Picture Pregnant Romance

by Rachael Ross

Rachael Ross 1982 - 2012

Erotica Sex Story: Wendy is feeling lonely after her husband deploys to the Gulf, but at least his best friend is there to comfort the pregnant woman. -- This is not a cheating story! (just thought I'd mention that)

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Bestiality   Pregnancy   Exhibitionism   Military   .

"You never heard the story?" Marcia smiled as Sadie shook her head. "Tell her Wendy, it's a good one."

I shrugged, eating my salad in the hospital cafeteria with my two friends. It was a good story and I didn't mind telling it.

"It's one of those stories that are too weird not to be true," Marcia chuckled. She was a light colonel in her mid-forties, and chief pharmacist there at Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii. I was younger at 27 and Sadie might have been a bit older than me, but not by much.

"Really?" Sadie smiled politely, because that's what captains do when a superior officer talks, friends or not. She worked in Ob/Gyn and more to the point, Sadie was my Obstetrician.

I was a captain as well, one of the ophthalmologists at the big hospital, and very close to having my first baby. I'd just passed the eighth month mark and very much looking forward to delivering, believe me. The first three months I'd been sick, the middle three had been wonderful, but these last three were killing me.

"I have to get going." Marcia stood up. "Department head meeting." She rolled her eyes and we smiled sympathetically.

"So?" Sadie grinned at me after the colonel had left. "What's the story with you and Greg?"

"Okay, okay..." I sighed. "The short version, cause I'll have to pee in about five minutes."

It seemed like I always needed to pee then and it was probably the thing I hated most about being pregnant, even more than the backaches I got sometimes.

"Well, Greg and I knew each other in high school. I mean, he was my boyfriend. We'd known each other since, I don't know 5th grade probably. But we were never friends really, it was just a small town. So we'd noticed each other as we got older, but he had his girlfriends and I had my boyfriends. But finally our senior year in high school we were both free, if you like, and he asked me out. We went to our prom together and everything..."

"Did you guys ... You know..." She wiggled her eyebrows with a grin.

"Yeah," I giggled. "Just once though, and yeah, we did it on our Prom night. I was a total virgin and I don't know how or why I let him ... Anyway, we weren't really serious or anything. I knew I wanted to be a doctor, so I was going to take off for college and Greg ... He didn't know what he wanted to do."

"So you weren't going to marry him or anything," Sadie said, keeping up with me.

"Yeah, exactly. We liked each other a lot, but it wasn't like we were crazy in love." I smiled at the thought.

"After I left for college we lost touch, really. I was studying my butt off and neither of us were much for phones or letters, so..." I shrugged. "Anyway, I was going to Hopkins and racking up a hundred grand in student loans every year, you know..."

"Oh yeah." Sadie made a face.

"I needed help and got the Army to cover me. You know the deal, sign up for Uncle Sam and they pay for it. So I got through medical school and got my funky greens, and ended up at Bragg. Brand new to everything, completely lost, but it was fun."

I shook my head remembering what it had been like as a brand new lieutenant, walking around a big army base in my bright new uniform. All those soldiers, young and old, big strong men training for war, and there they were saluting this small blonde woman. Little petite me, with breasts that seemed a fraction too big for my body, which made them perfect somehow, and a tight round butt wiggling above my smooth, toned legs. I'd been entirely too pretty for that place and I'd felt it, every salute was delivered with an inviting smile, like every guy there just wanted to get my panties off.

"Too hot there," she said.

"What? Oh ... Yeah," I agreed. "The humidity is the worst. Um, where was I? Oh ... About a year into it, I'd just put on captain, thanks to the needs of the army, which was nice."

"Uh-huh." Sadie smiled. Doctors got promoted to captain quick as incentive, but we stayed there forever because our time in service was weak compared to the regular army. It was still a nice payday though.

"Anyway, so I'm doing my residency, looking at eyes and fixing aneurisms and clots, mostly from all the jumps. I swear, most of those guys landed on their heads instead of their feet. Some retinals from time to time, plus I had a lot of nights in the ER, they always tapped me for weekends too, like someone hated me."

I gave my friend a wry smile and she chuckled.

