Harry Prepares 4 Daughters for Marriage

by harry lime

Copyright© 2011 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: It is in the 1800s in England and poor Sir Harry Higgins is down on his luck. His finances have hit a setback. On top of that, the widower has 4 unmarried daughters with no dowry and no means of income. It is a time for drastic measures. His solutions to this problem are not what Jane Austen would envision in a storyline. The erotic scenarios are paramount and no holds are barred in finding suitable husbands for all 4 daughters.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   Spanking   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Voyeurism   .

Sir Harry Higgins sat in the drawing room absentmindedly reading some very dull articles about unrest on the Continent. He really had no interest in other people's problems right at the moment. Poor Sir Harry had troubles enough of his own.

He had been a widower for these three years past after the unfortunate riding accident that had claimed his spouse of two decades, Lady Eugenia Higgins. Eugenia had been a shy virgin of only 16 when he claimed her maidenhead on their wedding night. It seemed not very long ago. It was almost as if it was just yesterday. Her premature demise at age 36 left him with total responsibility in raising his 4 young daughters alone.

When she passed, they ranged in age from 16 to 19 and now the youngest was 19 and the oldest was 22 years of age.

To most readers that may seem not to be a serious problem; but in 1890 in rural England with its strange societal nuances, it was a predicament of some consequence.

The eldest daughter, Petunia, was a classic beauty possessed of a long graceful neck and a cleavage of some considerable magnitude. He had very great hopes for her just this summer past when Colonel Winter bottom's son, Rudolph had shown a high degree of interest in Petunia's winsome smile and generous breast development. That had all been dashed beyond repair when he was recalled to his regiment for deployment to some God forsaken post near the Khyber Pass.

It did not help at all for poor Petunia to be so disturbingly shy with males. She was much at ease with her sisters and all female members of the staff, but seemed to tense up whenever brought into close proximity to anyone with a cock.

He knew he was somewhat at fault in that regard. He had sheltered all four of his daughters far beyond the norm after the traumatic passing of his spouse.

His second oldest daughter, Rose, was not quite as attractive as Petunia. She did possess a superior intellect that never ceased to amaze him. She did have a stunning shade of natural hair that all her sisters marveled at in sheer envy.

Rose had a bit of a sharp tongue that seemed to put off her male admirers. She was aware of this shortcoming and made serious efforts to curtail it to no avail. No sooner had she opened her mouth than Sir Harry witnessed many a young man do an about face and head for the nearest available female. She, at least, was not in the least bit shy and made every effort to come into close contact with cocks of all varieties at every opportunity. Even now, Sir Harry suspected she was doing something quite unseemly in the pantry with the cook's helper.

Sir Harry's third daughter was Lily. Lily was a very religious girl. She professed a desire to enter into God's service and petitioned her Father to facilitate her vocation with dispatch. Sir Harry would like nothing better but he had not the funds to pay the poor girl's dowry for such an enterprise. Bad investments had seriously reduced the latitude for such a transfer of funds.

The youngest of the Higgins girls was sweet little Daisy. Daisy had just celebrated her 19th birthday and was easily the most beautiful of his daughters. She had long flowing dark hair and her facial features made most young men take immediate notice of her. As the youngest daughter, she had been a bit deprived of opportunity in favor of her older sisters. Now, at age 19, it was every girl for herself and Daisy moved in quickly to grab any interested male suitor for her own.

Daisy was very well shaped and there was ample meat to grab hold of in all the right places. Sir Harry had attended to her bath on several occasions and he could vouch for her desirable form.

After his wife's death, Sir Harry had allowed his youngest daughter to hop into his bed for comfort. She was only 16 at the time but still gave satisfactory pleasure with her hind quarters. For the past three years, He had been sliding in an out of Daisy's shapely posterior on a nightly basis. The young girl showed a very carnal desire to be anally impaled at every opportunity. He was very careful to keep her virginity intact for a proper husband. The other three sisters were jealous of their younger sister's activities with their Father, but they did not suspect the extent of their depravity.

