Art Deco Part Two

by Midsummerman

Copyright© 2011 by Midsummerman

BDSM Sex Story: Femdom in Miami; an author is invited into a web of dominant females who run a publishing business

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Slavery   Heterosexual   Fiction   BDSM   DomSub   FemaleDom   Spanking   Humiliation   Sadistic   White Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Scatology   Exhibitionism   BBW   Leg Fetish   .

He was allowed to tidy up in the tiny wash-room; when he came out Celeste and Agnes helped him dress, then took him back to his seat. Before he could get too comfortable, the signal to belt up was given and they started to descend. The plane was soon down on the tarmac at Dothan Alabama. As soon as the door was opened he noted that it was even hotter than Miami.

'No sea breeze here' said Agnes. They passed through the rudimentary checking station and were greeted by a couple of ladies with cowboy hats; one was a delightfully chubby brunette who wanted to constantly pet him;

'I can't wait to get him trained' she said 'He's so cute!' The other was nicely buxom too, but a little more taut; she said little but eyed him wickedly. They drove off in the two vehicles; he was sandwiched in the back between Carole and Judy. Carole kept her hand on the bulge in his leggings throughout the journey; she seemed to want to continually emphasise that he was hers for the next couple of days. As they swept out of the town, down endless dusty highways, after about 45 minutes they swept down a dirt track past a sign 'Wiregrass Ranch' –

'Welcome to the wiregrass region' said the chubby brunette in a gangly southern US accent. The vehicle slowed as they approached the main residence. In his English mind, it immediately made him think of the 'Ponderosa' and he expected to see Hoss Cartwright appear. He did not. What did appear made his eyes boggle; a jet black horse appeared from the corral behind the building, mounted by a totally naked woman, she waved as though this was the norm and started to canter toward the open country side; fleshy parts wobbling delectably.

'There goes Tabitha- she'll get sunstroke if she's not careful' said Chubby.

They all got out and he was taken into the building. The interior belied the outward appearance of the structure; it was luxuriously furnished and air-conditioned-he showered and was then taken to a dining room where they all sat eating. Or a brief period the dialogue was business-like and they all showed a healthy interest and voiced personal opinions as to how the final publication of his first compilation should look.

'I don't care, said chubby smiling- I only want to help inspire new stories in him; that's my job' she said in a very matter-of-fact tone and smiled sweetly at him. Carole has said I can show you my quad-bike before it gets too cool this evening; I'm going to help with your training and Sandy Ridge is one of my favourite parts of the ranch- it's always warm down there, even way after dark. I'm the only one round here who's allowed to be overweight, I'm going to make sure you staying tip-top condition; just like the stallions in my charge' The women giggled ; The taut and quiet buxom one spoke out for once;

'Yes, and we can all imagine what you get up to with those stallions!' There was mild uproar at this statement and Chubby, whose name was Roseanne, blushed but was not deterred.

'Oh, and I suppose you just take their temperatures when it's stud-time I suppose?, Miss Chrissie Ortino! The words 'stud' and 'Stallion' left an indelible print on the mind which in this context conjured up visions of young ladies taking advantage of animals of a lesser intelligence, endowed with a physical presence much greater than their own species might provide. Needless to say, this is where that conversation ended

Having eaten and been well watered, the voluptuous Roseanne took him out into the hot sunshine; there was the quad-bike. The other ladies followed and watched with interest. Roseanne stripped naked; her chubby seraph like body was beautifully rubenesque. There was nothing about her which looked disproportionate; she was one of those females who was meant to be larger than average, and she looked formidable.

'Off with your clothes too- NOW!' she said. He did so without question. She unravelled a long length of silky rope and tied it about his middle. She then spread her ample legs and buttocks across the quad-bike and kick started it. Her lovely white buttocks shimmered as she revved the motor.

