Nikko's Revelation

by harry lime

Copyright© 2011 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Nikko is a happy teenage student in her first year at University. An unhappy love affair sours her on love and leads her to pursue carnal pleasures of many different varieties. Nikko is out for lusty sex and is not interested in any entanglements.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   Spanking   Rough   Light Bond   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Black Male   Oriental Female   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Squirting   Enema   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Public Sex   .

Chapter 1

Nikko looked at her dark haired bush in the magnifying mirror. She had her legs up on the tile wall in the small bathtub. Her good friend Yoko was giggling at the serious look on Nikko's face.

"You should see yourself, Nikko. You look like the stone-faced dragon over the front door."

Nikko had to laugh. It was true. She was nervous and worried about her decision to remove most of the hair from her woman slit to get ready for the beach vacation her family had scheduled for next week. They would be at the luxury beachside hotel for a full week and she wanted to look good in the skimpy bikini swimsuit she had purchased for the journey.

Her American girlfriends had told her the dark bush turned off most males looking for a quick romance with visiting tourist girls. She was determined to look her best in order to "get laid" repeatedly on the one week vacation. She was taking her pills and her little toilet bag was loaded up with a couple dozen condoms for those special times.

She was shorter than most girls her age. She was in her first year at the University and her nineteenth birthday was early next month. Her breasts were developed nicely and they looked very nice in the bathing suit. Nikko thought her bottom was a little too large because the edge of her cheeks kept coming out of the tiny bikini. She decided it was OK because her ass did look cute in the mirror in the fitting room. Even without any makeup, her face was a source of pride to her parents. Her facial features were similar to a popular fashion model on the cover of several girls' magazines in Mainland Japan. She was constantly accosted on the street and asked if she was the super-model with well-publicized hedonistic activities.

Well, this vacation week was going to be Nikko's sexual coming out party. Not that she was a virgin any more. She lost her virginity when she was still 16 and had stupidly fallen in love with the man that took care of all her family's financial interests. He was in his forties and had an obedient wife and two young children. Her parents trusted him enough to let him take their young daughter to the mountains with his family.

That very first night above the snow line, Nikko lost her cherry to a determined "family man" needing a taste of young pussy to make him satisfy the lust of his middle-aged cock. Not that Nikko objected in any way. The danger of his wife coming in on them made her juices flow like the mountain streams being fed by the melting snow. She even loved it when the older man kept his hand on her mouth to keep her from making noise in the thin-walled hotel.

It was that same family friend who introduced her to the art of oral sex. He was a very stern taskmaster and did not shirk from careful correction to her posterior if she did not perform in a superior manner. Nikko was a quick learner and by the time her trip with the family was over, she had graduated to Master Cocksucker Summa Cum Laude.

On the way back home, he explained in a hushed voice that their dalliance was finished. His wife had witnessed one of their sessions and threatened to tell her parents. It was in both their interests to terminate the relationship immediately.

Nikko cried herself to sleep every night for the next week. Then early one morning, she woke up with a new outlook on life. She was going to experiment with as many cocks as she find. This revelation of discovery made her a changed girl. She was no longer the easy going Nikko. Now she was Nikko the huntress looking for sex and no longer willing to follow the pied piper lure of a loving relationship.

She spread her legs wide and allowed Yoko to snip the hairs between her legs with her mother's very sharp scissors. She trusted Yoko with her life. Nikko let her hand wander over Yoko's tight little bottom. The tiny young girl was thrilled to have her best friend Nikko exploring her private areas with a practiced hand. They both kept each other sexually satisfied when there were no boys to take care of their needs.

Yoko took the can of shave soap and ran it like whipped cream on both sides of Nikko's pussy. She could still see a little of the pink area with the magnifying glass. Nikko could not help but whimper a little as Yoko stroked her delicate areas with the small razor intended for female use. She knew it was fairly safe but still a smidgen of fear blossomed like a snake in her mind. The fear inspired her pussy to quiver and leak some pussy juice right out into the shaved area. Yoko giggled and said,

"You are a very naughty girl, Miss Nikko. Now please to behave yourself until I am finished."

Nikko looked at her bare pussy. It looked so strange and naked. The familiar black bush was completely removed. It was almost like she was looking at a total stranger. Yoko applied the special healing cream for any unseen nicks from the razor. It stung her enough to make her grab hold of Yoko's arm and yell like a little schoolgirl spanked by the teacher's ruler.

"Oh, Nikko, the boys will be happy to go down on you now. You look so sexy. Just like those girls in the American magazines."

Yoko rubbed her dry and patted her between the legs with the baby powder. She kissed her good friend on the lips and the two girls held each other and spent a few minutes cuddling and kissing in the privacy of Nikko's large bedroom suite.

"Yoko, why do you not want to lose your bush as well? I will be very careful, I promise!"

Her good friend Yoko looked at Nikko and told her,

"You must never say anything to anybody. I want to get rid of the ugly thing too, but my father would be very upset with me. I perform "duty" for my father almost nightly now that my mother is in the hospital. He likes to stroke my bush and tells me it is almost as full as my mothers. He even combs it with a little brush before he licks me down there. I don't mind because he is very gentle and I must show proper respect. Doesn't your father ask you for your "duty" favors once and awhile?"

Nikko was startled. She had never suspected that Yoko's father was so sexual a person. She had never even visualized the stout gentleman with a cock down there. It seemed very strange to her. Her own father had never suggested such a thing and she was very grateful for his progressive attitudes.

