Just a Halloween Dream?

by LJ66

Copyright© 2011 by LJ66

Horror Sex Story: Brigitte a 51y old MILF was raped by an ??. Was it a zombi, a ghost or had she just a nightmare? You never can be sure at Halloween!

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Rape   Heterosexual   Horror   Zombies   Incest   Mother   Son   BDSM   MaleDom   Rough   Sadistic   Torture   White Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Halloween   .

One day before Halloween.

Brigitte a 51 year old blonde mature wife, was decorating her house in the suburbs of Basle for the next day. She had placed different pumpkin heads in her garden, put stickers of vampires and monsters to her windows and knotted a net with a big black spider sitting on to the small roof which covers her entrance door.

She was sitting in her living room, drinking coffee and thinking about her costume for the next day. The still sexy looking mom of a 22 year old boy planed to wear some kind of leather suit with chains around her body and a make up like a zombie.

The front door bell rung, Brigitte awoke from her Halloween day dream and wondered who could come to visit her. Her son, still living at the basement flat was on vacation and her husband would not use the bell. As she opened the door, she cursed her husband for not installing the door viewer she requested long time ago. In front of the door an old man with dirty and worn out cloth was standing. The first thing Brigitte recognized was the strong smell from urine, waste and alcohol.

"Wish you a pleasant afternoon, Ma'am. Would you be so kind and give me a slice of bread and a glass of water and maybe a few cents for a bed at the salvation army?" the old man asked with a mild voice.

"Sorry, but I don't give anything. And I'm sure you'll spend each cent for snaps instead for a bed. Leave my ground." Brigitte replied with an angry tone.

"This is not the Christian education I thought to find begging for help" the poor man tried again.

"I said leave my ground or I'll call the police! Piss off you skunk!" the woman answered.

Brigitte slammed the front door shut and turned back to her living room peeping through the window to be sure the old man left. Sitting down and thinking about her reaction, she had to commit to herself, that she was shocked and anxious from the look of the poor old man, who was in the age of her father. By hindsight she regret her reaction to send the old man away and hoped that he would find a warm hearted neighbor who would help.

At dinner Brigitte and her husband talked about the day. But Brigitte didn't say a word about the poor old man, maybe her husband would be upset about her reaction and she was not in the mood to discuss grace of charity and such things.

After an evening spent in front of the TV, having a glass of vine, Brigitte decided to go to bed early, her husband said he would watch the night movie "Rosemary's baby" and then join her.

Some seconds after midnight Brigitte awoke with a shiver, there was cold air coming from the door. She tried to wake up her husband but he didn't react, the body on the other side of the bed was cold and Brigitte could not see any movement after she shook him. Switching on the light, the bulb exploded with a "BANG". With fear in her eyes the woman stared into the dark, trying to see where the cold breeze came from. Brigitte shocked, in the door frame the poor old man was standing, illuminated by a white cold light, dusk swath surrounded him. Brigitte shook her husband again, screaming as loud as she could. But all she could hear was NOTHING!

The old man came into the room, Brigitte wondered a second about the not naturally way he walked. Then she saw it, his trousers were torn from waist to feed, big pieces of flesh and muscles hanging down. He came closer and the fearful woman saw that from his throat and abdomen pieces of flesh were missing too. It seemed the man was attacked by wild dogs or wolves. But the thing which let Brigitte freeze motionless were his eyes, they were white, completely white, no pupil was visible. The old man was dead, the thing Brigitte saw in her bedroom was a zombie!

The lifeless body reached out with one hand and removed the covers and throw them through the door into the hallway. With a fast move of his other hand, Brigitte couldn't react at all, he grabbed her negligee ripped it from her body and throw it out of the room too. Brigitte was sitting on the bed, frozen from fear and made nothing to cover her big naturally boobs, still fighting the gravity, or her neatly trimmed pussy.

The naked woman heard the command of the death corpse in front of her, but the man didn't move his lips, the voice came out of her head.

"After you sent me away, I walked down the street and was hit from a car. The driver didn't stop and I felt behind a hillock. Nobody could see me, nobody could help me, especially not when two straying dogs grabbed their fangs into my flesh. Now I'm back, came to thank you for your charity this afternoon.

"Stand up" the voice in her head commanded. Brigitte could not resist, she had to obey. Standing naked in front of the zombie, she had to turn around to give him a full view of her body. As she ended the full round she could see that his prick was fully erected. It was the biggest cock she had seen in her life. The corpse commanded her to take the chains which she prepared for her Halloween costume and put them on. Brigitte acted as commanded. She closed the leather belts around her ankles, wrist and neck. Then she hooked the chains into the rings of the leather belts. With the chains the woman was limited now in her moves. The hands could only be raised until her hips and she could only make little steps. Attached to the leather collar a chain could be used as a leash. The zombie touched the paralyzed woman with his cold hands on her tits and fondled her pussy. Brigitte couldn't belief how her body reacted to the treatment of the dead old man, her nipples got hard and her pussy wet. Brigitte was near a climax as the zombie stopped his treatment and took the leash in his hand to guide the woman to the door. With his other hand he touched the feet of Brigittes sleeping husband as they walked by. Her husband opened his eyes and got up from the bed. Brigitte screamed for help but her husband only reacted like a puppet. He passed the zombie with his victim and went to the living room. The zombie and the now sobbing Brigitte followed.

As Brigitte came into the living room, all the lights were switched on, the big table in the middle of the room, cleared and no chair surrounding it. Her husband was standing next to a cupboard and held the old Polaroid instant camera in his hands. After Brigitte was let to the table her husband took the first picture and put the Polaroid on a shelf. Then he helped the zombie to release his wife from the chains, but only to bind her to the table.

Brigitte was lying now spread eagle on the table, her wrists and ankles attached to the appropriate table-leg. She was bound to the longer side of the table. Therefore her head was hanging down, forced from a rope which runs from her feet, under the table to her collar. On the other side her ass and slit were free accessible, caused by the to the max spread legs.

Brigitte felt like it could only be seconds before she would be ripped into two pieces.

Her husband took a whole series of pictures while the zombie was fondling the poor woman again. Brigitte got wet again and her nipples stood fully erected like little rockets ready to lift-off. The zombie began to chew on her nipples and tits, his cold saliva running down her body. Brigitte was terrified and waited for the pain when he would itch out the first piece of her breasts. But the zombie only chewed her nipples and fingered her pussy without hurting her to much. Brigittes husband took one picture after the other and placed them on the shelf.

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