Sir Harry knew that he had to get one or more of the young ladies "on the market" as quickly as possible to reduce his expenses. Harry figured Daisy was the most likely candidate for a quick attachment and whirlwind courtship. Her stunning good looks added to the likelihood of an advantageous marriage.

As part of his plan to get Daisy married off, Harry sent her to her Aunt Edith's in London. He knew the old dowager was a dabbler in match-making and an inveterate social-climber of the boldest sort.

He decided that his next project would be the immediate outing of his eldest daughter, Petunia, into the local "pool of available unattached females" without further delay. He informed her that he would be escorting her to the debutante dance at the parish hall on Saturday. Petunia was a little taken aback. Her Father had not taken such an interest in her before. She figured his lack of interest was because of his obvious preference for Daisy's company.

His other two daughters were all a giggle as Petunia came down the staircase dressed all in creamy white. Harry could see she was a most desirable young lady. She made no bones about presenting her breasts in a tantalizing manner sure to induce the attention of many prospective suitors.

At the hall, the music was quite good and the company was both interesting and in a festive mood.

Harry watched his daughter juggle several young men unashamedly like puppets on a string. He realized she was all aglow from the attention she was receiving from her young admirers. He noticed that one of the men was not all that young. In fact he was nearer to Harry's age than Petunia.

The unknown gentleman allowed his hand to slip down to Petunia's flanks once or twice and Sir Harry saw that his daughter was not in the least bit upset with the liberty. Her face was flushed and her breasts were noticeably heaving with her excitement. Harry could not help but be aroused at the sight of his daughter's well-endowed breasts struggling to be free of the restraint of the ball gown.

A rather plain but well-dressed woman standing next to him in the parents section addressed him unexpectedly.

"Your daughter seems to be having a good time, Sir Harry!"

"Quite right, you seem to have the advantage of me, madam. Sir Harry Higgins at your service!"

"That is my son over there by the band. He is more interested in the musicians than he is in the company of young ladies, I am afraid. I am Lady Camilla Jones-Smythe. That is my son Rupert."

"Well, a taste for music is a sign of good breeding, I always say."

The tall woman placed her hand on Harry's arm. Her fingers were long and delicate. Harry imagined them wrapped around his long, hard cock. He looked down into her eyes and could have sworn she was reading his dirty mind.

"Would you like to have a go?"

Harry was startled and then realized she was referring to the dance floor.

"Certainly, Let us trip the light fantastic. I will have a care for your toes."

They moved out onto a corner of the dance floor and Harry encircled the narrow waist of the woman with his strong hands. Egad! She was a delicate creature. They danced together at a respectable distance for several minutes. Then, after a slight change in tempo, Lady Camilla somehow wound up pressed tightly against his legs. His semi-dormant member sprung to full attention and pushed in between the gentle ladies legs searching for her private little nest.

Camilla smiled up at Sir Harry.

"Oh, La, Sir. You have a most impressive staff. I have not felt a member of that dimension for many years. It is ever so nice to have it rubbing my little cunny all over. Pray, take a care or I will be forced to release my inside juices before this dance is finished."

Harry felt his pre-cum oozing from the end of his aroused cock. His hand on Camilla's back pushed her forward on his erect member. She was a bit disoriented and fanned furiously as they moved off the dance floor. He tried to hide his obvious erection from curious eyes. Harry saw Camilla staring at his still semi-stiff cock poking against his tight trousers.

He took a cup of punch to Lady Camilla. She ran her gloved fingers over his hand as he passed it to her. It was obvious the Lady was in heat. Harry was more than happy to oblige except his plans for Petunia took precedence at the present time.

He leaned forward and whispered in her ear.

"May I have the pleasure of calling on you in the morning, dear lady?"

"Of course, Sir Harry. My son will be away with friends. We can have the whole morning together and discuss whatever comes up."