'Let's go for a run' she said, then engaged first gear and slowly trundled forward; he was compelled to run behind. The women clapped and cheered at this spectacle of a voluptuous beauty on powered transport, making a male twice her age run behind – roped, he had no choice. Judy snapped away and shouted after them-

'Careful please Roseanne, we don't want him injured- well not too badly!' she laughed. Roseanne waved in recognition and headed for Sandy Ridge with her prize running after her. As they disappeared over the horizon, a horse neighing behind them caught their attention. It was Carole, naked and smiling supremely upon a fine stallion; she trotted off in the same direction, her mature and beautiful rear end rising and falling upon the saddle with the movement of the horse.

Roseanne soon had her new charge at the desired place; she pulled the quad-bike up at the base of a cliff like ravine over which hung shrubs and lush vegetation. The wall of the cliff was very sandy as was the gully which ran before them, it was out of the wind and the evening sun made the wall of the cliff glow bright orange. He watched the voluptuous beauty; she knew he was looking at her ample white bottom as it spread across the hot black vinyl seat. She looked round at him and smiled, looked forward again then pushed forward on the handlebars, arched her back and pushed her lower parts into the soft seat. This action made the beads of sweat on her back roll down to the crack of her delectable bottom and past her sticky anus to the seat. Then she got up. She reeled him in on the rope till he was level with the bike;

'Lick my seat clean!' she commanded;

He looked down at the shiny and wet impression her glorious form had left. She held his cock as he went down;

'Mustn't have you burn this on the exhaust!' she laughed;

Half-kneeling he licked clean the salty, tangy essence from the black vinyl; roped and now owned by yet another female, this one formidably built, his balls tingled at this new humiliation. She sneered at him, enhancing the feeling-

'That's it, lick up every drop!; when he'd done she picked up a short whip which was attached to the bike, then walked him down the airless gully on the warm soft sand. He enjoyed watching her soft bottom jiggle and so hoped he'd be allowed to do her seat justice as well. They reached an open spot and she played out the rope. The well –endowed beauty had him canter back and forth in circles on the rope, cracking the whip above his head menacingly;

'I'll soon have you broken in and ready to serve even the meekest woman'- she said, she then tied his hands behind his back and put the rope through his mouth; bridal fashion, walking him up and down whilst whipping his bottom sharply with her whip; this gave her immense satisfaction and he could not help but enjoy this new game- he was thoroughly enjoying his humiliation. At one point she sat her ample body on his back whilst he padded on all fours; this was exceptionally hard work but the feeling of her hot sweaty naked bottom and pussy rocking back and forth upon his back was devine. Oh how he was relishing being 'broken in' by her-he wished she'd whip him in earnest.

The sun was still bright but much lower in the Alabama sky now; she was just finishing yet another circling routine, when he noticed her smiling and looking down the gully. Up came Carole astride the stallion at walking pace. The gorgeous mature women's body glistened with sweat from head to toe; she rocked gently back and forth in the saddle; she looked magnificent and he wanted to please her in any way she wanted, right there and then. The stallion was semi erect and snorted in the warmth and atmosphere of the gully; he could no doubt smell the sweet feminine scent too and though he did not understand why, his arousal was apparent. Roseanne licked her lips in anticipation; she knew what was to come.

'Has he performed well?'

'Oh yes Carole he shows good potential' said Roseanne eagerly.

'Good; he'll please you now' – she looked at him with contempt-

'You shall please your trainer right now, whilst I watch'

Rosanne lay back in the soft sand, her head toward the mounted goddess; up went her legs; she was dripping with sweat and anticipation.

'Lick her bottom first!' said the dominant beauty in the saddle. He went in eagerly at the hot sticky prize and devoured the luscious salty residues. Roseanne grabbed his head and pulled him tight in to the soft warmth of her crevice, his nose now sampling the sweet scent of her moist pussy. Roseanne bucked and pulled at his hair impatiently; she was thoroughly enjoying having her rectal passage licked clean by this very interesting submissive, but oh how she wanted to come.

From her position, Carole could see his cock on occasion, as it bobbed like a stiff rubber lever and patted the sand as he vigorously worked his body in unison with his tongue as the chubby beauty enjoyed his attention and hummed, half with contentment, half with impatience as she waited for him to receive his orders to deliver her to ecstasy.

