The Winner Gets Everything

by Winterfrog

Copyright© 2011 by Winterfrog

Erotica Sex Story: Real love is great gift.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   .

Many thanks to Renee and Kent for the editing of this story.

When this story began about five years ago I, Sebastian Sandell, ought to been the happiest guy in my small Scandinavian hometown because I had most of what most young men wanted to have. I had many good friends, a good job, nice apartment, almost new car and a very beautiful girlfriend. Who, at that time, could be described as at least an 8.5 points out of 10.

Of course, everything has more than one side, what those that envied me didn't know was that it was the bank that owned a large part of both the apartment and the car. A car I had to work long hours to keep it running.

My gorgeous girlfriend, Nelly, had begun to get me worried if we ought to try share the future or not. After only a few weeks together, she had created some doubts in my mind and every time I saw how messy she always kept her apartment, my doubts increased. For me, it was obvious that I would never accept to live in such a mess. At the beginning of our relationship, Nelly's excellent beauty and winning bright smile had got me ignoring all such problems about messy apartments. Her being messy was secondary to how much I wanted her at the moment.

Then Nelly persuaded me to go with her to see her parents at their summerhouse at the coast 310 kilometers away. It was not what I expected. I could never expected that trip would be my first and even my last visit to that place. It got Nelly and me to agree about a final solution. I got a strange feeling when meeting one of Nelly's several ex boyfriends at a pub. He then gave me a friendly warning about her parents. I ignored him at the time.

Nelly and I went on our way and at the first sight of her parent's place, I got to regretting the whole trip. Nelly had taken me to a place what could be best described as two scabby huts at a junkyard and her parents fit well into the surrounding. There was also a cousin of Nelly, a shy guy in his late twenties, Emil, who greeted me by a nod and Nelly with several hard hugs, but without saying a word to any of us.

I had brought a 24 pack of beer with me and while sitting with our beers around a table in the garden, Nelly's father had a suggestion for my summer vacation. He suggested Nelly and me stay two weeks in that hut he called "summerhouse" doing some painting and other maintenance jobs while he and his wife would make a holiday trip to Austria in my Volvo V70. To my surprise Nelly did her best to persuade me to accept his silly suggestion and didn't seem to be happy with me when I told them about several job related things I had promised to do during that time.

The truth was that neither Neither Nelly nor I had any important matters booked at the holidays and she did her best to remind me.

After that beer break, Nelly's mother told me that Nelly and Emil would share the extra room in the "main building" and I should sleep in the 'guesthouse' that Nelly would show me.

As soon as Nelly opened the door to that hut, I was hit by a strong nasty smell of mold and I told her, "No way I'll sleep here, sorry, but I can't do that."

She replied, "That's the only place available. Take it or sleep in your car."

I asked her, "Is it only because the mold you prefer sharing a room with Emil or is it for some other reason?"

"What do you mean by that?" she asked angrily

"You didn't answer my question. However, I'll find something better in the village. Coming with me or do you still prefer sleeping with Emil?"

She stared at me for a while before saying, "No, I'm not coming with you and I'm not sleeping with Emil, only sharing a room."

"I've got enough of this place; you can do what you want."

"Don't go anywhere. We'll have a barbeque this evening." She said.

I had already seen the rusty and greasy grill. It probably not been cleaned at during the last five years why I said, "No thanks." Then went to my car and drove away.

My first plan was to find an Inn or a B&B for a room at some of the nearest villages but it was a popular recreation area. But everything in the neighborhood was already taken for the weekend and the nearest town was forty kilometers away but it would be my only chance to find something for the night.

I found it at a hotel what even had a small dance band in the evening and decided to stay there for the night. Nelly must been expecting my call on her cell phone and took it immediately but wasn't very happy, not at all. Especially when I told her about not been able to find any accommodation within a closer distance than this town. I told her I was tired and intended staying where I was for the night and I would pick her up for the trip at home after lunchtime the next day.

Nelly refused to accept my suggestion and demanded staying until the evening. I told her if she wanted to come with me, she had to accept my time or stay as long a time as she wanted and let cousin Emil drive her home.

At the hotel's dance there were most couples and single men. The only females without male escorts were a gang of eight women on their 'girl night out. I got acquainted with one if them, a very lovely girl my own age. We danced several tunes and sat for a long time in the bar when the band took a break.