"And one day, in walks this staff sergeant and it's him ... I swear, I mean I just stood there, you know, and Greg's got like a big bag of ice taped across his face, because he took a tumble off his bike. Hit his eye on the handlebar. Didn't hurt him much, just some burst blood vessels, but it scared the heck out of him anyway."

Sadie smiled and I giggled at the memory.

"And it was like those eight years never happened. I mean, it was weird. You know how you see someone you were close to after a long time and after you talk for ten minutes there's just nothing left?"


"Uh-uh." I bit my bottom lip. "We started talking and didn't stop until, oh God, about midnight."

"He was in your office til midnight?" she teased me.

"No, no ... I mean, we went out, we had to, and I brought him home and..." I sighed. "He kissed me and that was it. It was my second time, that night. I mean, my second time ever and with the same guy, but nine years later. The only thing that changed, besides being older, was that we were both ready, you know? I mean, we weren't kids, we're adults now, and so we just fell into it."

"Fell in love," Sadie sighed as well.

"He was my first and only," I laughed. "I spent eight years in college and med school, then a year in the army with nothing more than a kiss on the cheek after a date. Like part of me knew. Greg was the only man I wanted to make..." I lowered my voice, leaning over my big tummy, " ... to make love to and I knew I'd see him again. Like ESP or something."

"Fate," Sadie nodded. "God, that's romantic."

"Yeah," I widened my blue eyes. "I can't believe it sometimes, but there it is. We did it that night and it was great and a month later we were getting married."

"Too bad he's just an enlisted man though," Sadie said.

"Just an enlisted man?" I bit off my temper, knowing my friend hadn't meant it the way it sounded, but I heard that a lot.

Some of the other officers here were less than friendly towards me for just that reason. Like it made me suspect somehow, but those were the people who forgot all too easily just who was dying in places like Iraq. But I tried not to think about that too much. I just prayed that Greg was watching his butt close while he was deployed.

"I mean, it's hard for you guys." Sadie reached out to touch my hand. "You know what I mean, Wen."

"Yeah," I nodded, softening my eyes.

I'd taken a hard time for marrying an enlisted man and everyone from my department head to the commanding general at Fort Bragg had tried to talk me out of it. Just few years ago they could have just said no, called it fraternization, and ordered us not to see each other. But it was a new army, or so they said.

That was why I was at Tripler and my husband was ostensibly stationed at Bragg, and now deployed to the Gulf with his Ranger battalion. As soon as we'd gotten married I had orders to Hawaii, like I'd take my punishment a little easier if it was served up in paradise. That was the army's solution to fraternization problems, separate duty stations for the husband and wife.

I hadn't seen Greg in almost nine months, not since he'd left me with a going away present growing in my belly. But we were both happy and excited about that, believe me. We'd been working on getting me knocked up and barefoot for eighteen months. I had just three more years in the Army and I was out. Greg wanted to stay in, he loved being a Ranger and he was good at it. I could be an army wife, and there were always openings for civilian doctors. We'd do okay and I'd get a serious pay raise.

"I just can't believe you went eight years without sex!" Sadie laughed, leaning over the table.

"Yeah," I laughed too. "It was hard, but ... Oh, no pun intended!"

She was giggling at me and we both knew how hard it was being a woman in the army, even for officers, but I imagined being enlisted was even worse. And being attractive was a liability, really, as Sadie would well know. If I was in civilian clothes, just having a drink at the Officers Club on a large base, like Bragg ... God, the things men said. Most of them assumed I was some poor captain's wife, out hunting cock while her man was deployed.

And I didn't even want to remember college ... I'd come close three or four times to letting myself go, sleeping with a cute guy. But there was something inside me, a voice or whatever, telling me to be patient, to wait for the right man. I was so glad I'd listened because I could look my husband in the eye and happily tell him that he was my only love, the only man who'd ever been between my legs and inside my womb. I think that made me special and he was proud of me for it.

"Hey, Sadie ... I wanted to ask you something." I felt somewhat nervous, but I had to ask her. It was the real reason I'd wanted to have lunch with her that day.

"Sure, what is it?"

"Uh ... Is it still okay for me to have sex?" I smiled nervously.

"Sex?" Sadie narrowed her eyes, soft and brown and looking into mine. She was black and pretty and instantly focused, because Sadie was both my friend and my doctor.

"Yeah, intercourse," I nodded, telling myself not to blush.

