Double the Trouble - Double the Pleasure

by Dreamwalker

Copyright© 2011 by Dreamwalker

True Sex Story: For those who do not know me, I am a twin. Sis and I had a lot of sexy fun together...throw in a man, adds meaning to the phrase, double the trouble--double the pleasure.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Sister   .

Casey was born in the fifties, twenty minutes later her twin sister Tracey was born. Both had strawberry-blonde hair, blue-green eyes, but Tracey was the chubbier one. As the years went by, they were inseparable. They're now in their 50's, both single, after a failed marriage, and the two, have decided to date, play, and fuck together. After all, each one knew what turned the other on, and a man in the mix, just added to the term "double-the-pleasure-double-the-fun.

Casey was five-two, with a slender body, average sized tits, and a shaved bush. Her hair, was now blonde, and she wore it in a style that accentuated her best features, her seductive eyes, which were more green than blue. She was not the model type, but a full figured, vivacious beauty, and she was also bi-sexual. Her first lover was Casey when they were seventeen.

Tracey was five-four, with a fuller figure, breast the size of melons, forty-two DD, she had red hair, atop her head and on her cunt. Her best features were her long legs, and eyes that were more green than blue. She loved sex and although had some bi experiences with her sister, preferred a nice, throbbing cock.

They now shared an apartment on the West side of a major metropolis. They have also been known to share men, and their favorite thing to do was FMF. Tracey's present boyfriend's name was Mike. The two of them loved to tease and torment him. Tonight they planned on taking things to the next lever, and give him, one hell of a sexy night to remember.

Mike showed up right on schedule to take the two out to dinner to celebrate their birthday. Tracey answered the door, and yelled for Casey to hurry as they wanted to get to the restaurant before the big crowd did.

Mike almost passed out when he saw what the two were wearing. Tracey had jeans on, and a sequence blouse, both hugged her curves, and made more than his mouth drool. However when he saw Casey, wearing an aqua-color short dress, that accentuated her big breasts, he almost came in his pants. He wondered to himself, 'God, wonder if there is any chance I can fuck them both?'

He walked over kissed Casey, then pulled Tracey into his arms and kissed her passionately. "Well are you women ready to go celebrate your birthday?"

Tracey winked at her sister and chirped, "We sure are, I hope you have a good restaurant to go to, and not one of those cheap burger joints."

"I do, we are going to, "Ruby Tuesday's."

Tracey spoke up, "Great that is our favorite spot to dine."

Arm and arm the three of them walked toward Mike's car, the three of them piled in the front seat.

Their meal was inviting, and around 9 p.m. the girls requested to go home. Lying and saying they were exhausted. Each one tried their damndest to not show Mike how aroused they were, and how much the two of them wanted to strip him down and fuck him silly

Mike's jaw dropped, if the floor had been glass, he would have broken it. "Alright, if you're tired, I will take you home. Will their be any chance of me coming in for a night-cap?"

The two exchanged glances, and Casey replied, "I'm sure Tracey won't mind, after all that's a good way to toast our birthday."

The three of them piled back into his car and he drove them home. It was dark, so Tracey took advantage of it, and run her hand up the side of his thigh stopping short of his crotch, knowing damn well it would make his cock harden.

Mike felt her hand, and his cock got so hard, that he thought he'd blow his load right then and there. He managed not too and pulled up in front of their house.

Tracey spoke first, "Well, here we are. We had a wonderful time tonight, Mike. Thank you." She leaned over and planted a kiss on Mike's lips, and she felt him quiver.

"Yes, we had a super time," Casey agreed. She leaned across her sister and kissed Mike on the cheek. She told herself, 'time to real him in, ' and she invited him into the house.

Since it was dark he got out of the vehicle, and assisted both women, hoping they would not notice his hard-on.

Both girls touched each other arms, and giggled, not letting on they saw his hardening cock.

Tracey unlocked the door. "I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to run upstairs and change out of these tight jeans. Casey, why don't you show him the den, put on some CD's and get comfy."

Casey escorted Mike into the den, switched on the CD player, and then said, "Excuse me a minute Mike, while I go and get three bears from the fridge." She walked off toward the kitchen.

To his surprise Tracey came back into the room wearing a Lavender colored, silky lounging outfit slit clear to here hip. "I hope you don't mind, what I am wearing. Oh by the way, Casey will join us in a minute, she's changing too."

"Alright," Mike replied, hoping he would not sound too aroused. In the back of him mind, he wondered what on earth they were doing, whatever it was he'd play along with it.

Casey soon joined then wearing the same style outfit as her sister, only hers was aqua colored. "Hope you don't mind, but I had to get out of that dress and heels."

He gulped, "No problem, after all you need to be comfy."

Each of them picked up a beer, clinked them together, and toasted, "Happy Birthday."

He took a sip of his drink, and watched in awe as the girls go up, and began to sway their hips to the music. Then the two of them dropped their outfits, and he almost choked on his mouthful of beer. Wow, what a sight for sore eyes, although each girl looked identical in the face, there bodies were different, and memorizing.

Tracey looked at Casey and chirped, "We've decided we wanted something special from you, for our birthday present." Pausing to watch his reaction, she then said, "We both want to have sex with you."

Casey then spoke up, "I can see by the obvious bulge in your pants Mike, you like that idea. Why don't you take those shoes off and get comfy."

Mike chuckled, kicked his shoes off, and then stripped. His erection saluting both women.

"Isn't that better?" Tracey asked. Mike just nodded.

Tracey wriggled her hips, at him. "I'm so damn horny, and I need to cum real bad."

"Well go ahead and cum," Casey told her sister. "I'm sure Mike here won't mind."

"I know he wouldn't mind." As she already sliding her hand between her wet folds, rubbing her hairless pussy.

Casey sat down on one side, placing Mike between them. They both watched with a clear view of Tracey's pink lips spread wide as she was now finger fucking herself. Tiny little moans escaped her as she threw her head back and closed her eyes.

Casey said, "Damn-it Tracey, now you got me horny too."

She got down on her knees in front of Tracey, and got between her legs.

"Here, let me help you." With that, Casey leaned forward and buried her head in Tracey's crotch.

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