'Look at me!' said Carole; He viewed the supreme vision before him over the hump of Roseanne's dripping wetness. The glorious naked image mounted dominantly upon the partly excited stallion now toyed with a long whip which she twirled down past her mature breasts, shapely torso and supple legs into the sand below.

'Now pleasure her womanhood, but don't you dare take your eyes off me!' Roseanne let out a little cry of relief and nearly broke his neck as she hauled him forward up her sweet and slippery slope. He slotted his tongue into the luscious folds and Roseanne moaned with pleasure and lifted her chubby thighs making it difficult for him to keep his eyes on his true mistress who was now smiling wickedly and twirling the whip about her head. Her superb breasts giggled with the action, Roseanne whimpered, Carole jerked the whip smartly in the air above her head; 'CRACKKK!! ; This made Roseanne pull his head in all the tighter; he could barely breathe, and her juices went down the back of his throat and up his nostrils making him splutter, but this did not distract him from either continuing to pleasure his trainer or allowing his eyes to stray from the one woman he wanted most to be allowed to pleasure. The stallion cantered slightly and turned in a circle, affording him a view of her seductive naked bottom which she lifted and sat back with an audible 'slap' as her plump and naked sweatiness mad a partly vacuumed contact with the smooth surface of the leather saddle. As she faced him the goddess cut the air once more with the lethal looking whip, wearing a wicked expression upon her face; 'CRACCKK!! Roseanne cried out; humped her torso forward and all but crushed his head with her thighs;'

'Ohhhhhhhhh!! Yes yes, yesss!' cried Roseanne as she reached the point of no return and went eagerly beyond it. His cock pulsated at the sound of feminine ecstasy; oh how he wanted to come. Carole knew this. She wrapped the whip about her body and slid the handle beneath her crotch and bottom.

'Tomorrow you shall taste this whip in more ways than one, and only then you shall be rewarded' she said haughtily- 'but tonight you will face further denial and will be brought to the very edge only to have your hopes dashed- I shall ensure it is so'. She pumped the stallions flanks with her legs, sending a ripple through her fleshy thighs and buttocks, and the horse duly started to walk, she smiled; 'You'll beg me to whip you tomorrow'. She turned the stallion and moved away at walking pace- ensuring he had a good view of her rear as she went. He was brought to his senses by Roseanne tying the rope about his waist once more;

'Time to get you back to the ranch-house; you'll need a nice cool shower and I'll need a good wash down from you; you've made me all sticky and dirty!' She started the quad bike and he padded after the freshly satisfied amazon.

Part Seven

Having been made fresh once more, it was obvious to the women he was now very tired. Celeste and Chrissie led him away to his room.

'You're to have a nice nap' Said Celeste, as she followed Chrissie up the wooden stairway past the paraphernalia which adorned the walls; cow horns, stags antlers, old Winchesters' aplenty.

He was taken to a room which looked like a set from a 50's western; the bed had a typical brassy bedstead, but looked so inviting to him. He was drained by the hot sun and the afternoon's events. His mind was nothing short of delirious with the implanted vision of Carole. The two women knew exactly what they must do. He was to sleep, and nothing else! They helped him off with his clothes then smiling, Chrissie produced some soft cord whilst Celeste held his arms behind him;

'Oh you poor thing!' she said; 'We know how you'd like to relieve your balls of their burden- but we can't have you waste yourself, can we?' Chrissie sneered as she bound his arms behind his back. They peeled back the duvet and he was lain down on the bed. Chrissie the bound his ankles whilst Celeste watched. He did not care at all at this point and enjoyed the attention and control that the two women had over him. They then tied a cord from wrists to ankles, bringing his legs up to ensure he could not hump the mattress in his sleep whilst consumed in an adult 'wet dream' having been denied whilst witnessing so much erotica first hand. Having secured him, they were about to cover him with the duvet, when they turned toward the door as someone else entered the room. It was Carole.

'Thank you ladies; you may leave him to me now' the two smiled at her thoughtfully as they passed on their way out- they had not rehearsed this.

'Hello my prize asset' she said, as she lifted the flowing full length skirt she was wearing up to her waist and sat down close to his head, allowing him more torment with the sight of her bare thighs and the soft natural scent of her womanhood.

