Keeping the Guys Happy

by Tom Land

Copyright© 2011 by Tom Land

Erotica Sex Story: Molly is a horny blonde MILF who loves sex. And, she's always open for another new sexual experience to get her and her partner off in the hottest way possible.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   True Story   Slut Wife   Group Sex   Bestiality   .

Molly was the only woman in the room with the five men; all of them were naked and each of them had already had his way with her at least once. One of the men who'd just pleasured himself with Molly, was her own father, Frank. He'd been having sexual relations with her since her early teen years, and now he really got off on sharing her with other men about his own age. The other men were all his buddies and they'd nearly all had sex with Molly at other times before this evening.

Molly was a very lusty and very sexually hungry young woman in her mid-twenties, and the years after her cherry had been taken in a large group sex setting had only increased her desire for more and lustier sexual activities. Molly loved having the sexual attention of any man, and the hotter the setting and the more men who wanted her made Molly that much hotter and horny.

The fifth man was in the final stage of his second coupling with Molly and the other men were standing around either satisfied to watch Hank humping in and out of Molly's well-fucked cunt as he was nearly ready to shoot another load of cum deep into her cunt or they were standing there, stroking their erections and waiting for yet another mount and fuck with Molly. As Hank felt his second large cumload about to spurt deep inside Molly's tight wet young MILF cunt, he bellowed that he was going to shoot – like all of the other guys had been before him – and then he slammed in and out of Molly's tight pussy a few more times before he stopped moving and let out a big sigh of sexual pleasure as his large round balls began to pump his virile seed deep into Molly's hot pussy.

Molly got off for the seventh or eighth time during the multiple fucks she'd gotten from the different hunks who were there in the room with her and she bent her head forward and let her pussy orgasm powerfully as she felt Hank's hot spunk joining all of the other sperm that had been ejaculated inside her horny young cunt.

When Hank finished cumming, he pulled his cock out and the men surrounding the rutting couple could see his seed and that of all the others who'd used Molly's cunt to get off start seeping from between her tight and smoothly shaved cunt.

"No, you guys can't stop yet," Molly protested since she was still very horny and wanted the guys to all do her again at least once.

"No, we're not finished yet," Molly's father, Frank said, as he turned to watch Ted lead his large, muscular German shepherd into the room on a leash. Ted had trained Humper to specifically fuck women and he'd told Molly's dad about his horny and very well-hung large adult dog and her father had invited him to bring Humper over for a show when he arranged for Molly to fuck a bunch of guys at the same time.

Humper knew he was in the presence of a very sexy and hot bitch in heat when he smelled the sexual spend of the men and the pussy juices that Molly had spurted when she'd orgasmed. Humper began to whimper and move in the direction of Molly's naked exposed cunt when his nose told him precisely where the hot bitch in heat was located.

Once Ted had Humper within close range of Molly's exposed pussy and the dog caught the strong smell of sexual arousal and desire, he undid Humper from his leash and let him go into action. Humper had been trained well and between that and his natural instinct for sexual desire, he knew precisely what to do when he was let free. Humper's insistent and increasingly loud whimpering and whining indicated that he knew an available bitch was nearby and he was more than ready to do what came naturally to a horny male dog who hadn't fucked a female in several days.

Most of the guys in the room with Molly could see between Humper's large legs and his dog cock had quickly become erect and the furry bag of his cock covering had slid back as his doggy cock had gotten aroused and slid out of its protective sack. Humper was sporting a very long and thick dog cock and he quickly moved up behind Molly's naked ass as she remained there on the bed on her hands and knees, waiting for the next available male to mount and slide his cock inside her waiting cunt. The next male to give her a hot fuck was going to be Humper.

Molly didn't even look around behind her to see what was going on, but when she heard the obvious sounds of an aroused canine, she pretty well knew what her father and Ted had in mind. When Molly felt Humper's rough tongue start lapping at the excess semen that was leaking from her pussy lips, she knew she was about to get dog-fucked, and she could tell from the sound that this was some big dog. She'd never had the experience of being taken sexually by a horny canine lover, but Molly steeled herself for the unknown experience she knew she was about to have.

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