My Sister Shows Off Her Cheerleading Skills

by harry lime

Copyright© 2011 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Robbie and his sister discover the joy of sibling closeness. He and his best friend share his sister's delights just before he leaves for University. He meets Norwegian twin sisters and a mature Studies advisor with a kinky side. Reunited with his sister at Christmas, Robbie realizes he could never find any happiness without his sister at his side.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Squirting   Exhibitionism   Teacher/Student   .

The summer had gone by so quickly. It just didn't seem possible. It really felt like I just got home for vacation from State college yesterday.

My buddy Jason and I were just hanging in the basement watching a soccer game on my Dad's big screen TV. He wanted me to get some beer from the fridge upstairs in the kitchen. We were both almost 20, but I knew it would piss my Mom off no end. House rule number one and two were "No Smoking" and "No Booze". They were quickly followed by rule number three that ruled out female visitors behind closed doors.

I figured the basement was a good spot for some female companionship, since my Mom never ventures down into the murky recreation room my Dad had created years ago on a whim. Lately, he just sat in the living room typing stupid stuff on his little laptop computer.

No, Jason and I had the basement pretty much to ourselves all summer. That is, with the exception of my little pest of a Sister, Sue Anne.

Sue Anne had been a thorn in my side ever since High School. As a senior, I had to look out for this braces wearing, bespectacled little chubby nerd of a freshman. It was downright humiliating. I always did my best to find places she couldn't go. The little nerd even used to follow me into the boy's locker room to remind me it was time to take her home.

This summer, my little sister had turned 16. I had to admit the little troublemaker had blossomed into a fairly decent looking chick. The braces were gone, the baby fat was all lost, and she was wearing invisible contacts. I had caught myself getting a major hard on watching her in our little pool in the backyard. Early one morning, last week, I walked in on her shaving her pussy in the upstairs bathroom. I was so startled; I didn't even notice until later, she had used my razor blade. I could smell the scent of young girl pussy on it when I shaved. I am so ashamed to admit I enjoyed passing that blade under my nostrils and inhaling her intoxicating scent.

Only this morning, I had scarfed up a pair of her dirty panties off the top of the laundry bucket and took them to my room. I spanked my cock hard and held them up to my face to get her smell inside me. After I spilled my cum onto the sheet, I took a glob of it and pushed it right into her panties. It was right where her sweet little pussy rubs softly.

The game was a little boring because of the lopsided score. We were looking at a girlie magazine when my sister Sue Anne came down the stairs.

"Mom, they are just watching TV. I am going to watch too."

Sue Anne turned her head up the stairs and she closed the basement door. Both Jason and I could see her pink panties under the cheerleader outfit she had been practicing in all afternoon. The tryouts were on Saturday morning and she wanted to be on the team so bad she could almost taste it.

I could see Jason was getting all horny looking at my little sister's ass.

Come to think of it, I guess I was too.

"Hey, do you guys want to see my new routine?"

I didn't say anything because I did not want to appear too interested. Jason lay back on the couch and told her he would "Love to see you do a private cheer dance."

I almost puked.

My sister didn't have a clue about Jason's innuendo. She started to do a sing-song chant to match her movements. The swirly, flouncy cheerleader skirt was almost always up and her juicy ass cheeks and prominent camel-toe made my cock come to complete attention. Her breasts were fuller than I previously thought. They bounced with tantalizing abandon to the movement of the cheer.

At the very end of the dance, Sue Anne did a difficult split and we could both hear her meaty pussy and ass slap into the carpet.

That was when I noticed Jason beating his meat with no attempt to hide it. It was obvious Sue Anne was aware of Jason's desire to seal her performance with a spray of creamy cum. I saw it arching up into the air in forceful spurts and falling right onto my sister's legs.

I didn't know if I should sock him for the effrontery to my sister's dignity or do the same thing myself.

Sue Anne giggled and wiped some of the cum off her leg with her finger. She put the dripping finger into her mouth and winked at us. I guess she had learned a lot more than I gave her credit for after her sixteenth birthday last year.

She stayed down on the carpet and turned sideways to us. Sue Anne bent her body forward and left her legs split wide open facing us. Her pink panties were all in a bunch buried deep in her ass crack. Her pussy lips peeked at us around the sides of the panties. Jason was faster than I. He got down on his knees behind her and started to lick her ass cheeks with his long, red tongue. Sue Anne pulled her panties to the side allowing him to get his tongue right inside her pretty pussy.