"Sure, you're okay so long as your comfortable and taking it easy. You won't hurt anything." She looked at me hard. "Why?"

"Even like someone who's ... big?" I asked, ignoring her question for the moment.

"Big?" She grinned at me then. "How big? You got something on the side, Wendy?" But she didn't believe that, Sadie knew me pretty good.

"No, I just..." I cleared my throat, glancing around. "I have a ... toy ... you know."

"Ohhh..." she sat back nodding and I really hoped she believed me. "Uh, how big are we talking?"

"Mmmm..." I spread my hands on the table about nine inches apart, but that looked small, so I added another one, " ... Like that, maybe."

"Damn, girl!" Sadie laughed at me as her rural Alabama origins slipped out. "Where do you put all that?"

I am fairly petite, and I was small even then despite my enormous tummy. I was 5'2" and about 110 pounds normally, but closer to 130 then, probably more, with my waist ballooned from 22 inches out to nearly double that. I looked like a pale blonde beach ball with a very pretty face and slightly swollen feet.

"Well..." I did blush then.

"You can play with your toy, sure, but take it easy. You're deep, but not that deep and I don't want you coming into my office because you hurt yourself." Sadie watched my face, making sure I took her seriously. "You might want to try some clitoral stimulation instead of ... Oh what am I saying? All you white girls know how to masturbate."

"Sadie!" I gasped, looking around and feeling my face burn.

"Especially you married ones." She was laughing too. "I had a woman come in with a potato stuck in her vagina the other day..." she leaned closer, thankfully dropping her voice, but the cafeteria was mostly empty now anyway, " ... she'd peeled it and then sculpted the damn thing into a cock while she was fixing dinner. She put it inside and liked it so much she left it there, sitting at the table, eating with her family, and then figured out halfway through desert that it had gotten turned sideways."

"What?" I giggled, not sure if I believed her or not.

"I swear, it was all that fidgeting she was doing, you know?" Sadie shook her head. "If it's a vegetable, I don't want to know. Just remember what I told you. Stay wet, keep a finger on the magic button, and be comfortable. You need a scrip for some KY?"

I knew she was teasing me then.

"No that's okay, Mom," I giggled. "I'll be careful."

"Good." Sadie gave me shake of her head. "When's your man coming back?"

"He's got two more months and then they rotate back to Bragg. We'll be taking some time together," I grinned, getting out of my chair slowly, and groaning as I stretched. "I'll just be glad when this is over with."

"Ha!" Sadie shook her head. "You say that now, wait until you're changing diapers at three in the morning."

"I'm looking forward to it, believe me," I told her, and really meaning it. Then I saw my uniform. "Oh, great."

"Ahhh ... Motherhood," Sadie chuckled, since she had no practical experience and could enjoy my frustrations.

We were both looking at my blouse, sort of a pale green color, and my breasts were already heavy with milk, and they leaked. A lot, despite the nursing bra I wore with absorbent pads inside the cups. They didn't last all day or even half a day now, it seemed. My uniform was dark with a spreading stain over my left nipple.

"So much for leak proof," I sighed.

"Hey Jack!" I called out as I opened my front door, waddling into the small apartment I was renting in Pearl City. Base housing was impossible to get for junior officers in Hawaii, at least for a few years, and I was unaccompanied anyway. But I liked having my own place, especially since I was watching Jack.

"Ohhh big boy!" He was Greg's dog, our dog now, and a big black Boxer, all of four years old. And big? He was about the same size as me, really, just a little lighter maybe than my normal weight, but not much. He could stand up, with his paws on my shoulders and our heads were level. Yeah, Jack was just gorgeous, I thought, and we'd become good friends right away.

He found me happily, his short tail going back and forth, and his long pink tongue lolling from his mouth. His name was Blackjack, but that was a long name for a dog, so he was just Jack and I'd had him ever since he'd cleared quarantine seven months before. Hawaii was pretty serious about pets, especially dogs, since they didn't have rabies on the islands, or something like that. All I really knew was that it had been expensive and poor Jack had been lonely.

"I got something for you!" I stroked his head, dropping my purse and grabbing the leash off the doorknob where I kept it. "Just for you, baby. Yes I do!"

