Elevator Secrets

by Aaron310

Copyright© 2011 by Aaron310

Humor Sex Story: A husband and wife get stuck in an elevator with a flighty and somewhat frazzled paralegal. As they wait for the elevator to be fixed they find out there's more strangeness to the paralegal than meets the eye. More, even, than her pink hair...

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Ma/Ma   Consensual   Hermaphrodite   Humor   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Mark and Ronda stepped into the elevator and pressed the button to take them to the ground floor. They had just come from their lawyer's office and were now headed for home.

As the elevator door started to close a woman came rushing down the hall crying, "Please! Please! Please, hold the door, please!"

Mark grabbed the door just in time and held it as the woman slipped into the elevator. As the door closed and they all stood waiting, Mark couldn't help but examine the woman shifting impatiently so much from foot to foot that she was almost dancing. She had on a light grey suit that looked a bit frazzled and unkempt at the moment, though it did outline her shapely form pretty well. Mark figured she was somewhere between twenty and twenty-five years old. The odd thing, though, was that she was wearing white sneakers and her hair was ... pink. Not a natural light red or anything, but a vibrant hot pink with black highlights.

Ronda caught her husband gawking and elbowed him in the ribs making him grunt slightly.

The woman turned her head and said apologetically, "Sorry if I seem a bit crazy, I'm just really late getting back to my boss's office. I'm a paralegal for Swensen & Murdock and it's a really good job but today has just been a realy, realy, realy bad one. It seems like everything's gone wrong and I..."

The chatty paralegal was cut short as the elevator lurched to a halt and the lights went out. The occupants cried out in surprise as they braced themselves against the walls. The emergency lights clicked on and they all looked at each other with frightened expressions.

"What in the..." Mark said.

"Oh nooo!!!" The pink haired paralegal moaned.

"Aaaah!" said Ronda.

They all froze for a few moments before Ronda asked the obvious, "What's going on?!"

The paralegal was frantically jamming her fingers into all the buttons on the elevator panel while Mark was consulting his smart phone.

"Citywide blackout," he said, "They're not sure what happened. The news blogs are saying it could be a while before the power comes back on."

Pink Hair pounded the panel, "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!!!!!"

"Hey, hey," Mark said, "Don't freak out, I'm sure everything's going to be ok."

The woman bent her head against the wall, "You don't understand! My boss is going to be furious!"

"I'm sure they'll understand," Ronda said soothingly, "It's not like you caused the blackout or anything."

"You think so?" the woman asked.

The couple nodded.

The pink haired paralegal slumped to the floor, sitting with her back to the wall, "It's been a really bad day."

They all sat on the floor and did what people usually do when they get stuck in an elevator. They got to know each other. The paralegal with the pink hair turned out to be named Tina. And she really was having a bad day. Besides the blackout, her office had been twice as busy as usual that day. She had been running around so much that her heel had snapped and she had been forced to pay a delivery boy a hundred dollars for his sneakers. On top of that she been knocked on her ass while she hurried from office to office, not once but three times since that morning. Now she was on an emergency trip to a neighboring law firm for the second time that day because someone had screwed up and handed her the wrong papers the time before. Tina, who tended to ramble whether she was nervous or not, went on about other things that had gone wrong that day but Mark and Ronda got the idea.

Mark and Ronda were being sued by one of their employees for back pay, but they maintained that she had failed to hold up her end of the contract. They had just finished a meeting with their lawyer who felt confident that they would win the suit. When Tina asked what they did, the couple responded that Mark owned a small chain of hardware stores and Ronda handled the finances for him. The employee that was suing them was their housekeeper.

Tina called her boss to explain where she was. Ronda had been right. Instead of being mad her boss was concerned and said he was on his way over. An hour ticked by and then two as the three chatted. After a while they started to come up with games to pass the time. Tina giggled as she suggested Truth or Dare, saying it was starting to feel more like a sleepover from when she was a kid than a blackout. Mark and Ronda figured they didn't have anything else to do so they agreed. They were really starting to like Tina's somewhat flighty personality.

"So I'll go first," Tina grinned, "Ronda, truth or dare?"

Ronda bit her lip thoughtfully, "Hmmm. Might as well start with truth."

"How long have you and Mark been together?"

Ronda smiled, "That's easy, eighteen years."

Tina raised her eyebrows, she didn't think either Ronda or Mark looked all that old. Certainly not older than thirty-five, "You've been married eighteen years?"

Ronda shook her head, "No, we've been together eighteen years. And that's the only freebie you get."

Mark laughed, "All right my turn. Tina, truth or dare?"


"How old are you?"

Tina glowered at Mark's grin. "Hmmph, that's no question to ask a lady. But I'll follow the rules. I'm twenty-three."

It was now Ronda's turn, "Tina?"

Tina rolled her eyes, "No fair, you guys are ganging up on me. Fine, truth."

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

Tina laughed, "Are you kidding me? I barely have time to eat let alone time for a boyfriend! Ok my turn again, Ronda?"


"How many ... bed partners have you had including Mark?"

