her back to the center of the room. Kathy watched Betty as she was doing the bump and grind and she began to mirror Betty's movies. Betty began to undo the top button on her blouse, but Kathy shook her head no. Gene and I were cheering the two of them on by waving dollar bills in the air.

Without missing a beat, Betty reached over with one hand and began to unbutton the top button on Kathy's blouse. Kathy grabbed her hand but slowly let her grip loosen and she moved her hands from Betty's arm to Betty's top and began to unbutton it slowly. Kathy and Betty kept in time with both the music and each other, as slowly, one button at a time, they continued. Before long all buttons had been opened and you could start to see their bras through the ever widening gap. Betty told Kathy to turn around and face away from Gene and I. With that she removed first Kathy's top and then her own. With their hands covering their bras and breasts slowly they turned in unison back to face us. Gene turned up the music and we began to cheer the girls on even more,. This seemed to light a fire in Kathy that I had never seen before. She began to sway with the music and remove first one hand and then the other.

She reached for the front of Betty's short shorts and slowly opening up the clasp and began to lower the zipper. With the front open we could see that she was wearing a pair of bikini panties. Both girls kicked off their shoes and as Kathy moved behind Betty and as they started swaying in unison she began to pull down the shorts. As they dropped to the floor, Brtty kicked them off. Now the two girls traded places and Betty began to loosen up the button on Kathy's skirt and let it fall to the floor. Here stood Kathy, who would never let anyone see her body, in only a bra and panties, standing in front of almost complete strangers.

The music ran out and the girls each took another sip from their drinks that Gene had kept filled up. No attempt was made by either of the girls to cover up in any way. After sitting for a few minutes and catching their breaths they started the music again and went back to the center of the room. As the music began to pick up tempo, both girls were on the floor trying to out do each other in striking sexy poses. Betty reached behind herself and unhooked her bra and let it drop to the floor exposing a beautiful pair of breasts. Kathy paused and seem to know that the next decision she made would set the pace for the rest of her life. After a few seconds she reached up to her bra and began to unhook each one of the front hooks, slowly and deliberately. She was now down to one hook as she turned to face Betty and made herself available. Betty reached up slowly and unhooked the last hook and slowly removed first one cup and then the second. Slipping the bra off of Kathy's shoulders and letting it fall to the floor and kicked it onto the ever growing pile of clothes. Kathy put up her hands to cover up but Betty took them into her own and moved them down to her side. Slowly she bent forward and kissed the nipple on each of Kathy's breasts.

Hoots and yells were coming from both Gene and myself.

Betty began teasing with her panties, pulling them down a little than back up, pulling each leg open just a little then letting the thin fabric flow back into place. With her panties still on it was hard to tell if she was completely shaven or not, only time would tell. Kathy was hesitant, with the grannie panties that she had on, she seemed embarrassed when compared to Betty's bikini panties. But the drinks were taking over, she began to roll the top down until they now were shorter than even Betty's. Now a competition started. First Betty would slide hers down about half an inch, then turning to Kathy who would do the same thing. After a couple of rounds, Kathy's pubic hair was beginning to show, but nothing on Betty. Inch by inch the panties came down, until with one quick move, Betty dropped hers to the floor. My suspicions were correct, she was fully shaven, with only a small hint of stubble showing. She turned to Kathy to give her center stage, and slowly Kathy began to drop her panties. As they fell to the floor, all eyes were on her. The girls turned toward each other as if to compare bodies. Both were slim and well built and Betty was much taller than Kathy. Betty reached out and touched Kathy's pubic hair, and said that something needs to be done about this. She walked into the bathroom and brought back a razor, some shaving cream and towels. She asked Gene and I if we would move the large chair over to the center of the room.

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