I always talked to him like he was a big baby, because he was. He was as friendly as a dog could be, even patient, which was probably because he was a bit older than most of the dogs I'd known as a kid. Everyone liked the puppies back home, scampering like hyperactive six year olds. Jack was cool and calm and oh, so sweet. I loved him, and so did Greg.

"Let's go outside first, then I'll give it to you."

He always needed to go out as soon as I got home, that was the problem with weekdays, but he was well trained anyway. I'd just be glad when I could give him some real exercise again. Being taken for a walk by a pregnant woman didn't do him a whole lot of good. I'd need the exercise too if I was going to get back into the shape my husband liked. Well, Greg liked my pregnant shape just fine according to his letters and phone calls. I liked sending him pictures.

"That was good, huh ... Yeah boy, hold on..." I smiled as Jack walked back into the house about 20 minutes later, his business finished and now I could really relax, taking off my uniform first thing.

I couldn't wait to get out of it, even though it wasn't uncomfortable. Just a big maternity blouse and I had my choice of a skirt that fell halfway below my knees, or a pair of trousers with a stretchable waistband. I usually opted for the pants, just because that skirt was like a tent hanging off my pregnant belly. A family of five could live under it and I wondered who's brilliant idea that article of military clothing had been. Doubtlessly it had been a man's.

I just got all the way naked, because it was warm in my apartment. I had air conditioning, but I only ran it at night, or on really hot days. It got expensive leaving it on all the time. It was cheaper to strip down and turn on an electric fan, believe me. But I had other reasons for stripping down as well.

I checked myself in the mirror briefly, because it was strange being pregnant. When people change, like grow older or lose or gain weight, they usually don't notice the day to day changes. You just catch yourself after weeks or months and think, wow, I look different than I remember. But pregnancy ... maybe it was just me, but I noticed something different every day. Whether it was another tiny stretch mark to worry over, or an extra inch around my belly, or just thinking that my once pert round ass was sagging a little, which it really wasn't, I noticed the changes. So I looked at myself and I did look good.

And as I mentioned, I'd even sent pictures to my husband, a few snapshots taken every few weeks, dated so he could see me naked, yeah, and if I ever found he was showing them to anyone else, I'd kill him. But Greg wouldn't do that, I knew. He'd just look at them in his bed at night, seeing me still beautiful, and maybe even more so with my tummy full of life. I thought I looked beautiful anyway, and so did a lot of guys around the hospital.

More than a few times every week I had to ignore a comment, from enlisted guys and officers alike. Nothing bad, nothing to go running to the general with sexual harassment charges about. Just the odd remark about how I looked good, how motherhood suited me. Or more often, the overheard whispers between guys who wished they'd been the ones impregnating me. I just ignored it, smiling inwardly and taking it as a compliment, and got on with my job.

And now that I was home I was going to get on with something else. I'd discovered by accident that Jack really loved my breast milk. I'd been leaking a week before as I tried giving Jack a bath, which is a chore best done naked, believe me. He was pretty good about it too, usually, but once his tongue found my nipples and the milk beneath them ... It was a short bath.

At first I felt nervous. Not that he'd bite me; I knew Jack wouldn't, not even by accident. He's obscenely gentle that way. No, I was nervous because he was a dog and I was a woman and while maybe to him it was just something tasty to lap up, for me it was somewhere between winning the lottery and going to heaven.

I mean, it felt good! Never mind the fact that I hadn't been with a man in eight months, or that this pregnancy thing had made me hot and horny even more than usual ... And usually I wasn't, actually, so this was a brand new deal for me. But just the sensation of that tongue, like wet sandpaper over my hard, rubbery nipples was incredible. And not only did it feel good, but it actually drew some of the milk out and that was a huge plus! My tits got sore by the end of the day and they needed relief.

Jack's long tongue was the perfect cure and often I'd use one hand to milk my nipple while he licked around and between my fingers, and the other was down between my legs. I have to admit I masturbated like crazy while Jack was drinking my milk like that. My pussy would just get soaked and my clit, which had always been small and shy, she was full grown then. I don't know if it was my pregnancy or what, but my clitty was about as big as the tip of my little finger. Big enough so I could rub it nice, almost stroking it like a tiny cock if I wanted.

Sadie was right; us married white girls knew how to do it good!