'I've got something to remind you of me whilst you regain your strength over the next hour and a half, or so'; she smiled wickedly at him. 'Can you guess what it is?' she teased. Then she showed him the butt-plug he had been treated to on the plane.

'Tell me you want it' she said unsmiling.

'Please mistress, let me have the butt-plug' he said obediently. She smiled with satisfaction, leant over him, stroked his anus with her finger delicately and eased the plug in as he shivered and moaned with the discomfort. She took great pleasure in squeezing the plug home. This act of humiliation was a favourite of hers and the fact that this act might produce a new story from this slave gave her an extra kick.

'Now you have a nice sleep and I'll see you later, remember what I told you earlier; you'll be made to perform for the ladies this evening in the most divine ways, but you, YOU will be denied. Tomorrow I shall whip you and you will know ecstasy like never before. You will realise once and for all that you are owned by all women and will pay dearly for your realisation'. She stood up and produced panties worn earlier, rolled them as before, and stuffed them neatly in his mouth, which he had automatically opened on seeing them. She then gently tucked her captive in;

'Sweet dreams' she said, and left. He lay there bound, the butt-plug stretching his rectum and tickling inside once more, gagged by used panties, tied and helpless; his cock pulsating. He yearned for relief but could not help but enjoy this torture. He was being controlled completely by dominant women; He was now looking forward to being whipped as he knew he would beg for mercy and receive none- he was owned by the women now.

It seemed as though he'd only just closed his eyes. He was woken by Judy and Agnes; the latter pulled back the duvet and woke him, then she sat cross-legged on the bed next to him. The feeling of being bound and the tight butt-plug, along with the smell of the women now beside him awoke his cock also; his member had also been enjoying a rest and had been semi-flaccid whilst asleep, but was instantly aroused by his thoughts. Once again he was rigid and ached for relief. Judy snapped away whilst Agnes made many erotic poses; Judy was almost apologetic:

'I'll just make a quick sketch then we'll take you down for some food and drink, and... ' she bit her tongue and smiled. Now done the two untied him. He was then treated to mild humiliation as the plug was removed; the girls giggled as he squirmed with discomfort as it was pulled from him – this was more painful than entry as the removal created a vacuum;

'There!' said Agnes as she finally pulled it free, making him wince. Judy smiled at him softly as she collared and leashed him. Then the two led him downstairs.

The main lounge was somewhat smoky and the women were all very casually attired in nightdresses and underwear. He was sat at a table and the two ranch-hands Roseanne and Chrissie spoon fed him with various morsels as though he were an infant.

'Here's a nice drink for you' said Roseanne

'And here's a nice blue tablet for you' said Chrissie

'Now you drink it all up and take your medicine too!' said the chubby one. He really did not want any more assistance with his blood pressure but did as he was told. Chrissie patted his lips with a napkin when he'd finished. The women were lounging around a central area and watching a large flat screen on one wall. They tittered and laughed lightly as they watched men being put through their paces in various equestrian guises; pony tailed latex clad women whipping out at the hapless males adorned with tails of their own, pulling various chariots, or being roped and whipped just for the hell of it. Chrissie led him through the throng;

'I'm just going to the girl's room-I've had too much liquid' she said. As she did he stopped, thinking he'd be told to sit or kneel somewhere- a sharp tug on his collar from Chrissie told him otherwise;

'Come on will you! I'm bursting' and she led him to the girls room with her. The girls room was tiled and drained like a wet-room and the toilet pedestals were situated like stand-alone baths; not in a tight cubicle, but set proud with plenty of room which would allow observers a view from any angle. They could also observe what was happening within the toilet as these were transparent glass rather than porcelain. He'd never seen anything like this, and though he was not into 'scat' by any stretch of his imagination, the thought of watching a woman relieve herself suddenly made his cock twitch. Chrissie released his leash and slowly removed her panties; suddenly she had no urgency at all. As the panties dropped to her ankles, she moved one foot out, then bent over keeping her legs straight to allow him a full view of her rear as she went down to remove the panties from the other leg. She then went over to the pedestal and sat slowly down, allowing her cheeks to splay over the Perspex seat.