Camilla gave a pointed glance at his still protruding bulge as she stated her invitation.

Harry kissed her glove and moved off to gather in his eldest daughter. The music had stopped and the ball was quite over.

Petunia was all a flutter. She had made two engagements with the dance partners. One was for tea at a young man's club on the morrow. The other was to the opera with the older gentleman Harry had noticed earlier. Harry learned the young man was both landed and had an income of some 5,000 pounds. His name was Oliver Westcott and he resided in London. The older gentleman was a member of the current government. Petunia called him, The Honorable Clement Tarkington. Harry had never heard of him, but the prospect looked very encouraging. He would make a point of researching the gentleman's background immediately.

His daughter was so excited; she never stopped talking all the way home. He would have to devise a way to remove some of the fear she had of the male anatomy to increase her chances for a satisfactory union. He could hear the three of them talking and whispering for a long time after they retired for the evening.

Harry knocked on the girl's door and told them to desist from the merry-making at such an ungodly hour. His stern warning was met with stifled giggles.

"Petunia, you get out here right now. You will sleep in your Mother's room tonight. You other two get to sleep right now. I am adamant about this."

Petunia came out with her head down low so her Father could not see the smile on her face. He urged her along the hallway with a few well-placed spanks on her sassy bottom.

In the double bedroom suite that held the Lord and Lady of the manor, Harry told Petunia to go straight to her Mother's bed and lay down on her tummy.

Petunia was a bit fearful. The last time her Daddy had given her those instructions, she had received a very strict spanking that made her bum stay red for a full day. Her worse fears were realized when she saw her Father come in with his belt in his hand. She immediately began to beg and plead for his forbearance if only she were given another chance.

Harry knew he should spank her roundly for her impertinence, but he considered the fact that his special little daughter Daisy would not be available for anal trysts anytime soon. He decided he would kill two birds with one stone and tutor Petunia in recognition and acceptance of male genitalia at the same time he would relieve his own need to release his seed in a friendly, wet and tight, female hole in the lonely night time hours.

Petunia watched her Father put down the belt and hitch his bed gown up to his waist revealing an enormous looking penis of considerable length and girth. She looked over her shoulder in disbelief that her very own Father was going to use her bum for his own pleasure. Then again, it was far preferable to the spanking she knew she well-deserved.

Harry told his daughter to put her head in the pillow and to bite it hard if she felt any pain. He told her it would hurt only for an instant and then she would experience a very satisfying release of her virginal female juices in copious amounts. Petunia was no stranger to various masturbation techniques and she had also used some unusual objects to exercise her rectal muscles achieving great orgasmic results.

This was new to her and she was a little bit frightened but she trusted her Father and she knew he was doing this mostly for her own good if she was ever to entice a man to her bed.

Harry was a little perturbed at Petunia's cavalier attitude and her wretched shyness that put off most males. He, therefore, did not waste much time in preparing her for the anal impalement and speared her tiny pucker hole with little wastage of time.

Poor Petunia squealed like a stuck pig and bit down hard on the pillow. It was just as her Father said it would be. The initial stab of pain was replaced by a deeply satisfying sense of fullness. She felt the butterflies begin to roam about inside her gut and her neatly trimmed little pussy leaked little spurts of pussy juice onto the clean white sheets.

Harry rode his eldest daughter's ass hard and for a very long time. He was enjoying it immensely. He felt himself a dunderhead for not attending to Petunia's needs years ago. He had been a bit biased in just giving his seed to the youngest daughter Daisy alone.

Petunia was moaning and humping her bum up high to get her Father's long cock in deeper. The sound of his balls slapping against her bare legs made her squirt her female juices in a wild frenzied dance under his muscular legs. When her orgasm swept over her, she cried out in a plaintive wail heard only by her and her Father.

Harry shot his load deep into Petunia's gut. He grabbed her long flowing hair and pulled her head up so he could see her eyes and her face when his seed spurted deep inside her fiery rectum.