Her name was Maria and she told me that she was happy married and would never cheat on her husband, who obviously was a good guy. I brought her one more fancy drink and told her that it was a great pleasure to meet a genuine faithful loving wife because they seemed to be rare. She comforted me by saying that she liked me very much and I had got her turned on. She also said that if her husband had been a jerk, she would drag me to my room for a good fuck without any hesitation. But, now that would be out of question because she would save her fire for her beloved husband.

I told her about how much I envied her happy husband for what he would get when she was got back home. Her reply came with the sweetest smile I've seen in ages by suggesting me I find a good girl, be good to her and I too would be rewarded with a loving wife.

This was a nice suggestion for a guy who intended to dump his gorgeous but fickle girlfriend the next day.

After lunch that Sunday, I called Nelly and told her to be at a junction at one o'clock if she wanted to come home with me. Otherwise it would be Emil's problem to bring her home.

The distance between our homes and that summerhouse was about 310 kilometers and it was obvious that cousin Emil had no interest for a 620 kilometer trip taking Nelly home and driving back to her parents. That's why she stood waiting for me just as she was told to do. But it was a furious Nelly, very furious indeed. Her vocabulary of cursing and swearing could, without any doubt, could get old sailors to turn pale with envy. I never found out why she preferred sharing a bedroom with Emil and now not even a wonder could save Nelly's and my relation. There were no real reason to care.

So ended my relation with the most beautiful, trophy-girlfriend I ever had. I missed her for a while but neither of us made any serious attempts to go further together after that trip.

I had no reason to say "no thanks" when I was offered a promotion, though it meant moving away from my hometown to an other branch of the company I worked for. It meant to a larger town about 130 kilometers away from my hometown. The company had good connections in that town and no problems for me to find a rental apartment in a nice area. The sale of my hometown apartment gave me such a fair profit that I could pay my loans and provide me a small buffer.

So began my new life almost from zero in a new town. Clean from my reputation of a wild life in my younger days. Not knowing anybody else than those people I worked with gave me a new start. The first weeks were rather lonely and boring until one of the guys at the job persuaded me to go with him to something that was called 'Single Saturday'. An event once a year what began with a walk around a small lake together with a blind date selected in kind of a lottery.

Among the path was several sponsored control points with snacks, beverages and a quiz to answer at every control point. It came with a romantic weekend trip to Barcelona in Spain as the first price for the winning couple.

My date was okay, though it was obvious that she wanted to keep a clear distance between us. We had nametags with our first names and she was a Maria and mine said, Sebastian. I told her some further details about myself but she didn't say much about herself.

The quiz at the first control point was to guess the height of a tall Pine tree. That opened both of us for some arguing before we could agree about a measure. Now I began to understand that Maria was a clever girl and I got a feeling about having good luck in the date lottery. But somehow I even understood that this handsome and clever Maria would not be laid in any easy way.

The following control points got Maria and me both arguing and laughing a lot. It felt better and better as time went on. The she told me that Maria was her second name and she was usually called by her first name, Jennifer. Her reason for using Maria was that if something from that event was mentioned in the local newspaper, she didn't wanted her friends to know she was here. After that walk around the lake there was a dinner and Jennifer and I agreed to sit together. To our great surprise we had won the third prize in the quiz. The prize was a 'romantic dinner' for two at one of the restaurants in town.

Later, during the 'Single Saturday 'dinner, Jennifer told me that she had a boyfriend who had gone to Italy for a ten days golf trip. He went even though they had already agreed about doing other things together. This had made her furious and got her to tell him not to be sure about having a girlfriend when he was back from Italy. One of her friends had persuaded her come to this 'Single Saturday' to see if she could find somebody who could replace the boyfriend. Or, most likely, calm her down when she didn't found anyone better than the boyfriend. However, Jennifer promised me about having that 'Romantic Dinner' we had won and it didn't matter what happened between her and the absent boyfriend.

I didn't see much of Jennifer during the dances after the dinner; only a few times between the first and the last dance that she had promised to save for me. During the last dance I told her that as we didn't win the weekend in Barcelona but I offered to pay for a weekend for us if she accepted a flight with Virgin Air, a cheap budget airline. She gave me a strange look but promised to think about it.

