Interrupted Bath

by obohobo

Copyright© 2011 by obohobo

Sex Story: By pure chance Lynn walked in on Ken having a bath but her sister’s matchmaking scheme almost guaranteed she’d have to stay with him.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   True Story   .

"What a way to start the spring half term holiday," Ken Bigmore mused as he luxuriated in a hot bath, hoping, but doubting, the Radox crystals would ease his sore muscles, muscles he normally didn't use when teaching at Junior school. "Rains hard all night and when I expect to lie in, old Miss Sharpe phones and in her squeaky voice says, "My garden is flooding and I'm afraid it will come into the house and the gardener won't come out to clear the drain on a Saturday," more likely she didn't want to pay him to do the job and expected me to do it for nothing." Against the hard, wind-blown rain, Ken trudged over the hill to the eighty-five year-old's house and groaned when he saw the amount of debris clogging the culvert that should have taken the ditch water under the driveway and away from her house. Two hours later, soaked and covered with mud, he knocked at her door and said he cleared the blockage and the water had gone down and received grudgingly given thanks. "I suppose I shouldn't have expected anything more from that old biddy," he told himself as he plodded back home. He lay back in the warm water and listened to the rain lashing the window, almost drowning Classic FM on the radio, and idly stroked his erect prick.

"I'll wring my bloody sister's neck when I see her," Lynn Owens swore as she dragged her suitcase along the deserted country lane, "She could at least have picked me up at the station especially in weather like this. I can't even use the brolly because of the wind." Slowly she pulled the suitcase along the rough tarmac hoping the wheels would stand up to the abuse and not force her to carry it. "I may not be able to meet the train," Denise said, "But the number 188 bus to Hawksworth meets it. Ask the driver to let you off at Grouse Farm and then it's a short walk to my house. It's the first one and I'll leave the back door unlocked so you'll be able to get in, in a small hamlet of ten houses, we don't need to worry about locks during the day." Short walk! It must be nearly a mile! "She better have the heat on to warm me up even if it is May and I'll need to dry my soaking clothes too. I hope the rain hasn't penetrated my suitcase." Finally she saw a cottage with a waft of smoke coming from the chimney and hurried on thinking of a cheerful welcome and a bright log fire.

"Oh God, I'm sorry, I thought you were my sister ... I didn't know she had a man friend..." Lynn started, embarrassed by the sight of Ken stroking his prick when she walked through the open bathroom door.

Surprised and startled, Ken quickly recovered, dropped a flannel over his prick, and sat up to get a better look at the bedraggled women who'd interrupted his reverie. "Sister?"

"Yes, Denise, Denise Huggleston, she said she lived in the first house and I'm to stay with her for the week. I really am sorry to burst in on you but she said to walk in..."

"Denise lives in the next house on the other side of the road but you won't be staying with her until Monday night because she went away for the long weekend and for once, she didn't leave me with the key. I saw her leave early this morning to stay with an ex college flame somewhere on the south coast but she didn't say where when we spoke yesterday."

Tears ran down Lynn's face but they blended with the water running off her hair, "That's all I need after a three hour journey on the train and bus and I get here soaked and no place to stay. The bitch didn't mention she intended to go away when I phoned her on Thursday, just two days ago."

"She told me several weeks back. The college friend she keeps in touch with invited her for the three-day weekend. Look, why don't you go down into the kitchen and get your wet coat and top clothes off and use the spare bedroom to the right of the stairs, to change into dry clothes and by then I'll be out of the bath and we can make some lunch and sort out what to do. I'm Ken by the way."

"Lynn, Lynn Owens. Thanks Ken. Denise has mentioned you helping her a few times, but I cannot understand why she didn't tell me she would be away."

"From what I know of Denise, I suspect we are being set up. We'll talk about it over lunch, now go and get those wet things off before you catch a death of cold."

A few minutes later, Ken started to wash himself properly thinking it would take her a while to change when she came and tapped on the still open door, "I need a towel please."

"In the airing cupboard here." For the first time Ken saw her without the bundle of outdoor clothing, indeed, wearing only a wet shirt, knickers and bra, revealed most of her body and caused Ken's prick to start hardening again. Fortunately he was able to control it before he had a full erection. "She looks to be near my age and obviously not a prude, so maybe it might be worth going along with Denise's matchmaking plan, at least for a few days," he thought and her unabashed slipping her knickers down to above her knees and using the toilet in front of him, although he only had a side view of her, reinforced his notion of her lack of prudishness.

"Sorry," she apologised, "I got desperate and you can see less of me than I can of you," she smiled and Ken didn't bother to cover his prick, now lying turgid, but not erect, on the surface of the water.

Over lunch they discussed the situation. "We can look up the train times on the Internet and I will drive you to the station if that is your wish, but with all your wet clothes and the stuff we've put in the washing machine, that is probably not the best option and you would miss seeing Denise when she returns..."

"And giving her a piece of my mind!"

"Or I can drive you to town and find a hotel with vacancies but again, probably not a good option apart from the expense, or you can stay here in the spare room ... or share mine." He paused and waited for a comment but none came. "You'd be most welcome to stay as my guest and you despite what you saw earlier, you won't be assaulted, but you'd have to muck in and help with the cooking and chores. I might even get a decent meal out of it."

"I wouldn't bank on it," Lynn grinned, "I'm not noted for my cooking skills but I'll do what I can with basic stuff, that's all I needed to do for Henry, my ex." Although she hadn't said so unequivocally, from her answer Ken deduced she intended to stay and he rightly guessed she'd make up her mind after being with him for longer, before deciding which bed to sleep in. In the hour or so they'd been together, he'd become more attracted to her than to any of the women he'd had.

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