Metric Mistake

by Rod Walker

Copyright© 2011 by Rod Walker

Erotica Sex Story: Wife takes a boyfriend. Husband cuts him off.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Heterosexual   Humor   Cheating   Slut Wife   Wimp Husband   Cuckold   Swinging   Size   .

My name is Jim, age 32 and I have my own Event Engineering business. What is Event Engineering many people ask? I provide sound, lighting, tents, video screens etc. for any kind of large event. High end weddings, college graduations, press conferences, you name it. I'm also the local promoter for quite a few concerts. I fill in the gap between what the venue has, and what the tour brings with them.

My wife Marci is 28, and is a knock out. She may not be the brightest bulb on the tree, but she makes up for it in looks. I met her when she was a model for one of my customers at the car show. Being in the entertainment business, I meet lots of beautiful women.

When we were dating and for the first couple of years of marriage we did a lot of bondage and roll playing stuff and eventually moved into swapping. I didn't mind letting another guy have Marci as long as his wife was hot. Lots of guys wanted to swap with me so they could get with Marci. Therefore we had no trouble finding willing partners.

Then Marci found Derek. This guy was slick, too slick. I didn't like him much but Marci was nuts about him, and his girlfriend was beautiful and sexy. Stupid me, I had no idea I was being played. It was our fourth meeting when Derek showed up without the girlfriend. He did have a bunch of excuses. I should have put my foot down and said no, but I went along with it.

The girlfriend showed up a few more times, but less and less as time when on. Then no girlfriend at all, they had broken up. Again I didn't put my foot down, mostly because Marci had become a sex animal. She told me, "Derek gets me going baby. Then you reap the benefits." I was getting head most mornings and pussy, and or ass, every night. Again stupid me, I had no idea this was right out of the "cuckold Jim" game plan.

Did Derek ever have a real girlfriend, or was she just around to get him in the door? I never found out.

One morning Marci is jacking me off by hand and not her mouth. "What is with the hand job Marci?" I asked her, "Something wrong with your mouth?"

"I'm sorry honey, Derek says I can't take you in my mouth anymore. He kisses my mouth and he says the thought of your cum in there is a turn off for him?"

As you can imagine this really pissed me off, "You're shitting me Marci, who the fuck is Derek to say I can't cum in my own wife's mouth!"

"Derek is my bull baby, I have to follow his instructions."

"Your bull! What the fuck are you talking about Marci, this isn't funny!"

"Derek is my bull and you are my cuckold honey. I'm sorry but that's just the way it is. You have read all the online stories Jim. The bull sets the rules."

We had a heated argument for quite a while after that but Marci would not give an inch. She insisted I accept "reality". She went on to imply that our marriage was on the line if I caused trouble. I reminded her we had a pre-nup, and she reminded me that Derek was rich. However she loved me and wanted to stay married. It was only sex with Derek, but it was great sex and she was not going to give it up.

"His cock is longer than yours Jim, that makes him the alpha male. You need to learn to defer to him."

How do you argue with shit like that? I told you she wasn't very smart. But how could she be this stupid. And how could she imagine I would be wimp enough to go along with this crap.

And this shit about Derek's cock being so much better than mine was bullshit. Mine was 7 inches long. Well actually about 6.5 inches if I didn't push the ruler end hard into my skin, and thrust out my groin. But that's more than average according to Wikipedia. I had seen Derek's cock and it was about 8 inches long, although he talked like it was a lot more. He only had an inch or so on me, and was no bigger around. How does that make him the alpha male?

I went to work late that day but didn't get any work done. When I came home she was dresses all sexy and was cooking my favorite meal. Damn, this must be right out of Cuckolding 101! Feed him, and please him until he comes around. Then go fuck the Bull!

I sat down and ate dinner, but I didn't enjoy it much. I expected Marci was going to try and fuck my brains out, but I was wrong. "Jim I had a talk with Derek today and we want to offer you a deal."

"I'm listening Marci." I said while doubting I'd like the "deal".

"Derek says that you can have me tonight. But first you must agree that Derek is in charge. After that you can have me any way you want one night a week. And the best part Jim ... I can even take you in my mouth! Now isn't that fair?" She was actually delighted.

"Fuck that Marci, I'll make Derek a deal. Stay the fuck away from my wife and I won't fuck him up!"

"There is no need to use profanity Jim!" The poor thing really didn't have a clue. Needless to say I didn't take the deal.

Things were tense for the next few weeks. We co-existed in the same house. I moved into the guest room and gave up any thoughts of getting pussy from my wife any time soon. Derek didn't come to the house but obviously Marci was going to him. I did a lot of thinking about my options. I had to admit this was at least partially my fault. Once you start letting other men fuck your wife, you have given up the moral high ground.

I knew this woman named Susan that that I could get together with for great sex. She didn't even charge much, you could get anything you want for a hundred bucks. The thing is that her husband got off on it. She would entertain a man in the afternoon then her husband would fuck her silly when he got home. I started seeing her a couple of times a week.

Then Marci came to me and asked if Derek could come over the house and we could talk this out. I said yes but was not hopeful. I doubted that what I wanted was going to be on the table.

Derek came to the house that night and they started in again on their ridiculous cuckolding scheme. We were all drinking coffee while they gave me the talk about how great it can be to be cuckolded. Pure bullshit! At one point Derek held his coffee cup out towards me, "Jim, I need more coffee!"

I snorted and asked, "And why can't Marci get it, or go get it yourself, asshole!"

Marci jumped in, "Jim, I explained to you that Derek is the alpha male in this relationship! If he asks for coffee, you need to get it for him."

Right there and then I made my choice about how to handle good old Derek. The details needed to be worked out, but Derek was not going to win in the end. But for my plan to work I needed to string them along for a while. So I went into the kitchen and got Derek his coffee. There was no time for me to jerk off in the cup, I had to settle for spitting in it. That's kind of juvenile I know, but what the fuck, a small victory.

I told them I would think things over. They thought they had won. Ya, good luck with that.

The next day I went to talk to Al, a guy I work with sometimes on concert tours. Al was what is called "connected". Hey, I told you I was in the entertainment business. Al put me in touch with another guy who knew other guys. Get the picture?

It seems there is this knockout of a woman back home in Italy that did special jobs for the right price. She would fly in, hook up with Derek and take him to a hotel room. I'm told that as long as Derek was a heterosexual male, this shouldn't be a problem. She was supposed to be really hot!

Once in the room she slips something in his drink. When he is asleep she injects him with something stronger. Then she performs the requested services. After that she disappears back to Italy with her fee.

Working concerts, I deal with a lot of cash that comes from the gate. I had enough cash tucked away to cover the lady's price, plus the markup for Al's "friends". Now all I had to do was wait.

One thing I did do was set up a couple of hidden video cameras and recorded some of their escapades. I might need them for evidence to enforce our pre-nup.

Marci was now having Derek over the house a couple of times a week. They wanted me to join in the fun. I wanted them to think I was reluctant but coming around. Marci was going out of her way to see that I was not pushed to far by Derek. Several times she told him to, "Take it easy." Derek, as you can expect, was being an asshole.

One night he came through the door and informed me that it was my big night, "Tonight, cucky, you are going to suck my cock!"

Marci gave Derek an angry look, "Jim doesn't do that Derek! And I wouldn't want him to anyway! Sometimes you can be such an ass!"

"Derek I didn't know you had sex with men!" I asked sarcastically.

"I'm not gay cucky!" He was really pissed now.

"Well if you're not gay, why do you want a man to suck you off? There is a beautiful woman right here, that would be happy to do it?"

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