Meating Emily's Mum

by harry lime

Copyright© 2011 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Rod meets Emily on the subway and they become very close in a hurry. Their film date was hot and heavy and a quick under the stairs mouth to cock therapy is interrupted by her Mum. Rod soon discovers whatever Emily can do, her Mum can do it better.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Light Bond   Humiliation   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Public Sex   .

Emily's Mum is ever so hospitable.

The young girl's face was scant inches from Rod's own face in the crowded subway car.

At first, she was relaxed and lost in some unknown place, thinking some random thought of love or a past pleasure.

Rod was surprised to see it change rapidly from sereneness to outraged helplessness. Nothing was apparent on the surface, but he was sure exploring hands were playing a nasty tune on the poor girl's ass. She parted her lips in nervous little trembles of silent protestation. Her eyes looked up into his pleading for rescue from her tormentor.

There was not much Rod could do. It could be anyone of two or three persons to her immediate rear. Causing a scene might prove dangerous to either Rod or to the unidentified young woman being subjected to unwanted attentions to her shapely rear. Rod reached out and taking the girl's hand, he neatly pulled her into his encircling arm. Now her defenseless bum was safely resting against his protective groin. It was an island of peace and quiet in a chaotic scene.

The girl looked up to him. He could see the gratitude in her eyes. He concentrated on fighting down the erection building because of the rubbing motion of his dormant cock against her scantily clad bottom.

"God ... Don't let it get hard now. All that the poor girl needed was another horny guy taking advantage of her."

Clinging to his arm with all her strength, the pretty young thing blurted out,

"I'm Emily ... Em for short ... Ever so grateful, Mr.?"

"Rod, er, Rod Harderson, at your service."

He liked the girl's directness. Not a victim at all. This girl had a lot of spirit. She was someone to take along on the highway of love. Rod felt his erection slowly begin to rise. His battle was one-sided and nature would win out again. The girl looked up at him and smiled.

"It's all right. I know you can't help it. The motion of the train is making us do it. I really don't mind. It is rather lovely, actually."

It was the last word that burned into Rod's brain. This petite brunette must be British.

Ack-twu-al-lee! The enunciation made his erection harder and longer than it had been in a long time. There was something about that accent that drove him into a frenzy of sexual desire.

The coincidence of the both of them exiting at the same station -Wall Street- prompted Rod to exchange phone numbers with the compactly stacked British girl. Later that same day, they made arrangements to take in a movie that very evening at Eight PM.

The theater was really crowded for a weekday night. They squeezed in next to each other in the corner. As soon as the lights dimmed, Rod felt Emily take hold of his hand and slowly move it over to her lap, right on top of her soft pubic mound. He could feel it pulsing under their hands. He put his arm around her and let his fingers rest lightly on the rounded side of her rising and falling breast. Emily sighed audibly. Her breathing became more agitated and a little uneven around the edges. Her other hand slid silently to his erection. She felt the outline through his trousers. She memorized it. She estimated his length, its thickness and the degree of hardness.

After all that, she lifted her cherry tinged lips to his mouth for full and deep exploration. Rod plunged his tongue deep into Emily's wet and waiting mouth. He was not disappointed with what he found. Her sensuous lips sucked him, she licked him, even nibbled his probing tongue. Her saliva flowed into his saliva. They probed each other, but Emily gave in and her mouth became a bottomless wet hole probed thoroughly by Rod's demanding tongue.

"Rod ... be a dear ... touch my little butt hole ... it's on fire."

He was taken aback by this request, but Emily crossed her legs and turned slightly away from him in her seat. Of course, this left her ass cheeks open to his exploration under her very short skirt. Quickly finding the quivering anus, Rod began to rim it tenderly with his middle finger. She sighed and nervously tugged at her hair stands. Rod saw the pretty English girl put a long strand of her hair in her mouth and start to chew it. Her tiny hand gripped his hand and he thought he could hear a subdued whimper deep in her throat. Emily looked deep in his eyes and he could see the raw sex seething inside the innocent appearing girl's body. Her puckered ass hole was opening and closing in a dance of carnal desire. A little pressure and the back door popped open. Rod's finger slid into a velvety, hot furnace. Her anus and rectal walls clutched at him desperately. At the same time, Emily pushed his hand on her lap up between her legs into direct contact with her damp and dripping vagina. She squeezed him hard between her legs.