What she didn't know, was that my 'toy' was actually Jack's big cock. I'd been real slow to start playing with that, but once he smelled my pussy after one or two good orgasms, his cock would start to unsheathe. And I'd been drawn to it, timidly at first, but we were alone. Jack wasn't going to tell anyone what we were doing. He was the perfect companion, the perfect lover while my husband was away. I wasn't going to leave Greg for our dog and Jack wasn't going to feel jealous when Greg came home.

So I'd begun to stroke him, gently at first, just exploring his odd penis and how it worked. I was amazed at first by how hard it was. I mean Greg's cock, which was truthfully the only other penis I'd ever played with, Greg's got hard, but Jack's was like it had a bone inside it. Seriously, there was just no give in that shaft at all.

And the next thing I found pretty amazing was the size of it! My God, I'd measures it with the measuring tape out of my sewing box, just because I could. I'd never do that with Greg or any other man, but Jack didn't care and I was seriously curious. Once he was all the way out of the sheath and dripping wet, the dog's cock was just over ten inches long. And at the fattest part, towards the middle, he was four and a half inches around.

I didn't know how big Greg was exactly, probably about the same girth, I supposed, but definitely shorter, by a good three inches maybe. Jack's cock was actually pretty intimidating, the way it looked, marbled in red and white, with thin blue veins all along the shaft. And the tip was pointed with a soft bottom lip that stuck out and it just looked like it was made for penetration. Greg's penis had a smooth round head, blunt and comfortable and friendly looking while Jack's was designed for serious fucking. Comfort was an afterthought in his case.

And of course I'd seen the knot. I'd grown up in a small town with lots of farms and dogs and I'd seen dogs locked up, I knew what was going on. It had never given me a thrill, except the adolescent giggles when my friends were around and we'd stare and point. So when I saw Jack's knotted muscle at the base of his penis, I knew what it was for. It wasn't full sized, but very evident as his cock hung free beneath his furry belly.

I could only imagine how big it would get once he started mating with a bitch. And that did give me a thrill, although I couldn't explain to anyone, even myself, exactly why. I just knew that as I became bolder and more aggressive with fondling Jack, that I wanted to do everything with him, if only to try it once. But I had an idea I'd probably like it too.

So this was the day I decided to do it. I'd asked my doctor, Sadie, and she'd said I could have sex if I was careful. That was all the encouragement I needed and Jack needed even less than that. Once he saw me getting our blanket out of the closet, he knew it was going to be fun time and he was already getting excited, which just meant he was following me around, wagging his tail, and sniffing at my butt every chance he got.

I draped it over the couch, because that was the most comfortable way for me. I could sit down on the blanket, spread my legs and Jack would put his front paws on either side of me, leaning over my swollen tummy to lick at my breasts while I reached between us to play with myself and him.

"Here we go..." I breathed, smiling at Jack and coaxing him to take his place. "Up here, boy. Come suck Mommy's titties ... There we go ... Yeah, I've got milk for you, baby..."

Jack knew what to do and I moaned as I felt his tongue washing roughly over my right nipple. My breasts were fat now, swollen with milk, and they ached from the pressure inside. I'd heard some women didn't start producing milk, or at least leaking, until after the baby started nursing. I didn't know if they were lucky or not. My boobs were working just fine apparently, because I was making enough milk for twins by then and I was still two weeks from my due date.

It was nice though, the way just the pressure of the dog's long tongue could draw the milk from my nipples. They were hard too, and dark now. I'd had light nipples, like pink bubblegum nipples until I'd gotten pregnant. Now they were dark and ruddy and half an inch long easily. I let Jack lick the right one while I rubbed my pussy which was already soggy. I got so wet having my nipples licked, it was incredible.


"Oh God..." I rolled my eyes, wondering why someone had to call now of all possible times.


I leaned over, groaning slightly as I reached the phone on one of the end tables. Jack didn't miss a drop and I probably should have stopped him, but I didn't. He'd moved to the left nipple now, lapping up my thin milk as it spilled from my breast.

"Hello?" I answered and then I heard Greg's voice and I just forgot everything. "Greg! Oh, where are you?"

"Still in camel country, Wen," he chuckled and he sounded so good. I almost started crying right then.

"It's gotta be like the middle of the night." I blinked at the clock on my DVD player. "Are you okay?"