They held each other tightly and fell off into a deep and peaceful sleep. He awoke the next morning as Petunia moved off to her bath to soak away her scent of carnal sex. First, she bent over to kiss her Father full on the lips and thank him for his kind attentions to her needs.

Harry was glad he had a good night's sleep. His appointment with Lady Camilla was at mid-morning.

(Continued in Part II)


The domicile of Lady Camilla Jones-Smythe was tucked away in an up-scale neighborhood not too distant from the seat of Government. The overabundance of servants impressed Sir Harry Higgins far more deeply than normal in light of his recent financial reversals.

An extraordinarily fine-featured maid with a trim figure took his cloak and cane and directed him to the study. He made a point of not being too early for fear of appearing too eager for the delicate creature's company.

Camilla swept into the well-appointed study with an air of flustered female agitation. Harry was much excited by her gown with a very low cut over her bosom. When she leaned forward, he could see the full outline of a fine pair of beautiful English tits swaying in perfect unison. Harry wanted to reach right out and grasp the orbs in each hand and bring them to his mouth for prolonged sucking.

Of course, Sir Harry did no such thing; it would be too unseemly at their first private meeting. The maid entered demurely and inquired if tea would be required. Harry was glad Camilla declined and told the Maid,

"Far too early for ingestion, Polly, kindly secure the door and see we are not disturbed. Sir Harry and I have some serious business to discuss."

The maid turned away from Camilla and as she moved past Harry, he could have sworn the little tart winked at him.

"Do sit here next to me, Harry; I do so detest straining to hear people's words when they are not in close proximity to my person."

Harry happily moved to the settee next to Camilla. Now he could inhale the fragrance cast so delicately by the handsome woman. He took in the enticing tendrils of sensuality that penetrated his very core and caused his sensitive member to swell up into uncontrollable prominence.

His view of Camilla's glorious breasts was completely unobstructed.

He could see her soft white curves moving in delectable rhythm. She was breathing rapidly now. Harry saw that Camilla's eyes were focused on his obvious erection. The flustered gentlewoman was nervously fingering her upswept hair and she moved her bottom in different directions on the settee as though possessed by an unladylike itch.

Harry knew all the signs.

Lady or no, this is a cunt that needs to be laid.

He reached out his hand and took her hand in his. The touch of her soft female flesh spurred him to lean in and place his lips tentatively on her soft rose tinted mouth. Her thirsty mouth opened up to him and she allowed her tongue to rub against his in a passionate dance of lust and desire.

Harry was almost beside himself with his base need to bury his pulsating cock deep inside Camilla's yet unseen pussy. He valiantly restrained himself and moved his greedy lips to the comely ladies breasts. He used his tongue to flick the tender nipples and licked and sucked the little nubbins into rock-hard buttons at the end of her heaving breasts.

Slowly, Harry raised the lady's gown to gain access to her female parts and exquisitely shaped legs.

Her ripe female scent was mingled deliciously with the fragrance of the expensive French perfume she had liberally applied to her inner legs. Unexpectedly, he found that she had removed all hair from her little nesting place. Harry was overjoyed. He did dislike getting the nasty hair strands into his mouth and he wanted to bury his tongue deep inside Camilla's womanhood in order to satisfy his strong desire to pleasure this lovely lady.

Camilla shuddered and covered her face with both hands at the touch of Harry's tongue on her pulsating clitoris. She raised her stately buttocks up off the settee to welcome his mouth into her vaginal recesses. Harry could see her need, and he could sense her appreciation for his oral efforts. He could taste her sweetness left long unattended since the demise of her husband.

Camilla peeked out from behind her hands and saw Sir Harry's head buried deep into her female anatomy. She was moved to a height of dizzying passion at the licking of her womanly love button. Totally disregarding appearances, she moved her hands down and cradled the back of Harry's head to guide him to the more needy areas of her seldom exercised pussy.