A single silent shudder was all that betrayed Emily's orgasm on the theater seat. The person sitting on the other side never suspected the depth of her emotional upheaval. Rod knew exactly what she experienced. He could feel the electricity flow from within her pussy and felt the orgasmic contractions of her sensual anus.

After the movie, Rod treated Emily to a Taxi ride home. She seldom rode taxis because of a strict budget and a sense of thrift instilled by her penny-pinching father. They kissed non-stop making the trip go like a flash. No other activity was appropriate because the driver was one who could drive and still watch everything in the back seat as well.

Emily still lived with her parents. Not unusual in this economy. A good night kiss in the hallway was all Rod expected.

"Rod ... I am grateful for your making me cum so nicely tonight. Before I go to sleep, I want to have your cum in my mouth, in my throat, and deep down in my belly."

The prim and proper British girl sank to her knees under the stairwell and delicately released his throbbing erection from his trousers. Holding the shaft between her fingers, Emily kissed the purple tinged head and licked the trace of pre-cum from the tip. Pursing her puffy lips around Rod's cock, she took it in, inch after inch, until her lips rested against his hairy groin. It seemed almost impossible, but the innocent little Miss Emily had gobbled up his entire erection without a single gag reflex. The wetness of Emily's mouth was quickly pushing Rod to the edge of losing his long delayed load.

Sensing Rod's closeness to that final explosion of passion, Emily cradled his sexy balls in her other hand. She moved her hand to his tight cheeked bottom. Her finger found his little puckered opening and she applied a circular motion to arouse his cum boiling up from his balls.

"Emily, are you out there?"

They both stopped in mid-stroke. Saliva was drooling down from Emily's chin. Rod felt his balls churning as they were denied yet another time.

"Yes, Mum ... Rod is helping me find my keys. I dropped them just this moment."

They sorted out their clothing and moved to the doorway. An attractive mature woman waited with a smile for her wayward daughter.

"Oh, do come in, young man. Emily, your Father is still in Washington at the conference. Do you two lovebirds want a drink?"

It was obvious that Emily's Mum had already made a few trips to the well-stocked bar in the living room. The shapely blond wore a full length robe that opened slightly to reveal long luscious legs, a flat tummy, and full hanging breasts with deep dark colored nipples erect in the softly lit room. Rod nervously licked his lips as he tried to not look at the goodies on display directly in front of him.

Emily was aware of his predicament. She excused herself from the room to go to the bathroom and shook a warning finger at her new boyfriend. A huge grin was plastered on her face.

The slightly tipsy blond sat down next to Rod on the couch. He could feel the heat emanating from her lush body.

"I was scared when I heard those noises in the hallway. Here, feel my heart ... it's beating ever so fast."

Emily' mum took his hand and put it inside her loose robe. Right on her left breast. She gave him a fully extended nipple, waiting to be licked and sucked. That is exactly how they sat when Emily returned in her own loose robe.

"Mum, Rod is here to have me! ... I mean, ... see me."

"Now, dear ... remember your Mum always shares with you. I think Rod won't mind if we both make him feel welcome."

Emily giggled and sat on Rod's lap. She felt guilty he had not been given an opportunity to cum this evening and thought both she and her Mum would be able to make things right.

Rod buried his tongue in Emily's wide open mouth. Her mum dropped to her knees on the carpet and took his rock-hard cock all the way to the back of her throat. She made little cooing sounds as he slid in and out of her experienced mouth. The mature woman used her tongue to full advantage as she licked and sucked his shaft, his balls and, even back to his throbbing puckered asshole. She stayed there between his ass cheeks and Emily bent down to suck his cock up into her mouth.

Finally, Rod began to have a mind-blowing creamy cum explosion. He shot long streams of cum into Emily's mouth and on her lovely face. Her mum never stopped her tongue from searching his convulsing anus. He was certain her tongue was responsible for at least half of the cum that shot out onto the innocent face of her daughter.

Rod fell asleep on the couch, completely drained of cum.

His long, lean body still trembled, even in his sleep, with the aftershocks of orgasmic delight.

He had fallen asleep with only one thought - What would Emily and her Mum have in store for him in the morning?


The morning light woke me as it shone onto my squinted eyeballs.

"Where the HELL was I?"

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