"Oh yeah. We just got back to camp, so ... How are you? How's the baby?" Greg asked me.

"We're good, really good!" I smiled at the phone, stroking Jack as he kept licking my breast, but I barely noticed. "Did you get my letter? The one with the..."

"Pictures?" My husband chuckled and lowered his voice, "Yeah, Wen. God, you are so hot ... I got all of them."

"You like it?" I asked him, biting my lip. "Really? You don't think I'm fat and ugly or..."

"What?" he laughed at me. "No, never. I just look at them, read your letters, think about how much I miss you. You get me so hard, Wendy..."

"Do I?" I asked softly, and I was so glad we had a decent connection. Sometimes we didn't when he called.

"Oh yeah, shoot ... I'm hard right now just hearing your voice."

I giggled and maybe even blushed, picturing him in some make-shift phone booth, a telephone exchange set up in a tent maybe, with his cock all hard for me. I was wet too, Jack still working my nipples, and I wanted Greg so badly.

"What are you wearing?" he asked softly.


"Aww ... Come on, I don't care what it is. Just tell me," Greg said, not believing me.

"Seriously," I giggled and I didn't think I'd ever stop smiling and laughing, not while he was talking to me.

"Your really naked?"

"Uh-huh," I nodded, "I'm letting Jack drink my milk."

I hadn't really meant to say that, but I'd never tried to keep a secret from Greg in my life, so it wasn't something I really thought about, whether or not I should tell him.

"Say what?" Greg laughed.

"Yeah! I started getting milk," I told him. "My boobs are huge!"

"Oh God, I wish I was there."

"Me too, Greg," I sighed.

"And Jack's drinking it? What do you do pump it or something?" He had three older sisters with babies, Greg knew about pregnant girls and new mothers.

"No, he's licking me!" I laughed. "Straight from the tap!"

"Oh shit!" I could hear Greg's grin. "You gotta save me some."

"What?" I couldn't stop grinning.

"Save me some milk. If you let Jack drink, I want some too," Greg said seriously. "I should be there. I should be the one doing that."

"You should!" I sighed. "Oh God, would you really? If you were here? Would you suck my tits for me?"

"You know I would," Greg said. "I'd do anything you wanted, Wen. So yeah, save some for me. I want to taste it."

"How am I gonna do that?"

"Just put some in a cup or a baggie or something and freeze it," Greg laughed. "We'll thaw it out when I see you."

"Your crazy!" I pulled Jack's mouth to my other breast. "I'll still be nursing when you get home anyway."

"Won't be the same, baby. I want that virgin milk..." Greg was teasing me, " ... and you're the crazy one, letting the dog lick your tits." Greg chuckled softly. "Man's best friend. What else do you guys do?"

"Nothing," I said, putting on an exaggerated air of innocence, like we were doing everything.

"Nothing at all?" Greg sounded happily doubtful. "You didn't let him lick you someplace else?"

"Someplace else?" I gasped. "Wellll..."

"Heh! I knew it!" Greg laughed at me.

"Not really," I giggled. "But sometimes he licks the milk that runs down my tummy."

"Awww what a tease!" Greg groaned. "It's cool with me anyway. I mean, if you wanted to..."

"If I wanted to what?" I asked and my pussy was buzzing, like it had been all the while, but now I really noticed it.

"Well, you know, if you needed a little lick down ... there..."

"On my pussy?" I breathed, smiling into the phone and stroking my hardening clitoris.

"Yeah..." Greg's voice was soft. "I mean, Jack would do it. I'd understand..."

"You wouldn't get jealous?" I asked with a giggle.

"Jealous?" Greg snorted. "Jack's my dog, we share everything. You know that."

I laughed at that because it was true. Greg fed the dog off his dinner plate, despite all my complaining, letting Jack lick food from Greg's fork. They shared beer and popcorn and now I wondered if they'd shared women too. I knew Greg had a few girlfriends before me. Even when he'd come into my office that first time, he'd told me about his current one and he'd broken up with her the next day. Completely. So it was possible he and Jack, but ... I didn't think about it.

This was between me and Greg now, and Jack of course, and I felt a tad devilish, just cause I was so completely happy hearing my husband's voice.

"What if, um..." I asked slowly, " ... What if I wanted more than just a lick?"