Ever accommodating, Sir Harry licked and sucked the impassioned mature Lady into a state of arousal not to be ignored any longer. Camilla was giving voice to some very unladylike language to spur Harry on to greater efforts and her luscious posterior was beating a frenzied tattoo on the settee surface.

"Oh, sir! You have me at your mercy. I beg you drive your lovely tongue up deep into my opening with haste. I must release my fluids this very instant. Yes! Yes! Don't move, dear Harry, I am there."

Harry felt the juices spurt out of Camilla's pussy. He lapped them up to her great delight. Some of them ran back into her little pucker hole and he sucked them out of her nether regions forcing poor Camilla to immediately succumb to a second and even more violent orgasm.

Harry held the trembling woman in his arms and calmed her back into a semblance of propriety. She held on tightly to him like a drowning person reaching for a lifeline. He took her delicate soft hand and moved it to his raging erection waiting for respite from inactivity.

He saw the less agitated woman gasp and sport a much reddened visage upon contact with his engorged member. He was much astonished that a mature woman in her late 30s would be so disturbed at the touch of male equipment. Harry did not waste any time in unfurling his staff for the ladies full inspection at close range.

The full 10 inches were waving about in close quarters to Camilla's puffy lips.

Harry realized the widow was somewhat reluctant to appear sexually aggressive and unfeminine. He reached down and pushed his thumb into her willing mouth and allowed her to suck on his meaty thumb before withdrawing it and substituting his cock already dripping with sticky pre-cum.

No sooner had her lips accepted his shaft, Camilla began to bob her neatly coiffed head up and down on Harry's long, hard cock. She made little mewing sounds like a kitten searching for her mother's teat.

A long line of saliva and semen dribble was hanging from her pointed, upper-class chin. Harry looked down at her proud and haughty face busily suctioning in his oversized cock and felt his fluids begin to perk and rise into his thick shaft. He quickly placed his hand on the back of her bobbing head and pushed her forward for a deep throat release of his creamy cum. His first spurt caused the poor lady to gag she was so out of practice with oral pleasuring. He could see her swallowing rapidly after that and she managed to suck his entire load deep into her empty tummy.

Harry withdrew from the widow's mouth just prior to his last spurt of cum splashed onto her pretty face and lips. Camilla used her finger to push all the sticky cum into her mouth and licked her lips like a cat tasting the last drops of delicious milk.

Harry's passion was so inflamed that he eased Camilla's head into the settee cushion keeping her on her knees on the Persian carpet. He took up position behind her and brought his fully aroused cock into tight placement against her dripping pussy. The poor lady was in a state of total arousal and abject disgust at her own vile desires to be impaled without mercy. She pushed her ass back into Harry's cock impaling her pussy beyond redemption. He wrapped his strong arms around her and cupped her swinging breasts before sliding deep inside her velvet lined tunnel of love.

Camilla exploded like a keg of dynamite in a forest fire. Her ass was rolling and quaking with every one of Harry's thrusts into her inner core. She begged for Harry not to stop but to drive into her with even more vigor and resolve. He was only too happy to oblige with a frenzy of animalistic coupling that could only end in high pressured release of his creamy load deep inside Camilla's deprived pussy.

They both came back to reality and Harry was aware of Polly peeking into the drawing room. He felt certain it was just to ascertain the wellbeing of her benefactress. The poor lady had become so vocal at the end, Harry was certain the servants would all come running to see if there had been an accident.

He assisted Camilla up from the floor and spent some time in kissing her fluttering hands and applying a copious smattering of kisses all over her pretty face and head. When she was sufficiently recovered to the point of regaining full control, he begged her forgiveness for his uncontrollable ardor and promised to be in full control of his passion when next they met. Camilla, seeing he was properly subservient to her greater authority, acceded to his wishes to see her in 2 days hence. He promised a boon to make up for his poor manners on this first visit.

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