It was a good thing the basement was sound proof. My sister started to moan very loud and begged us to fuck her ass and her pussy. I was a little shocked. I saw Jason whip out his nine inch cock and shove it right up my sister's wet little pussy. She arched her back and shook her ass like pole-dancer looking for tips.

I loved the way she was panting and groaning each time Jason's huge cock slammed into her ass.

He started to slap her pretty little cheerleader's ass with a hard hand. Soon, Sue Anne had bright red ass cheeks to offset her pretty pink panties. I could tell Jason was ready to blow his load. His head went back and he howled like banshee looking for a house to haunt. My sister's ass was working hard now. She was humping up high, try to get all of Jason's cock deep inside.

Sue Anne gasped when Jason's creamy load splashed deep inside her vagina. The way she trembled and convulsed on the floor showed me she was experiencing a very deep and satisfying orgasm.

My little sister was hot!

The sight of my sixteen year old sister on the floor with Jason's cum slowly dripping out of her pretty little pussy made me horny as a towel boy in the girl's locker room.

I reached down to my baby sister's ass sticking up high in the air. My hand scooped a puddle of Jason's cum up from her pussy lips and I smeared it all over her ass crack to get her pucker hole lubricated real nice. I slid my fingers into her quivering anus and heard her shocked intake of breath. She looked up over her shoulder at me and smiled just as sweet as could be.

"Oh, Robbie, are you going to make me take it in the ass?"

I shook my head up and down and Jason laughed like the jerk he really is.

"That's right, Bro, get that tail wide open for me. I want sloppy seconds in little sis's poop chute."

Sue Anne looked a little fearful at the remark because of the size of Jason's cock. I wasn't worried about her, because she took his cock in pretty good, when he pounded her pussy. My six inch cock was more her size because she was a little on the petite side and her compact ass cheeks fit into my groin perfectly. I rubbed my hungry cock up and down her ass crack. It slid easily because of the copious cum all over her tiny anus. I held Sue Anne's still reddened ass cheeks with both hands and shoved my rock hard cock right into her pucker hole.

She cried out a bit. It was new to her. I knew her boyfriend Matt had never even gotten to second base with her. All she gave him was plenty of open mouth kissing and a squeeze of her boobs now and then. Suddenly, my cock broke through her sphincter muscle ridge of tightened muscle and sunk quickly to the hilt deep inside her rectum. Sue Anne was shaking and saying some very dirty words as I held her tight against my body. Jason reached under her and started to twist and play with her swinging breasts. He gave a couple of nasty pinches to her nipples that made her ass buck up into my groin in uncontrollable frenzied humping actions not appropriate for a girl so young.

I started to spurt my creamy load before I wanted to. I could feel her ass muscles milking me. Sue Anne was making little whiny noises now. I pulled out of her ass before I finished shooting off my load and streams of white creamy cum sprayed all over her back and on her cheerleader outfit.

We both sat on the floor in a trance as Sue Anne' pretty little ass leaked my load. Her pussy was still dripping with Jason's huge load of cum as well. Jason grabbed Sue Anne's hips and he pushed her head back down to the floor. Her back door hole was wide open. It was like a big black hole just waiting to be explored. Jason was rubbing his cock with a hand covered in KY lube. His whole nine inches disappeared into my sister's clutching ass hole with no effort at all. Sue Anne started to buck like a wild bronco pony trying to rid herself of a rough rider.

Jason rode her ass and spanked her bare ass cheeks with both hands. She rolled her hips and humped up and down but he was in too deep to be denied.

I moved around in front of Sue Anne and placed my dripping cock on her lips. She was so caught up with Jason's treatment of her ass; she opened her mouth and let my cock slide past her lips and into her mouth. Her tongue licked me all over. She sucked my rock hard shaft hard until I couldn't stop myself from shooting another load into her throat. Sue Anne swallowed hard and fast to keep from gagging

Jason pulled Sue Anne's ass hard back into his groin to receive his load deep inside her gut. The splash of cum made her whimper with pleasure. I could see her trembling with a new and strongest ever orgasm. It seemed to last forever. Jason and I just sat there with weary cocks watching her come down from her orgasmic delights.