"Whoa..." Greg chuckled. "Where's this coming from? Who are you? What did you do with my wife?"

I laughed at that. "You're wife joined the circus, turned lesbian and ran off with the bearded lady."

"Oh, well in that case..." Greg's voice was so soft I could barely him, " ... Just what else do you want from Jack?"

"He's got a big..."

"Big what?" I could hear my husband's smile plain as day.

"You know what!" I giggled. "He's got a big thingy."

"A big thingy, Doctor?" Greg laughed. "Is that a medical term?"

"It's a mommy term," I smiled.

"Okay ... So what does Mommy want to do with her doggy's big thingy?" Greg was giggling too, which he hardly ever does, but we were being silly now.

"What would you do if I let him fuck me?" I whispered.

"You'd do that?" he asked me softly and we weren't giggling anymore, just breathing hard. "You'd let him do that to you?"

"Do you want me to?" I asked him. "I won't do it if you don't like it. Do you think it's ... sick?"

"I love you, Wen," he told me. "I'll love you forever. I just want you to be happy."

"Do you like it though?" I asked, feeling my heart thumping.

"Oh yeah. Just so long as we're talking about the same Jack," he chuckled. "I want you happy, but..."

"You don't ever have to worry about that, Greg," I promised him, feeling my eyes wet again. "Never, ever in your life. God, I love you."

"I know. I love you too, I trust you and I'm just aching to be with you, Wendy. Every minute of the day ... Shoot, I'm almost done. They only give us ten minutes on this thing."

"I know," I swallowed hard, because I always hated this. "You be safe, okay? Promise, Staff Sergeant, you're going to come home to me."

"Yes ma'am. I'm safe, Captain." He laughed, but this was hard for him too. "I'm always safe, you're keeping me safe okay? You're with me every minute. Take care of our baby."

"I will," I nodded.

"And you take care of yourself too, I got 54 and wake up, that's it. I'll be home."

"Yeah," I was crying now.

"Take pictures for me," he said quickly, our time getting shorter with every heartbeat.

"What?" I giggled, wiping at my cheek with my forearm.

"Pictures of you and Jack," Greg chuckled. "But don't mail them, just keep them. I wanna see you pregnant with him, Okay?"


"You know what I mean, right? I love you, Wendy."

"I know, yeah ... I love you..."

And I just got that in before the phone went dead, his phone time had run out. I just grabbed Jack then, hugging him to me as I cried for a few minutes. Just trying to remember everything he said, every word and how his voice had sounded so good. He was strong and safe and he was coming home in 55 days, coming home to Bragg and I'd be there waiting, holding our baby. God, that seemed like such a long time to wait.

"Give me a kiss, now ... Daddy's coming home soon, yes he is ... Kiss me, Jack..." And I just really needed a kiss and Jack, well, he was just part of the family, a special part.

I felt Jack's tongue on my face, lapping at my salty tears and I stuck my own tongue out, my spirits rising. It was tough saying goodbye on the phone, but we did it every week. Greg called as often as he could and now I knew he was safe and he didn't even mind me having fun with Jack.

That actually made me kind of dizzy, now that I was able to think about it. How had the subject even come up? I mean, where did that come from? If I'd had time to think I never would have said a word, I'd have been too frightened. What if Greg had thought it was perverted and sick? I now knew that he didn't, if anything he seemed to love the idea, but we'd taken that huge risk without even a glance down to see how high up we really were.

If I ever needed proof of love ... I mean, his and mine, it was there in moments like that. Where we could say anything without fear. I'd be scared later, like I was then, but at the time? I'd felt no fear at all. Just love and a desire to please him, to share myself with Greg completely. I don't know what I'd have said or done if he'd said no, don't do it. But could he say that to something that harmed none of us? I didn't think so. He loved me just as much as I loved him and that was boundless.

And while I was thinking all that, or at least some of that, I was playing with Jack's tongue, kissing the dog as if he were Greg himself. It was ticklish and funny and I just lost all that tension completely. I opened my mouth for him and Jack pushed his long pink tongue right inside, exploring me until I closed my lips and sucked on it.

That made him slightly nervous, I thought, having his tongue sucked, but he knew it was a game. Jack came back for more and I did it again, and again after that, and then I was reaching down his soft warm body and I found his cock, safely tucked away in that furry sheath.