'Come and lie down here!' she commanded. He lay down facing her legs, which she held open far enough to allow him to view her glistening pussy through the underside of the glass bowl. His cock throbbed against the cool shiny tiles. She pulled his leash up to ensure his nose was virtually up against the bowl.

'I want you to watch me pee, and then I'll have you clean me up' she said. He was none too sure of this but his raging erection and the constant denial meant he saw an erotic side to anything the women subjected him to. She sighed and he saw her vulva bulge then trickle and finally gush her hot golden liquid, obscuring his view when in mainstream as it swirled about the bowl before his eyes. As the flow ebbed, he was rewarded with a clearer sight of her womanhood as she emptied the remainder of her bladder.

'mmm' she murmured; 'Did you like that?'; he had to admit it- though he wasn't sure at first, he now felt a deep sense of eroticism at being made to watch her perform the most rudimentary of human actions.

'Yes mistress Chrissie, I did like that' he could not deny it, and knew that another humiliation was now due.

'Would you like to lick me clean?' she said, now smiling with utter contentment. Though he imagined that her urine would be acrid and odorous, he had so enjoyed watching her and wanted to enjoy the humiliation of licking her clean regardless of how her waste liquid tasted;

'Yes please mistress Chrissie, I would like to lick you clean'; he almost begged to be of service to her, and she relished the control she had over him without so much as a threat of the cane or crop.

'Up you come then' she said, and he knelt before her. She moved forward on the warm perspex seat so that the prize protruded over the edge then lifted her legs. He golden droplets dribbled down her thighs;

'make sure you do a good job and lick every drop up!'; he went in without hesitation; though the smell was different to the aroused pussies he'd gorged on so far, the taste was not as unpleasant as he had imagined, in fact it was not unpleasant at all. He lapped at her and she rubbed his hair as he licked the thighs and juicy delicate folds of her womanhood, till she was shiny all around her pussy, his task complete. She sat back and then suddenly felt her stomach;

'Oh, oh dear, I think I may have something else for you' she said with a much sterner look.

'Down you go!' she said pushing him to the floor before the bowl once more. He did not need to delve too deeply into his imagination to conjure up what was about to happen.

'Now watch my bottom' she said, as she pulled her knees together but kept her lower legs apart. The prospect gave him butterflies in the stomach, but he found he was fixated by the sight of the beautiful pear shape above him, and he felt her calf muscles tense as something was happening further up her body. His cock twitched and squirmed against the now sweaty ceramic tiles. Once again he felt a deep sense of erotic satisfaction at the degradation being awarded him by this petit but dominant woman. Oh how he wanted to come.

'You make sure you watch now' she said- there was no chance he would look elsewhere. She giggled and he watched with anticipation as her sweet brown button bulged, gently at first, then dilated and she giggled with enjoyment again;

'Watch me shit!' she said coarsely to further emphasise the tease and enjoy his lowly predicament;

'I bet you'd like to wank, wouldn't you!' she said ; his cock pulsed against the tiles, oh yes how he wanted to be allowed to give his all;

'Yes Mistress Chrissie, I so want to come' he almost wailed; Chrissie felt supreme;

'Well you shan't; you're to be denied till you face the whip tomorrow, you'll just have to enjoy my pleasure tonight' she said wickedly, and in a voice which strained a little as she fought to arrest her bowel movement;

'Now watch and enjoy as you suffer!' ; he viewed her beautiful form once more and focused on the dilated rectal opening. She gasped a little and a little brown head started to ease from the bulging anus;

'Yes!' she exclaimed, 'that's oh so nice'; he watched, bathed in a deep warmth of erotic humiliation as his mistress of the moment eased a sweet brown cylinder from her bowels just for his delight; it plopped sweetly into the water below and he watched transfixed as her rectum squeezed closed again. She then pulled her thighs in tightly and majestically then repeated the movement. He could not believe the sexual satisfaction he was receiving from watching the feminine body expel its waste; he wanted to come more than ever. Even the smell of her excrement seemed sweet whilst he remained in his perilous and tortured sate of arousal.