The old saying says, 'Shy boys never sleep with beautiful girls', is why I, during the last dance asked her; "Your place or my place?"

Once again she gave me a strange look and replied, "You at your place and I at my place."

But after that she asked me to join her to walk her parent's dog and have a picnic the next day. I gladly accepted.

The next day, Sunday, I found the place where we had agreed to meet and was there in good time, but no Jennifer in sight. Fifteen minutes after our meeting time, I began to think that my game with Jennifer was over.

But then I saw her coming in a new black SUV, a BMW that must be worth a fortune. In the back of the car I could see a huge German Shepherd dog in a cage. Before taking it out she asked me, "Sorry for being late and sorry but I forgot to ask you yesterday if you like dogs or if you would be afraid of my parent's dog, Nero."

"Nero looks like a nice fellow and of course I'll have some respect for him but I'm not afraid. I'm sure that he and I will be good friends, let him out so we can greet each other."

She looked at me again and asked, "Are you really sure, because Nero likes teasing people who are afraid of him."

I gave her my best smile and said, "Animals like me because they are clever enough to feel if a man is real good guy or not, nobody can fool a clever pal as Nero."

Jennifer looked at me and said, "I really hope you told me the truth about you and dogs".

Then she opened the back door of the BMW and the cage that got Nero jumping out to me. Jennifer told him "Nero this is Sebastian, he is my friend, say hello to him."

I let Nero stand up against me for a while and I talked slowly to him and a few seconds later he had accepted me as a friend to Jennifer. He had no objections about me carrying Jennifer's picnic basket and a blanket and walking besides him to their favorite place.

Jennifer had a rubber ball as a toy for Nero in her basket and we kept Nero running for a long time chasing after that ball. While eating, Jennifer told me that her 'golfing acquaintance' had never dared to play with Nero. I noted with some pleasure that she didn't called him boyfriend any longer.

Back at the parking area, I gave Nero a real hug and he didn't object when I also hugged Jennifer. We agreed that she would call me when she got time to see me again.

Now I understood her strange look at me when I had offered her that Barcelona trip with a budget airline. A person who was driving in a new BMW SUV wasn't used to fly Virgin Air and stay at cheap hotels. But how should I have known yesterday when she had been dressed down to fit in just as all others at that singles event.

My next surprise came on Tuesday evening. The cell-phone rang and to my great surprise, it was Jennifer who said, "You offered me a weekend trip to Barcelona. Is that offer still valid and if so, can I came to your place to make plans about the trip?"

"You're welcome, when are you coming?"

She replied, "Now, I'm just outside."

Within a couple of minutes she was in my apartment with cakes from some bakery in a plastic bag. I thanked the God Lord that I kept my apartment in a good order.

While having coffee and her cakes, she told me that she was a girl with an old fashioned morale code in that any cheating would never be accepted. It would never matter what kind of temptations she met. Then she looked me in my eyes and said, "That was my main reason to call my now ex boyfriend earlier this evening and tell him that he was history for me."

It took me a few seconds to react before I could reach her hand and say, "Come."

As soon as we were in my bedroom, both of us began undressing and within a minute we were naked in my bed. It was obvious that she expected to be immediately fucked but after all quickies with Nelly, I had other plans for Jennifer.

I began sucking and kissing her nipples, when they were hard I continued slowly downward. When reaching her inner thighs, Jennifer was groaning and wriggling like a worm. Now she begged me to make her come but I had more to give her. When I let my tongue play with her clit, she almost cried of pleasure and sobbed how much she loved me. Her nipples were still hard when I sucked them again for a short time, then she spread her legs so my stone hard cock could enter her wet pussy.

I must been bigger than her ex because she moaned, "Oh, oh, ooooh it is big, I love it so much."

When her wriggling and groaning increased, I began to fuck her faster and faster until I felt her intensive orgasm and when she screamed her satisfaction, I let it go even for me. She had whispered to me that we were safe, that's why I stayed in her.

Afterwards, while we relaxed with some necking before taking a shower, Jennifer told me that it was the best sex she had ever had in her whole life and though it was only the fourth day since we had met at that 'Single Saturday' she was in a real love with me. I told her that she was a real dream girl and I was in love with her.

Still naked after the shower, Jennifer surprised me by kissing me almost everywhere, ending it with sucking me hard again and riding me until we got a dual orgasm.