I could not believe my sister was so sexy and so sensuous.

I promised myself right then and there to be sure to come home for Christmas vacation.

My Sister Shows Off Her Cheerleading Skills Part II

The long wait for Christmas vacation to arrive was giving a serious case of "blue balls".

That's not to imply that I wasn't getting any. Jason and I were tapping a pair of Norwegian twins pretty regular. Sometimes we got them mixed up and they giggled and laughed when they told us we were screwing the wrong sister. That led to an orgy of 4-way sex that had me seeing double when either of them bent over and grabbed their ankles. Then, I noticed that Olga had a little mole just above her ass crack and I could determine I was putting the meat to Olga and not her Sister, Gretchen.

After that, I insisted on humping the two Sisters doggy style only, so I could keep track of who was getting my load. Jason didn't give a shit which one he was humping. That guy could get off on a hole in a fence.

Ha asked me all the time about Sue Anne and if she was going to be there for us at Christmas. I assured him my Sister was just as horny as us and would be ready for hot and heavy action over the Holidays.

We shared a dorm room together and Jason had the library chick, Madison, over to help him write an overdue report. Madison was a senior and a teacher's assistant. She was kind of mousy and always wore these terrible flats that made her ass cheeks look all droopy.

I was real surprised to see she didn't look half bad when she had her glasses off and her hair was down. She had real long hair that came halfway down her back. I knew Jason was just using her to help him pass the course, but she didn't seem to mind. In fact, I could see her moving her bare foot up and down in Jason's crotch giving him a grade "A" erection.

If you remember from part I, Jason had a prime, super-sized cock that drove the girls wild. My sister was no exception. Madison was squeezing her breast big time giving Jason a nice cock massage with her bare foot. I knew it wouldn't be long before Jason's cock would be tickling the inside of Madison's throat with serious intent to shoot a big load into her tummy.

I almost felt sorry for the girl because I knew Jason's cock could sour a girl on future blow-jobs just because of its sheer size and the rough way he had of fucking girl's faces.

Sure enough, I had to go take a piss, and when I got back; Jason had Madison on her knees in front of him with his two hands holding her head firmly in place. Most of his huge cock was buried inside the poor girl's mouth. A good portion of his cock had to be sliding in her long delicate throat. Saliva and Jason's sticky pre-cum were already dripping down Madison's chin and onto her exposed boobs protruding in ample magnificence above her narrow waist. Her cherry red nipples were aroused and taut ready for loving.

Madison's eyes followed me as I came to stand behind Jason. I could read her need for Jason's cock and her shame at being watched by other eyes witnessing her sinking into sinful and degrading perversions not appropriate for a serious minded librarian.

My boy, Jason, put the icing on the cake by reaching down and spanking Madison's ass cheeks with a hard and heavy hand.

"Take it all in, Miss smart mouth. Open up and deep throat my cock. I know you want it."

Jason followed up by cracking his big hands all over Madison's ass. The sound of the spanking and the slurping sounds from Madison's fully stretched mouth made me as hard as a rock. I wanted to be in her mouth so bad, but I knew she had it occupied right now. I moved around behind her. Jason nodded his head at me. He was going to hold off a bit on shooting his load to give me a chance to insert my cock into Madison's pussy from behind.

Her skirt was already up, but I had to pull her panties down. I heard her gasp when she felt my fingers hook into the top of her panties. All she did was spread her legs a little wider so I could slip my dick up into her sweet little pussy with little effort. The feel of her smooth round ass cheeks on my skin made me go into a frenzy of fucking that made all three of us lose our balance and wind up in a jumble of arms, legs, asses, cocks and a pussy on the floor.

My cock had come out of Madison's pussy and I was shooting my long streams of sticky cum all over her ass and her beautiful long legs.

Jason had a good grip on Madison's hair and he pulled her mouth hard against his groin as he shot his full and heavy load deep into her lovely mouth. Madison gagged a little bit, but she swallowed as fast as she could and managed to swallow most of the load into her tummy. Only a little bit of creamy cum was visible on her lips and chin and she opened her mouth to show us a little puddle of the thick white stuff on her tongue.