'You know you must lick me clean now don't you?' she said with great satisfaction. He looked up at her puckered little bottom which looked virtually clean and was almost disappointed- he WANTED to be degraded by this act and was relishing tasting her excrement.

'Yes Mistress Chrissie, please let me clean your bottom with my tongue'; he enjoyed this extra servile moment and had chosen his words to please her. He knelt up and she rocked back on the seat and put her arm round the backs of her knees to afford him the most open access to her dirty anus;

'Sniff it first!' she said; she wanted him to get as much humiliation out of this as possible. He duly complied; he took in her scent and found he was not discouraged at all by the dank, almost chocolaty odour.

'I bet you never dreamed you'd have to lick the shit from a woman's ass did you?'

'No mistress'

'Well you're going to now, after you've begged me to allow it! -Beg to lick my ass!

'Please Mistress Chrissie, please allow me to lick your ass clean- I BEG YOU!' -she chuckled at his pathetic submission;

'Lick the dirt off me right now!'- he went in and his tongue scooped at the little mess she had left for him, it didn't taste too bad after all and he simply swallowed as he licked and soon had her button clean. She revelled in the pleasure of his servitude and his nose could not help but notice a sweet and familiar scent coming from somewhere else; he noticed she was stroking her clitoris.

'Up you get!' she said and she also got up from the toilet and stood beside it.

'You'll need to wash your tongue and face before I allow you to pleasure me' she said and then she commanded he kneel before the bowl.

'Put your head in!' she barked- he went down and faced the gifts she had produced earlier.

'Now clean that tongue and face!' she commanded as she pressed the flush. Oh how she laughed at him as he lapped in the torrent to clean his tongue and spluttered as it engulfed his face- the gifts somersaulted and danced before disappearing round the U-bend and into the sewer. She mopped his wet and thoroughly humiliated face with her used panties and he marvelled at this dominant creature and once again enjoyed the thorough humiliation he was being subjected to. She side-stepped across the bowl and sat back again, lifting her legs so that he may inhale her sweet pussy once more; she truly was the queen of the lavatory.

'Now you may pleasure me' she said tritely. His tortured cock bobbed and nudged the glass bowl he had so enjoyed as he brought his mistress off to a fitting finale. As she came she half sighed and half sniggered; then she pissed in his face.

He cleaned up again and she led him out to the women, after giving him a quick kiss on the lips which was almost affectionate. She had been both very pleased and satisfied with his performance. As they emerged the women, who were all now either naked or next to naked, stood up and cheered and clapped. He saw himself on the big flat screen being led away; they had all witnessed and thoroughly enjoyed his toilet humiliation.

Part Eight

Carole was in a supremely dominant and indignant mood; she wanted to get every last morsel of pleasure from the humiliation and degradation that he had faced already and would face in the future. The lounge was now thick with the humid Southern atmosphere, enhanced by a mist of cigarette smoke and the scent of women's perfumes mixed with their sweet natural aromas. Chrissie led him over to the hostess, and beamed with satisfaction as she walked the permanently erect and humiliated male through the throng of clapping women. One of the ladies ensured he was also kept fully aware of his recent act of submission as she rewound to parts of the video that were enjoyed most and then displayed them on the huge screen. He had shown once again that he was learning his place, and the obvious pleasure of the women made him tingle all over.

Carole sat in a prominent position in a large black leather chair; her full and mature figure, naked and cross legged, displaying her luscious white thighs which offered him a teasing hint of her sex. He felt she was magnificent, and she seemed have complete control over him just by nearby. Her dominance oozed over him like a mist. Beside her lay the vicious whip he had witnessed earlier-

'Come and kneel in front of me, I want to enjoy your denial to the full tonight; it will make tomorrow all the more special for both you and I.' As he knelt she held the leash with both hands for a time, playfully choking him and then releasing the pressure before he was too uncomfortable, taunting him as she did so.