Before falling in sleep we promised to be faithful to each other and do our best for creating a good relationship. After only four days there was no reason for me to make other plans for the future than be faithful to Jennifer and date when we could. Jennifer was a popular girl with a well-planned agenda; that was okay for me because even I needed some free time for personal things and to get together with my new friends from the job.

It was obvious that Jennifer's ex had been apt to quickies with a limited interest for foreplay. That was why our longer lasting lovemaking did make her much happier. I avoided making any comments about her ex. What they had done or not done was her business, not mine.

Jennifer invited me for dinner at her apartment at Friday evening. Though I had expected a nice place, her apartment was really a surprise because it was so tastefully furnished. A totally different world from what Nelly had.

The dinner, supplied by a catering company, was delicious and the best of it was because a naked Jennifer in her bed served it. It was a genuine 69 and we did our best to get it to last for awhile. Jennifer had shaved her pussy for that big event and now I could see what a nice pussy she really had.

My tongue got her wriggling as a worm until an intensive orgasm and then she increased her sucking until I had to let it go. She took it in her mouth but rushed out of the bed for spitting. We ended the night with slow lovemaking and a much more intensive Saturday morning fuck.

Later that Saturday, Jennifer's parents had invited me for lunch at their house. They were curious about a friend of Jennifer who was accepted by Nero. The parents were correct with me and even suggested me that I take a walk with Nero while they had some family matters to talk with. Jennifer.

It was Nero who took a walk with me. He knew where to go and lead the way during the whole walking. That clever dog really impressed me.

Later at the evening, we were invited to Jennifer's best friend's, Rebecka and her husband. After a short time together, I really liked Rebecka, a clever lawyer who didn't pretend anything. She just said what she intended to say and when Jennifer was out to the restroom she said to me, "Jennifer seems to be very happy and I really hope that you are a honest guy and not any damn "gold-digger."

"I assume that a good reason for me to be here this evening is that you've already checked some national registers and not found anything startling. Feel free to find out what you want to know about me and if you want to do it the easy way, you can even ask me." I told her with my best smile.

Our country is an open society with public access to many registers held by the authorities. Especially a lawyer, who knows where to search, can't have any problems finding out what she wants to know.

Even she replied with a smile, "I think I'm beginning to like you. Hope you don't mind that I care about my best friend?"

"Not at all, because I too care about Jennifer, I care very much indeed. I like you too because I appreciate you talking straight to me and hopefully, not behind my back."

Then she asked, "Shall we shake hands about being hundred percent honest to each other?"

I took her hand and said, "Deal."

Then Jennifer came back from the restroom, saw Rebecka and me shaking hands and asked giggling. "What are you two doing when I'm away for a few minutes?"

She got a good laugh about my reply, "I've increased the number of my friends among your friends a hundred percent. First Nero and now Rebecka."

Jennifer's and my weekend trip to Barcelona was a successful event. A budget flight is quite different to one of the regular airlines. A budget flight has all extra fees for booking, paying, ticket, boarding card and baggage that doubles the price but we kept it simple. They had a new aircraft that was in time and left on the dot. Our small downtown hotel was clean and we had a really good time during the whole trip. Thanks to a lot of humor, we grew much closer to each other.

It became obvious that most of Jennifer's friends at least pretended to accept me; while a few others held no secret of that they regarded me just as, 'a mouse that a cat had brought in to the house'.

Most of her friends behaved correct until an arrogant bastard by name of Thomas began harassing me at a birthday party. He asked, with a loud voice so everybody could hear, "Isn't it a great favor for man as you to have a rich girlfriend?"

"A man like me? Do you think I'm an alien from some other planet that Jennifer bought at some pet shop?"

Several other guests began to smile and he continued, "There's a big difference between the two of you. Don't you agree?"

"Of course there's a difference between a woman and a man. Even a stupid as you ought to know that." What else could I reply to such silly question?

Now some people began to laugh that got dear Thomas angry and shouting, "Do you poor bastard think that you are wise guy?"

"Everybody in here ought to be 'wise guys' compared to an idiot like you and if you don't have any objections, we can go out and have a talk between the two of us to find out who is a wise guy."

When I stood up Jennifer interfered by saying, "Sebastian, don't care about him. He continues to be juvenile after a few drinks. Not the first time that has happened."

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