I stroked him slowly, gently, working my hand back and forth. I guided Jack's tongue back to my nipples, squeezing them for him this time, pulling the milk from my swollen tits with a sensation that was only slightly uncomfortable, and whole lot pleasurable.

"Now, how are we gonna get pictures, Jack?" I asked him, smiling to myself.

Greg wanted pictures of me with Jack, having sex obviously, while I was still pregnant. My camera was just small instamatic, a cheap touristy thing. It didn't have a fancy timer or anything like that. And even if it did, how was I going to have sex with Jack and then waddle to the camera and reset it, have sex again ... No way, I needed another person and my choices were severely limited.

Short of grabbing a local off the street, my best bet would be Sadie. She was my age, single, my friend, and my doctor. The army didn't recognize doctor patient privilege though, so it wasn't like I could tell her anything and feel safe about it. If she freaked out on me, it would be Conduct Unbecoming of an Officer at the very least, and that would be akin to the end of the world.

So it just came down to a question of trust and I didn't have a lot of time. I could go into labor any minute, really. And I did want to make Greg happy, so badly, so...

"Hello?" Sadie sang into her telephone, cheerful as always.

"Hi Sadie, it's Wendy."

"Oh, hey! Everything okay?" She'd be thinking about my baby, naturally.

"Yeah, oh yeah," I nodded. "I just got a call from Greg, he's doing great."

"Good, great!"

"But, um ... I was wondering if you were busy tonight?"

"Tonight?" Sadie paused for a second. "Nope, not busy at all. What's up?"

"I have a favor to ask," I told her. "Sort of a ... weird one. I don't want to ask over the phone though."

"A weird favor, huh?" she giggled. "You didn't get that thing stuck, did you? Cause if you did..."

"What?" I gasped and laughed. "Oh, no, uh-uh ... But it's ... never mind."

"This is weird," Sadie laughed. "Okay well, uh ... I was just fixing some dinner. About an hour? Is that okay?

"Yeah, that'd be great," I nodded, feeling both relieved and a little worried, now that I'd kind of committed myself.

"Okay then..."

"Oh, um, Sadie?"


"Can you stop by Taco Bell on the way and get me like oh, I don't know, twenty dollars worth of food? I'll pay you back."

She just laughed at me.

"With lots of hot sauce, okay?"

"Sure, Wen," she agreed. "The things I do for my patients!"

"Oh, I know," I giggled. "Thanks, Sadie. Bye!"

"See you in a little bit." Sadie hung up her phone.

I cleaned up while I waited for Sadie. Jack just curled up in his spot by the refrigerator after he ate. I left the big blanket out though and put on a huge maternity robe I'd bought a couple weeks before. It had cost too much for only wearing it maybe two months at the most, but I'd save it. I wanted a lot of kids and so did Greg. I'd thought about getting dressed, but if everything went according to plan I'd just be getting naked again anyway, so...

"So what's this weird favor?" Sadie asked me.

We were sitting at my kitchen table, now covered with tacos and burritos and nachos, and all the hot sauce I could want, and I wanted a lot of it. I usually hated Taco Bell, but right then it was like manna from heaven and I was eating like a pig.

"Mmmppph..." I nodded, chewing my food slowly and breathing through my nose.

Sadie waited patiently for me, sipping the soda she'd gotten for herself. She looked nice and she was pretty anyway, like I said. She had very dark skin and soft brown eyes, with thick black hair, not too kinky, but nice and brushed straight back from her broad forehead. Her lips were full, very sensual looking. Mine were always too thin, I thought. I liked hers.

She was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, just casual clothes that really showed off her body. Sadie was athletic, as a lot of doctors are, me included, just because we see bad bodies every day. I loved playing tennis, and I was going to do a lot of that once I had the baby, swimming too. I loved the water. Sadie had a gymnast's body, I thought, not lean like a runner, but solid without being fat. Nice and toned and curved in all the right places. I wondered why she wasn't married, but it wasn't any of my business so I'd never asked.

"Greg called and he wants me to take some pictures of myself." I wiped my lips on a napkin. "So he can see me pregnant."

"Oh, well, that's not weird," Sadie laughed.

"Kind of ... naked pictures," I grinned, taking a small bite of a crunchy taco.

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