'I want you to write a nice long story about the equestrian adventures you had here; you can relate as to how you were broken like a badly behaved stallion by the females who are your natural superiors. You will have a tale to tell after your walk of submission tomorrow. All the ladies are relishing the spectacle; you will know your place forever after I have truly owned you.' She then released the leash and picked up the huge whip by her side. He could feel the women moving in closer to get a good view; cameras clicked and camcorders whirred. Carole toyed with the last two feet or so whilst staring right into his eyes with a contemptuous look. He could not help but notice the vicious looking little knot and tassel which made up the last four inches or so. Carole smiled wickedly when she noticed this section had his attention.

'You know I'm going to teach you a very important lesson tomorrow, don't you?' he gulped involuntarily and the women sneered and giggled.

'Yes mistress' he said, the whip being apparent but only guessing at the full extent of the humiliation which was planned by the goddess before him, a dominant woman who intended to be the goddess of his destiny. She ran he fingers over the little knot and tassel;

'It's very soft you know. In my expert hands it will cause you extreme pain which we will both enjoy, but will do you very little lasting damage- look, I'll show you how soft it is'- and she placed the end of the whip under her, then sat gracefully down holding the last two feet under the cleft of her cheeks and her sex. She then deftly drew it forward slowly, and increased her grip between her thighs and buttocks as the last few inches were pulled through, ensuring the business end was nicely moist with her most womanly scent as the end was released. She dangled it before his nose and he could not help but inhale the sweet mixture of leather and dominant womanhood.

'Now draw it through your lips and feel how soft your new mistress is' she said in a commanding but reassuring tone which could not be denied. He took the last foot or so and his erection bobbed rigidly as he tasted the whip for the first time. It was very very soft and the taste of her served to make his balls ache all the more. The women laughed at his humiliation, and at what they knew was to come tomorrow. Oh how he wanted to be whipped right now and end this torment. But Carole knew this.

'See, it's nice and soft isn't it?' She said, as he licked his lips as though having just eaten a doughnut.

'Yes Mistress' she then stood up before him; the whip dangling from one hand which twirled it menacingly. He cowered on his knees before this epitome of mature and dominant femininity. She moved close into him so that he could take in her scent and then put her free hand under his chin and had him look up at her from virtually between her thighs. The cameras continued to click and flash, the camcorders continued relentlessly. She looked down at him as someone might view a dog or other less important object;

'You want to be whipped into submission by me, don't you?' she said teasingly. 'You know it's the only way you'll be allowed any reward'. He just wished he could have it now; he truly wanted to be owned by this woman and the sooner the better.

'Yes mistress, I want you to whip me'. He sang out without shame; some of the women clapped at this admission of subservience- he was pleasing them no end.

'Then you shall have your wish tomorrow' she said, then pushed him aside and strode towards the stairs.

'Bring him to me when you've had your pleasure of him- he'll sleep with me tonight'. The ladies had their way with him for the next couple of hours. He was taunted mercilessly about the following day on the one hand, questioned and conversed with on an almost intellectual sense regarding his book compositions on the other, and at times simply treated to the most base and carnal acts with various women; all taking great care not to allow him to have any 'accidents' involving the spillage of his most masculine of body fluids – though he was taken to the edge on many occasions. He was then taken upstairs by Roseanne and Chrissie, who were careful to pick up the butt plug, lengths of cord and panties from a table at the foot of the stairs.

Carole was sitting up in bed reading a draft of one of his books through a pair of horn rim glasses which made he look even stricter than ever, she wore nothing else. The book was 'La belle equestrienne' in which a male is treated to all sorts of horsey pleasures by a group of upper-middle class women somewhere in Hampshire, England.

'I can see that the whipping scene in chapter six is purely from your fantasy and not from experience. I'll have you re-write that part after tomorrow. You'll be so pleased with my decision'. She said this as the two female ranch-hands ushered him to the bed. Carole pulled back the duvet to reveal the whip lying next to her. He was made to lie down, trussed, plugged, gagged and then Carole picked up a patent leather belt from beside the bed. She did this up tightly about her waist. This accentuated the curve of her gorgeous rear end perfectly. His leash was passed between her legs and tied at the front of the belt, pulling his nose into the crease of her soft, warm bottom. The two younger women made sure he was in a reasonably comfortable position and the whip was bound around his cock and balls. Carole said;

'Sweet dreams' -and eased her arse into his face. With the panties gagging him, he had no option other than to inhale her sweet scent.