We rolled on the floor laughing and playing around. I wound up kissing Madison full on the lips. She still had some of Jason's cum in her mouth, but I didn't care. The touch of her lips and the feel of her lively sensitive little tongue made me totally hard again and I slid up into her pussy with her sitting on top of me.

Jason must have seen that little brown eye staring at him. He was a kind of a guy that just can't pass up a chance to drive his cock up a girl's ass. Next thing I knew, Madison was the meat between the sandwich of Jason and me poking deep into both of her holes. I could feel Jason driving down hard into her little rectum. His huge cock was massaging my own cock buried deep inside her soft and velvety vagina. Poor Madison was being pushed and pulled from both sides. She was not certain which cock felt better. Jason's long hard cock rudely poking up deep into her pucker hole or my smaller, less invasive cock gently massaging her slick vagina with a steady motion taking her to an inevitable orgasmic release.

When she went into her shuddering orgasm, Madison clenched her well-developed vaginal lips around my pulsing cock. That was all I needed to make me shoot all of my precious load up deep into her quivering vaginal walls.

Jason could feel Madison go into the final throes of passion. Then, he sensed the release of my load into her Madison's hungry pussy. He grabbed Madison's hair and pulled her head back, releasing his load deep into her gut. His victorious lips took possession of her mouth and he pushed his long wet tongue inside her mouth. Their copious saliva mixed together into a soup of sensuous liquid. Madison drank it all down into her tummy like a fine and expensive wine.

The simple truth was that Madison was a far better lay than either of the Norwegian twins. Her pussy was sweet and tight and her sphincter muscle was well defined and able to milk cum from any male she gave her ass to. Her nipples and breast were sensuous and helped arouse men to instant erections. She had a natural ability to handle any cock with her beautiful mouth and she was submissive to most desires. The more I thought about it, she was very similar to my sister, Sue Anne.

Jason told me I was crazy. He was all hot to trot after the twins. I told him he could have the twins to himself on Saturday night and I would take Madison. He didn't even hesitate. The temptation of two blond ass holes up high in the air was like a stimulant to him. He kept me awake half the night telling me exactly how he was going to make both the twins beg for mercy. If nothing else, Jason was the most self-confident person I had ever met.

Madison asked me why Jason could not make it on Saturday night. I covered up by telling her he had to move some furniture for a cousin on the other side of town. The more I looked at Madison, the more I could see she was always trying to hide her beauty and her perfect body from casual onlookers. It was like when you open a box of unmarked candy. You just don't know what you are going to get until you take that first bite.

Madison and I went to a movie downtown. It was an old movie in black and white. The dialogue was a bit stilted but the words were memorable and romantic. We kissed forever in the balcony and she sighed and almost vibrated whenever I brushed up against her sensitive nipples. Soon, I had my fingers inside her blouse and was flicking and tweaking her delicate nipples, kissing her deep inside her mouth for a long, long time. She took my hand and put it under her short skirt. I discovered Madison was not wearing any underwear and she was already leaking major pussy juice from her juicy little slit.

When I started to run my fingers up and down her vaginal opening, she whined very softly and whispered my name in a sensuous tone of voice. I could feel her ass cheeks clenching as she pushed her wet pussy forward for my greedy fingers. I brought my fingers up to my nostrils. Her sweet scent was clinging to all my fingers. I licked some of her juice off with my tongue. Her taste was sublime. She was totally intoxicating to me.

Madison reached down with her hand and felt the outline of my erection through my trousers. My pre-cum was already leaking and there was a little wet spot on my trousers. She opened me up and pulled out my cock holding it with both of her hands. I was afraid the touch of her delicate fingers would make me blow my load before she even got started. Madison began to stroke me slowly. At the same time, we were still kissing in deep French style and our tongues were licking each other furiously. I moaned softly a couple of times because Madison's hands were getting to me deep inside.

She broke away from our deep, long kiss and dropped her head into my lap. Her wet lips slid down the sides of my shaft. All the way down until her mouth had taken my entire shaft inside and her lips were pressing into my groin and rubbing against my pubic hair. It was just perfect even though she was not moving at all. My cock was jumping and leaking inside her mouth and I could feel the wetness surrounding me completely. Then, she started to move up and down my shaft. I put my hand on the back of her bobbing head, but I was at a loss on how to direct her into something better. It could just not get any better than this. I am certain the girl in front of us must have heard me moan because she kept looking up at us. It seemed like she was more interested in us than she was in the movie.