"I think my father is too engrossed in his work and besides, my mother is very willing to tend to all his male needs whenever he wants. My mother is very willing to do anything to please him. I hear them at night quite often going at it like rabbits."

Yoko giggled and hid her mouth with her hand. Nikko loved when she did that. It always made her want to pull that hand down and stick her tongue in Yoko's mouth. The feel of Yoko's firm ass cheek in her hand was making Nikko's juices brim over her pussy slit. Nikko was glad they were going to the party at the University tonight. If they stayed in her bedroom any longer, she was going to want to try her new dildo on Yoko's ass and see if she could make her squeal as loud as the last time.

Nikko's mother shouted out to them as they slipped quickly out the front door.

"You girls be careful on the train. Those chikan boys are always out at this time of evening."

The two girls giggled and ran down the street holding hands and singing,

"Chikan boys are touching me. Touching me all over. Fingers on my ass. Fingers in my pussy. I don't feel it. I don't see it. It is not happening to me. Nasty boy. Nasty boy. You are a nasty boy."

They both loved to be the object of a friendly grope on the train. That was why they always wore short skirts to school and to the store. It was exciting to have strange men playing with their hands on their ass or pushing their erections in their ass crack or on their pussy mound. It was fun to pretend that nothing was happening. Nikko loved to have a strange man rubbing her down there and she would often act like it was accidental and very normal. Only when an adventurous pervert got his hand up under her skirt did they discover how wet she was with excitement. Some of Nikko's strongest orgasms were with complete strangers on the train or bus.

The train was very crowded with young people going to the entertainment center of the city. Most of them were in couples. There were some groups of girls and groups of boys. Usually when you saw a guy just by himself, you could almost be certain it was a guy looking to find a nice soft ass to play with. The two girls held onto the pole and faced each other. They were holding on to each other's arms for balance in the rocking train moving very fast into the downtown. Nikko was telling Yoko about a nice boy in her science class that was going to meet her at the dance tonight. Yoko leaned forward to whisper something in Nikko's ear. A very nice looking young boy slid in behind Yoko and fitted his legs expertly around Yoko's rear end. Yoko gasped into Nikko's ear.

"Oh, my God! Nikko, his cock is enormous. It covers my whole bottom and goes up onto my back. It is so delicious. What does he look like?"

Nikko looked into the eyes of the innocent looking youth. It looked like his thoughts were a million miles away and not fixated on getting deeper into the ass crack of the pretty girl hanging on his cock. His eyes were soft and had little flecks of green in them. He looked gorgeous to Nikko and she was immensely jealous of Yoko and her pretty little ass.

"Very ugly, Yoko. Don't turn around; you will be disgusted with this pervert. If you want, we can switch places and I will protect your bottom for you."

"I don't care, Nikko. It feels so good. I want to cum right now. I don't care what he looks like. His cock is absolutely divine!"

Nikko could feel Yoko pushing her bottom back into the stranger's groin trying to get him in deeper. It was so slutty that she wanted to slap her for being tramp on the train. Yet she had to admit she would do exactly the same thing if she was in Yoko's position.

"Oh, Nikko, He just made me all wet down there. I think he must have creamed on my skirt. I hope it does not stain and look like I had an accident down there."

Nikko looked at the boy. He had that afterglow look that told her he had just released a full load onto her good friend Yoko's bottom.

When the train stopped, Yoko and Nikko got off. The boy did not get off, but kept looking at them both with a longing look on his handsome face.

"Nikko, you lied to me. That boy was fantastic. A real dreamboat."

Nikko laughed and checked Yoko's bottom. It all looked all right except for a small wet area right in the center of Yoko's ass.

"You are right, Yoko. I am very sorry. I will give you a dance with my new boyfriend. I don't mind sharing. Just remember, no blow job when I am not looking!"

Yoko laughed and they both went off hand in hand to the University hall for the end of term dance.

Chapter 2

Nikko and Yoko were the very best of friends. They were both 18 years old and students in the nearby university on the other side of the river.

Sometimes when they were alone and there were no boys around to break up the boredom, they took care of each other's needs behind a locked bedroom door. Their parents would be shocked at some of the activities they had devised to amuse themselves.

In the first part of the story, we saw how the 2 fun-loving girls enjoyed playing the role of naïve innocence on the train with the nasty chikan boys. They told each other all their hidden secrets including how Yoko had to succumb to her father's demands for "duty" submission almost every weekend. Nikko was perplexed at how Yoko's sweet mother could condone the practice in their small "paper-thin" walled house. Surely, Yoko's shy protestations and uncontrollable moans of pleasure grated on her mother's ears. Yoko had confided in her that her father even required her to offer her bottom for his frenzied impalement. That sounded deliciously depraved to Nikko and she wanted to get all the details straight from Yoko's lips.

All of this was difficult for Nikko to comprehend because Yoko's father was always so correct and polite around her and never uttered a word that could be construed as sexually suggestive. She rather liked the pot-bellied older man because he dressed well and had astonishingly good teeth. She wanted badly to ask Yoko some details about his cock size and his technique but felt it was far too inappropriate considering the circumstances.

Nikko had lost her cherry and had her mouth humiliated repeatedly by an older male friend of her fathers who was married and had 3 small children. He used her mouth often and had trained her to present her bottom for punishment whenever he snapped his fingers at her. Her tight little brown eye was still virgin despite the many groping sessions on the train and bus with devious chikan boys.

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