Ronda grinned like a shark, "Aah, straying into the sex subject are we? Be careful what you poke at. Let me see. including Mark ... I'm not sure. I'm pretty sure it's not as high as fifty, but definitely higher than thirty."

While Tina gawped, Mark and Ronda grinned at each other. They liked where things were turning.

Mark went again, "Ok, Tina."

Tina rolled her eyes, "Truth."

"Ever been with a woman?"

Tina giggled, "Ok, wow, um, yeah, you know, the whole college thing. And yeah, Ronda you don't even have to ask, I'll take truth again, but next time it's dare, I swear."

Ronda laughed, "Ok, have you ever done a co-worker?"

Tina rolled her eyes, "Sex seems to be the prevailing theme here. Fine, yes I've had one or two office affairs before. My turn again, hmm who to choose ... Mark."

"We've had a lot of truths so far so I'll take dare this time."

Tina grinned and stuck her tongue in her cheek, "Finally, hmm what to dare while stuck in an elevator... ? I know, give your wife a good long kiss in front of me."

Mark gave a sarcastic smile, "Well give me something hard why don't you."

Mark leaned over and captured Ronda's mouth with his own, giving her a long sensuous kiss. Tina blushed a little at how passionate it was. She was about to give a polite cough when they finally broke it off.

"That was some kiss," Tina observed, barely keeping a straight face.

Mark grinned, "My turn. Tina?"

"Dare, of course."

Mark's grin turned evil, "Tit for tat, now you kiss my wife."

Tina froze, shock plastered across her face. Ronda, however, took action. Pushing away from the wall she crawled over to Tina.

"Men..." Ronda said with a commiserating smirk before she leaned against Tina and gave her a full but short kiss. Tina, still somewhat stunned, kissed her back a little as she considered for the first time what it would be like to sleep with the couple. Ronda was a confident redhead with a petite little body that still had a pleasant curve to her hips. Mark on the other hand was probably a full foot taller than either of the girls. He wasn't exactly muscular but he was kinda cute with his dark hair that was just long enough to hang in his eyes and his softly clean shaven skin. Tina caught herself wondering what other parts of him were clean shaven. When Ronda pulled away she gave Tina a strange look before returning to sit beside Mark.

Mark grinned happily at the show he had just got, but when Ronda just sat staring at Tina he gave her a nudge, "Your turn, honey."

Ronda started a little, as if he had interrupted a thought, "Oh! Right, sorry. Tina?"

Tina gulped, still blushing from the kiss, "Um, think I'll stick to truth this time."

Ronda gave her a small, strange smile, "I was hoping you'd go with that. What is your most distinguishing, physical attribute? That thing that sets you apart from most other women? Mine is my hair. It's naturally very soft and an odd shade of red. I get comments on it all the time. So, Tina, what about you would make people remember you?"

Mark looked confused at this sudden turn in topics, but Tina's eye's automatically flicked nervously down and then widened in panic.

"H-how did you... ?!" she asked in amazement.

Ronda looked at her steadily, "Felt it when I kissed you."

Tina looked worried, Mark still looked confused.

"You can't tell anyone!" Tina begged, "It'd make my job so much harder."

Ronda reassured her, "Only Mark and I will know, I promise. We won't blab. How, did you keep it from you're office affairs?"

Tina looked a little abashed, "I've actually only had one and he promised to keep it a secret. It'd be in his best interest too, anyway."

Mark was about to bust, "Would somebody please tell me what this is about?!"

Tina looked at her hands, embarrassment and nervousness making her voice tremble, "W-well, you s-see I have a..." she mumble too low on last part of the sentence.

Mark leaned forward, trying to hear, "A what?"

Tina blushed beet red, "A penis."

Mark's jaw dropped almost to his chest, "A penis?! You have a cock? You're a ... a guy?"

Tina shrugged, "I was born with both a penis and a vagina so I'm not sure which I'd be classified as."

Mark leaned forward with interest, "You have both sets?"

Tina flushed further but seemed to loosen up at the lack of a negative reaction on Mark's part, "Well, It's not like I've got balls or anything. My pussy is where they would normally be. And these," she cupped her full tits in her hands, "aren't the result of surgery. All natural."

Mark and Ronda slowly slid over to Tina's side of the elevator. "So what are you called? A she-male? Hermaphrodite? Ow!"

Ronda punched him in the arm for being rude.

Tina giggled nervously, "Actually I like the Japanese term, futanari, the best. futa, for short."

Mark nodded, fascinated, as he slid up right next to Tina. Truth or Dare forgotten, the couple sat on either side of the paralegal and plied her with questions: "Can you cum from both?" "Which do you pee out of?" Ronda hit Mark again when he asked if Tina could get herself pregnant.

Tina answered most of their questions, relieved just to be able to talk to somebody about it and not have to be afraid that someone would over hear. She didn't get to just chat about her "condition" very often. Her breath caught, though, when Mark hovered his hand just above her crotch.

"Can I? Do you mind?" he ask softly.

"Um ... ok," Tina said softly as Ronda lay her head on her shoulder.

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