I felt the cum start to bubble and rise.

I had this urge to push up deep into her mouth. With all the people around us, we had to be careful to keep our movements to a minimum. When I felt my semen begin to churn inside my sac, I knew my load would be shooting into Madison's mouth in a matter of a few short seconds. I could feel the first spurt shoot through my shaft and into her soft, wet mouth. I just kept spurting and spurting, unable to stop. I didn't know where all this creamy liquid was coming from. It was the most cum I had ever produced. I couldn't believe it was in a darkened movie getting a blow job.

Madison swallowed and swallowed. I am certain the girl in front of us could hear the slurping and the gagging and the sounds of Madison swallowing.

She licked me clean and put me away and zipped me up. We were sitting like innocent moviegoers when the lights came up at the end of the movie.

I was really surprised when the girl in front of us stood up. It was Mrs. Weissman, my studies coordinator at the University. She had caught me peeking at her panties under the table on the first day of classes. She never mentioned it to anyone, so I figured she was OK with it.

"Hello, Robbie. Don't forget we have an update Monday at 3 PM. I want to know everything you have been doing."

That sounded pretty straight forward to me. The only thing that got me was the sexy wink she gave me as she left the movie with her bored husband.

Madison clung to my arm all the way back to the dorm room. We got undressed, took a really nice shower together, and made slow, sweet love on the bed like an old, married couple. I really kind of liked it and Madison made all those little sounds that drove me bananas deep down inside.

About a week later, Madison dumped me. She told me she needed a man she could count on. I translated that into a guy with a good job and a nice bank account. It was fun while it lasted.


It was only a week before Christmas vacation, my grades were better than usual and I was feeling real complacent about my academic life at the University. I was therefore surprised to see a note in my box to see Mrs. Weissman, my studies coordinator at Henderson Hall right after my last class. I could not think of anything I had done recently that might have come to light. My relationship with Madison was ended shortly after Thanksgiving. She was boning a Dentist who was giving her some free dental care and a lot more in her mouth than dental equipment. I bet she was the best blow job expert on campus with exceptionally white and sparkling teeth.

Jason told me it was for the best because she was too much into taking it up the ass. Now, Jason was kind of fixated on butt fucking, so I figure he had her number real good. It was kind of a shame because I had developed a bit of a liking for Madison and suspected I would have stayed with her for a long time if she had any inclination in that direction. I watched her from a distance, not stalking or anything like that, but I knew I was ready to be her puppy dog if she crooked her finger at me.

Mrs. Weissman was an old married woman and her husband was a tenured professor in the English studies department. When I say she is old that may be a little misleading. She is in her mid-thirties and is kind of a knockout with a nice package up top and a tight little ass that could have been on a female 15 years younger. I thought I might have pissed her off by peeking up her skirt in class from my vantage point in the first row. She didn't report me and I tended to avoid her except at our scheduled meetings. I once helped her when her heel got stuck in a grate behind the gym. I have to confess my face was only inches from her sweet smelling snatch as I held her tiny little ankle in my hands. I hope she didn't see the huge erection I had to take with me into the gym class. Then, she was a witness to Madison giving me the sloppiest blow job of my life in the movie right before me and Madison broke up. I was so embarrassed for her to see the cum stains all over my shirt and trousers after the lights went up.

I was a little nervous about meeting Mrs. Weissman because I was afraid she would think I was a real horn toad to want to see her little pussy and went around getting blow jobs in public places. The truth was I had only had sex with 4 girls other than my little sis Sue Anne. My friend Jason, on the other hand, had already had sex with almost 50 females of all types and ages. He even had screwed the minister's kindly little wife after a bingo game in the church basement. I was watching from behind the door of the men's room and he pooched her bottom like she was a 16 year old high school student.

Jason and I were almost 20 now and my kid sister Sue Anne was 17. I started to give it to my sister big time after she showed me what she could do with Jason in our playroom basement. I think it was the noises she made when he was ass fucking her that made me decide to be more than just a brother to her. Sue Anne was always ready to take it in her mouth, her pussy and even deep into her tight little ass. She had apparently been practicing her oral skills in high school since after her 16th birthday party and her tongue was the most skillful I ever had the pleasure of being licked by.

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