'Tomorrow I shall own you completely and you will beg me to end your misery. You will be broken and humiliated. You will surrender your will completely and this will be witnessed by all the women here. You will do as you are told by any woman without the slightest thought after I have finished with you. When I am satisfied you will be rewarded. You must sleep now; the next time you enter this bed you will still be in pain but you will be allowed to pleasure me.' His cock twitched at the words; his sphincter clenched at the butt plug, his breathing increased involuntarily making him suck in the heady aroma of this mature and dominant woman who was to own him. His wrists and ankles felt the tight flex of his bonds. He was well and truly owned and he did his best to stay awake and enjoy this delectable humiliation for as long as possible, whilst also imagining the whipping he was to receive. It was no good; the soft bed and the warmth of the goddess soon enveloped him.

He awoke as the panties were being removed from his mouth by Roseanne. Carole was in the shower but he was not allowed to wash.

'There's no point' grinned Roseanne;

'you are going to get very sweaty, dusty and we hope there'll be a little blood too.' He was taken naked and dishevelled down stairs and made to drink lots of liquids- they made sure that energy drinks were forced down him; they knew he would not be able to cope with eating solids, such was the level of his fear and excitement. The women all gathered around and he was taken into a corral at the side of the ranch. Though still quite early in the morning, the sun blazed down and he was already beginning to sweat. Agnes, holly, Judy and Celeste were all there, as were Chrissie and Roseanne. They were accompanied by Tabitha, whom he's seen naked on a horse when first arriving, and there were four or five other women there to; invited along to witness a spectacle which had become legendary amongst the dominant women here.

'Ok Ladies' said Roseanne; and they all joined him in becoming naked, stripping their clothes off where they stood. They all smiled knowingly at him. Then they all turned to see Carole naked atop her stallion as she walked him into the corral.

'Hood him!' she commanded, and Chrissie smartly placed a black hood over his head. This had eye-holes in it so as to allow him to enjoy the spectacle too. Then Carole cast down a rope which was tied to her saddle; this was tied around his neck.

'You will now be taken to Hangman's Hill where you will suffer for all womanhood!' The women cheered and clapped and after his wrists were bound behind him, the horse walked on, and he was taken, hooded, naked, roped and tied to a stallion ridden by a naked and dominant goddess- before a group of ten or twelve naked and superior women who were to witness his punishment and utter humiliation. They walked out into the countryside along a hot and dusty trail; he watched the beautifully bodied figure before him and noticed the beads of sweat run down her back into the inviting crevice which sat sweetly upon the saddle. The whip wiggled around by the side of her steed and he was now almost relishing the thought of feeling that whip and disgracing himself before the throng of women as the middle-aged dominatrix tested his will with the whip. The well- worn trail which was soft and dusty underfoot slowly wound up an incline. He could soon view the surrounding landscape for miles around, though this was of little interest to him. Then as they neared the top he espied a 'T' shaped wooden frame looming closer. This was at the top of the incline and the padded frame set with shackle was set in a circle of smooth stone seating. This was 'Hangman's Hill'.

He was unleashed, unbound, and taken to the frame. Then his wrists were passed through the shackles and fastened with tight leather straps. His ankles were bound to the foot of the post in similar fashion. The women jostled for the best positions within the stone seating- they wanted to watch him suffer; some had a preference to watch his facial expressions, others wanted to view the whip exact its work on his body. Carole walked the stallion round so that he could watch her dismount with the whip; she wanted him to savour as much memory of her as possible, as she would be behind him for most of the proceedings. His cock was upright and rigid against the padded post and it throbbed as he marvelled at this glorious woman and the fate which she would deliver to him.

She dismounted slowly, keeping perfect poise, even though she was as eager as he was to start proceedings. She took the whip and walked around him several times.

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